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“That can’t be true, but for some reason, it seemed like Chan-young was a different person.”


Shouldn’t we spread out the mat?


Is this the feeling of the main character? It’s a very different reaction from the past when he expressed his vigilance to me like a grumbling cat.


“It could also be a trap to lure Seo Eun-soo.”


“If you really had such a black heart, you wouldn’t have warned me of this danger. Isn’t it the most standard scenario to pretend to be a good person all the time and betray when one’s taken off-guard?”


“……that’s true.”


I was deeply moved that Main shou trusted me. The gentle reaction relaxed my shoulders, which had become tense.


“But I thought you wouldn’t like it. I said we would never meet again, but I broke that promise.”


Seo Eun-soo just smiled softly at my honest remarks. It was beautiful as if spring flowers were blooming over his face.


“You must have had a situation. As long as you keep my promise, I don’t intend to argue one by one. It’s good that I can make money from this opportunity.”


‘Are you an angel or a guardian?’


A halo shone behind Seo Eun-soo. I could see why the original gongs fell in love with Seo Eun-soo. He was a man who grew up smart and bright even in a difficult environment, so how could he not be noticed?


We arrived at the detached house as we talked. The detached house, which was neatly plastered from the time I moved in, was designed with a cozy interior.


“You can stay here for the duration of the contract. If there’s anything you’re lacking, tell me. I’ll try to get it right.”


“That’s so nice? I don’t think I’m here for a part-time job, but for a trip.”


As my house prepared by Secretary Choi tends to be unnecessarily large and grand, the outbuilding was also wonderful. If I were a college student, and this outbuidling was near the school, the conditions would be good enough for me to want to sign it right away.


There were two rooms in the living room and one bathroom. It consists of a bedroom and a study. With the latest computers and other supplies in the study, an environment sufficient for Seo Eun-soo to study was created. The furniture was filled with the best, so it was as good as a pension.


‘I don’t know, but it would be popular if it was put up as an accommodation.’


“Oh, my God.”


Therefore, Seo Eun-soo immediately liked it, with his eyes shining brightly. It felt strange to provide Seo Eun-soo, who worked part-time to lead a life every day, with a break.


Seo Eun-soo unpacked his luggage in the outbuilding with reddened cheeks. Clothes folded neatly piled up in the closet and drawers. The simple luggage in the old bag was arranged quickly.


“I can work starting from today, right? Chan-young ssi? What should I do first?”


His black eyes glistened with enthusiasm. It was a little funny because it felt like I was watching general.


“Just rest today. You only have to come forward when they come, so take a good rest to relieve your fatigue.”


“Can I? I have to work as much as I’ve been paid…….”


“It’s okay, so make sure to eat later. The lady here is very good at cooking.”


For Seo Eun-soo, I asked the lady who brought me side dishes every time to bring extra. It was to take care of Seo Eun-soo’s every meal.


– I think he’s an important guest for you, so I’ll do my best to take care of him.


The lady, who readily agreed, was already preparing seasoned ribs, grilled vegetable skewers, and seafood pancakes for Seo Eun-soo to eat.


“It can make Seo Eun-soo feel like he’s on a trip.”


This was an investment. It was a scheme not to be hated by the main shou of the original work. If you show that you don’t have a bad relationship with Seo Eun-soo when the gongs come, they’ll feel less inclined to tear me up.


‘All right. It’s going well.’


I was proud. I guess he’s cruising now.


“Then I’ll go to work now……Erugh!”


As I was leaving the outbuilding, I almost tripped over something. Barely avoiding falling over in a funny way, I picked up an obstacle on the floor that almost knocked me over.


“Are you okay?”


“It’s all right. More than that, this…… What is it?”


The white medicine bottle wasn’t mine. If so, it is Seo Eun-soo’s, and I was surprised to read the notice while looking at the medicine bottle.


‘It’s an alpha inhibitor, right?’


All the anti-heat cycle inhibitors for omega sold in the world were red pills.


On the other hand, all the rut cycle inhibitors for alpha were green. I was confused. This was stipulated by law to prevent the wrong inhibitors from being given to people born with alpha or omega genders.


So it was more confusing. Why did Seo Eun-soo pack an alpha inhibitor?


‘Are you going to bring your lover?’


I wasn’t going to interfere with what Seo Eun-soo did in this outbuilding, but the story changed a little if he brought his lover. It was because the gongs could be turned upside down when they saw the lover.


I didn’t want to be a shrimp in a whale fight. I’m just a shrimp that wants to live by eating plankton.


“Excuse me, Seo Eun-soo ssi.”


“Yes, Seong Chan-young ssi.”


“Do you happen to have a lover?”




I was ashamed to say it. Isn’t this a classic work comment? If there were gongs next to me, I would be dead.


“Don’t get me wrong. Well, this medicine case is an alpha inhibitor, so I was wondering if you had a lover.”


“Oh, that’s mine.”


……what did I just hear?


Seo Eun-soo is not alpha but omega? That’s also a dominant Omega? Why? Alpha inhibitors?


‘Is it something you can carry around for your physiognomy?’


The stream of thought stretched out into a strange corner. Other genders could not purchase inhibitors that were strictly pharmaceutical and legally distinguishable.


This was because there were many casualties due to false rumors that a person other than his or her gender could take inhibitors for alpha or omega, which were once spread.


‘So this alpha inhibitor belongs to Seo Eun-soo…….’


My body creaked with stiffness. Moving like a tin woodcutter, I asked Seo Eun-soo another question.


“Seo Eun-soo, is this really yours? But you’re a dominant Omega.”


“I used to be, but not now.”


What do you mean not now?! This isn’t about changing the original work, it’s about turning it upside down.


In front of me, who stood frozen, Seo Eun-soo spoke casually.


“Not long ago, I fainted because I had a high fever for three days, and when I went to the hospital, I was told that an abnormal reaction to pheromones was detected.”


“If it’s an abnormal reaction…….”


“You are right in guessing. I was told that alpha pheromones were secreting from my pheromone glands. Unbelievably, the organs in my body have changed throughout the illness.”


“Oh, my God.”


“The uterus that Omega should have has disappeared. Clean as if it didn’t exist from the beginning. It was not left in the form of a trace organ, but rather disappeared completely.”


Seo Eun-soo spoke cheerfully as if to evoke the atmosphere. Like no wonder, I thought I had blood seeping from beneath, it turned out to be the sign of the uterus falling off.


“How can this happen?”


“I don’t know. The doctor who examined me said it was almost the first time. He said it’s something to report to the academic world.”


“……Excuse me, but what’s your gender now?”


“It’s Alpha. I don’t know the details yet. It is difficult to measure pheromones due to sudden changes in characteristics, and I was told to always take inhibitors because it is an unstable time when the rut cycle can come at any time.”




‘This is ridiculous.’


There was no such story anywhere in the original. Throughout the ending, Seo Eun-soo was Dominant Omega, and there was also a scene where he had a relationship with the gongs as the romance progressed.


At that time, my sister used to explain to me several times except for that part, saying that the description was amazing.


‘Now, Seo Eun-soo didn’t have anything to do with the gongs.’


From recessive omega to dominant omega, now an alpha.


“Is it possible?”


I was puzzled by an unbelievable, unexpected situation, and I tried to avoid the original like that, but I was embarrassed when it suddenly turned on like this.


‘Is this a coincidence?’


I don’t believe it, but I had no choice but to accept the fact that it was. Come to think of it, Seo Eun-soo’s pheromone seemed to have changed a little.


‘The pheromone has changed slightly.’


The fragrant scent of flowers remained the same, but the concentration became stronger and stronger. Of course, I thought it would be an omega ahead of the heat cycle, but it was a change that appeared as an alpha.


“The doctor said that he thinks the pheromone remains the same because I’m an extremely rare transgenic.”


“Are you allowed to you tell me everything?”


“I wouldn’t have said it if it was the previous wicked Chan-young, but I’m fine now. I don’t see you as a strange monster.”


“That’s true.”


Seong Chan-young’s body is also a mutant. A pheromone spring that is a recessive omega and does not function at all in a physique that can be disguised as beta.


So it’s not surprising that Seo Eun-soo has a mutant trait……. The problem was that it happened to be Seo Eun-soo.


‘If this happens, there’s no point in calling Seo Eun-soo here, right?’


If the gongs really loved Seo Eun-soo, they wouldn’t mind this trait, but I’m not sure. The first time they fell in love with Seo Eun-soo was through his pheromone. The fragrant pheromones of Dominant Omega, which provide stability, were the strings of relationships that connected them.


Seo Eun-soo’s pheromone scent did not change much, but he was now an alpha. Can the gongs love Seo Eun-soo, who has become alpha?


“If the real Seong Chan-young knew this, he would have really liked it.”’


I was lucky to transmigrate into Seong Chan-young. If it was Seong Chan-young, he would have seized the opportunity, tied Seo Eun-soo with another omega, and actively courted the stalking alphas.


Even so, the opportunity would not have come to Seong Chan-young. So it was a relief. Not knowing that he wasn’t as good as himself must have been medicine for Seong Chan-young.


Unaware of my complicated change of heart, Seo Eun-soo happily rolled around on the fluffy bed.


“I had to pay a lot of hospital bills due to the sudden change in my traits, but thanks to that, I am relieved. Thank you.”


“It’s good that I’ve been of help.”

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