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A normal person wouldn’t have responded. How much bullying has he been subjected to? He was a villain who would never want to see his face again, no matter how much money he paid.


– Okay. I’ll take that part-time job.


Interest in Seong Chan-young moved Seo Eun-soo. It was a rather impulsive decision.


The fact that another mutation occurred in the meantime was very annoying. He was diagnosed with alpha only after being hospitalized after suffering pain for three days and nights before he was diagnosed with alpha.


– It’s a miracle! Two metamorphoses. And the final mutation is alpha. It’s never happened before.


Seo Eun-soo thought in front of a doctor who burned his desire for knowledge, saying that the case where the mutation occurred is very rare.


A slightly ferocious looking recessive omega with light brown hair and eyes.


‘You might get sued when you are like this.’


Seong Chan-young, who was met with such perverse expectations…… did not respond as expected.


Tenderness and politeness. Even an obedient attitude that doesn’t try to defy Seo Eun-soo’s mood. The whole thing was unfamiliar.


Seo Eun-soo found an unfamiliar feeling that permeated him while watching Chan-young, who seemed to be in peace and didn’t want to escape from the tranquility.


‘If I stay next to you, will you still be nice to me like now?’


Seo Eun-soo was quick-witted. If Baek Do-jun, Chae Yoon-chan, Joo Tae-kang, and Yoo Yi-seo committed an invasion of Chan-young’s comfortable nest, he knew that they would be full of thoughts about throwing Seo Eun-soo as bait and covering him up at that moment.


Nevertheless, the reason for going along with it was not simply because of the large salary.


‘I’m curious.’


It was because I wanted to watch.


Seo Eun-soo was a quick-witted person. He knew that there was a very small gap in the hearts of the alphas who were spending time visiting him.


‘There’s no way the alphas would look at me and walk away quietly.’


A person’s mind changes. I knew it painfully throughout my time living as an Omega. Everyone whispered love easily on the outside, but it was a longing for a beautiful appearance or a feeling close to arrogance that they could look down on the other person and swing it at their disposal.


The changed Seong Chan-young didn’t know that. Indeed, he had been blocking his family and alphas and enjoying small happiness in his own paradise, so he didn’t.


“Open the door while I’m being good, Seong Chan-young. Because I have something to ask you.”


Chae Yoon-chan, who became the vanguard, stupidly made the sound of scratching people’s hearts. As if people would want to open the door when he made that noise.


“Geez… I really don’t want to see his face.”


It was evident that he was trying to speak so quietly that Seo Eun-soo couldn’t hear him. However, Seo Eun-soo, who mutated into an alpha, picked up that small voice very easily.


Holding the broomstick like a spear and whimpering was like the dog he raised, the general. He looked insignificant, but also a little cute.


“How did you know about this place? I’m sure I said I’m sorry and told you not to run into each other in the future.”


The squirrel was like a roaring bird. The broom in his hand trembled under the owner’s tension.


This time, not Chae Yoon-chan, but a soft and gentle voice was heard. It was Yoo Yi-seo.


“Can’t you open the door first? Do-jun, me, Yoon-chan, and Tae-kang came to talk. I don’t mean to hurt you.”


It was a finite tone of a swindler who finally found the location of the hidden person’s house. Seong Chan-young frowned. Seo Eun-soo followed suit with a troubled expression, but he then laughed out loud because he suddenly remembered seeing a wanted flyer looking for Chan-young.


‘I’m sure it doesn’t mean anything negative.’


If that bunch of brute alphas came to threaten him, as Chan-young was really worried, the door would be broken right away.


However, the door was fine, and the alphas waited for Chan-young to open the door himself.




“It seems Seong Eun Group’s maknae has a lot of worries. Because we’re not going to be as reckless as you are.”


He pretended to be a common sense man on the subject of chasing him all the way here and putting his head in. A sweet tone, abominably as if it had melted sugar, bothered him.


“Great. Let’s talk like a gentleman during our conversation.”


Chan-young opened the door with determined eyes. When the automatic door opened, all four large men paid attention to Chan-young and Eun-soo.


Chae Yoon-chan was the first person to speak.


“What? Why are you two together?”


The four alphas were embarrassed. It was good to find Seong Chan-young. It went as planned. They were busy with the idea of pouring out the questions they had in their hearts.


‘What the heck?’


But when they opened the door, Eun-soo stood next to Seong Chan-young. This was such an unexpected sight that even Yoo Yi-seo was a little puzzled.


“Why are you with him, Eun-soo?”


Seo Eun-soo smiled at Chae Yoon-chan’s question, which showed a dissatisfied tone. It was a harmless, clean-looking smile.


“I’m here because Chan-young called me.”


“Did he threaten you because he couldn’t get rid of his habit?”


“No. He provided me with a part-time job with a good salary and accommodations. And to anticipate and prepare for your coming.”


“He… he did?”


The friendly words appeared friendly at first glance, but they were not. Yoo Yi-seo weakly sensed the discomfort permeating between the lines.


‘Something’s not right?’


For Yoo Yi-seo, Seo Eun-soo’s image was that of a fragrant omega that smiled well and was obedient.


But now, Seo Eun-soo was smiling, but he wasn’t laughing. The small, slender blue flower seemed to have turned into a rose with eerie spines.


‘If not, he was originally that kind of person.’


Since he doesn’t really like it, Seo Eun-soo’s condition was more objective than the other three alphas in Yoo Yi-seo’s eyes. It was possible because there was no love in his eyes.


When Yoo Yi-seo stared at Seo Eun-soo, he smiled prettily as if he knew nothing.


“Anything wrong, Yoo Yi-seo ssi?”


“No. I think you’re doing fine and staying healthy. And I’m glad to see you in person after a long time.”


Since Seo Eun-soo did not take off the mask of a gentle sheep, Yoo Yi-seo responded with the appearance of a calm shepherd dog.


‘You said I don’t have to sponsor anymore, but was it for this reason?’


Not long ago, Seo Eun-soo sent a letter saying that he would no longer accept the support of Yoo Yi-seo, whom he had been receiving since leaving the orphanage. He said he was very grateful for being able to stand on his own two feet financially.


After the relationship bound by sponsorship ended, Yoo Yi-seo and Seo Eun-soo became strangers, not having any relationship.


‘Since Seong Chan-young’s side has become more fun, I was thinking of ending the sponsorship sooner or later on any excuse.’


I didn’t feel very good because I felt like I had been caught out.


“I’m also glad that my sponsor seems to be doing well.”


The two black wolves inside hid their true colors and gave only meaningful smiles. Chan-young was pleased to see how harmonious he looked on the outside.


‘Good job, our main shou.’


As expected, the magic of the original author is amazing. I can’t believe there’s no problem with the gongs even if he become an alpha.


‘I hope they can be safely removed from my eyes like this.’


With a happy imagination, Chan-young held back the corners of his mouth that were about to go up. It was because I didn’t want to get into a fight if I was laughing at him. If possible, I wanted the gongs to treat Chan-young as an invisible person.


“What? Yoo Yi-seo, why are you acting so close to Eun-soo? It’s very cheap.”


As for Chae Yoon-chan, he moved as Chan-young wanted. He wanted to investigate Chan-young, but his focus was turned because he liked Eun-soo more.


Unfortunately, however, Baek Do-joon, Joo Tae-kang, and Yoo Yi-seo had business with Chan-young.


The first person to talk to Chan-young was Joo Tae-kang.


“You disappeared to live here like this? Really?”


After secretly spying on Chan-young’s house following the information given by Yoo Yi-seo, Joo Tae-kang, who had not slept properly due to complicated minds, was haggard. I was scared when he pressed me with a fierce look with red veins in his eyes.


Chanyoung thought while looking at Joo Tae-kang, whom he hadn’t seen in a long time.


‘Why are you picking a fight as soon as we meet?’


I was more angry than scared. It was because the implied meaning in the dispute was unpleasant.


This house, which Secretary Choi prepared with Chan-young’s money, was never small. It was a new rural house with a small garden in full bloom with flowers the size of coins, and a large area to live alone. Chan-young’s house, designed with a modern and sophisticated sense, was not lacking.


General likes it and goes around the house every day, but what are they talking about! They’re not as good as dogs! You guys don’t know the pain of a bank account that’s tight with monthly rent and don’t even think about whether you can get a lease loan or not!


‘They don’t know that their house is precious, yet make annoying noises?’


This space was very good for Chan-young, who escaped from the real gwang gong interior of Chan-young, which was uncomfortable and made him feel like dying. That’s why it felt more perfect.


“What’s wrong with my house? I’ve been doing fine. You guys were the ones who chased me when I was quiet doing what I wanted to do. You should be glad I am not kicking you out.”


Joo Tae-kang flinched in front of Chan-young, who spoke firmly. Alpha pheromones, which were about to bloom, were also cut off.


“I found you dying alone, so I can’t thank you…….”


Stupid Joo Tae-kang. Stupid Joo Tae-kang. He didn’t have the talent to be honest with what he wanted to say. In other words, he was a scoundrel of fear who only said dirty twisted words.


What Joo Tae-kang really wanted to say was this. If you really have a limited life, let’s not hide here, let’s go to the hospital and get treatment right now.


However, the rejection of Seong Chan-young, who was attached to his body and mouth like a habit, did not allow fine words to come out.


As a result, Joo Tae-kang succeeded in upsetting Chan-young to the top of his head.


“What did you say, you bastard?”



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