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I admitted that I had a bad cold only when I was breathing so fast that it was difficult to finish my words properly. I was so out of my mind that I didn’t even know what I was saying.


‘It was strangely quiet, though.’


My body temperature rose during my phone call with Secretary Choi. I was delighted to experience chills that made me feel like crying.


It made no sense to shake off Moon Kyung-sik’s pheromones just because I woke up after a few hours with the trait of recessive omega. I thought it went well, but it didn’t seem like it.


‘What kind of lightning strike is this when my farming in earnest isn’t enough?’


On one hand, Seong Chan-young’s body has never been sick and has been consistently strong, so I was careless. The sudden cold quickly dominated my body and made me in a state where I had to rest well.


I coughed several times and even felt chills during the phone call with Secretary Choi, but at that time, I denied it.


[I think you’d better go to the hospital.]


“Oh, no! I’m fine…… Achoo!”


Unfortunately, my nose made a whimper. It was not good to have a hot forehead.


“I, I’m totally fine!”


[……Your nose is stuffy, young master. I think you have a cold, so you’d better go to the hospital.]


Oof. Secretary Choi firmly said to go to the hospital when he caught the situation that I was sick without a step back.


‘I don’t like hospitals.’


This small cold could have been cured without going to the hospital. If it was my real body, I would have gone to the hospital without complaining……. 


Maybe because Seong Chan-young grew up eating only good things, he was strong. I was convinced that it was really okay.


[If you’re sick, you should go to the hospital. Tell your employee, Mr. Kim, to take you to the hospital. It won’t be for long.]


“I have cold medicine at home. I can just take it.”


[What if it hurts more? The chairman will be worried, too.]


“I know.”


[Why don’t you go to the hospital?]


I couldn’t answer the question truthfully.


‘I can’t tell him that the effects of the last nightmare made it harder to go to the hospital.’


After the day I was caught by Seong Chan-young, I became more reluctant to go to the hospital. It was because every time I thought of the hospital, I was distressed, remembering being lethargic and barely breathing through the respiratory system.


‘If I say this, I’m sure the worried secretary Choi will contact Chairman Seong.’


It was very likely. Secretary Choi is obeying me now, but he was a human being who would run to Chairman Seong and ask him to protect me if he decided that I was in danger.


It’s not a betrayal, it’s more like an attempt to save me, so I couldn’t say anything.


“I don’t think the hospital and I have similar tastes.”


[What nonsense is that? Is it a word or is it makgeolli? [1] ]


“Just move on. There may be circumstances that I don’t want to reveal, too.”


When I hid my fear of hospitals, Secretary Choi made a very suspicious sound.


[Young master, are you sick? Are you trying to hide it…….]


“I’m definitely not, so please clear up that misunderstanding.”


The repertoire of whether he returned to farming because he was a terminally ill patient was enough to be suffered by Chairman Seong and the gongs. I didn’t want to talk more. That misunderstanding made me so tired.


[There’s nothing I can do. I’m suspicious, but for now, I understand. By the way, for a healthy young master to catch a cold, did you get soaked on a rainy day?]


“……It’s not like that. I guess I got a little sick because I was adapting to the new environment.”


I couldn’t tell Secretary Choi that it seemed like this because Moon Kyung-sik made a pheromone attack.


‘This is the summoning of my parents’ house as soon as it gets into Chairman Seong’s ears.’


If I became sick and laid down one more time, I would no longer be able to avoid the hospital and Chairman Sung’s worried eyes.


It’s not just that I don’t like the hospital; I didn’t want to go because I was afraid of what kind of fuss I would make if I went there.


In addition, it was also a refusal to cause such a misunderstanding that every move tomorrow would be reported in detail to Chairman Seong.


‘I can’t be dragged home from here.’


I promised Chairman Seong, but I never intended to go up to my parent’s house. I was extremely reluctant to return to the stormy world where Seong Chan-young’s strong alpha sisters were fighting for succession rights.


[Hmmm, that could be the case. Among the cases of returning to farming with their parents, there are some who returned because they could not adapt to the area they moved to.]


“Yes. That’s what it is. Cough.”


I’m going crazy. It hurts even more now. The tingling of the throat and more fever in the body were signaling the start of a severe cold.


[We will thoroughly investigate Mr. Moon Kyung-sik, so please rest quickly. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you this sick.]


Certainly, there was no description that Seong Chan-young was sick, even though there was a story that he was crazy because he had a lovesick…….


Somehow, I felt like I lost. Seong Chan-young wasn’t sick at all. I can’t believe I was the one who’s sick.


“Okay, then I beg you.”




The call was cut off. I sniffed and went out to find the medicine that would be in the living room drawer.


“Found you.”


The cold medicine was easy to find. I quickly swallowed it with water, and took inhibitors in advance in case something happened.


‘What’s wrong with his pheromone to be this annoying?’


Wasn’t the terrible experience of getting wet afterwards enough? I was angry that I caught a cold because of the aftereffects.


In the original work, Seo Eun-soo once received a pheromone shower like this. Not by the gongs, but by the gangster-like alpha hired by Seong Chan-young.


If anyone else had been beaten as he was, they would have been a completely choked sweet potato section, but Seo Eun-soo overcame it alone.


‘What did Seo Eun-soo say then.’


「I can’t be defeated by guys like you.」


Perhaps it was the difference in dominance of traits that Seo Eun-soo, a dominant omega, was able to escape by shaking off the pheromones of a recessive alpha who had been given a fortune.


However, as the aftereffects soon came, the affection index increased as efforts were put in to take care of Seo Eun-soo, who was severely ill.


‘In fact, it was a stock listing period that included love scenes with balls and increased favorability evenly.’


Now that Seo Eun-soo has awakened as an alpha, it’s a situation I can’t even fathom.


‘Ah, I feel dizzy.’


My head was spinning. I had to go back to my room like a zombie because of the fever all over my body.


‘When it’s dawn, the general has to go out for a walk…….’


This was impossible. I knew best that the cold medicine did not make me in a good condition, no matter how effective it was.


‘Let’s sleep and hope it gets better when I wake up.’


The soaring heat was telling me to wake up, but I stumbled into the room with the thought that Seong Chan-young’s body was strong. It was fortunate that everyone was in their room because it was in the middle of the night.


When any of them saw this, they would have said, “You have to go to the emergency room again.” I had to stop that from happening.




“Sorry in advance, General. If I don’t wake up tomorrow morning, I’ll ask someone else for a walk.”


Even though I was shivering with chills, I took General in my arms. My pretty puppy just tilted his head and licked my palm. He licked my palms to see if I had a fever, and then whined when it was the case.


“Whines, whines.”


“Dad won’t die……. I’ll get well soon. Look, I’ve taken my meds, so I’ll be fine.”


General calmed down when I showed the leftover pill residue from the cold medicine. Instead of worrying, he crawled back next to me and prepared to sleep with me.




“Yes, yes, let’s sleep. You must have had a hard time with that crazy man…….”


Hugging my warm general, I fell asleep in an instant. The temperature of the young puppy was warmer than the soaring heat, so I wanted to hold him tight.


⚝ ⚝ ⚝


It was the next morning. Following Chan-young’s claim that the early worker gets a good harvest, the alphas got up like lightning and arranged their beddings.


“But Seong Chan-young hasn’t woken up?”


Joo Tae-kang looked around and found Chan-young. Baek Do-jun and Chae Yoon-chan thought Chan-young got up as usual and went to take General for a walk.


“It’s past seven. You’ll see him when he comes back from a walk.”


“Is that so…….”


Joo Tae-kang entered the kitchen in disappointment. It was to go back to work after breakfast.


‘I’m not even a real servant; what am I doing?’


Joo Tae-kang, who was grumbling, wanted to see Chan-young, who treated them like servants, with this excuse. He wanted to break the beta’s claim that they didn’t need it the day before and prove it.


As soon as he was about to eat, he felt something pulling the trouser leg from below.


“Whines, whines.”


“Oh, what is it? Isn’t this Seong Chan-young’s dog?”


“Why are you still at home?”


“Don’t tell me……?”


At General’s call, the alphas threw away the rice they were eating and tried to invade Chanyoung’s room.


They were worried that he might be collasping again.


“Hey, Seong Chan-young! Are you okay?”


“I’m alright…… Stop making noise and go.”


But somehow, Chan-young answered from across the door, even though he sounded as if dying.


  • 1. 말이에요, 막걸리예요 is kind of like a pun because 말이(Mal-i) and 막걸리(Makgeolli) sounds similar.
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