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Fortunately for me, the gongs didn’t know much about teamwork. Yay!


Since they were each treated and supported at home, they often caused friction, even if it was nothing.


The quarrel arose over a very minor issue.


“Hey, Joo Tae-kang. Why didn’t you cover the toilet after you used the bathroom? Why did you put the slippers so far away?”


“It’s up to me. What’s wrong with that?”


“It’s uncomfortable!”


First of all, Chae Yoon-chan, who was sensitive and picky by nature, was not compatible with Joo Tae-kang, who was messy and easygoing.


In the case of Joo Tae-kang, housekeepers were completely in charge of tidying up his house, so he didn’t even try to clean it up.


On the other hand, Chae Yoon-chan has a habit of organizing his things almost wall-to-wall. It was surprising when you think of his usual immature appearance. Chae Yoon-chan, who lives by organizing his territory so meticulously that he is obsessed, was very dissatisfied with Joo Tae-kang’s behavior.


“I can’t get along with him!”


“So am I.”


The first floor was infested with the sound of Chae Yoon-chan and Joo Tae-kang fighting. General didn’t go near it at all when the two fought. I didn’t want to get into a fight for no reason. Instead I wished they went home because both of them got hurt.


The second floor where Baek Do-jun and Yoo Yi-seo lived was quieter than the first floor, but they became enemies when they had to clean the bathroom.


“I’ve done it before, so I don’t want to do it anymore.”


“Wouldn’t it be better for an experienced person to come forward?”


The two fought over this. I told them to solve everything on their own, and it was nice to see them struggling to put off things they didn’t want to do.


“It’s a great division of roles.”


At times, I felt like Eris, the goddess of revenge, who left a golden apple in front of the three goddesses. For me, the discord between them was pleasant and a fitting metaphor.


‘But there was an ambush.’


The worst thing for me was Baek Do-jun. Baek Do-jun was the one who hid his cooking skills. Damn, I should’ve kicked the sanjeok out when it was being seasoned since dawn for me to eat.


“Today’s menu is fried rice, right? Shrimps, eggs, and vegetables with oyster sauce.”


Baek Do-jun was in charge of cooking and distributing meals for other alphas. The act of finding the wok and turning it expertly was unusual. I didn’t even know that the wok was in the kitchen, where did he find that?


I didn’t see any fancy fire shows because the induction was installed, but it was a skill that would have been possible with a gas stove. I felt cheated.


“Was doenjang jjigae a smoke screen?”


I had to find out when I put beef brisket in it, but it was my mistake. Baek Do-jun made sure to cook the soybean paste stew less deliciously on purpose. The smell of food coming from the kitchen was different every time.


Even the smell of food was delicious!


Even Ajumma, who was wary of the gongs at first, glistened in her eyes as she looked at Baek Do-jun.


“Oh, the young man is tall and good at cooking. He’ll be a wonderful husband.”


The lady was smacking her lips while looking at the phone’s contact information. Scanning the saved names of someone’s daughter, sister, and younger brother, it seemed that she wanted to introduce them for the position.


“You’re handsome, rich, and good at cooking, so you deserve to think so…”….’


If it weren’t for the karma accumulated due to his bad relationship with Seong Chan-young, objectively, Baek Do-jun was a very good guy. It was annoying.


‘But what’s the point? An uninvited guest is an uninvited guest.’


“Ajumma, don’t just look at their appearance and ask if they want to meet.”


“Why, young master?”


“Because he has a dirty personality. You know how much I hate it.”


“Oh, that’s true.”


Even if it wasn’t a personality problem, the standard of the gongs was very high when only Seo Eun-soo, the unrequited partner, was seen. Above all, as the genre of this novel is BL, they were people who would reject women, so they cut it from their own line so that they wouldn’t step on poop in their seats.


Baek Do-jun, who became the meal manager, instead entrusted Chae Yoon-chan, Joo Tae-kang, and Yoo Yi-seo with the housework of separating and collecting food waste and recyclables that they ate and used.


Chae Yoon-chan, who complained that he had never done anything like this before, quieted down after several persuasions by Yoo Yi-seo. I’m guessing he was manipulated into thinking Seo Eun-soo would like it.


‘It’s like… seeing a mother and three sons.’


The gongs kept arguing, but they were in sync when they ate. After they bring side dishes and spoons and finish their meals, they will clean them up. Wearing comfortable clothes indoors, I felt like a diner, not a landlord.


Even Seo Eun-soo, who was watching, admired the ecosystem of the alphas, which was working well without any problems.


“It’s in perfect order. When they eat…….”


“I know right……….”


‘This isn’t it…….’


When I saw the gongs silently occupying the table and making fun of the spoons, I felt like I was flying away as white ash powder.


‘When are you going home?’


This wasn’t the picture I expected. I thought that the gongs claiming I was sick were excuses, and they would run away by taking Seo Eun-soo away in the middle of the night.


However, the gongs, who were thought to be the young masters of noble houses, adapted like servants, even if they were clumsy. They didn’t complain about anything. Sometimes, even if Chae Yoon-chan seemed to have something to say to me, he closed his mouth on his own and went to his room, but soon it became quiet.


I don’t know what magic he did, but when I saw Yoo Yi-seo accompany Chae Yoon-chan at the time of persuasion, I could see that it was because of his speech.


‘Even if I make them work, they work as if they were four bulls, not some kind of person.’


It was difficult to nitpick them. Even without knowledge or tricks, they were helpful, completing their tasks when asked. The fact alone was mind-blowing for me.


When I threatened to work a lot in a conversation with Baek Do-jun, it was half-eaten.


‘I can’t believe I didn’t say I’d go home even if I came back exhausted.’


These hard things.


Of course, I was also a formidable, tough human being.


Before pulling out the labor force like a dry rice paddy in the heat wave, I had them plow the remaining fields as a warm-up. I did not give them the fruits of civilization, such as an electric weeder, but returned to the beginning and used a shovel or pitchfork.


“The development of technology would not have stayed here. While self-driving electric cars are coming out and smartphones are becoming small portable computers, there can’t be any benefit to agriculture?”


When I brought pitchforks to Baek Do-jun, Chae Yun-chan, Joo Tae-kang and Yoo Yi-seo, their eyes became triangular. It was a pretty logical attack this time, but I had one shot to cover it all up.


“If you don’t like it, go home. I have nothing to lose.”


“Are you really going to be this cocky? I’m not going to let this stinky land go away later. I’ll knock it all over.”


“Yes. If I’m alive by then.”


Chae Yoon-chan stood out among the alphas who worked without complaining. The reaction was intense, perhaps because the typical young master, or prince, who hates sweating and likes to play and eat, was told to suffer in the dirt.


‘But you can’t turn over here at will.’


According to Secretary Choi, even this land where I am was bought by Chairman Seong himself. Even if he came in after cutting off ties, with the huge shadow of Chairman Seong was holding out, Chae Yoon-chan’s family could not recklessly touch me.


In the original work, Seong Eun Group went bankrupt because of Seong Chan-young, but it didn’t happen to me. Therefore, the empire that Chairman Seong built did not collapse; instead, he preserved his place as a vase, looking at the group.


‘I’ll be fine as long as he’s alive.’


So I screamed without fear. I want to mess with the people who keep insisting that I’m sick.




However, Chae Yoon-chan became contemplative, like a high-ranking sinner, and bit his lips.


“……I’m sorry. You look so fine that I forgot….…”


Stop talking down and apologize, you punk……. You’re paler than Seong Chan-young.


“I didn’t mean to say it because I really wanted you to die. I swear. I’m sorry.”


It was somehow awkward to hear gibberish in an inconsistent way. Did something happen before? He always had a flirty or bad attitude, like a local bully, but that was uncomfortable because he looked like a golden retriever shaking in fear.


“I’m not dying. I was joking.”


“Don’t die…”


Chae Yoon-chan’s anxiety symptoms did not disappear, even though I confessed that it was a joke. Chae Yoon-chan calmed down only after I held his hand to stop him from biting his ripe peach-colored nails and hugged and patted them all.


“It’s all right, it’s all right.”




Like general, Chae Yoon-chan buried his face on my shoulder and sniffed. 


Holding a man much bigger than me, it was closer to hugging than holding. The sniffling gradually subsided as I tried to pat my hand on the back that was not even in his arms.


“What, what!”


Chae Yoon-chan, who came to his senses, was surprised and pushed me away. While I was barely processing what was happening, I realized that I was going to fall to the ground.

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