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The five alphas managed to finish the remaining rice planting, perhaps because they ate a lot of snack like birds pecking farmhand rice.


“We can finish it quickly and take a rest.”


“If we don’t finish this, Seong Chan-young will force us again tomorrow……. I can’t do this twice.”


No, what am I for them to be like this?


‘I just cheered them on according to the principle that you should work as much as you eat!’


Well, I didn’t forget to make fun of them after I was done with my part, nagging them to do it quickly. My duty was to kick those people out and enjoy a quiet return to farming life.


For reference, the people who shouted as if they were angry were Chae Yoon-chan and Joo Tae-kang. Somehow, I felt like the two were becoming a comedy duo, but I don’t think I had mistaken.


Baek Do-jun, Seo Eun-soo, and Yoo Yi-seo were busy planting seedlings like machines, as to what changed their mind after lunch.


There was no need to look back at the places they had passed to see if they had been planted incorrectly.


‘Kka, how neat!’


Is this really their first time farming? What the hell are the gongs? It’s unbealivale that these guys were only doing white-collar jobs at work. Shouldn’t we pursue career diversity? Wouldn’t the productivity of the industry increase sharply if they are evenly distributed in agriculture, fishing, and forestry?


Someone tapped me on the shoulder as I blankly unfolded my ridiculous imagination while looking at the neatly planted rice field. . It was Baek Do-jun, who clumsily wiped his hands covered in dirt from planting rice, with a handkerchief.


“Chan-young ah.”




“Please don’t think about making me work any more? I’m at my limit, too.”




I could feel Baek Do-jun’s fingers trembling. His face rose yellow over the pale. He looks so tired that I think I should immediately lay him down on his warm lower neck and cover him with a blanket to make him fall asleep.


“……I’m tired, too. I can go back if I’m done, right?”


Even Yoo Yi-seo pleaded that he wanted to go back since he was exhausted. He was lying down on the mat and blinking, looking as if he was about to fall asleep.






Will Seo Eunsoo be different? I turned my head remembering Seo Eun-soo, who had been shining his eyes saying he could do more, but there was a deflated balloon instead.


“Can, Can I stop and go back to the side house?”




I’ve withdrawn my vain imagination from what I’ve just been doing. The gongs, the shou—everyone is human. Just because he is an alpha does not mean he is Superman.


‘They are all human……. Someone who wants to hang out and lie down at home when they’re having a hard time…….’


When I realized it, I felt a smirk form my mouth. Seo Eun-soo’s expression suddenly became anxious when he saw me smile.


“I’ll, I’ll withdraw. I said it wrong…….”


Hey, what’s wrong with you? Do I look like a villain when I do this? I’m just a good little citizen.


“Huh? No. I didn’t laugh at Seo Eun-soo, so don’t get me wrong.”


“Then are you laughing at us……?”


What do these people think of me as? Do they think I’m a demon rising from the Hell Swamp? Did they think I’d keep rolling them like sweaty green onion kimchi?


They got caught. That’s the answer.


‘I have to take advantage of this opportunity to finally make them leave.’


“Let’s just do the watering and go home.”




The gazes of me sting. I don’t know what to do as the eyes of five male adult alphas were all focused on me. It feels like I am going to be buried here and disappear.


“I know it’s tiring, but this is essential work for the growth of rice. If we don’t do this, the early rice farming will be ruined.”


After planting seedlings, the depth of water in the rice paddy had to be adjusted to 7-10cm for about a week thereafter.


“……Just watering?”


Joo Tae-kang asked fiercely, his eyes burning as if he were going to cut off my bones and flesh. Well, I had nothing to be afraid of.


“Well, in addition to watering, how about saying hello to the fruit trees that I couldn’t take care of today because I was planting rice?”


The words came out easily, like simple greetings, and if there was a tree that looked like it was lacking in water, they had to moisten the dry roots with a watering can. Spray fertilizer or nutrients if necessary.


‘The trembling of the alphas’ waists. Is that any of my business?’


Wasn’t it the official setting that alphas have strong waists? Otherwise, there’s no way you could stay up all night doing something unspeakable, right?


Who came first to a wealthy home alone and ended up being hired as a guest? Huh?


‘Wow, since you think so, I guess I can roll them more?’


Then someone wheezed.


“………..devil’s spawn.”


“Ha ha. I think someone just cursed at me. Who was it?”


I don’t know who it is, but they need to speak correctly. If I were a devil, I wouldn’t extract labor so honestly.


“You’re mistaken.”


“Really? I don’t know. I was going to say that if someone cursed me, you could go home right away.”




The Alpha’s pheromones that threatened to kill me slowly spread into the sky like smoke. I felt a little sorry that they couldn’t express their aggressive thoughts towards me and just suppressed them inside.


“The landlord’s word is the law. The law.”


“As the saying goes, the building owner is above the creator, and here, farming is labor…… No, there is a farmer above the workers.”


“Seong Chan-young, you don’t have to show any signs of trying to correct it later when you’re already treating us as a slave…….”


“Ha ha. When did I do that?”


As I slyly passed it over, the alphas’ sighs only deepened. Accepting their inevitable fate, legal labor payers trudged to their feet and cleaned up the ground.


‘……You still like me like this?’




⚝ ⚝ ⚝


Since that day, the alphas have been lying down. Since they had a hard time, I cooked samgyetang with a lot of wild ginseng and various medicinal ingredients, grilled deodeok, and eel on the grill to restore energy, but it was not enough.


“Urghh….Ai-goo…..I’m going to die…….”


“Chae Yoon-chan.… Don’t be a crybaby. Alpha, who dies of body aches, is a disgrace to the family…….”


As soon as I woke up, I went down to drink water, and what I heard was the sound of Chae Yoon-chan and Joo Tae-kang’s argument. It was unfamiliar because the people who woke up earlier than me and tried to force me to take care of breakfast were lying down and unable to move.


‘Wait, does that mean…?’


It was the same in the other rooms. Baek Do-jun and Yoo Yi-seo were already lying dead, with a pain relief patch on the sore area. They looked like a pile of trash that flies flew around because something was left out on the veranda and forgotten.






Even Yoo Yi-seo, who had always been arrogant and had a blade standing, frowned and wriggled like a bug on the bed. I could see bare feet stretching randomly under the fluffy bedding.


“……What are you looking at?”


‘Oh, did I get caught?’


Yoo Yi-seo, who was making a groaning noise, looked at me with his head peeking to see if he heard a little rustling noise. It was an unusally serious expression on his face.


“I don’t think you had any intention of hiding.”


“That’s because this is my house.”


“You must be confused.”


Yoo Yi-seo responded as if he was sulking and refused to get out of bed. The situation was similar for Baek Do-jun, who was sleeping soundly on the bed next to him.


“Ugh… You can’t do that…….”


Baek Do-jun broke out in a cold sweat, muttering in his sleep as if he were having a nightmare. I felt a little sorry, so I pulled out a few tissues and wiped them off his sweat. Yoo Yi-seo walked the blanket that had been covered up to the end of his head and asked me in a pout.


“What about me?”




“Why are you only kind to Baek Do-jun? Oh. It’s the same for Seo Eun-soo. It’s not just him then.”




“I’m always the only one ho you hate. Wherever I go, I’m a hateful person. I knew it.”


It was a ridiculous shout. It was something that would have been difficult to come up for usual Yoo Yi-seo. His face turned red. The focus was a bit blurry.


‘Is he coming back and forth because of the pain?’


I was such a bad person that I got into an argument with the patient. I left the two people’s room and searched the first aid kit for a thermometer and cold medicine. In the kitchen, I brought warm water from the mug.


“Come here. Let’s take your temperature.”


Unlike Yoo Yi-seo’s normal indignant attitude, Yoo Yi-seo simply gave himself to me. The fever was also high. It seemed quite dangerous.


“You left, but you came again.”


“……Yoo Yi-seo. I think you’re out of your mind. Do you want to go to the big hospital? It is going to be dangerous if the fever goes higher than this.”


“I don’t like it. You’re going to leave me at the hospital. You’re going to leave me like you used to.”


“I am not.”


Yoo Yi-seo was driving me into a completely unscrupulous person. I didn’t know if I heard it correctly because it could be nonsense spoken from a sick person, but when I listened carefully, I felt like he had mistaken me for someone else.


“Now, take your medicine. Eat this, fall asleep, and wake up quickly.”


“Are you sympathizing with me?”


“Who is sympathizing with who? Stop talking nonsense and eat. It’s a big deal to get up and get rid of again, really.”


“If you’re leaving, don’t give me sympathy and compassion. I hate things that throw me away the most.”


“Yes. I see. I’m not curious about your situation, so it’s time to go to bed.”


I covered Yoo Yi-seo’s quilt to his neck and patted him a few times. Sick Yoo Yi-seo was like a gazelle chased by a lion. Even so, I suspected that it was the acting of the man who was interested in me.


‘I don’t think it’s the case because he looks too desperate to be acting.’


I don’t really like Yoo Yi-seo, but as the main culprit for his current illness, I have a little bit of sympathy for him.


I murmured as he closed his eyes and fell back into sleep.


“A person is not an object. Who am I to throw away? I’ve never picked anyone up, but if I do, I won’t throw them away.”


As soon as I was about to turn around, Yoo Yi-seo’s expression seemed to have slightly softened. I hope you have good dreams instead of nightmares and get strong again soon and farm or leave.

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Sorry for the late update, guys.
I'm not doing well mentally these days so the updates are going to be slower. I hope you all understand. <3

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  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re not doing well, translator-nim, please take the time you need to recharge 🙏grateful for the chapters, but your mental health is more important

  2. “Wasn’t it the official setting that alphas have strong waists? Otherwise, there’s no way you could stay up all night doing something unspeakable, right?”