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“Are you all right, Seong Chan-young?”


“Seong Chan-young, are you okay?”


“Did he faint again?”


“How and where are you hurt? Let’s go to the hospital first.”


Starting with Joo Tae-kang, who noticed that I was sick, Chae Yoon-chan, Yoo Yi-seo, and Baek Do-jun rushed to my room.


“Woof, woof, woof.”


At the forefront, General took the lead like a prince on a white horse and jumped next to me who was lying on the bed.


“Without even knocking….Cough, what’s all this about? Didn’t I tell you to stop making noises…….”


Despite my best efforts to let the situation go with good manners, Joo Tae-gang entered the room, sat down on a chair, and wore a determined expression as he did so. He didn’t seem to have any intention of going out.


“It could have been a situation where you lost consciousness like last time, so understand it.”


“What are you saying?”


‘They are not listening to me at all.’


Cough. Cough. 


I couldn’t stop coughing. The same was true of my runny nose. The fever continued on, so I took a fever reducer that was taken out of the medicine box in advance, but it did not work immediately.


In case a strange misunderstanding occurred again, I said in a coughy voice first,


“I’ve said it over and over again, but I’m fine. This is…… It’s just a simple cold, so you don’t have to make a fuss and gather in my room.”


I couldn’t tell them that the pheromone that Moon Kyung-sik poured on me seemed to be the cause.


‘Simple fainting is an understandable category, but it is too easy to be suspected if beta, not omega, suffers from the aftereffects of pheromone attacks as a cold.’


If my trait were found, it would be more than twice as annoying as it is now, so I had to close my mouth tightly. I was in a daze, thanks to the fever, but I didn’t want to be caught.


Yoo Yi-seo clapped his hands together at the words I barely muttered.


“Are you telling us to leave? Because that’s what it sounded like to me.”


“That’s correct, Yoo Yi-seo ssi. So get out of here. I think I’m getting more feverish looking at you.”


“I don’t want to.”


“I didn’t think you’d listen, but you’re really annoying.”


“Thank you for the compliment.”


“It’s not a compliment.”


“I know that, too.”


Yoo Yi-seo also brought another chair and settled down next to me as if he would not go out like Joo Tae-kang. The same goes for Chae Yoon-chan and Baek Do-jun, so they sat on the floor and looked at me.


My room was large, but it felt narrow as four big alphas surrounded me like a siege.


That was really annoying. You are not even a sundew, why are you so interested in me?


‘Oh, my life…….’


I was sick and didn’t have the energy to move even an inch. I didn’t want to think about anything because my body became heavier like cotton soaked in water.

‘This is why I hate being sick.’


A person becomes lethargic when sick. The range of actions that can be done has been reduced and constrained. It was like that even now. Even if I wanted to kick the gongs out with a broom, I couldn’t because I had no strength. It was a grudge against Heaven.


“It’s tiring, so please get out. I’m even more tired because you guys are staring at me like a spectacle. Get out, please.”


Since it hurts, the latch of my mouth that had been carefully locked has also been released. The four pairs of eyes who were looking at me did not avert away, even though I urged them to leave with a hint of dislike.


“I’ll do that as soon as you get well.”


Baek Do-jun demanded too much. While maintaining a poker face. That was the same as saying he wouldn’t get out.


“Damn it, do whatever you want. If you want to catch a cold as a group, come along.”


I covered my head with a thick, fluffy blanket. It was hard to see those faces. It was already hard to bear that I was sick. The desire to disappear from the world has gradually risen.


Alphas are very genetically engineered human beings, so they won’t easily get this cold virus. In the end, I shouted surrender, so my mouth felt bitter.


‘I’m going to sleep. I’ll be alright after my nap.’


The effects of cold medicine and fever reducers should appear while sleeping, but I was worried. It wasn’t something to worry about, but I sniffed and hugged the body pillow and wished for it to get better soon.


“You will get suffocated like that.”


I needed a space that was completely separated from the gongs, but Joo Tae-kang removed the blanket I had on my shoulder. I wanted to resist, but I couldn’t put strength in my forearm.


“Who cares…….”


“Because you’re sick, you look like Seong Chan-young from before.”


This punk? I nearly cursed him, forgetting that I was sick.


“Shut up and get lost.”


“Yes. It’s better to be angry. It’s a relief that it’s not as bad as last time.”




His worried attitude left me speechless. Isn’t this something you do to someone you love? Although my body was powerless, I bristled with nerves when a big hand approached me.


The hand that settled over the forehead was cool. Maybe it was because I have a high fever.


“Your forehead is heating up. Did you take medicine?”


It wasn’t Joo Tae-kang, but Chae Yoon-chan. I didn’t even get angry, watching Chae Yoon-chan not knowing what to do, like a restless dog. His blond hair and blue eyes, shining brightly in the warm sunlight filling the room, caught the eye.


‘What a sweet tone.’


Chae Yoon-chan, who had always hold his ground, was very impatient and took turns measuring the temperature on my forehead and his own. There was a thermometer in the drawer of the living room where the medicine box was that he could measure with, but the hand that approached me wasn’t so bad.


‘It’s probably because you’re sick.’


I was weak when I was sick. The tenderness of my heart rejoicing at the slightest kindness bothered me.


I shouldn’t thank them for everything they do. The gongs were still mine-like humans to avoid for me.


“I took it. I took cold medicine and a fever reducer, so I’ll get better.”


“May I bring you a wet towel?”


“……It doesn’t really work. Leaving me alone is the fastest way to get better for me.”


I wanted to contact my employee. It’s hard to see today’s farming and housework with a heavy, groaning body, so I have to ask them to take care of it on their own.


“I can’t do that because I think you’ll be suffering alone if I leave you alone.”


Being alone is lonely.


Chae Yoon-chan suddenly hit the nail on the head. I felt uncomfortable with his worried gaze because he had such a strong intention.


“It’s comfortable to be alone.”


“No. It hurts more when you’re alone. I know because I experienced it when my grandmother was sick. You have to have someone next to you so that you can feel relieved not only for those who are sick but also for those who are next to you.”


He swept away my sweaty hair and held my hand tightly at the same time, but I couldn’t scold him for what he said.


‘You should’ve shown me this kindness.’


I don’t want to look at the gongs personally. I’m in trouble.


“Don’t be sick, Seong Chan-young.”


“I don’t want to be sick either.”


After that, I shook off Chae Yoon-chan’s hand and buried myself under the blanket to sleep because I didn’t want to say anything anymore. I was anxious because my hot breath seemed to prove that the fever was not going down easily.


It shouldn’t hurt more here. I don’t want to get sick again. Even if I change my body, this beggar’s sense doesn’t change. It’s the same.


Negative emotions caused an internal tsunami, even though I only caught a cold. I wanted to rest.


“I know you’d rather die. Still, eat some food to cheer up.”


Joo Tae-kang added to Baek Do-jun’s words. Chae Yoon-chan and Yoo Yi-seo also helped.


“There were some fresh abalones in the refrigerator. You’d better put it in.”


“Add chopped carrots and green onions.”


“I’ll trust you, Baek Do-jun.”


Baek Do-joon was in charge of cooking, so he seemed to leave the instructions alone. That was kind of funny.


‘Are they trying to nurse me?’


It was a situation I really wanted to deny, but the four alpha men who took over my room freely were discussing this and that.


“Why don’t you take turns watching Seong Chan-young? If the fever gets higher, I can take him straight to the hospital.”


“We should contact the employees separately. That’s the situation, so it’s okay to replace it.”


Yeah, do whatever you want. These guys…….


I was sleepy. I was tired. I didn’t want to think any more.


It’s just that when I woke up, I wanted to be fine again so that I wouldn’t get that uncomfortable nursing care.


⚝ ⚝ ⚝


The heavy and hard body brought consciousness down to the depths. Is it because I’m sick that I also had a dream of the past when I was in the hospital?


“It’s terrible that it hurts even in my dreams.”


The needle and IV connected to my hand were uncomfortable. I wanted to grab it and rip it off. Just like when I was taken to the hospital for a seafood allergy in the early days of transmigrating into Seong Chan-young.


Maybe the dream reflected the memory well. My parents seemed to be busy talking to the doctor in charge. Among my siblings, only my sister, who used to make BL evangelism a joy of life, was by my side.


I was lying down without a word, and my sister, who was watching me, talked to me.


“My pitiful brother.”


I’m not pitiful. I wanted to shoot back like that. Before I transmigrated, I was cured off my illness and free. This was just a dream, so it was different from reality, but it still made me angry.


My sister petted my hair. It was a cold touch. But it was so warm that I got more emotional.


“Do you want to live?”


Did my sister ask me this question? It was a very dry question.


My answer to that is, of course…….

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  2. Yeah, we finally get to see Chapter 72 ☺️ poor SCY, being sick already stinks and for his particular trauma, it’s terrible. However, nothing feels worse than to be stressed out and arguing when you’re sick, absolute garbage 😤

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