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‘I just came out to eat salted mackerel…….’


I didn’t expect to meet that psycho on the way out to buy delicious mackerel for a change. I didn’t even expect to run into the crazy person right on the day I’m going to the market.


‘Dude, are you stalking me?’


Or at least make someone stalk instead.


Otherwise, Moon Kyung-sik’s face would pop out like a ghost as soon as I tried to carry mackerel into the car.


It was fortunate that the gongs complained so much that they wanted to follow me, so I was forced to bring them as porters. I don’t know what kind of attack I would have had if I were alone.


I wanted to avoid it because he was a very annoying person, but this time I wasn’t the target.


“If you go to my house, I can treat you to a delicious meal. I’ll prepare it for you with all my heart. Come with me, will you?”


A muscular, handsome alpha with tanned skin and well-baked bread like abs, was behaving gently to the gongs as if he were fawning over them. I was treated like air in front of him.


‘Well, while it’s really nice that I’m not the target…….’


The feeling of being ignored was unpleasant. It seemed like whatever I said about his rational tastes was a lie. It was a relief.


‘Are alphas his preference?’


But why did he do that to me then? Uh? I’m getting angry thinking about it again.


Still, it was best to avoid crazy people, so I tried to sneak into the car, but Yoo Yi-seo grabbed me by the back of the car and pulled me toward him.


“What are you doing?”


“We should be together.”


“Why me?”


“That side is working on us beyond all reason. So the farmer who collected us should take responsibility.”


Since when have I been your guardian? The responsibility for freezing to death is a piece of cake. I don’t think that’s ever happened. When did I have to take care of your loyalty?


He was the one who willingly came. Where was the ruthless man who came to me on a whim and has been sticking around all this time?


Even if you put a lion in a rabbit hole, it’s still a lion [1] . Let go. Talk well with the person who is looking at you enthusiastically.”


“Is that Moon Kyung-sik?”


The sly voice suddenly became cold. It felt even more so because the hand of Yoo Yi-seo, who held onto my neck, was as cold as a snake. I didn’t really like this position that almost pulled me into his arms.


“That’s why you wanted to avoid him as soon as you saw him. Isn’t that right?”


“I think I found out more than that through a background check.”


“No matter what the process is, the results are more important. I don’t know why Moon Kyung-sik is being kind to us……. I don’t feel good.”


Yoo Yi-seo’s straight brows were frowned upon. It was the same with the other gongs.


“I don’t like to go home to people who don’t even know each other.”


“What are you doing when you’really? Get rid of the pheromones and get out of the way.”


Chae Yoon-chan and Joo Tae-kang were hostile to Moon Kyung-sik. It wasn’t just a stranger talking to them and getting on their nerves.




‘The pheromone is too dense.’


It was clearly different from the pheromone of cowardice that Moon Kyung-sik used as an excuse for favor. The dense smell, which was like compressed, sweet honey sprinkled on top, almost numbed my sense of smell. It’s like putting a lot of high-proof alcohol down your throat and setting it on fire.


Even the polite Baek Do-jun, who was in charge of pheromones, crumpled his face harshly and spat out sharp words toward Moon Kyung-sik.


“I don’t know who you are, but it’s quite evil to see these pheromones sent to the same trait. It’s unpleasant, so please go while I’m saying politely.”


The pheromones were directly targeted at the gongs. I felt nauseous even though I only smelled the reverberation next to me. I felt like I was going to choke on the thick concentration, as if I had to take out the medicine immediately.


‘Not here.’


I managed to hold onto my control and endure Moon Kyung-sik’s pheromone. biting the tender flesh and tongue in my mouth. And while swearing at Moon Kyung-sik inside.


If you’re going to play tricks, you better do it when you’re alone, not in front of me! That alpha punk who’s worse than a monkey.


Moon Kyung-sik sniffled at the gong’s brutal refusal. It was even more disgusting to see him squeezing tears with his big body.


“Why, why are you speaking so coldly? I just wanted to treat you to a meal in a good way…….”


“Then at least don’t spread pheromones.”


“What disrespect is this at first sight? Did your parents teach you this way? I don’t think so.”


“Besides the fact that an alpha is attracted to an alpha, I don’t understand why you would spray pheromones on multiple people. Do you think this is the behavior of someone with good will?”


Joo Tae-kang, Chae Yoon-chan, and Baek Do-jun questioned Moon Kyung-sik, who shed tears one by one. There was no need for Yoo Yi-seo to show off his tongue-tied jokes.


‘It’s over.’


Alphas were the ones who said that. It was angry alphas on top of that. Even though they were all alphas, those three were some of the original obsessive gongs. They were of a different class.


“You’re so mean.”


Moon Kyung-sik was in tears. Nevertheless, I felt no sympathy at all. I only thought it was fortunate that I won over the pheromone due to the momentum of those three guys.


“Is it okay to trample on a person’s favor like this? It, I…… It was from a pure heart.”


Hey, you punk. Does a person approaching with a pure heart pose as seducing by emitting pheromones like pucks or sticky strings?


‘What’s going on inside his head.’


If you want to win people’s hearts, you have to approach them in a normal way. However, Moon Kyung-sik acted as if he didn’t even know the most basic manners.


Secretary Choi’s investigation of Moon Kyung-sik’s history was so ordinary that there was no problem. That man in front of me was behaving so suspiciously that I had to wonder if the record was all fake.


“I’m asking you to look at me just once……. Are you saying that’s not even possible?”




“You’re so mean. You’re all so mean.”


Moon Kyung-sik, who was like a sophisticated fox in front of me, became a weak grasshopper in front of the gongs. Moon Kyung-sik continued to complain of injustice by wiping away tears.


“You don’t like me because I’m alpha? Because the pheromone smell is disgusting? Or do you hate it because it’s dense? Tell me why you don’t like it. I’ll fix it…….”




He, who was muttering, raised his eyes like a poisonous snake and pointed his finger at me.


“Is it because of him?”




“I asked if it was because of that person that you were not looking at me once.”


“No, what is that…….”


Even Joo Tae-kang was speechless at the absurdity, but Moon Kyung-sik made a bizarre expression that looked like he was laughing or crying or both, and carefully examined all of our faces one by one.


“Why are you the only ones happy? Why? I’m in so much pain……. Is it that hard to ask me to join? You don’t like me?”


It was like a scene from a horror movie. Moon Kyung-sik’s words seemed to be reciting a curse, which gave me goosebumps. What do you want from me, and the gongs to beg in such a creepy way?


For a very short time, I felt pity for him, but at that moment, my eyes met with Moon Kyung-sik.


“I won’t leave you alone.”


I take back the pity. He’s a total nut job. So evil.


‘Why are you trying to tear it off with just me…….’


What did I do wrong? You’ve never even met Seong Chan-young. If you’re jealous because of the gongs, take them. Take them.


When Joo Tae-kang saw me frozen, he started the car engine by swearing.


“Go somewhere far away and take out your anger. Not going away at all?”


As he drove the car threateningly, Moon Kyung-sik, who was as stubborn as if he had been rooted to the ground, eventually retreated. Joo Tae-kang got in his car and hurriedly left the scene.


“Hey, Seong Chan-young. What on earth have you done to have such a turned alpha bastard chasing you? He started talking gibberish as if he were possessed by a ghost, and then suddenly looked like he was going to kill someone.”


“How would I know? He’s someone I don’t know at all.”


“But what’s wrong with him? Did you burn someone similar to him?”


“I don’t know. That’s the most likely story……. I can’t guess at all.”


Moon Kyung-sik did not take his eyes off us, even as the car was about to start. He continued to stand there, staring at us in the car, with eyes that looked like they were going to eat us.


This was not the end.


With an expressionless face, Moon Kyung-sik conveyed this to me through his mouth. I looked away because I felt like I would be cut by the sharp gaze.


‘I’m scared.’


My heart, which had been swollen when I bought the minced mackerel, sank. The fishy smell in the car made me hate it even more.

  • 1. 사자를 토끼 굴에 넣어도 유분수지 means even if you try to convience it otherwise, there’s still limit in fooling someone.
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  1. Yeah now I am a 100% sure that this Moon Kyung-sik is the real Seong Chan-young an is there to get the attention of the Alphas and hurt the new Seong Chan-young maybe as revenge for taking his body

  2. I don’t know why his first thought isn’t ‘oh, that’s the real one’ it’s so obvious who is inside that alpha’s body that I can only think our MC is dumb. I don’t blame him for not realizing those idiots are in love with him but other than that… he’s dumb.

  3. Heol its the original. He’s so creepyyyy uwahhh. Mom, dad, thank you for raising me with lots of love and not leave me into becoming a psycho.