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Chairman Seong quickly got up from his seat and called Seong Eun Group’s doctor.


“Hospital Director Kim. I need you to find something for me.”


[What are you talking about?]


“Please find out if my grandchild, Chan-young’s health has deteriorated rapidly.”


[Young master Chan-young? What’s the matter with him?]


“It’s not a big deal. It’s just a precaution. You make sure to check just in case.”


[Of course, you have to follow him. I see. I’ll go to Master Chanyoung’s house and see him soon.]


“Thank you. I’ll trust you.”


Hospital Director Kim, the doctor, was also Chairman Seong’s person, just like Secretary Choi, so there was no fear of lying.


“Don’t tell me he’s going down to the countryside to hide his pain..…?”


Hiding his anxiety, Chairman Seong wanted to hear that his grandchild’s health was safe as soon as possible. He was the adored youngest grandchild, no matter how silly he was. He couldn’t lose him.


There was already one episode of drama shot in Chairman Sung’s head. The huge illusion that Seong Chan-young might be on a time limit.


It may have been the worst feeling in his life. That was how such a ridiculous misunderstanding sprouted.


⚝ ⚝ ⚝


“Who is swearing at me…….”


My ears were itchy, so I dug out the ear wax with a cotton swab and looked at myself in the mirror.


I looked very good with an ivory sweatshirt, black slacks, and a suitable navy coat over. What a neat and tidy Seong Chan-young. Noona would have fainted if she knew.


“I couldn’t hide my fierce, sharp impression, but…….’


I looked so calm that I thought this would be okay. Even though it’s not my fault, I’m still on my way to apologize to Seo Eun-soo, the main Shou, so I tried to pay attention to my clothing. It doesn’t seem too bad.


“Phew. Good. Let’s not be intimidated. I can do it.”


In his right hand, he even held a flower basket containing compensation for apples, and in his left hand, he even held a memorandum that he would not go anywhere next to Seo Eun-soo from now on. The preparations were perfect. All I have to do is go and apologize by 손이 발이 되도록 빌다 It means to beg or apologize very sincerely in a desperate manner. In Korean culture, people used to rub their two hands while apologizing or praying. Thus, by rubbing their hands until they become feet, it shows their sincerity or desperation.


‘I better keep it a secret from the secretary.’


So I installed a taxi application and called a taxi. Anyway, it was a decision made because I thought it would be too noticeable to travel by public transportation as I am a member of a chaebol family.


“Where can I take you, sir?”


“Please go to Garam Apartment Complex 2.”


When I said the name of the house where Seo Eun-soo lived in the original work, my heart fluttered with real tension. Wow, I’m really going to meet the main Shou.


‘I read it half-heartedly, but I think he was a really good person.’


I was a little excited to go meet the main character in the novel. Since I transmigrated into Seong Chan-young, I couldn’t welcome him, but I was still excited.


AS if he read my feelings, the taxi driver glanced back and smiled at me.


“What a handsome young man. Are you going on a date? To meet someone you’re dating?”


“Oh, no. I’m just on my way to apologize because I did something wrong.”


“Ah ha, so you’re on your way to comfort your lover”.


“I’m telling you it’s not…….”


“It’s a good time. Do your best.”


Perhaps because of the flower basket and letter envelope, the taxi driver firmly misunderstood. If it’s a date in its own way, it’s a date, but……. I was on my way to throw away everything, so I was tired to keep making excuses.


“Yes, yes. Thank you.”


So I simply listened and thought of getting off as soon as we arrived. Well, it’s not like I’d ever see him again.


I didn’t know until then. I wasn’t aware that the kind of butterfly effect I’ve passed on half-heartedly will turn into a storm…….


The taxi made its way to its destination without getting the usual signal. My heart pounded with tension when I almost arrived.


‘Soon, you will meet Seo Eun-soo, the main Shou of this novel……!’


It was ridiculous to have to apologize to someone you’ve never met before. 


But at the same time, it was so fascinating to think that I could see the person in the book alive, breathing, and talking right in front of me.


Of course, Seo Eun-soo would hate it as soon as he saw Seong Chan-young, but I was somewhat excited as I was a reader across a bridge through my sister.


‘Maybe it’s because I don’t know anyone here…….’


I’m pretending to be okay after transmigrating, but it wasn’t actually okay. I missed my parents, brothers, and sisters—even my house with the tacky cherry moulding wallpaper.


It would have been difficult to hold out the goal of farming without using Seong Chan-young’s wealth. It was hard to trust the housekeeper, who was close to him right now, and Seong Chan-young’s family, who were originally estranged because he was recessive.


As a result, the only thing that Sung Chan-young had was a lot of money. And the only corner I could lean on to avoid a miserable ending from the Gongs was Seo Eun-soo.


‘You have to go and do well. It’s like a waterfall of sincerity.… No, you can apologize.’


In order to soothe my nervousness, I fiddled with the flower basket and an envelope containing money for apology. The taxi driver, who saw it, looked at me with a happy expression.


“I don’t know who’s dating student [1] , but they’ll like it a lot. I can tell that you put all your heart into it.”


As soon as I woke up, I had ran to the flower shop and asked for the most expensive flower basket….


“Unlike young people these days, I used to prepare letters.”


This is a legitimate compensation for the corruption that Seong Chan-young has done to Seo Eun-soo.…. Instead of a shy love letter, it’s full of stiff checks, the ones with the zeros embedded in them.


“Haha. Yes…….”


However, I was too lazy and tired to explain all these circumstances. It was too tiring to care about the situation right now, so I didn’t correct the misunderstanding of the careless taxi driver.


“But strangely, I think I’ve seen young man somewhere before.”


I was surprised for a moment. Seong Chan-young was a member of a chaebol family in the world in this book. In Korea, a person from a chaebol family is not a person who often appears in the media.


“Oh, haha. Is that so? I don’t know.”


“I really think I’ve seen it somewhere…. I can’t forget this face.”


“You must have seen it wrong. Driver-nim. Please just drop me off around here.”


The problem was that Seong Chan-young was a villain. Just by looking at the harm he caused to the Gongs and the main Shou in the original work, it was clear how he would have acted in this world.


‘I don’t know. It wasn’t written in the original, but he could have committed serious crimes such as gambling and drugs.’


Chairman Seong, Seong Chan-young’s grandfather, was cliché in that way, so I hoped it wasn’t true, but he didn’t know about people. Even the housekeeper was Baek Do-jun’s person. I should never let my guard down.


“Uh. Student. I just need to go a little further from the Garam Apartment, will that be okay?”


“No problem. Here, I don’t need any change.”


Although I called an automatic payment taxi, I gave 50,000 won more in cash to the driver. I could see the taxi driver’s eyes wide open.


“You don’t have to give me this much…….”


“Ha ha. I’ll say it’s a pleasant gift for you on my date.”


Geez, I have to get out of here quickly. Before the driver recognized Seong Chan-young’s face, I quickly left the taxi and ran in a hurry. Seo Eun-soo’s house was just around the corner.


So I didn’t hear the driver thinking of something and called me after he dropped me off.


“Oh, yes. Excuse me. The gentleman you mentioned got in my car and moved to Garam Apartment Complex 2.”


[…… Is that right? Okay. I’ll give you a reward later.]


I didn’t know then that someone was watching me again.


⚝ ⚝ ⚝


It was a short walk on long legs. It was a short walk, but I could smell various scents on the street while walking.


The scent of flowers, the scent of sweet fruits, perfume, and the scent of the forest were mixed. They were from the people. I wondered if spraying a lot of perfume was the latest trend these days, but soon I realized that it was pheromone.


‘I’m really in an Omegaverse novel.’


I was frightened in a world of turbid fragrance. It seems like everything in the world is telling me that I’m a thorough stranger.


Arriving at the apartment and waiting for the old elevator to come, I casually raised my arm and sniffed. However, Seong Chan-young’s body did not smell anything.


‘Yes, he was a recessive omega, an omega whose traits were significantly less functional.’


Seong Chan-young in the original work found it difficult to accept himself. So when his family recommended him to disguise himself as beta, he said yes, but inside, he was boiling. Even his family thought that it was being generous when he didn’t become a dominant omega.


Thus, Seong Chan-young hated Seo Eun-soo more. He had the affection of the Gongs he wanted and was a dominant omega. Two things that he couldn’t get himself.


While it was unfair harassment, and even though I didn’t have any intention of understanding Seong Chan-young, I still felt a little sorry for him.


While lost in thought, the elevator arrived. As I went out with a flower basket, I saw a thin man standing with the front door open in the open hallway.

  • 1. The driver referred him as student.
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