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On a sunny spring day.




A certain young man’s groans echoed across the rice paddy. It was caused by the pain of labor. 


“Oh, there, Chae Yoon-chan. You can’t be whining already. There are still a lot of seedlings waiting for Chae Yoon-chan’s touch!”


I tapped Chae Yoon-chan’s waist with his filial hand, who wanted to run away from his place. The pretty face of the idol-like handsome man with blond hair turned bright red. 


“This… I……! You evil landlord!”


“Hahahahaha. Why don’t you go home when you have the chance? Oh, oh, you’re stretching your back again. We need to plant more. Cheer up.”


Didn’t you know you will go through a lot of hardships once you leave the house?


I determined to grind out Chae Yoon-chan. Rest? That was a luxury. I was constantly extracting labor from the gongs, like the overseer who whipped the slaves who built the pyramids in the distant past.


I’ve been planting rice in time for hours already since the morning. The employees sat in chairs and helped secure the rope. And after each person’s time, it was passed on to the next person, and there was no great difficulty.


But the gongs were different. I became a tyrant of labor and wouldn’t let any of them straighten their back. Surprisingly, Seo Eun-soo voluntarily exploited my labor…… No, he expressed his intention to comply with labor supply and demand.


‘Why are you choosing such a hard way to live?…?’


It was something that I couldn’t understand, but Seo Eun-soo smiled brightly and said it was okay, so I decided to do it the same way as other alphas. Baek Do-jun, who has been strangely engaged in a war of nerves with Seo Eun-soo these days, seemed to have gritted his teeth at this, but I hope it was an illusion.


Unable to bear it any longer, Chae Yun-chan lost his temper.


“Hey! Are you going to take responsibility if I get a back disc?”


“Why me? The one who insisted on staying was Chae Yoon-chan, not me. This is not a company that provides four major insurance policies. Get a grip.”


“I’m sure you’re the one who needs to get a grip……! You’re crazy about farming!”


“Yes, yes. Thank you for the compliment. If it’s hard, let’s finish it quickly and go in and become a new worker in a new country who just drinks beer.”


“……When will it be over?”


“That’s it, until you’ve done all this.”




“Yes, I’m listening. Work. Work. Work. Work is sacred.”




“Look, I’m doing that sacred labor with you, aren’t I?”


“You’re doing it with a machine…….”


“Yes. I take the machine.”


I was planting rice at high speed in a transition machine carrying rice seedlings. While the alphas were struggling and doing traditional planting, I raced through the rice paddies to my heart’s content with a transplant in the rice paddies next to them.


‘Even if they tell them that I was fast, it’s still slow.’


From the perspective of planting by hand from the side, it felt like it was a quick process.


“It’s a dirty trick. It’s a foul. How can we plant it with our hands?”


“Here you go.”




What can I do even if I’m being childish? You alpha!


See if I’ll budge no matter how much you bark. I can just cover my ears. I was half crazy with the excitement of finally planting rice, with a firm determination to beat the bastards’ spirits with hard work, so there was nothing to be afraid of.


“Then, do you want me, the ‘incompetent’ person, to plant things by hand as well? If you want that, whatever. It doesn’t matter to me.”


Chae Yun-chan’s face gradually turned bright red. It was a bit funny how he just waved his point and trembled because he couldn’t go back on what he said.


‘I think my personality is steadily getting worse.’


While staying with the alphas, only the skills to effectively poke at weaknesses were being developed. My mouth, have you become polluted?


“You… You… I’m really not gonna let you…….”


“If you’re going to say something like a common villain who retreats after losing every time, plant one more piece of rice seedlings instead.”


“I… That crazy guy…….”


Chae Yoon-chan was out of his mind. The open mouth soon closed. It was because Joo Tae-kang, who was working next to him, stabbed Chae Yoon-chan in the side.


“Just shut up and do it. Can’t you see Seong Chan-young’s eyes? He’ll never back down until this is over.”


“But……. My back hurts so much…….”


Chae Yoon-chan, who was whining, patted his waist continuously. Even the obsessed gongs could not avoid back pain alone. It was very subtle to hear the omitted “that scene” or the lines that might come out after breakfast in the rice paddies.


“Chae Yoon-chan!”




“To put it bluntly, even if your back injured so bad here, you have money for spinal surgery. Just do it.”




Oh…… This was too much for me to hear. However, Joo Tae-kang persuaded Chae Yoon-chan with half-enthusiastic eyes.


“People don’t die easily. Doing this all day doesn’t make your waist collapse like a progressive cracker. So if you’re not leaving, do it. No matter how much you whine to Seong Chan-young, he doesn’t pretend to hear it.”


Are those the words coming from the mouth of the head of a large corporation and headquarters? For a brief moment, my conscience prickled me. The scent of the city had disappeared from Joo Tae-kang, who spoke wearing a dirt-stained leopard-print bodysuit, dark blue rubber boots, and a floral patterned sleeve t-shirt.


“……I said I get it. I just need to do it, right?”


‘So persuasive.’


Chae Yoon-chan, who mumbled dissatisfiedly, glanced at Baek Do-jun and Seo Eun-soo. The two men were truly poisonous.


‘They never say that they’re tired.’


The scene of the two alphas planting three to five rice seedlings in a perfect depth of two to three centimeters with machine-like hand movements was fanatical. Just looking at their expressions, they looked like they were going to split their back, telling others not to interfere even if a tiger came after them.


“If you’re tired, why don’t you talk to Chan-young and rest, Eun-soo yah?”


“Then Baek Do-jun, why don’t you straighten the seedlings you just planted crookedly?”


I didn’t expect them to be immersed in rice planting seriously while playing a war of nerves.


‘Even pheromones are calm.’


When you feel tired, pheromones leak out. However Baek Do-jun and Seo Eun-soo’s pheromones remained calm. Only the burning eyes seen under the working caps made their madness guess.


“Oh, I thought all the bachelors from Seoul were handsome, but they’re also very good at work.”


“I hope they can come to my house next time.”


“Youth is strong as expected. Their arms and calves are strudy.”


Elderly people in the neighborhood saw this scene as they were passing by and licked their lips with envy. The alphas were startled by their covetous gaze that resembled the yellow cow and black cow that appeared in the story. A curly old lady looked at us with sincere earnestness and mumbled before leaving.


“It would be easy to farm peppers and cabbages if only one of those bachelors were taken…….”


‘In the countryside, labor is precious.’


Five healthy bachelors came to the countryside, where all the young young men had left, so many eyes were watching.


Elders who didn’t know what was going on thought they were bachelors who came down to help relatives’ adults during vacation. If they had thought I was an influential figure in these alpha guys, they might have asked if I could come to their house.


“You’re not going to give us away, are you?”


Under the long-brimmed women’s hat, Yoo Yi-seo’s hateful and half-faced face smiled a magical smile.


‘Ugh. Every time I see him, I think of the nonsense that he likes me or what.’


Moreover, as if he had intended, there was a subtle sensuality in what he said just now, which made him blush. Hey, look at that person, a man of all ages who can be transformed into a high level person.


“What are you giving me away? I’m giving it away! Don’t you know that what goes around comes around?”


I didn’t mean to let the gongs go to another house to help, but I was upset by what Yoo Yi-seo said. The words that touched my heart as clearly intended were jarring.


“What were you thinking about that made you so angry? Perhaps….”


Dirty thoughts?


‘Don’t be a dick.’


“Oh my gosh. Do you want to die?”


“…… It seems like what you are thinking has come out without any filtering.”


Who cares? Whether I was going to say or thinking about was comparing the height of acorns.


“Then I can send you guys to help other elderly people. Oh? You do realize that I am the kind of person who follows through on what I say?”


I think I’ll bundle them up and send them off as a joint responsibility.


Chae Yoon-chan’s complexion turned blue at this remark. Joo Tae-kang was not much different.


“Shut up, Yoo Yi-seo.”


“Being quiet is what saves you and us. Huh? Why is a smart guy using his mouth carelessly? Don’t you know about social life? Social Life? Don’t touch Seong Chan-young. Huh???”


“…Chae Yoon-chan, Joo Tae-gang. I’m doing this because I have an idea……”


“Do I look like I care? I think my back is going to hurt. Keep your mouth shut.”


Following Chae Yoon-chan and Joo Tae-kang’s criticism, Baek Do-jun, who was working at a fast pace, did not look back and warned Yoo Yi-seo.


“Yu-Ei, let’s do well on our own. Don’t forget who makes breakfast every day.”


“That’s what he said. Yoo Yi-seo ssi?”


This is not what I said. Seo Eun-soo, who was planting rice next to Baek Do-jun as if competing, looked back at Yoo Yi-seo and said it.




It looked like the veins are rising above Yoo Yi-seo’s pale brow.


“……Okay. I’ll be careful. And Seo Eun-soo, let’s talk even just for a bit.”


“I don’t want to. I’ll leave my time empty only for Chan-young.”


“You’re crossing the line!”


“Oh? It sounds like you just said something scary.”


“You’re mistaken.”


“You heard it wrong. Chan-young ssi.”


I don’t think so. It was a moment, but it seemed like Yoo Yi-seo was pulling out a rough pheromone, like he was going to eat Seo Eun-soo.


“Really? Well. Or we’ll plant it vigorously again.”




“……Chan-young is really serious about farming.”


“What? Isn’t that also the reason why Seo Eun-soo had decided to stay here?”






At my words, Eun-soo’s expression crumpled and Yoo Yi-seo’s face opened wide.


Um, did I choose the wrong word?

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Happy Halloween to any of you guys celebrating it. 🎃👻💖

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  1. I just like this story so much, can’t wait for the moment they realize SCY is an omega 🥰🥰