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When Joo Tae-kang rubbed his eyes and looked at Yoo Yi-seo again, he looked back at him with a calm smile, as usual.


“In that case, Seong Chan-young will die alone like this.”


“Maybe? Well, technically, he’s not alone. I don’t know how to say this, but seeing Seo Eun-soo standing next to the employees earlier, the cause of death wouldn’t be a lonely death.”


It was an extremely cold assessment. Joo Tae-kang did not lose his analytical perspective despite being confused by Seong Chan-young.


‘That’s why I leaked the information to Joo Tae-kang first, but…….’


This was a bit unpleasant. Yoo Yi-seo did not know where the source of the discomfort was, so he put his hand near the heart for a while and took it off. The heart, which had always been beating slowly and regularly, just listened to Joo Tae-kang and pulsated.


“…It bothers me a little if he dies like that…….”


“What did you say?”


“No. I’m worried that he’ll continue to live like that in the future.”


Joo Tae-kang smirked at the skillfully changed way he spoke. It was a mockery.


“I know you’re not the kind of person who can be placed with the word worry.”


“Is that so?”


“I think I should step down first. What can we do if you insist on staying in the countryside so stubbornly?”


Joo Tae-kang changed into his pajamas and lay down under a blanket on the bed, perhaps tired of continuing the conversation any longer. He was very sleepy because of the aftereffects of not sleeping properly for a few days.


“You should stop and go to bed, too. We’ve all been busy, taking our time to come here. Let’s go up there again when we open our eyes.”


Just three seconds after leaving that remark, Joo Tae-kang fell asleep like a dead body. Leaving Joo Tae-kang to dreamland alone, Yoo Yi-seo sat in a chair and organized his thoughts.


“How can I make Seong Chan-young come out?”


For Yoo Yi-seo, who never acts on things that do not interest him, the newly changed Seong Chan-young was a playground that he didn’t want to miss.


‘If he’s really suffering from a fatal disease and die miserably…… Now, that’s a little off.’


A scene from the past passed through Yoo Yi-seo’s mind. It was a memory of his mother, his poor mother, who suffered from illness and died.


However, thinking someone might eavesdrop on his thoughts, he erased his weak sentiment and quickly regained his usual coolness.


‘How unlike me to have such sentimental thoughts.’


Seong Chan-young was not like Yoo Yi-seo’s mother. His mother was so stupidly nice, but Seong Chan-young, who barked like a dog to get out of here right away, was definitely different from her.


“It’s impossible at this rate.”


Reporting it as a home invasion would be a headache. It also went against Yoo Yi-seo’s aesthetics.


He wanted to see Seong Chan-young leave the place where he would die on his own, as before, and beg them for affection again.


He just wanted to see it because he thought it would be fun.


“Hmm…… If he’s not going to come out smoothly, shouldn’t we just go inside?”


Yoo Yi-seo, who was agonizing, recalled Seo Eun-soo at the moment. Seo Eun-soo, who was brought in by Seong Chan-young to kick them out, entered the house comfortably.


Instead of Seo Eun-soo, it was Seong Chan-young, who  sent them out on his own. But if he knew that the alphas weren’t going to give up, he wouldn’t have thrown Seo Eun-soo outt right away.


I thought I could apply for it. I thought I would get hit by that broom if I forced myself to go in.


“If I stay by his side while acting as if I’m being nice to Seong Chan-young, wouldn’t I be able to find out if he’s really sick or not?”


If I went back right away, I would have a lot of work piled up, but I didn’t think it would be bad to rest for a while in the name of taking my own vacation. The obstacles were already set aside to stand tall as a successor, so it was okay to enjoy the rest of my life in moderation.


“I’ll ask Baek Do-jun, Chae Yoon-chan, and Joo Tae-kang if they’re going to join tomorrow.”


Having to sleep somewhere not home was uncomfortable, but I managed to endure it. I was looking forward to seeing how surprised Seong Chan-young would be if I visited the simple white-painted house again tomorrow.


Even though he was aware of the poor quality, Yoo Yi-seo had no intention of fixing his personality. For in this cruel life he survived, and in the end he became the last victor.


“That sounds fun.”


For Yoo Yi-seo, who cannot feel pleasant feelings in most things, he hoped that Seong Chan-young would maintain the current state for a long time.


When he fell asleep, his mother came out in his dream after a long time. It was not a scene of crying with blood, but a sweet dream of hugging him, smiling beautifully like a flower. So it was a more disappointing dream.


Because reality was never beautiful. Not even Yoo Yi-seo himself.


⚝ ⚝ ⚝


Meanwhile, in the other room, Chae Yoon-chan was already asleep, but Baek Do-jun had his eyes wide-open.


‘I thought I knew Seong Chan-young well, but I didn’t at all.’


Tossing around in the blanket, Baek Do-jun couldn’t sleep easily. He could still vividly picture him turning on the lights and shouting to turn them off in his eyes.


Prior to becoming fiancés who had broken off the engagement, there were many years between the two as bad friends before that. Even in a relationship of dislike, they believed that there was nothing they did not know about each other.


‘But that wasn’t true.’


Chan-young was changing. Do-jun felt like it was such a sudden change, but now that he looked back, he wasn’t sure if he could say it was a really sudden change. What was accumulated may not have been the depth of understanding, but the sum of time he knew.


Even if it was a family relationship, sometimes there were things that I didn’t know. Humans were beings who did not show all their aspects to others. 


Furthermore, how much more can a shallow relationship between friends or political engagements, which are not between family, husband and wife, or siblings, be truly true?


Baek Do-jun could not say “yes” in answer to the question. So he felt bitter.


‘I justified my act of liking Seo Eun-soo because I didn’t like Seong Chan-young’s ferocity, but was it really the right choice?’


Like Joo Tae-kang, Baek Do-jun was unable to sleep due to the influx of 50,000 thoughts about Seong Chan-young. If Joo Tae-kang were to be relieved to know Seong Chan-young was still safe, Baek Do-jun would be busy pointing out his mistakes one by one.


After the phone call with Chairman Seong, Do-jun took time to learn about Seong Chan-young and had a subtle sympathy for him.


The boy, whom he always considered to be looking down on others on the clouds, was suffering from loneliness caused by insufficient affection.


Baek Do-jun also played a part in the path of loneliness. Therefore, Seong Chan-young could not be left as he is.


“As expected, I can’t just leave him.”


Even if he was sick, he could not morally turn a blind eye to a dying person.


‘Even if Seong Chan-young curses at me, I have to endure that.’


Chan-young was the one who kept his promise not to see his face again. Since it was the alphas, including Do-jun, who broke the promise, Chan-young could not be left to dry and die alone.


‘Even if that makes you hate me even more for doing so, I’ll take you.’


It’s a natural thing to do as a person, but considering the fact that the relationship with Baek Do-jun wasn’t good, it was cheap to be barred from the door like before.


‘Why does my mood sink like this?’


Reminded of Chan-young, who had a gentle expression in front of Seo Eun-soo, Do-jun crumpled the innocent bed sheet.


In the end, not being able to sleep a wink, Do-jun had to watch the dawn break with open eyes.


⚝ ⚝ ⚝


“You poor people. How can you see someone’s precious house? Can you describe it asReferring to Joo Tae-kang describing the house as, “You disappeared to live here like this? Really?” in Chapter 41.


Are you insane? Have you gone mad?


Instead, I wrote the names of the gongs on the A4 paper, stuck them on the pillow, and pounded them. Fists and kicks did not relieve my hurt feelings.


“Woof, woof, woof!!!”


General also ripped off the pillow next to him. He ripped off a small pillow with his baby’s fingernail-like teeth and scattered it all on the floor.


“General is angry with them, too! That’s right!”




It was enough to buy a pillow again. I don’t know what Secretary Choi was thinking, but when he filled the house with interior decoration, he ordered enough bedding for 10 men to sleep and go, so he could sacrifice a pillow.


I grumbled about the morning’s affairs the whole time I was using the dustpan to clear away the remains of the pillow general had bitten off.


“What do they know? I really enjoyed farming here without having nightmares. Even the worm from the field looks lovely.”


I was insensitive to bugs other than cockroaches, but I didn’t like them that much because they looked disgusting.


However, a benevolent smile came out naturally thinking about the insect corps, which I encountered while farming with healthy and strong bodies. Haha, if I kill them, I can use the dead body as good fertilizer. Oh, now that the earthworms appeared, it can be considered fertile soil.


The house was pleasant and comfortable, even though it wasn’t originally my real home in the world. When the sunlight shining from the window colored the white wall orange, I sat in an armchair, placed General on my lap, and stroked him happily.


‘Why are they picking a fight when I’m doing so well?”


Do you know the joy of farming? Huh? Who are you to denigrate my little paradise?


Argh. I’m angry. I’m so angry!


“Die, you original gongs that are not of any use to my life!”


“Woof! Woof!”


Furious, I eventually destroyed three more pillows with general. It was not until I stared blankly at the pillow that had become a torn bundle of cotton that my reason returned.


“General……let’s stop doing this now.”


Poor pillow. We will not forget your sublime sacrifice.




“If Ajumma arrives tomorrow, she will be very angry. Don’t you think so?”




General looked bright, as if he knew nothing. He felt happy to play with me. Seeing the tail move quickly from side to side, I could only laugh.


“Yes. As long as you had fun.”


‘Anyway, I succeeded in intimidating the gongs temporarily.’


It was a different development than planned, but the gongs unexpectedly backed off in anger. I was surprised that Seo Eun-soo didn’t even have to step up.


On top of that, what I thought was the strangest thing was that not many gongs responded to Seo Eun-soo except for Chae Yoon-chan.


“No matter how much they came because they had business, I thought they would disappear with Seo Eun-soo as soon as they saw him.”


Strangely, Seo Eun-soo didn’t seem to welcome the gongs. Just looking at the confrontation with Yoo Yi-seo, it was noticeable that Seo Eun-soo did not take him close.


‘I thought Seo Eun-soo wouldn’t be indifferent to the alphas who are kind to me, even though this is the beginning of the original work.’


I thought it would be a so-called flirtation, so I brought him in as a part-time student under a ridiculous term, but he didn’t seem interested at all. It was embarrassing for me, who tried to clean up the gongs and shou just to get away from the flow of the original work.


“If Seong Chan-young had seen this scene, he might have gone mad with jealousy.”


I don’t know what the gongs came to ask me, but thinking about Seong Chan-young made my heart heavy.


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