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“It’s like you before your behavior changed. I’ve seen you act and talk…….”


“Wait, wait a minute.”


“What’s wrong?”


“After listening to you, I have something to organize. I’ll go up first.”


Baek Do-joon’s words said without much thought make me dizzy. Several rocks seemed to have been thrown over the calm ripples.


I headed for my room on the third floor in a hurry. General giggled and acted cute to play, but there was no time to care about it.


‘Why didn’t I think of that?’


A pencil runs across haphazardly a random opened notebook. Based on the information we have learned about Moon Kyung-sik.


Moon Kyung-sik is a mysterious alpha.


Alpha, an ordinary man who has absolutely no contact with communion. 


‘A devoted grandson who came to protect his grandfather suffering from dementia,’ I wrote, adding that he was more engrossed in spewing unprovoked hatred toward me.


‘And it’s a different behavior than before, just as a person suddenly changed.’


Moon Kyung-sik’s information surveyed by Secretary Choi also contained very minor things. What he likes, dislikes, and much less the people he dated.


‘There was no male alpha there. They were all either female omega or female beta.’


Gender identity does not change easily. Moon Kyung-sik would not have turned to the male alpha unless there was a decisive opportunity.


However, Moon Kyung-sik was in a situation where he couldn’t seduce male alpas, and that’s why he couldn’t seduce the gongs of the original work.


At a certain point, I started obsessively researching by myself, and the sense of discomfort felt by people around me.


If I were to draw a conclusion that could not have been reached if I did not transmigrate, there was only one answer.

‘No way…….’


Did the soul of Seong Chan-young transmigrate into Moon Kyung-sik?


I thought that the real Seong Chan-young died in a suicide attempt that was not in the original work, but what if that was not the case, but his soul had been wandering around the nine heavens after losing his body?


So what if he’s trying to get rid of me by transmigrating into Moon Kyung-sik?


Then that explains everything. Why Moon Kyung-sik hated me so much, and why he showed excessive favor to the gongs and tried to stick to them for the first time.


“That’s not true, right?”


Please someone say no.


If this hypothesis is correct, I…… I’m just a villain to Seong Chan-young.


A villain who took away his body.


‘What am I supposed to do if this is true?’


I didn’t want to take away the body of Seong Chan-young. I was a victim, too. When I opened my eyes, I was already Seong Chan-young. What am I supposed to do?


‘It would be nice if this were just a little bit easier…..’


My sixth sense was screaming to the horror of it. What else do you think it would be?!


“Whines. Whines.”


Perhaps my anxiety was revealed as General started to scratch the area around my ankle with the sole of his fern-like foot. It was also a complaint about me not playing with him.


“I’m sorry, General. Dad should’ve played with me. It’s a little late, isn’t it?”




I took the dissatisfied general and soothed him with toys, but his anxiety did not subside easily. Rather, it grew bigger.


My arm has become increasingly weak. And a memory that I didn’t want to recall appeared on the surface.


The eerie dream I had when I transmigrated into this world. I didn’t want to meet the real Seong Chan-young. Nor the characters in the original story.


The real Seong Chan-young of the original work was ferocious. He was a person who did not give in to the lack of affection and the gaze of the gongs who despised him, and continued to force his feelings.


‘Of course I would have been more comfortable than the real Seong Chan-young in that I didn’t bother, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m a fake.’


What about his family? I don’t know the gongs, but no matter how heartless the family is, wouldn’t they want their real son, real brother back?


‘Even Chairman Seong would do that…….’


I’m not the real family.


Chairman Seong’s affection for me was because I was blood-related. Affection that has only just begun to be given to poor grandchildren.


He don’t want to give it to a fake.


Because I’m not Seong Chan-young. I’m Go Ye-woon.


That’s a given.


Yet why do I feel so sad?


I understand. If this is true, it wouldn’t be strange that Moon Kyung-sik to show hostility toward me.


I didn’t want to believe this hypothesis. An inexplicable feeling of sadness came over me and I hoped it wasn’t like that.


Tap. Tap Tap.




A drop of water fell on the notebook that I had taken notes to organize. The water smeared when I wiped away my eyes. They were tears.


“It’s strange. Why am I crying…….”


I’m a transmigrated person; I’m just a soul in this world that’s nothing but a foreign object. I’m a fake.


An indescribable sadness eroded my body and mind. Tears dropped continuously. Even though there was no crying, general was surprised to see me sobbing.


“Whines? Whines. Whines.”


I couldn’t move my hand holding the toy. It was because extreme fear came. General just quietly approached me, who was as stiff as a plaster statue, and licked my tear-soaked face.




“……Are you telling me not to cry?”




“It would have been better if I could understand you.”


Would I have been less anxious?


Dogs do not betray their owners. Unless the owner abandons the dog first, so will General. This lovely dog was the life I saved regardless of the original story.


Whether I’m real Seong Chan-young or not wouldn’t matter to this dog. I had faith that General would not betray me even if I was not a sacrament.


“General, sleep with dad today.”




“I don’t think I can sleep without general right now. It may be uncomfortable, but can I hug you to sleep?”


“Woof woof!”


I couldn’t understand him, but I was relieved because I thought General was saying it was okay.


I got ready to sleep, tightly hugging a bundle of white fur. I wanted to escape to sleep right away.


“Good night, General.”




As soon as I turned off the light, I felt tired. I thought I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep easily, but maybe because I was holding a warm puppy in my arms, my eyes immediately closed.


‘I hope I don’t have nightmares.’


But my wish didn’t come true. I had another nightmare.


It’s a nightmare where Seong Chan-young came out.


⚝ ⚝ ⚝


“……Am I in the hospital again?”

In a space as vivid as reality, I was looking at myself lying on the bed of the hospital room.


It was not Seong Chan-young; it was me.


Contrary to my memories of being discharged from the hospital, I was always sick in this dream. There was no consciousness. I was barely continuing my breathing with an oxygen respirator and a needle hanging seemed to be in jeopardy, as if I were about to die.


“Is this what Seong Chan-young wants?”


I’ve taken his body, so I’ll be beaten now. Is this it?


I really didn’t feel that sick. Dreams are just dreams. It was different from reality.


‘How much I wished I hated it.’


How can he distort the reality and show it to me? How does he know that I hate the hospital?


The hospital room was so quiet that it was scary by itself. It was unbearably painful to watch myself dying, and I tried to run away like last time.


It was then. Something grabbed my wrist.


“You can’t run away.”




The one who grabbed me was myself. Just now, my body, which was in jeopardy as if it were going to die tomorrow, rose up completely, opened its eyes, and held me so tight that I could not run away.


The face gradually changed to that of Seong Chan-young. I tried to run away even more, but his strong grip didn’t unravel and dug deeper into the flesh of my wrist.


‘It hurts!’


“Let me go! Let me go!”


It won’t work like last time. I pushed Seong Chan-young away with all my might and ran. The endless hallways of the hospital. Because it was a dream, I ran recklessly to get out of this eerie hospital hallway that would never end.


“Gasps, gasps.”


“It’s just a waste of time!”


Despite coming out far, I could hear the voice of Seong Chan-young clearly, as if he were speaking directly from the side. Covering my ears, I kept running.


“Shut up.”


“You have to realize. You have to remember. What state you were in. Why did you have this dream?”


“It’s because of you!”


“Is it really just because of me?”


“What do you mean?”


Both of my legs stopped at a significant sound. The sound rose from the wall and whispered to me.


“If you want to check, you can go back to the hospital room. You’re curious, too. Why you transmigrate here?”




Curiosity was hamstrung by the devil-like whisper. It was clear that this dream had something to do with Seong Chan-young and me.


“You’re curious, aren’t you? I knew it. Let’s go together.”

The hands stretched out countless times from the wall, pushing my back and urging me to go back to the hospital room. An unusually long black finger, not like a human hand, pushed me behind my back. The hands were very cold, and I felt the dullness of stone tapping.


I was curious, but I didn’t want to go back to see Seong Chan-young. It was because I thought I would see irreversible results if I went there.




I struggled to get out of the countless hands, but I was only in bed with his wings caught.


‘I can’t escape…….’


This time, it seemed that Seong Chan-young, in my dream, was trying to catch and kill me.


‘Somebody help me.’


I wanted anyone to help me. I wanted to escape this terrible dream.


‘But who can help me? This is just my dream.’


As I was helplessly led by countless hands, drenched in despair, I heard a sound from far away.




“What’s this?”


“……Woof! Woof woof! Woof woof! Woof woof!”


It was the sound of a dog barking.




It’s time to feed General!


I came to my senses and realized that I had to take care of my baby’s food.


Lick. Lick.




“Woof woof!”


Just like that, I woke up from my dream. Thanks to my lovely dog, General, for barking.

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