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‘……..Was that a dog dream [1] ?’


Although my mind was dazed, my body quickly took care of the general’s meal. After taking the feed and water and pouring them into the bowl, General ate well.


“It must have been a really strange dream. Right, general?”




Seeing the dog tilting its head at me with food crumbs and water on its mouth, my mind felt light, as if all the troubles were nothing. I wiped General’s mouth and laughed.


“No, General. I guess dad’s feeling kind of dispirited. Since I had a really strange dream. Right?”




General, who wagged his tail and sympathized with me without even knowing what it was, was so cute. I gave him snacks and threw away the unnecessary thoughts.


‘I was getting too sensitive. Yeah.’


There was a theory in my mind. Because I was speculating that Moon Kyung-sik’s identity might actually be Seong Chan-young, the dream seemed to reflect my thoughts into scenarios when I went to sleep.


“I’m such…..ha. Just because I transmigrated, I’m trying to figure out really strange possibilities…… Huh?!”


When I walked into the bathroom and raised my arms to take off the pajamas I was wearing to wash my face, I noticed


The bruise on the wrist remains clearly visible. And the crescent-like wounds that are drawn over the palm of my hand. It was nail marks.


The wounds that I suffered from running away from my dream remained intact in my body.


The reality that I couldn’t escape even if I slept felt more like a nightmare than a nightmare. My hands reflecting on the mirror were shaking.


‘I have to calm down.’


I was scared and trembling, but I was the only one who could help myself. I held my trembling hand and thought about the meaning of the dream step by step.


“……So Seong Chan-young didn’t go to the afterlife.”


The strange and ominous dream didn’t end once.


If it was simply a dream that would end in one go, I didn’t have to pay this much attention. It was enough to dismiss it as a dog dream and move on.


But the first time was strangulation, and the second time was bruises and fingernail marks from my clenching fists and running away. This was a problem that could not be ignored.


“Should I at least perform an exorcism?”


Is he the kind that disappears just because I perform an exorcism? Seong Chan-young is certainly a vicious guy who is no inferior to evil spirits, but if his body is still alive, will he disappear even after being exorcised?


‘I don’t…….think so.’


Even if I could chase him away with an exorcism, I couldn’t even call a shaman because the gongs were living here and Chairman Seong was watching me. What excuse do I have? Seong Chan-young is bothering me, so I need to kick him out?


‘Everyone will treat me like a crazy person the moment I say it.’


They would look at me with the eyes that looked at Moon Kyungsik. With contempt or pity in one’s eyes.


Even if there’s someone who believes, in that case, I would be kicked out. Exactly the same way I was going to kick him out.


“Haa. How am I supposed to deal with this…….”


The road ahead was dark. The reality was that I couldn’t ask anyone for help and was at a loss. Even if I wanted to escape by sleeping, I couldn’t fall asleep because I was afraid that the real Seong Chan-young would attack me like it would kill me.


Wow. It’s a complete dilemma, isn’t it?


I felt like I was going to cry. How did I become a transmigrator who suffered so much? Huh?


“Oh, if I had the guts, I would really want to go find Seong Chan-young and grab him by the collar and shake him.”


Even in my semi-conscious state, I was afraid of habits, so I steadily prepared to take the general for a walk. I skipped breakfast. It was because I had no appetite. I thought I might get an upset stomatch while eating, so I quit.


‘Ai-goo. My destiny.’


As I grumbled, I tied the general’s harness and lead and tried to leave the house, but a voice came from behind.


“Are you taking the dog for a walk?”


“……Baek Do-jun. Why are you already awake?”


Baek Do-jun’s hair soared into the sky; it seemed it had not been long since he had woken up. I was unfamiliar to see him with the frizzy pajamas in the house.


‘It’s difficult to make ye contact.’


The conversation I had with Baek Do-jun yesterday came to mind, and my conscience prickled me as if I had been caught, and it was difficult to make eye contact.


“Because I have to feed the other guys.”


“But you don’t get up this early.”


“That’s right. You woke me up early. Because I’m worried.”




My breath stopped for a moment as his sincerity rushed through me without hiding it. My body rattled like a rusty tin lumberjack.


I tried to reason myself that it was just something he said, but to no avail. Since I started to have concerns that I kept to myself, just saying that someone was worried about me was as precious as gold.


“……Why are you worried about me?”


However, the only words that came out were still wary and twisted. Just like I learned when I was young, I could have said thank you. It was a pity, but the water had already spilled over.


“Because I’m as anxious as a child thrown onto a water slide.”





I’m not some kind of idiot. General seemed to know my displeasure and growled lowly. It was surprising that sometimes General seemed to know more about me than I did.


“I didn’t mean it in a bad way! It’s just…… It’s hard to take my eyes off you. 

It’s different from before.”




“It used to be more of a surveillance because I didn’t know what you would do to me. But now. What if something happens to you? That’s what I’m most worried about……. It’s because I think it’ll be difficult for me if something happens to you.”




What did he mean by that? Baek Do-jun’s eyes, facial expressions, atmosphere, and even pheromones as he looked at me were warm and stable that it felt unfamiliar.


Since when have you been looking at me like that?


“……I did.”


“But I still feel some responsibility for this. The situation in which you are hated by that strange person fall like a thorn in my throat.”




“I can’t wait and see. I don’t think I should leave you alone. If you don’t mind, can I accompany you starting from today?”


The earnest voice was not a hoax. I didn’t dislike the calm black eyes gazing only at me.


“I promise you. I won’t bother you.”


‘I understood even without you telling me that.’


It was strange to see Baek Do-jun appearing low-key. Is it because his first impression was unfavorable? My ears were itchy as I listened to the figure, whom I thought would never change, whispering in a friendly voice.


“Sure…… Go ahead.”




The general seemed to have agreed, as the anger was turned off and he barked quietly.


“Thank you.”


“Why do you even thank me?”


“Because I thought you didn’t like me. We’ve been bothering you; me, Yoo Yi-seo, Joo Tae-kang, and Chae Yoon-chan.”


“I can’t say no to that. You’re right. I was tired from the time you guys kept insisting me that I’m sick even though I was not.”




Baek Do-jun shook his head at my straightforward words. I didn’t like how he looked like a miserable, wet dog being dropped outside on a rainy day.


“We weren’t family, but we were in an uncomfortable relationship, and yet you came to see if I was really sick or not just for the sake of interest.”


“……I’m sorry.”


“You didn’t listen to a single word I told you to go home quickly. It was really annoying. I was angry at how you didn’t listen as if your ears were blocked.”


“……I’m so sorry. I apologize.”


The sincerity that popped out once was pouring out toward Baek Do-jun while he was crying like a slapstick gun. I don’t know why. Baek Do-jun’s little desperation seemed to be because it caused a stir in my tightly closed heart.


“It’s true that I hated you.”




“But I don’t hate you now.”




Baek Do-jun looked up with a surprised expression at my words.


“Why would I hate someone who honestly tells me the truth?”


“Uh, uh…….”


“What are you stuttering about? I need to take general or a walk. If you want to come out, come out quickly.”


“Woof woof!”


“Oh, okay.”


Baek Do-jun ran quickly to the room at my words. In the middle, I heard a groan of pain along with a thumping sound.


“Ah, get some sleep! What are you doing in the morning?”


As if he had fallen down, I heard Chae Yoon-chan cursing accompanied by a sudden noise between floors.


“Sorry, Yoon-chan ah. I’ll make you a delicious breakfast later. Let’s settle on that, alright?”


“……Then make me bulgogi. Put enoki mushrooms and a lot of potatoes.”


“Yes, yes. Sleep more.”




Baek Do-jun skillfully soothed Chae Yoon-chan. He came in such a hurry that I couldn’t even say that the training suit, which he wore roughly in the main house, was cool even with empty words.


But it wasn’t bad. I liked that he was taking care of me in a small way.


“Let’s go.”




Baek Do-jun stood beside me, hesitating for a moment before we walked side by side. General sniffed his territory and took a pleasant walk.


“Oh, by the way, but I didn’t mean to go out alone. I had someone to go with.”


“Who is that?”


“What do you mean? You know him well. Look.”


A beauty like Snow White soon appeared from the side house, not long away. It was Seo Eun-soo.


“……You’re not alone today, Chan-young ssi.”


“Yes. Baek Do-jun was worried about me, so I decided to go with him. It’s okay, right?”


“I’m fine with anything you want.”


“That’s a relief. Then let’s hurry up and go!”


I thought it was good. If the relationship between Seo Eun-soo and Baek Do-jun progressed, it was to eat pheasants and eggs.


‘I don’t think his relationship with the alphas is very good these days.’


Even if he became Alpha, Seo Eun-soo was Seo Eun-soo. I was quite happy with this situation because I didn’t want to see the ball guys neglect Seo Eun-soo, who I liked so much in the original.


“……Were you taking a walk with Seo Eunsoo every day? Chan-young ah?”


“Huh? Uh, yeah.”




“Because he’s an alpha? And Seo Eun-soo is reliable. He saved me when I ran into Moon Kyung-sik last time.”


“……I see.”


“Since then, I’ve been following Chan-young every day on his walks. I didn’t expect Baek Do-jun to come out today.”


……Is it just me?


But Baek Do-jun, who looked calm until earlier, seemed to have a distorted expression.


Especially when Seo Eun-soo smiled softly at me.

  • 1. 개꿈 literally translates into ‘dog dream.’ It means a silly dream/wild dream/weird dream.
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