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I looked at the closed door for several minutes in bewilderment and betrayal. I was so dumbfounded that my mouth was open that my jaw hurt as if I was going to fall out.


‘When did the door get fixed?’


It was shocking that the door that Chairman Seong had broken during his visit was intact again. What happened to my house while I was down?


“General…… How could you do this to me?”


When I came to my senses and hugged the white furry with resentment, General avoided my gaze looking in a different direction.


He was funny and lovely, so I lowered my voice with a stern expression and asked as if I were interrogating him.


“You tell me honestly. You’re almost a human, right? You joined in because you were worried about dad, right? Right?”




Cute general pretended to be weak and looked at me. In the midst of this, the tail fluttered vigorously.


‘If you’re going to do something cheeky, you shouldn’t be cute.’


General doesn’t even understand real people, so it was extra funny to say nonsense about holding a puppy that is much smaller and weaker than me because I have nowhere to lean on.


“I’m going easy on you, General. If the men out there did that, there wouldn’t be any soup left.”




This cute and desirable puppy knew I was weak to him, and when I patted his head and stomach, his expression brightened and he poked his tongue out.


“I’m just letting it go this time. Next time, if you conspire with those alphas and force me to rest, there will be no beef jerky for the time being.”




“No. Even if you acts cutely, I’ll really confiscate snacks then. So stay on your side. Got it?”




General seemed to have completely relieved my mood, so he immediately jumped up on the bed and dug into the blanket I was covered in. He was more like a human than a human.


“Good night, general.”


Joo Tae-kang was the one who put me in the bed, but General lied down next to me and fell asleep first. The puppy, which seemed to be made of white cotton candy, fell into dreamland with a few patting touches.


‘You must have been very tired.’


When I saw general digging into my arms, my last feelings were volatile.


It was general who found me collapsed. If he didn’t scratch the door to save me with the animal’s sixth sense……. I wouldn’t have been able to breathe with Seong Chan-young’s body like this.


“Of course it’s that, and it’s this.”


It was not until I confirmed that general was completely asleep that I got out of bed. General didn’t sleep a wink the day before, and he only slept without knowing anything at the sound of my careful rustling.


“I can’t leave myself out of the farming I do.”


Trying to exclude me from farming was the mistake of the gongs. Do the alphas in that city even know that they are farmers? I was able to answer not at all, risking my life


‘Therefore, I cannot entrust my precious land like Altoran to them.’


The strength of Alphas is the physical strength. As much as they worked hard, they did as well as servants. Originally, they were smart people, so they were good at what they were told to do.


The problem was that without me, the subject of the work, my simple farming life would not work perfectly.


‘If they ever thought of ruining farming with this opportunity…….’


If that happens, they could have expected me to return after giving up on the bitterness of failure. You’re welcome to try, though.


‘I’ll protect my sprouts!’


My grand plan hasn’t even started yet, so I couldn’t sit still. Since I returned to farming, I have not been able to push things off my bucket lists, such as jams and cheong [1] , and meat parties as harvests.


I opened the door with a firm determination. One person was standing guard with one knee in front of the door.




“Oh, you were about to come out, too.”


It was Yoo Yi-seo who stood solemnly in front of my door like a guard. The sly and relaxed smile remained, but I could see the dark circles under his eyes.


“Did you stop working?”


I felt annoyed because I thought I was being watched not to leave my room. It was also disgusting that he was here in exchange for labor.


“What, what? Why are you crouching in front of someone else’s door?”


“In case you didn’t listen to us and rest and sneak out.”


“……I’m the owner of this place! Who are you to call me sneaking out? I’m not even a bug.”


“Then why are you trying to sneak out so timidly when you’re not even a bug?”


Ugh. I hate it when you try not to lose a word like a bad-tempered person. That’s why it was hard to talk to Yoo Yi-seo.


“It’s because of General. If he wake up, he’ll whine again and make sure I don’t go out…….”


“What’s the matter with such a puppy? We can leave him alone if he wants to, right?”




It was really bad luck to use informal language even when they used honorifics.


“Since when did you value dogs so much? It’s strange that you’re so different from before, Mr. Seong Chan-young.”


Yoo Yi-seo, who was sitting and looking up at me, stood up. When the man who was much taller than me looked down at me in an instant, I stopped breathing for an instant.


“……How much do you know about me to say this? You weren’t interested before.”


“It wasn’t missing. I did. It was just an unfavorable interest.”


‘It’s really bad to say this openly.’


If Seong Chan-young had heard this, the road would have gone wild [2] . It is good that Yoo Yi-seo, who remains the same as the original, makes people’s hearts flutter and fall on him right away. He was so good that many people, who tried to seduce him, only shed tears and ran away.


‘He’s someone who I definitely want to avoid.’


“Get out of my way. I have something to do.”


“And if I don’t want to?”


“……Did Joo Tae-kang order you do it? Or Chae Yoon-chan? Just because they made you do it doesn’t mean you’re the one who’s going to follow suit.”


“That’s right. I accepted it because I wanted to come. Although you came out faster than expected.”


“Get out of the way, if you know then. Get out.”


When I tried to push Yoo Yi-seo away, he grabbed me by the shoulder and tilted his head to my side. The angle was so delicate that I pushed him away as hard as I could to avoid kissing him.


“……It’s different when I look at things like this.”


“Aren’t you going away?”


No matter how hard I tried to push it down, Yoo Yi-seo, who was as hard as a stone wall, was strong. Whining like general, he said something mysterious.


“Don’t get sick. If you’re going to insist that you’re not sick, don’t faint. It’s not good enough.”




“That’s all for my business. I’ll let you go now.”


After finishing what he had to say, Yoo Yi-seo turned gracefully and went back to work.


“What? It wasn’t a good line to say in flowery pants.”


Funny how I didn’t think of pinching it the whole time I was talking to Yoo Yi-seo. I couldn’t move because I felt like I would be get eaten if I lost my concentration while talking to him, whether it was the effect of the extreme dominant alpha.


I felt upset because I felt like a mouse in front of a cat.


‘No, but what does it have to do with him whether I am sick or not?’


Why are you blaming me? He’s a bad-tempered person, so he takes out his anger on me. I wish it was turned off first. I was the most reluctant because he looked like a snake.


⚝ ⚝ ⚝


Seong Chan-young, who was locked up to rest, crawled out. It wasn’t surprising. As expected, Ju Tae-kang set up Yoo Yi-seo as a guard, but it was useless.


‘I think I completely forgot about going to the emergency room yesterday.’


Baek Do-jun smiled bitterly at Chan-young, who excitedly filled the blue watering can with water. It was clear that he had heard it in one ear and let it out in the other when he was warned with annoyance that was not annoyance.


Chan-young also found Do-jun, but he ignored him and din’t stop walking to the garden. Rather, Chan-young walked steadily as if to show off his dog, general.


Baek Do-jun was busy making an orchard as Chan-young wished. He was building a fence, asking the employees to spray the prepared soil improvement agent, and turning the land upside down.


Originally, it was necessary to plow the ground using tractors, but it was well known that Chan-young did not give them tractors to kick out unpleasant diners.


‘It’s better that way.’


Digging the ground with a shovel and scratching with a steel shovel was good to focus on the present reality. Since he was immersed in simple labor, he had the advantage of at least being able to stop looking back on the moment when Chan-young collapsed.


Chae Yoon-chan implicitly asked Baek Do-jun, who was sweating and digging the ground without saying a word.


“Baek Do-jun, Seong Chan-young is going around again. Is it okay to leave him alone?”


“Why are you asking me that? Go talk to Seong Chan-young in person.”


If Seo Eun-soo was ashamed of his situation where he couldn’t do anything, Baek Do-jun suffered from not being able to catch Chan-young’s change even though he had the power to change the situation and being rejected by Chan-young as a thorough outsider.


“Was Seo Eun-soo right?”


He hated the man named Seong Chan-young. He wished to disappear. He was disillusioned with the way he treated him insignificant and couldn’t let him go.


However, it was hard for him to take his eyes off Chan-young. He pretended to be strong, but his inner weakness, that he had hidden when he collapsed, was seen intact. When he begged to live unconsciously, something burst in Baek Do-joon’s mind.


‘I don’t know how to deal with it right now.’


Baek Do-jun then knew what the name of the scattered emotions was. It was a love-hate accumulated during his acquaintance with Seong Chan-young. He thought only hatred was left, but when Chan-young collapsed, he realized that affection was also in it, even though it was weak.


“I know it keeps bothering me, but I pretend it’s not.”


“Think as you please.”


Baek Do-jun thought that Chae Yoon-chan, who was groaning next to him, would not be much different. Otherwise, you won’t be able to work with your eyes constantly on Chan-young.

  • 1. 청 is used directly without fermenting and maturing fruit or vegetables without filtering them in sugar or honey.
  • 2. Usually, when someone gets angry and loses his temper, they say “길길이 날뛰었다”
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