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Before I transmigrated, Seong Chan-young attempted suicide, which was not in the original. The fact that I entered Seong Chan-young’s body after that could be interpreted as meaning that the real Seong Chan-young would have died.


‘The reason he tried to commit suicide is because he was in pain.’


The scar on his body, which seemed to have been left several times before, was engraved with resentment against Seong Chan-young’s love for Seo Eun-soo and the gongs who loved Seo Eun-soo.


I felt sick to my stomach at the traces of such a rich and complicated mind that yearned, envied, hated, and desired to be like him.


If such Seong Chan-young looked at this situation now, he might want to kill me and live as Seong Chan-young again if he were alive.


Thinking about this, I was both depressed and scared, so I hugged general tightly and crawled onto the bed.


“It’s okay if I go back. My wish has already come true.”


I was able to come here and build the farm that I had to give up because I was weak. I was very grateful for that alone.


Even though it’s a wish that won’t be fulfilled, I wanted to go back to the original world and eat rice cooked by my parents. I also wanted to hear my sister’s BL novel, which I used to be so sick of. I missed my sisters, brothers, and all my friends.


‘I wonder if they felt this way…….’


My eyes glistened. I didn’t want to understand Seong Chan-young, but I cried when I realized that I had fallen alone in this world.


“Why did I transmigrate?”’


If I had to follow the formula of transmigration, my sister, who was an enthusiastic reader, should have transmigrated, not me. I was just a muggle tired of my sister’s sales.


Seeing me shed tears, General licked away the tears with his tongue.




“I’m sorry. Dad’s too weak-hearted, isn’t he? Dad should only show his reliable appearance in front of general.”


To be honest, I was actually very afraid of general’s well-being. It was because of the concern about who would take care of the child if something happened to break the transmigration in the middle.


‘I hate to assume it, but if Seong Chan-young really comes back…….’


It was a horror. If that happens, general will not be safe. Because Seong Chan-young hated small and fragile creatures. He was extremely reluctant to have powerless things by his side, saying that they were not worth keeping.


‘I hope that’s not the only thing that should happen…….’


I couldn’t sleep well. With the appearance of the gongs, my comfortable headspace has become all over the place. On top of that, I was so tired because I tried to determine the fundamental cause of how I transmigrated into this novel world.


“I hope the gongs don’t come back. You think so too, General?”


When I lay down on the bed, general naturally dug back into my side and settled down. When I asked him while covering the blanket, general yawned and barked little by little.


“I’ll have to let Seo Eun-soo out as soon as possible so that I can feel at ease……”


Thinking of Seo Eun-soo, who was sleeping soundly in the outside building, I felt as if the boiled chicken I ate in the evening was going to come up to my throat. 


I could send him away only when he had completed the terms of the contract, but the response of the gongs was lukewarm, making me nervous.


‘They’re not going to keep sitting at my house without Seo Eunsoo, are they?’


I hoped not, but unfortunately, it did happen.


[Wake up! It’s morning!!]




It was at 7 a.m. when I woke up from the alarm. I fed general for a refreshing morning as usual and went out to do morning exercises.


‘Seong Chan-young’s body is strong, but since he has such a good body, it’s better to take care of it more.’


Jogging, which I started with that mindset, is a familiar routine now. I ran lightly in sportswear to walk General along the promenade around my house.


How long had I run? I then saw some big men in the distance. From there, I felt my heart tighten.




“Ah…… General. Are those the guys from yesterday…….”


“Kung! Kung! Kung!”


General’s nervous barking told me the answer. Someone quickly grabbed my shoulder as I turned around and tried to escape.


“Let go of me!”


“Let’s talk, Seong Chan-young.”


It was Baek Do-jun. Maybe he came running nonstop; his face was red, and he was panting hard. One after another, Joo Tae-kang and Chae Yoon-chan followed through, with Yoo Yi-seo at the end.


Go away! You guys are worse than Mr. B [1] !


“……Didn’t you hear what I said yesterday? Or did you forget? I told you to get lost.”


“I know. I understand that you are surprised to see us.”


It’s no use talking with a sad look, you punk. I’m not Seo Eun-soo. No, I don’t think Seo Eun-soo will fall for it anymore?


“If you understand, why don’t you go? I don’t know why you’d still be in the neighborhood.”


“I know what your present condition is, but we can’t just go. Give us a moment, for it’s all right.”


Baek Do-jun asked me with a desperate look. I felt a little pitiful talking with the eyes that looked as if he hadn’t slept, so I decided to have a conversation.


“But what’s wrong with my condition?”


I thought he was a decent guy, but he wasn’t. You’re not just saying mean things like yesterday’s Joo Tae-kang, are you?


‘If you’re going to scratch my insides, I'll throw salt on your face [2] this time.’


I'm going to add red beans and throw it at them [3] . I’m going to kick them out, cursing them as more disgusting people rather than ghosts. If I knew this would happen, I should have brought my own weapon, a broom, that I left at home.


“It’s not hard to have a moment. But I want to hear the reason why you, who are living good lives, are looking for me. I don’t want to follow you blindly.”


“Okay. I’ll let you know. Then let’s go to the cafe I found…….”










A silence, colder than the winter wind, fell. The gongs from the side and general, eager to demonstrate pillow biting skills from yesterday, also tilted his head.


‘But I just came back from eating……?’


My life became more diligent as I took care of general’s food. It was also because of Ajumma’s nagging. The desire to grow stronger, become a muscular man and grow larger farms has also become fertilizer for a regular life.


Today’s breakfast was served with a standard Korean diet. All time favorite side dishes of Koreans came out on one table. It was the masterpiece of an old lady who was determined to work from dawn.


Kimchi jjigae, generously loaded with well-cooked kimchi, bean sprouts, tofu, and fresh pork. Soft, fluffy egg rolls with finely chopped green onions and eggs. Grilled mackerel with a glossy shine. Braised tofu with moderately spicy seasoning. And stir-fried pork belly and sirloin mixed in the right ratio and seasoned with spicy yet sweet seasoning.


Paired with homemade pickles and brown rice that was neither too tough or soft on top of that, it was a meal even a king would be envious of. [4]


For breakfast, I was surprised by the fancy banquet that nearly broke the table legs [5] and asked Ajumma.


Heol is like a whoa (?) like a exclamative, used to situations that are ridiculous or unbelievable. But it’s the latter case here. ajumma. What’s all this? You must have had a hard time since dawn, but all these hardships…….


– I prepared this so that you can eat and eat. Do you like it, young master?


– Regardless of whether I like it or not, it’s so fascinating? God, I’m drooling.


Although I maintained a regular lifestyle, I was too lazy to eat breakfast carefully every day. Most of the time, I filled my empty stomach by filling it with leftover side dishes and rice from the previous day or baking boiled eggs, salads, and a couple of sausages when I didn’t have them.


‘It was a common breakfast for a self-employed person.’


So I was surprised by this impressive table. After waking up, I tried to look through the refrigerator, but Ajumma had already prepared a huge table like a clam!


– Thank you, Ajumma, but don’t do this next time. You’re old, so you’re easily tired. What are you going to do if I ask you to cook for me every day?


It was a joke, but the lady nodded gladly.


– I’ve already funded the settlement, and I’m working on crazy good terms, so there’s nothing I can’t do. You’re like my grandson, so I want to do more for you.


Ack, it shouldn’t be like this, though.


– No! It’s okay!


– Hoho. You had a hard time the day before, so you have to eat well. I worked so hard to set it up so that you can cheer up.


Ajumoni [6] …….!


As expected, Koreans! You have to live with your rice and express your affection with food to make people feel better. Yesterday’s sorrow melted away as I ate delicious rice with ajumma’s love.


‘So it’s definitely not me or our general who is asking for food in the stomach that growls.’


When I looked up at Baek Do-jun and other alpha men, everyone’s faces except Yoo Yi-seo became flushed like carrots.


“Umm, that. Haven’t you guys eaten yet?”


“Hey, who didn’t eat……”




Chae Yoon-chan tried to deny it with a flushed face he earned, but a sound reminiscent of thunder flowed from his stomach.




It was sad. Chae Yoon-chan got angry as if sympathy was seen in my eyes.


“Well, well! I might not have eaten breakfast because I’m going to come early in the morning!”


“I didn’t ask.”


I’m not curious about your situation at all.


“…ahh shi-.”


When I coldly beat him down, Chae Yoon-chan’s ears turned red, so he started to cry a little. It seemed unbearable to be humiliated by a human who hated death.


“Didn’t you all eat? When I heard it, there were more than one or two growling noises.”


It almost sounded like a string duet with chords. Are all the alphas like this? Does the stomach’s cry for food sound that grand?


“Isn’t it the basis of a landlord to treat a guest when he has come? It’s because you put it up like this!”


‘The heck is he saying?!’


Why is he angry at me even though he was the one who didn’t eat? The transfer of responsibility is very absurd. At the thought that they were pitiful, the love for humanity that I had cherished as much as millet rice was crushed.


I seriously almost fell into the contemplation of what an alpha was.


Baek Do-jun, who has become a ripe tomato like Chae Yoon-chan, spoke to me instead.


“Everyone came out without a meal. Even if we stayed at a nearby hotel, it was in the corner, so it took a long time to drive.”


“So what?”


“So… We tried to visit you again and talk to you. We came in a hurry because we thought you might have disappeared somewhere in the meantime. “




“I apologize if it’s unpleasant.”


Even after being caught hungry, Baek Do-jun calmly explained their situation. He even gave me an apology. Since he came out politely, I felt my anger sizzling down.


“For now, follow me.”


“Whe, where?”


“My house. People who haven’t eaten are often mean, so let’s eat first and talk.”


Sheesh. Even though they are characters in the novel, I couldn’t let them go because they are the same K-citizens anyways.


I gradually had an ominous hunch that I was going to twist my life on my own, but I ignored it.


Let’s eat first and think about it later, yeah?


  • 1. Hope you still remember Mr. B aka Mr. cockroach
  • 2. If you watch K-dramas, you might have seen some ajumma throwing salt on people they despise. That’s because they believe that salt can drive out evil and invite good things into your life. So in order to push devils away after unwelcomed or despised people visit, they throw salt.
  • 3. Throwing red beans and salt is a more excessive case. Korean ancestors believed that the strong red color of the sunlight would drive away evil spirits, as they hate such things. After going to a funeral, people would spray salt and red beans on their body to prevent ghosts from following into their house and to secure good luck. So Chan-young was basically calling them lower than ghosts. 
  • 4. The original line was ‘I wouldn’t even be envious of Surasang (수라상)’ but I tweaked it a little. 수라상 is a banquet Korean Kings would have in the past and there would be at least 20 side dishes on the side no matter what.
  • 5. An exaggeration on impressive and many the dishes were that the table legs nearly broke
  • 6. More formal way to saying Ajumma
Author's Thoughts

Whew~ This chapter was a ride! So many footnotes and everything. xD
I'm so glad the author didn't let it slide and decided to make why and how's of Chan-young's transmigration a bigger side plot.
What are your thoughts on that? As well as the alphas potentially joining Chan-young?

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