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The dovetails have joined together. The compensation I gave was not enough to cover the increasing hospital bills.


‘And since I am no longer afraid of Seong Chan-young, I would have thought that I could handle it even if there was any chance of danger.’


Beta can’t beat Alpha. Even if Seong Chan-young was strong as a dominant omega, the result would have been the same.


‘That’s better. The evil that Sung Chan-young committed against Seo Eun-soo is completely erased with this case.’


After organizing it like that, I felt at ease.


“……You were more open-minded than I thought?”


Seo Eun-soo opened his eyes wide at my words and bent finely to smile. The beauty’s smile was aggressive in itself.


“Doesn’t this make me terrible? Like a monster.”


Why are you asking this question?


“Not much? It’s extremely rare for traits to be transformed. You didn’t change your trait because you wanted to. It’s like a disaster that happened somehow, and there’s no reason for me to feel terrible about Seo Eun-soo.”


If Seo Eun-soo, who became alpha, was terrible, then so was I. Seong Chan-young’s body once changed from dominant to recessive. Seo Eun-soo was not offended because there was no big complaint about my body like a peony flower that smelled like beta.


‘If Seo Eun-soo is a monster, then so am I.’


He only gave a common sense answer from a common sense point of view, but Seo Eun-soo’s expression was delicate. What should I say? It’s like a goldfish swimming in the water talking to a person?


“……Do you really think so, Seong Chan-young ssi?”


“There’s nothing impossible. Well, it could be good. Although I don’t know the detailed characteristics, your physical ability must have increased beyond alpine.”


The world was neither looking down on omega nor disparaging it, perhaps because of the inhibitors that guaranteed a definite effect.


That didn’t mean that there weren’t people who idolized Alpha. Alpha is preferred over Omega in the job market, too. In many ways, employing Alpha was more profitable than Omega.


‘I think I can use him as a bodyguard if he’s more than Alpine.’


I hope the gongs don’t know the change that happened to Seo Eun-soo. I don’t know why Main Shou, who has been an omega all along in the original, has undergone a huge change, but I hope the gongs still have true love beyond traits.


That’s how I will be safe.


“I look forward to your kind cooperation, Seo Eun-soo. I’m sorry I misunderstood you, thinking you had a lover earlier.”


I apologized politely and tried to go back. In order to plant cute strawberry seedlings in a plastic house, I have to thin out the ground to be planted and cover it with plastic.


‘Busy, busy.’


However, Seo Eun-soo caught me on my way out.


‘Why is he grabbing my wrist?’


Seo Eun-soo opened his cherry-like red lips and said to me, who was wondering.


“You misunderstood; I didn’t feel bad.”




“I think Chanyoung is a better person than I thought.”




“Thank you…?”


Unexpectedly, Seo Eun-soo burst into laughter when I thanked him. It was a clear and refreshing smile like a spring of groundwater.


“I’m sorry for holding you arbitrarily. You can go. Thank you for the wonderful accommodation.”


It was a relief that you liked it. That’s how I ended up putting Seo Eun-soo, the person I wanted to avoid the most, in my separate house.


And just a few days later, Chairman Seong called me again.


After Chairman Seong contacted me, I saved the number in my contacts. The reason was simple. If Chairman Seong calls again, it will be the day when the gongs come at any time, so I had to prepare in advance.


‘There’s nothing to worry about. I don’t know what the gongs are looking for me for, but Seo Eun-soo is next to me.’


Because of the change in character, I had a vague belief that it would work out somehow, even though it was also unexpected to see how the gongs would react.


Otherwise, I was so stressed out that I thought I would get sick.




“Thank you, General. For barking beside me so that dad wouldn’t be buried in tired thoughts.”


With a familiar hand gesture, I handed the snack right away to general. It was handmade beef jerky for dogs.


It’s made of Korean beef, and general liked it particularly.


The general ate the jerky deliciously and stood in front of me like a knight protecting me when he sensed someone’s presence.


“You’re here?”


“Yes. Aunt made me run an errand to bring Chan-young side dishes.”


There were many side dishes wrapped in flower-patterned cloth. It was rich in beef jangjorim, stir-fried anchovies with kkari peppers, seasoned seaweed stems, crunchy young radish kimchi, and even meatballs.


“You don’t have to do that…….”


“I’m doing it because I want to, so don’t worry. I feel a little bad because I think I’m just playing and eating.”


I didn’t even think about bringing Seo Eun-soo to suffer. What’s good about touching the precious original main shou. It was more profitable for me to have a good relationship because it was visible.


‘It would have been better if I didn’t watch it completely…….’


I can’t do that, so I have to go with Plan B.


So, I was rather grateful even if Seo Eun-soo ate part-time expenses day by day, but unfortunately, the good and diligent main shou could not see himself resting.


Seo Eun-soo volunteered to be my errand boy. On behalf of the lady who was slowly becoming uncomfortable with moving her joints, she tried to bring me side dishes as she is now, or clean my room, which he didn’t have to do.


At first, of course, I was freaked out. If the gongs caught this, it was perfect to be mistaken for Cinderella and her abusive stepmother position.


– What are you doing, Seo Eun-soo ssi!


– Cleaning, as you can see.


– That’s not what I’m talking about! I mean, why are you cleaning my house?


‘No other man would look so good in a white apron.’


While nagging Seo Eun-soo not to do it, I thought so casually. Where is the fairy godmother? Here’s a great Cinderella candidate. Please take him.


– I want to do it. I don’t want to be left as a person who only eats.


He asked me to do it with his black shining eyes, but I couldn’t refuse. I thought tears would fall from those big eyes if I refused.


‘I understand because I grew up in a difficult orphanage.’


This was not good. It was because the moment they learnt that Seo Eun-soo was a diligent and sincere part-timer, other employees began to side with him as well.


In particular, the response of ajumma who cooked the food was enthusiastic. I allowed Seo Eun-soo to come and go home, she was struggling to feed him anything more.


“Next time, don’t do this kind of petty thing. I hired Seo Eun-soo as a part-timer, but I don’t want to force you to eat.”


I planned to use Seo Eun-soo as a shield when the gongs came to send them back to Seoul. I didn’t want to make him do anything else because he only had to move on then, but this man, who is sincere to the bone, couldn’t lie still and rest.


“I see. I’ll be careful.”


‘I’m sure he’s picking up something else.’


Is it because of the change in traits to alpha? Seo Eun-soo acted as if he couldn’t wait to use his overflowing energy. I got tired because he kept coming to my house every day looking for miscellaneous work.


‘Even yesterday, he took the muddy general a bath.’


I felt a slight betrayal from General for the first time then. It was because general did not give anyone but me the right to lift his body.


However, I felt bitter when Seo Eun-soo patted his hair, held general in his arms, and now even took a bath.


‘Do you like Seo Eun-soo. Is that so?’


It was a scam that even dogs like the main character. Being transmigrated into the villain, Seong Chan-young, I became a little depressed.


‘Well… I’m hoping that if he’s this charming, the gongs will continue to like it, so that’s good.’


He soothed his melancholy by finding books related to farming on a computer and paying for them. Anyway, my life was going peacefully.


“Ajumma also made soy sauce marinated crab this time; would you like to try a bite?”


“Was that the biggest one? No wonder it was heavy. It’s okay; leave it. I’ll eat it later.”


At this rate, I had an ominous hunch that my refrigerator would be full and empty sooner or later. Cleaning the refrigerator was also left to the employees, but Ajumma would be upset to see that the side dishes were not decreasing well.


“But try a bite. Ajumma said that the blue crab was full of firm meat, and she said it was her own creation. She asked me to go and feed you and ask for a review.”


‘This is a beauty…….’


It was hard to ignore when a neat and somewhat pathetic beauty holding a lock and lock container containing soy sauce marinated crab.


The combination of beauty and rice thief was unwinnable. I surrendered because I was a weakling.


“I’m just going to have a bite.”




It’s been a while since I had breakfast, but that didn’t mean I was very hungry. Seo Eun-soo took a spoonful of white rice and served it in front of me, like a professional housewife.


“Thank you for the food.”


Seo Eun-soo kindly removed the crab shell and even cut the leg with scissors. Is this a model for a wise wife? Which of the gongs is he…… No, I’m a little curious about who he’s going to marry.


‘In the original, the main gong wasn’t decided. The ending was that they would live together.’


It was the moment when I was about to eat white rice on a spoon and put the intestines and eggs on the crab shell.


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