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If you read a novel, there is a kind of flag. For example, when someone shouts ‘Did you kill him?!’, the villain who was thought to be dead returns alive and well.


‘I don’t think this is because of my mood?’


I was seeing that kind of flag now.


“Chan-young ah, do you have anything else to order?”


“Chan-young ssi, leave it to me, not him. There’s no part-time job I haven’t done, so I’m good at everything you ask.”




“Let’s not get in, Eun-soo yah. I talked to Chan-young first.”


“Chan-young is not an object. Why should there be an order to talk to him?”




From that day on, Baek Do-jun and Seo Eun-soo continued to engage in a delicate war of nerves. Even though I tried to stop them, they couldn’t even hear me.


‘It wasn’t just me.’


I have made a mistake.


Surprisingly, Baek Do-jun……. was showing his teeth and claws toward Seo Eun-soo. It seemed that he was given the keywords: “unrequited love gong” and “pure gong” in the original book. It was ridiculous to see our general care and follow Seo Eun-soo more than him.


“Is this really okay?”


No matter how oblivious I was, I could see one thing for sure.


Baek Do-jun and Seo Eun-soo were claiming to be farming slaves to my liking. As a result, the amount of labor increased tremendously, and Joo Tae-kang, Chae Yoon-chan, and Yu Yi-seo were also looking at them with strange eyes and kicking their tongues.


“Are they crazy? Or did they eat wild ginseng? What kind of tiger energy is pumping out of their body?”


“I mean. Can you see Baek Do-jun’s muscles getting stronger? I want to know the secret of getting more energetic. I’m having a hard time.”




Joo Tae-kang, Chae Yoon-chan, and Yoo Yi-seo were sitting in the pavilion in the house and chatted leisurely. I have told them to scoop up manure for the fruit trees in the orchard I love, but I couldn’t wait and see as a vice farmer because I was playing this game.


“……Aren’t you working?”


Oh, my. Of course, I was asking to tell them that I wouldn’t stop three of them if they were going home.


“Those two people rushed in with fire in their eyes to steal work; what can we do?”


Yoo Yi-seo smiled softly and talked nonsense. I responded with a sharp smile to the brazen sound of not even putting saliva in my mouth.


‘I would rather believe that the mouse slapped the cat and ran away.’


I knew how thorough and scary Yoo Yi-seo was after reading the original. Since Baek Do-jun and Seo Eun-soo said they were doing their part of the work, it was clear that they willingly handed it over as if they couldn’t win, but they spoke well.


“Ah, yes. I didn’t know that an extreme dominant alpha would be so weak.”


Yoo Yi-seo’s eyebrows twitched at the sound that was clearly meant to scratch his insides. Oh, and a vein appeared on his forehead. I didn’t stop there and threw additional aggro.


“It’s okay to go home anytime if you’re tired! I won’t stop you, so if other people want to go home, go anytime. We don’t need a goodbye between us; it doesn’t matter if you run away at night.”


Yoo Yi-seo’s face gradually hardened as he was full of fun. Seeing the soft, dough-like face become hard like cement in real time made me feel numb.


‘But it’s a job to do.’


Since these guys are not going home!


Even Baek Do-jun and Seo Eun-soo could not be stopped because their competition was on fire.


‘I think it’s because of me……. I don’t want to come across them.’


Do they perhaps like me? I didn’t want to calculate that possibility. Even if I wanted to escape from the original work, I didn’t want to replace the main shou position.


I put the thought off to the side because I wanted to think about it later because it was a headache. Now, it was too much to handle the nightmare of strange real communion, suspicious Moon Kyung-sik, and these gongs.


“…….Chan-young, you sure are having a lot of fun with your mouth. How unlike a sick person.”


When Yoo Yi-seo, whose pride was pressed, retorted, Chae Yoon-chan and Joo Tae-kang, who were next to each other, reacted before me.


“Hey! What are you talking about?”


“Yoo Yi-seo, did you forget that Seong Chan-young was not conscious and was taken to the hospital because he was sick? Why are you picking a fight with the kid who was being quiet?”


‘What’s wrong with them?’


According to Yoo Yi-seo, it’s because I resembled Chairman Seong, so what? I was going to answer like that, but thanks to Joo Tae-kang and Chae Yun-chan, I was left speechless.


Chae Yoon-chan and Joo Tae-kang each had a bar rice cake that were dipped in honey in their mouths and growled at Yoo Yi-seo. It seemed that the ajummas working in the kitchen provided snacks for them. Did they act cute for it?


It was funny because their cheeks were round, so it didn’t feel too threatening.


“……Whose side are you on?”


“I’m on Chan-young’s side.”


“Seong Chan Young’s side, of course. I don’t want to take the side of something like a viper.”


“……What do you mean by these stupid things. Haa.”


When I saw Chae Yoon-chan and Joo Tae-gang, who sided with me while clapping like Dumb and Dumber, and Yoo Yi-seo sighing at them, even I couldn’t help but laugh at the sight.


‘Why were they good to me? How can they smile with their eyes like this?’


Chae Yoon-chan, Joo Tae-kang……. This is not just about Yoo Yi-seo but also about you guys. That…….


The alphas’ expression, which would have been cute if General did it, didn’t match well, so the corners of my mouth went down vertically.


Yoo Yi-seo said as he swept his golden brown hair up.


“Joo Tae Kang, Chae Yoon Chan. I’m sure you’ve looked at Seong Chan-young so far. Seong Chan-young is quite fine except for the situation where he was taken to the emergency room at that time.”


“How do you know that there might be a hidden terminal illness?”


“That’s right. Are you a doctor? You’re not. Yoo Yi-seo, you may be smart, but this ain’t it.”


I’m fine. You fool. It was you two thought I was terminally ill and chased me.


‘Don’t you realize that there was nothing wrong with my body?’


Well, it was strange not to know. I was using the gongs as farming slaves, but I wasn’t resting either. Every day, I inspected the fresh garden, watered it, looked at the strawberries in the green house, and there was no day without dirt on my hands and feet, thinking about what else to plant on the remaining land.


The hardest and heaviest labor, such as carrying a manure bag, were all done by the gongs, but Yoo Yi-seo kept concluding that I didn’t do anything but sleeep and eat.


“Do you really think so? Isn’t it what you want to believe instead?”




Chae Yoon-chan and Joo Tae-kang became mute after Yoo Yi-seo’s sharp criticism. Their jaws, which had been muttering nonstop, stopped.


“If there was something wrong with Seong Chan-young, the news would have exploded right away. But Seong Chan-young was fine. There was nothing wrong with tackling the soil in the sun all day.”


“……Maybe it’s because he’s getting better.”


“If you have an illness without any medication, how can you get better? That’s nonsense.”


Yoo Yi-seo was right. I wanted to hold my head without realizing it.


It wasn’t the state of the body that changed, it was the soul. The ‘Seong Chan-young’ here was not real. The sense of incompatibility they felt was that the changed Seong Chan-young did not change its sick and appalling personality, but because it was a different person in the first place.


‘But even a clever Yoo Yi-seo wouldn’t have thought of this.’


Rather, it was a very realistic and rational reason, so it was the number of cases that I could not think of. Yuisser is a person who doesn’t believe in abstract and ephemeral possibilities.


Perhaps even though he himself already recognized that I was not a sick patient, he could have said that because he couldn’t come up with a proper conclusion.


I said to Yoo Yi-seo, pretending to be calm.


“I’m glad you believe me now that I said I’m not sick but healthy. Yoo Yi-seo. Then are you going back to your house now?”


The reason why the gongs insisted on staying here was because they suspected my illness.


As long as they assumed that I wasn’t sick, there was no reason for Yoo Yi-seo to stay anymore. After Chae Yoon-chan and Joo Tae-kang swallowed the rice cake that barely passed down their throat, they looked at us with nervous eyes.


“No. I’m not going back.”




Yoo Yi-seo strode up to me when I frowned.


What is it?


Yoo Yi-seo, who approached me, suddenly rolled up the sleeves of my clothes on my wrist. The collar around my neck was also pulled back.


“Wait, what are you doing……!”


“How can I go when you’re wearing something like this?”


Neck and wrist. It was where I was hurt when I had an ominous nightmare with a real communion.


“Can you see this?”


It couldn’t have happened. Even if I had a black, strangled bruise on my neck at first, no one saw it. Only I was appalled to see the trail.


Even though there were black strangulation bruises on my neck at first, no one saw them. Only I was appalled to see the traces.


Yoo Yi-seo whispered in my ear.


“Why are there bruises? You don’t look like someone who will go anywhere and get beaten up, but Seong Chan-young ssi,


If you tell me who did it, I can go and fix it nicely.”




“Where can I go when I’m worried like this? Hmm?”

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