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“How bothersome.”


After a fierce fight with Seong Chan-young, Yoo Yi-seo entered his own room and murmured. The words that he uttered with grudges smeared with anxiety were different from his usual self.


“Is it because it’s beta? Getting alpha pheromones from nowhere.”


So defenseless.


Yoo Yi-seo recalled Seong Chan-young, who made spoon bombs on kimchi fried-rice like a chipmunk. He was angry with the alphas, including Yoo Yi-seo, claiming that he was a man who could handle it alone, while casually focusing on eating.


“If Seong Chan-young had finally presented himself as an omega, he would have been scared and hung on to us for help by now. What a shame.”


It was a horribly aggressive alpha pheromone. Despite the fact that only traces were left, the alpha’s blatant hostility was conveyed.


Chan-young was a beta, so the pheromones seemed to light. If he had been an omega in character, whether recessive or dominant, he would have been blacked out or tied to pheromones as soon as he was hit from the front.


‘The existence of Seo Eun-soo, who has mutated into alpha, is useful at times like this.’


He wanted to give Seo Eun-soo a round of applause for bringing Chan-young out of the situation. If it weren’t for him, Chan-young wouldn’t know what he would have experienced.


‘At least he couldn’t smile at the kimchi fried rice prepared for dinner.’


Yoo Yi-seo touched his delicate and elongated fingers, and the corners of his mouth rose. It was the hand that grabbed Chan-young’s chin. It felt strange that the warmth and texture of soft and warm flesh still remained.


“I really didn’t want to touch him, but it wasn’t too bad unexpectedly.”


Before the change, Seong Chan-young would be ansty to contact Yoo Yi-seo and other alphas. Even if they turned away from Seong Chan-yeong and courted Seo Eun-soo, he did not give up.


– Give me a chance, too. I’ll be better than Seo Eun-soo.


What Seong Chan-young wanted from them was the same treatment they were giving to Seo Eun-soo. No, it was more than that. Beyond kind words and a gentle attitude, he wanted sweet skinship as if they were treating their lover.


At that time, he ignored him, saying he wanted so many things for a beta. He looked down on him too.


Baek Do-jun, Chae Yoon-chan, and Joo Tae-kang also hated his trembling sight, but Yoo Yi-seo showed an attitude close to hatred, overlapping someone else with Seong Chan-young.


‘He was so much like her that I was disillusioned.’


A woman who has been reduced to an old woman in the back room of the main house where Yoo Yi-seo took control. His stepmother, who only thought of controlling him. His father’s legal wife.


The woman, who missed the affection of his lost biological father and hated Yoo Yi-seo to death, was as weak as his father. She acted like a gentle sheep, hiding her true wicked self, and carved affection with the intention to eat Yoo Yi-seo.


She looked so much like Seong Chan-young that Yoo Yi-seo didn’t want to touch him, not even a single feather. The mere sight of those greedy eyes hungry for affection made him repulsed.


“But why wasn’t it bad?”


He was really curious about that. It was an unsolved mystery. Instead of a familiar contempt, something else filled his heart as he tried to recall his expression with his rebellious fingers that had repeatedly touched Chan-young’s skin.


For example, Seong Chan-young, who told him to go away because he didn’t need his help, held his feet with tears in his eyes and begged…….




He felt a tight pull somewhere in his body. Yoo Yi-seo smiled as if he was dumbfounded by his own body’s reaction.


“Has my preference been like this?”


Uisser was not embarrassed. It was rather interesting. Unlike the good-looking title of extreme dominant alpha, he was insensitive to sexual desire.


Yoo Yi-seo has not seen people as people ever since his biological mother died after suffering pitifully. The cold-blooded father saw his child only as a tool to succeed him. The legal wife, his stepmother, was unable to tear Yoo Yi-seo to death, so she was extemely toxic. His half-brother, who was the biggest obstacle to his career, died of illness, but he was also an irritating human being.


Yo Yi-seo did not love people. He couldn’t love them. Even for the same human being, the harsh environment in which Yoo Yi-seo had grown up made him regard love as a feeling that was going to stab him in the back and should be buried in the mountains. 


‘I’ve never been dissatisfied or sorry about it, but…….’


He thought it would be a shame if he couldn’t bring out the image he just imagined in his life to the changed Sung Chan-young.


“It’s still disgraceful to have a rut on Beta, not Omega.”


He said that, but there was no indication of discomfort from his body. Even when he saw the numerous attractive beauties that his stepmother sent to kill Yoo Yi-seo or Seo Eun-soo, a dominant omega, his body remained sexually inert. Far from his pride being damaged, he was going crazy with interest.


“I wanted to see your crying face, but it’s impossible right now.”


Yoo Yi-seo chuckled, thinking of Chan-young, who was inhaling kimchi fried rice hard beyond the closed door. The current Chan-young was very courageous. There was no gap in the heart.


‘Except for that time when he collasped.’


Tears streaming constantly through the closed eyes. A voice that was begging someone who he didn’t even know to live. He couldn’t forget his breath, which was dangerously wavering like a candle that was about to go out.


“It would be nice if it was only visible in front of me.”


A perverse desire gave him no conscience. Yoo Yi-seo was a worn-out human being to feel such a normal feeling.


‘It’ll be easy to dig in if I know what’s against me.’


It was a pity that he didn’t know anything about Seong Chan-young in detail. It was also expected that it would be difficult to get over the same sugar he wanted before.


“Well, I’ll have to look forward to seeing how that buggy alpha will turn out.”


Yoo Yi-seo lay down on the bed and looked out the window. Eyes moved along the road where Chan-young took his dog for a walk.


‘He’ll never be satisfied with this, that desired alpha.’


It was a pheromone without sexual intention, but it was more dangerous than that in that it aimed for Seong Chan-young. The pheromone, which had been stagnant as if it had melted and concentrated on the other person, was signaling that the alpha would have an accident in the not-too-distant future.


‘I don’t know what kind of grudge it is, but it’s a benefit to me.’


Even in beta, weak communion was not much different from omega. It was like that for Yoo Yi-seo.


Even though Seong Chan-young had a strong background like Seong Eun Group, this was a rural area with a small population. If there was an immediate danger, they would have no choice but to find an alpha.


“Let’s wait and see until then.”


Although Yoo Yi-seo was not a sweet dog to the extent that he obediently listened to someone, it seemed not a bad entertainment to act like a good dog until Chan-young showed a tempting sight.


The first sexual desire was volatilized using pleasant imagination as a side dish.


⚝ ⚝ ⚝


‘That alpha bastard named Moon Kyung-sik, what the hell is wrong with him?’


Just before I fell into my thoughts, the call connected, and I heard the familiar voice of Secretary Choi.


“It’s me, Secretary Choi.”


[Long time no see, young master! How have you been?]


I received Moon Kyung-sik’s malicious pheromone shower (although I was right to read “bombing” or “attack”) and immediately contacted Secretary Choi.


“I tried to get along well, but it didn’t work out, so I called Secretary Choi.”


[What can I do for you?]


Of course, the reason was to ask Secretary Choi to dig into Moon Kyung-sik on what kind of grudge he approached me with.


“Please find out the information about Moon Kyung-sik as soon as possible. The sooner the better.”


I think I’ll feel better if I get rid of him as soon as possible.


[All right, young master. Just leave it to me. I will even rob the number of underwear in the house where the alpha lives.]


Why are you robbing the number of underwear……. Is this a line from the experience of supporting Seong Chan-young as a stalker?


“No. That’s enough, so if you had a point of contact with him, I’d like you to focus on that point and investigate it.”


[Um……. I hope it’s not a love affair. If they’re sane, they won’t do that even if they’re afraid of the chairman.]


“I wish it wasn’t the case either.”


Since Seong Chan-young was so notorious in the past, I couldn’t help but have a hunch about the issue of politics.


‘Maybe he’s someone who wants to meet again after breaking up…… I don’t think so.’


If he had approached it in that sense, he would have released pheromones when I was alone the moment I first met him, forcing me to get stimulated.


However, Moon Kyung-sik did not do that, but only showed his intention to scare me by giving a mandatory meeting notice.


‘If he had a grudge against me, that is, Seong Chan-young, it would have been better to deal with it secretly.’


What’s the real purpose? I was more anxious because I couldn’t catch it.


[All right. We will contact you again as soon as the investigation is completed.]


“Yes, please.”


I was about to hang up.


“Eh, eh, eh!”


[……Young master?]


“It’s okay, it’s going to be a sneeze…… Achoo!”


It wasn’t a sneeze.


‘I have chills on my body.’


[Young Master……. Are you sick?]


“No way, achoo!”


It could have been.


It was a cold.

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Secretary Choi sounded so determined though. xD

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