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Seo Eun-soo, as well as the other gongs, went beyond the extreme devotion of the employed aunts and uncles, and my fever fell safely under somewhat unusual nursing.


“It’s normal body temperature. Now I can feel safe.”


“Then now…….”


“That means you can go outside.”




The cold was stronger than I thought, so I stayed on the bed for three days. Seo Eun-soo took General for a walk instead of me, and general who had been there rubbed his cheek against me and barked.


The gongs accepted what they wanted me to not see, so during my sick period, they ordered Seo Eun-soo to bring me porridge or soup. While admiring Baek Do-jun’s cooking skills, I gradually ate it all without any resistance. The coughing was almost gone, and my throat was no longer sore.


“Long time no see, sprouts! How have you been!”


I was so excited and immediately changed into a farming work suit and ran toward the vegetable garden with my boots on. I didn’t see lettuce or perilla leaves drying up and dying because someone kept watering them. It was nice to see everyone green.


However, there are signs that bugs are slowly popping out. The lettuce was fine because the bugs didn’t like it, but the perilla leaves were very close.


“Should I lightly spray pesticides…….”


The greenhouses and soybean fields where strawberries were planted were still in their early stages, so I didn’t have to worry about bugs. I just wanted them to grow up adapting well to the soil I planted.


‘If it’s for fresh vegetables, you have to exterminate bugs.’


The bug itself was not scary, so the plan to find pesticides in the warehouse slowly accumulated in my head. Quality control was important because the purpose of cultivating a vegetable garden was to wrap lettuce and perilla leaves made at a barbecue party in meat.


“Have a good time growing, red leaf lettuces and green leaf lettuces!”


Bugs were also bugs, but it was also a problem to pay attention to prevent elk and wild boars from invading my precious garden.


I saw signs of the gongs struggling to plant fruit trees while I was out of work. I also heard that they were preparing to build an orchard and a fence under the direction of Uncle Kim.


“That fence, it would be good to install that in every field.”

If I could, I wanted to put a wire around the field. I didn’t want my precious harvest stolen. I knew that wild animals were coming down and attacking the fields because they couldn’t stand hunger, but I had a duty to protect my farmland.


I better pull out the iron horn while it was hot. While I’m up, I decided to set up a fence.


“Come on. Baek Do-jun, Chae Yoon-chan, Joo Tae-kang, Yoo Yi-seo! Hurry up and come out!”


The alphas sprang out at my call. I heard from the ajummas that the alphas earnestly peeled off the garlic, green onions, onions, and ginger that I ordered during my break, so I wouldn’t worry about running out for a while.


‘Even if I don’t like them, they’re great work…… No, they’re servants.’


I was so proud to hear that they finished not only peeling but also chopping finely. There was even a rumor that the aunties in charge of the kitchen loved it.


It was refreshing to imagine that the alphas would have sat huddled together and focused on what they were told to do with tears in the spiciness. I felt a little bit sorry. This was all because of Baek Do-jun’s delicious three-piece set of porridge. Including the mushroom soup.


“What are you going to do this time?”


Joo Tae-kang warmed up his voice and asked me a question. I pointed to the apple, grape, and peach fruit trees that were still there.


“I need to build a fence to plant that. We have all the ingredients, so I ask for your cooperation.”


“Why are you speaking politely all of a sudden, Seong Chan-young. It doesn’t look good on you. Do the usual way. Take it easy.”


What? It was a different reaction than I expected. I turned it to speak nicely in gratitude, but rather, the gongs seemed uncomfortable. I was embarrassed to see the expression on the face of chewing garlic and Cheongyang chili pepper together.


“That’s right. It’s even scarier when you’re kind. You’re the one who said you’d make us do whatever you want on the condition that we stay. Don’t read the room and order us. Otherwise, there is no excuse for us to remain.”


Hmm. I see. I was going to be slightly moved because I felt like I was really looking at my personality, not Sung Chan-young. Well, it didn’t make sense that they had human affection.


“Then I’ll feel free to do it comfortably. Now, follow me with this iron pipe and wire mesh. We are going to install a fence to protect the fields and the orchards.”


In order to install the fence, an iron pipe to serve as a pillar, a wire mesh, and a hammer drill to drive the pillar into the ground were needed. With the sincere and delicate arrangement of Secretary Choi, everything was in the warehouse, so I asked the alphas to bring them and went straight to the place where the fence would be planted.


“Put the pillar up, and use a hammer drill to drive about 70 centimeters into the ground.”


After calculating the length of the first pillar and the end pillar, the middle pillar was inserted at regular intervals. About three meters each. In the same way, it was a way to put every corner of the fence.


A skilled fence expert, Uncle Kim, was also accompanied to demonstrate.


“After driving the pillar, you can tie the wire mesh to the first pillar and slowly spread it out and put a break on the pillar you put in. When the first wire mesh is over, you can put the next wire together and surround it in the same way. When you wrap all the wire mesh, adjust the height of the wire mesh, and tighten the overlapping wire mesh with a pincer. It’s over if you even put a pipe cap on it.”


“I’m not sure if I just heard the explanation…….”


Chae Yoon-chan chirped as though he were overwhelmed of Mr. Kim, who had finished explaining without a break. The pincers left in their hands for smooth and quick work seemed very awkward. Especially Chae Yoon-chan’s hand that was holding a pincher.


‘Well, whether he looks like it or has lived, he’s completely a rich boy, so he’s probably not used to it.’


Looking at the appearance alone, everyone was well equipped with agricultural work clothes as I ordered, but they were also new farmers like me. Their blinking eyes were like goldfish in a fishbowl.


“You’ll be able to do it in a minute. There’s no problem, as long as you get the hang of it. Let’s keep safe and build a fence.”


Uncle Kim was more specialized in this than me, so I left the fence to the man and waved away. Chae Yoon-chan looked tearful, but he didn’t look like he was about to run away, perhaps because he said it was okay to order anything.


‘Contrary to the desire to run away quickly, they’re getting used to it…… It’s a big deal.’


The gongs were persistent, like dandelions coming out of the asphalt. At first, I could see them stuttering because they were inexperienced, but now I was worried if I could let them go before I died of old age.


‘I don’t know. We still have a lot of work to do, so let’s not worry in advance.’


There was no basis, but there was no harm in hoping that everything would be fine.


“Let’s see. Did the rice seed germinate well?”


There were traces of changing water in the basin. It seemed that someone saw this and took care of it on their own. I laughed because I felt like I was living in a noisy city.


“It’s grown up.”


A few days later, I could see green shoots sprouting. I thought I could use it as a rice seedling if I raised it a little more. There was a cultivator and tractor in the garage, so I thought I could do the work of upturning and flattening the soil of the rice paddies in a few days.


‘When the rice seedlings are ready, I have to put them in a rice transplant. Oh, of course, I should let the gongs stick to the traditional farming method.’


Being thankful is being thankful, and not being able to let go is not being able to appreciate them. I was so happy to imagine the alphas bending down and dying of pain throughout the planting of rice seedlings that it was a way to send them to their sweet home.


‘Good job. Go Yeo-woon. [1] Being spiteful is the only way to go.’


After finishing the fence work, I was excited to tell the alphas to plant fruit trees. I was becoming a really vile farmer.


‘I’m ordering people with passion pay without a fair price for labor…….’


Well, it wasn’t a fraudulent contract because they accepted it. I decided to be more brazen.


“In that sense, I need to be stronger against Seo Eun-soo.”


That was a little difficult. It was because Seo Eun-soo followed me like general, claiming that something might happen again.

  • 1. Ooh a name drop for the second time.
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