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If you pull out a knife, you should cut the radish. If a decision had been made, it had to be put into action immediately.


“I need to find the land to farm first.”


What do you mean by “Villain Revenge” is better? I’ll waste money [1] instead. I’ll be able to choose any fertile land all over the country. 


Humming Lululala, I found someone on Seong Chan-young’s cell phone list. Fortunately, the cell phone I threw was still functioning properly.


“Oh! As expected.”


There was a phone number stored under the name Cheapstake #1 (secretary) on the mobile phone contact list. When I saw Seong Chan-young’s sense of naming, I called the number, kicking my tongue.


‘I’m a little nervous.’


Ah. Ah. Mike test. I gave myself a self-suggestion, warming up my neck as I did with the housekeeper earlier.


‘I am Seong Chanyoung……. Evil Seong Chan-young who doesn’t care about manners…….’


Whenever I called a jajangmyeon restaurant, I even wrote an order script and ordered it, but I endured it, imagining a fertile land for farming, even though it was burdensome to talk to the secretary, who was new to me.


I hadn’t heard the phone call except a few times, but the other party answered the phone.


[Yes, young master. Please let me know if you need anything.]


The heavy and cool, cave-like voice made my spine shiver. So I stuttered and answered like a fool.


“Uh, well, I have a favor to ask you.”


It’s hard to talk to an unfamiliar elder except for “mother.” I felt guilty again.


Perhaps I have passed as Seong Chan-young, the secretary calmly asked me again.


[What should I bring you? Do you want me to kidnap Seo Eun-soo like last time?]


Well, even in the novel, it was definitely the 21st century. What do you mean, incite a person to kidnap in broad daylight? I’m not even an obsessive male lead. [2]


No. Kidnapping is a crime, even if I’m an obsessive male lead. Don’t ask me like you’re asking me what I’d like for dinner tonight!


“What?! Ah, no. That’s enough.”


This person is saying something bad. If you kidnap Seo Eun-soo, I’ll die…….


[Then shall I schedule a date with Dominant Alphas?]


It was a mountain beyond the mountain. Dominant Alphas are dog’s horns.


“No! That’s not it either!”


Seong Chan-young, you punk……. You really lived your own life.


‘What kind of a secretary are you to ask me to make a date appointment and kidnapping and confinement as soon as they answer the phone!’


Even a date with Dominant Alphas must mean that it could be a meeting with the original Gongs. Maybe it’s an unpleasant, threatening date with the intention of not harming Seo Eun-soo, the main Shou.


No matter how much Seong Chan-young acted as a servant, the Gongs couldn’t refuse him because his family, Seong Eun, was backing him.


It was not impossible for a vindictive Seong Chan-young to handle poor Seo Eun-soo without a word of voice by borrowing the power of his family.


‘So you’re suddenly saying that you’re going to schedule a date without considering the other person’s schedule.’


There was only a sigh of utter egocentricity. In this way, I could never win the hearts of the Gongs even if I dated them every day.


You didn’t know it, pretend you didn’t. Seong Chan-young steadily stepped onto his path to catastrophe.


‘I would never be like that!’


As for me, who knew the original work due to my sister’s forced sales, I had to avoid the Gongs and Seo Eun-soo by using Seong Chan-young as a shield.


[Then what did you want me to do?]


The secretary seemed quite flustered when all the expected questions were missed. I said carefully, hoping he wouldn’t notice anything strange,


“I called you to find me some land to farm.”




“Farming. I’m going to farm. I will farm.”


Good. I succeeded in speaking.


Before transmigration, my house was a farmhouse that ran an orchard. My parents were people who had a multi-child family, which is rare these days, with seven children, including me.


Of the seven siblings with evenly mixed sons and daughters, I was the youngest and the weakest member of the family.


This happened because I was also a child not depicted in my parents’ grand family plan.


Originally, my parents wanted to raise them as excellent farmers who would have only six siblings and take over the family business. So they gave birth to my sixth brother and were raising him well, as they wanted, but I was born unexpectedly.


I, who was a child who was born even though they thought they were good at contraception, was not in the blueprint my parents drew.


In addition, he was weak, so unlike other siblings, he was not suitable as a farmer.


-You can’t. You’ll die like a straw in the scorching sun if you farm.


-You should do something else besides farming. Do whatever you want.


That was the conclusion my parents came to. Other siblings even envied me. For them, I was born as the youngest, so I can do something other than farming.


But I wanted to farm. Since I was young, I was fascinated by the healthy appearance of my family farming and harvesting crops except for me, so I had an ambition to farm someday…….


‘I didn’t know it would come true after transmigrating into a BL novel.’


In addition, Seong Chan-young was strong and healthy enough to look like beta for a recessive omega. It was the average man’s body shape, which was not thin and had quite some muscles.


Compared to the body that used to be corrupt before transmigrating, he had an ideal body like a fairy.


‘If you think your muscles are lacking, you can raise them by exercising.’


Since he was a villain who put his character in soup [3] and ate it anyway, he decided not to feel guilty about stealing his body. I didn’t want to come here. I am also a victim of a stark falsehood.




Silence was maintained over the phone. I spoke to my secretary again in case he thought I was not Sung Chan-young and hung up.


“Excuse me? You didn’t hang up, did you?”


[No, it’s just… It was a very baffling question.]


Following the omitted words, I felt as if I could hear the suspicions and hallucinations that farming love is like a guy 100 million light years away. 


But what can I do? I’m going to farm and lead a quiet and peaceful life. [4]


“Is it just a day or two that I’m unpredictable? So, can you do it or not?”


When he pressed his secretary with impatience, the secretary quickly gave a reply that he liked.


[No, I’ll find a farm that you’ll be satisfied with.]


That’s right!


“All right.”


[But this is the kind of order I’ve never heard before, so it’ll take some time. Would that be okay with you?]


Of course. You’re someone I can talk to with ease. It’s totally okay.


“It’s all right. Please do that.”


[…… I understand. I’ll get back to you as soon as I secure it.]




At the end of the conversation, I put down the phone thinking that the secretary hung up. However, the call was still going on while I drank a cup of cold water.


‘What the heck.’


I was dumbfounded, so I picked up my cell phone again and asked the secretary.


“Why didn’t you hang up? Do you have anything else to say?”


Then the return answer was a spectacle.


[Huh? One of the guidelines you gave when you first hired me was not to hang up first….]


As soon as I heard that, I quickly pressed the end of the call button. Inside, he cursed Sung Chan-young for being a jerk.


‘It is useful that the controversy over power abuse did not erupt even though he lived like that.’


I am a little worried, by the way. Seong Chan-young didn’t even know the guidelines he designated following the mention of farming, which he had never been interested in in his life. Wouldn’t that be weird?


“As expected, I’ll have to run to the farm quickly…….”


To do so, it was urgent to clean up the surroundings first.


Once I lay down on a magical bed mattress that was difficult to get out once inside, I searched the text history of my cell phone again.


<The cocky asshole>


I could tell at a glance. This is it. The answer came out just by looking at this petty naming skill that didn’t even space out.


I sent a message to the person saved under that very name. It was because I was afraid of calling and causing suspicion, just as I made an inevitable mistake to my secretary after saying I was going to be careful earlier.


‘Act like Seong Chan-young as much as possible…’


I rudely wrote a message and sent it.




[Seo Eun-soo]


[I have something to tell you, so I’m going to your house at noon tomorrow.]


[Don’t think about running away; stay home. It’s an important conversation.]


I was thinking of sending a cute character emoticon that would break down the wall, but I stopped. It was because it seemed like an unholy act.


Like the obsessive Gongs, the obsessive Shou is probably not familiar with the cute emoticons.


“All right, that’s enough.”


Phew. My heart was pounding with tension.


“I can’t believe I have to apologize to Seo Eun-soo on behalf of Seong Chan-young…….”


It was ridiculous, but it was a necessary process. It was all for my peaceful life.


Waiting for a reply, I decided to look at the records that Seong Chan-young has prior.

  • 1. 돈지랄 a slang for wasting money
  • 2. 광공 is a type of character that usually appears in BL genre works. These days, regardless of genre, it has become widely used as a term for a character who is obsessed with a romantic partner like crazy.
  • 3. 국에 밥을 말아서 먹다, meaning someone put “something” in their soup and eat it. (metaphorically, of course) Thus, they don’t have it anymore.
  • 4. 안빈낙도 It refers to enjoying the life with a comfortable mind without being restrained by it even in poor life.
Author's Thoughts

The dynamic between Seong Chan-young and the secretary is really fun to read. It’s effortlessly funny. xD

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  1. This is so dumb, I love it. Like, apart from the venomous mouth he doesn’t even try to act like the original SCY. He has like … 0 planning skills, this is going to be SO fun! Thank you for the chapter translator-nim

    1. You’re welcome! <3
      And I agree. He has totally 0 planning skills but it somehow works. His motto is probably 'fake it till you make it. lol

  2. This is my first time reading BL but so far, I like this and its funny. MC doesn’t have planning skills and just do whatever he thinks on the spot he has to do. Thank you for the chapter, Translator-nim.

  3. Me encanta como actúa el MC sin pensar demasiado, y su manera impulsiva de dejarlo todo y hacer lo que le da la gana.
    El MC es un poco tonto y le falta inteligencia, pero eso hace las cosas más divertidas.

    Además, a pesar de que el MC no tiene cerebro, no es molesto ni repetitivo. Me ha gustado bastante.

    Seguiré leyendo esta novela, me gustó.