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“Let’s hear the story now.”


Only after Baek Do-jun finished washing the dishes did Seong Chan-young bring the refreshments and put them on the table. The four alphas were putting their hands together in front of them more politely than when they first came in front of Seong Chan-young.


“Why did you come after me? You guys hated me.”


From the start, straightforwardness flew in. Seong Chan-young was hoping that they would leave as soon as possible, with a very fierce look.


Here, Baek Do-joon decided to come forward and speak.


“Because you suddenly cut off all ties and went into hiding, we were confused.”


“It was a good thing for you. Wasn’t you all supposed to be happy with Seo Eun-soo when the obstacle disappeared?”




In Chan-young’s words, Eun-soo’s eyes narrowed and stared at the alpha. When the pheromones as an alpha released, albeit weakly, they were shocked.


“Seo Eun-soo… You…… Are you emitting alpha pheromones?”


The first person to notice this was Chae Yoon-chan. The blue eyes trembled like an aspen tree. His usual grumbling like a child seemed to have become quite serious.


Seo Eun-soo calmly replied to Yoon-chan, who wanted him to answer no.

“Yes. It hasn’t been long since the trait was converted to alpha. I’m not good at controlling myself. Excuse me.”


It must have been a lie to say that it was difficult to control. Chan-young was also a little surprised at that.


‘Alpha pheromones have never leaked out when I was with him.’


Even when the alphas came the day before and asked them to open the door, Seo Eun-soo’s pheromone control was clear, so no one noticed that he had become an alpha.


“This is very interesting.”


Yoo Yi-seo laughed when he realized the identity of the discomfort he felt after seeing Seo Eun-soo for the first time in a long time. Seo Eun-soo turned a blind eye to him.


In a chaotic atmosphere caused by Seo Eun-soo’s transformation, Baek Do-jun continued to talk to Chan-young.


“It is no wonder that you think so. We all had a crush on Seo Eun-soo, and we hated you.”


“Yes, but why did you follow me?”


“I felt empty when you disappeared. It felt weird. I thought you were not the one to disappear for no reason, so I was also curious about the news.”


Baek Do-jun spoke calmly.

**This line reminds me too much of Dumbledore. I can’t unsee it. xD


Joo Tae-kang nodded quietly. The reason why Tae-kang came here was that he wanted to know about Sung Chan-young’s recent situation, and his heart was getting stirred by suspicions that he might be living a limited life.


“We wanted to make sure you were safe. Chairman Seong once called me directly and asked me where you were. And I was afraid that you might have tried to give up your life because of something that came suddenly.”


Baek Do-jun made a detour as much as possible to say that Chan-young was sick, gave up everything, and hid.




It was a thought that could not reach Chan-young, who did not understand at all.


“Also….. I wanted to confirm the identity of the heart caused by your sudden disappearance.”


Chan-young stroked general’s fur hard and tilted his head to the side. 


‘I think they just said something wrong?’


Hey, why are you doing something similar to confessing to me when the main shou is next to you?


‘What is he saying?’


The shock was intense. I ran away from the original work, and now the gongs were causing their own chaos.


“Why are you asking me something weird?”


I’m not teacher Oh Eun-young, guys. If you’re curious about your feelings, go see psychological counselors. You have the wrong number.


***Oh Eun-young is a Korean psychiatrist and former university professor. She appeared in the ‘My Child Has Changed’ program and became famous as a child expert.


If you’re going to do this, I’d rather suspect that it’s arrhythmia and go to the hospital. What did I do to say such a terrible thing? Who’s going to ruin their lives?


Once again, they are going to hit with wooden pestles. Shouldn’t I find a regular size this time, not a mini one? Memory loss, memory loss, can’t we get out of these damn tropes?


‘But Seo Eun-soo has already transformed into Alpha.’


What’s going on? Baek Do-jun said they were having a hard time with confusion, but I was gloomy because I couldn’t grasp the situation.


‘Is this really inside the novel?’


The content was changing too much. Seo Eun-soo is both indifferent and has no interest in the gongs, while I farm…….


I, who couldn’t say anything, barely spoke to Baek Do-jun.


“First of all, I have no intention of giving up my life. I’ve talked about my life here many times, and I’m very satisfied.”


The employees that Secretary Choi brought were still kind to me. I could see from the aunts and uncles who treated me warmly that it wasn’t just because of the big salary.


Giving up on life…I guess it’s because of SUNGCHANYOUNG, right?’

Baek Do-joon must be aware of this. He watched by planting his own housekeeper, Lim, in Sung Chan-young’s house. The fact that Sung Chan-young’s suicide attempt was delivered to Baek Do-jun was certain because he overheard the phone details when he first became possessed.


“I know why you thought of that, Baek Do-jun. You planted people in my house. The maid.”


“…… knew?”


“I overheard it while taking a walk. She had the audacity to report my every move to you near my house even though I let her leave early.”


“……I’m sorry.”


Baek Do-jun looked pale at my words and apologized right away. It had to be Seong Chan-young, not me, who received the apology, so I didn’t care.


“Do you know what you’re sorry about?”


“Everything. I’ve been watching you by attaching a person to you, and I know you’ve tried several suicide attempts, but I haven’t stopped you or informed Seong Eun Group or your family.”


And you came to me who were living quietly to satisfy your personal curiosity, making noises.


“I’m sorry.”




Surprisingly, I didn’t feel any emotion. Is it because I’m a foreign substance inside Seong Chan-young’s body?


I only sighed as I looked at Baek Do-jun, who quietly shook his head. I couldn’t taste anything even though I took a bite of the rabbit-shaped apple that I brought to talk. Even though my mouth was full of sweet water, there was only bitterness.


“Do you know that you’re sorry that you found me so rudely?”


“……I’m sorry about that, too.”


“It’s so funny. You guys wanted me to disappear from your life, and when my attitude changes, you’re trying to find out who your mind is if something’s stimulated.”


The flesh that couldn’t be chewed in my mouth was written like a poisonous apple. What was Seong Chan-young to these guys? A sandbag that can be taken for granted?


‘He was a bad guy, but he’s so mean.’


“As to why it suddenly disappeared, I told you before I left. Whether it’s a text message or a face-to-face conversation, it’s you guys who didn’t believe it.”




Baek Do-jun, Chae Yoon-chan, Joo Tae-kang and Yoo Yi-seo all shut their mouths. The lack of trust in Seong Chan-young made them do the same thing as Seong Chan-young. how ironic this is.


“So no matter what question you alphas ask me, my answer is the same. I came here because I wanted to be free.”


I don’t like you guys anymore, and I don’t want to live as a bum.


“I want to do the farming I want to do and spend the whole four seasons here in a simple way. For the rest of my life.”


“……yes, I see.”


I don’t know if my meaning was conveyed well, but Baek Do-jun nodded with a pale face. It was unusual for the veins to stand out in his hands, but it was none of my business.


“I don’t even want to know what you guys felt for me. I don’t even know why you come to me and ask me if you don’t know how you feel.”




“If your curiosity has been resolved, go. Take Seo Eun-soo with you. From the beginning, Seo Eun-soo came here as a part-timer because he had to kick you out.”


I felt dizzy from exhaustion. A headache also occurred. I thought Seong Chan-young’s body would be strong. But the body seemed to be unbearable when mental stress accumulated.


‘They grew up in families who didn’t even care, and their taste was alpha people who had a crush on them, and they weren’t good humans.’


In a way, it was natural. I staggered along a little.


Baek Do-jun, whose eyes grew like jujube, ran to me to help me.


“Are you all right? I’ll help you.”


“That’s enough, so hurry up and go even for a second. It’s harder to see your faces.”


“……I got it.”


As I had a headache, I remembered the loneliness of the past when I was lying in the headache. It was terrible. I tried to avoid my seat, repeating countless times that I wasn’t there now.


‘If I do this, they’ll misunderstand because they think I’m still trying to kill myself.’


I didn’t want to show them my pain. People look down on me, or I look down on myself.


As the gongs were still crushed, this time Seo Eun-soo came to me.


“Chan-young. I…….”


“That’s enough, Seo Eun-soo. Since I said my position so strongly, if you had a conscience, you would go back. Please go with me then as per the contract. Thank you for all this time.”




Seo Eun-soo seemed to bite his lips tightly, so I wondered what would happen. It was too hard for me to check the condition of the main shou now.


On the way to my room, I saw my employer, Mr. Kim, who remained in case.

“Ajussi. I’ll be resting in that room all day, so don’t let anyone in today, and aunts and uncles rest, too. Please send those people who are left in the living room out.”


“Young master? You don’t look so good. Are you okay?”


“It’s alright……. I’m going to sleep. I’ll be fine when I wake up.”


“I see. I’ll deal with it that way.”


“Thank you.”


Bang. The nervously closed door closed with a loud noise. The general came with me next to me even though I left it from the living room.


“Whines, whines, whines.


“It’s because dad is a little sick. After a nap, everything will be alright, General.”




“I’ll get up after a little sleep. All right? Good boy.”


Even though it was still a bright day, I felt sleepy. It wasn’t hard to fall asleep quickly. It was okay except for the misery of putting the blanket over my head.


‘When I open my eyes, I hope all the characters in the original work disappear.’


Then I will get up again and look at the greenhouse and vegetable garden. A blue watering can, filled with water with a hose, watering the sprouts, looking at the seedlings to be planted, and thinking about what to eat for Saecham. 


I will also take a walk with general and have time to laugh and chat alone.


There is a long way to go back to the real world, so I really wanted that to come true.


Because that’s all I really wanted.

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