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I asked the employees, including Mr. Kim, to be careful because there might be someone looking inside the house.


‘There’s nothing wrong with being prepared.’


But the foreboding soon became a reality.


⚝ ⚝ ⚝


“……I don’t have any.”


All the drugs prepared by Secretary Choi and the heat cycle inhibitors have disappeared. That was the only thing missing from the heavy bag.


I was going to take it out of my bag and put it in a secret drawer, but all of it disappeared like smoke.


“Oh, there’s no way there isn’t. I need to have it. It must be somewhere.”


I searched my room, thinking that I had put the inhibitor somewhere else, that I had taken it out of my bag in advance, but I couldn’t remember it. I couldn’t find it anywhere.


‘I’m screwed.’


My hands are wet with sweat. The irregular heat cycle was like carrying a time bomb on your back that you don’t know when it would explode.


‘Even if it’s irregular, it seems like there’s not much time left based on the records and physical condition of the cycle.’


If the heat cycle bursts at this time, it would be a disaster. Especially when I’m with five alphas, if there’s a heat cycle… I didn’t even want to imagine what happened after that.


‘I need to be calm.’


I called Secretary Choi for now.


[Hello? Young master? Did something happen?]


“It’s an emergency, Secretary Choi. The medicine…… Only inhibitors disappeared from the items Choi gave me.”




“It’s hard for you to believe, but it’s true. No matter how hard I looked through my room, it didn’t appear.”


[May, maybe it’s somewhere else?]


“……That’s not going to happen.”


Could it be that what Secretary Choi thought it was me? If I were in the living room or kitchen, I would have made any excuse to look for a suppressant.


“It’s a heat cycle inhibitor for recessive omega, but I kept it hidden in my room because I thought no one should see it. I’ve never kept it anywhere else. Not at all.”


[……It’s a real emergency.]


Secretary Choi’s tone became as dark as mine. Secretary Choi, who always buys me inhibitors, was the person who knew best about my irregular heat cycles. There was no need for a long talk.


[As expected, I’d better buy the inhibitors again.]

“Is that alright? Secretary Choi quit his job as my secretary and got a new job. Somewhere, that’s not part of Seong Eun Group.”


Secretary Choi was even helping me by cutting down on his time. Recently, Chairman Seong has been persuading me to hire Secretary Choi again to take care of me, but until then, he was working without pay because he felt sorry for me.


[It’s alright. I don’t like the welfare of this company. I can write my resignation and come back to Seong Eun Group.]


“Uh…… Will Chairman accept it?”


[I think it’s okay because I’ve been taking care of young master since you’re in the countryside….?]


Secretary Choi’s voice trembled with anxiety at the end. He was moving just because of me, and he didn’t seem to be sure if he would be able to come back.


“……If it doesn’t work, I’ll at least pass a message to the chairman. Secretary Choi has been kind to me. It’ll be all right.”


[I will only trust young master. Heh, as expected, your life will unfold if you stand in line well!]


“Why did your attitude change so fast?”


[It’s because I like it!]


I could clearly feel Secretary Choi smiling over my cell phone. Anyway, I was fortunate to be able to help because I received a lot from Secretary Choi. I was fortunate to be able to help him since I received a lot from Secretary Choi. It seems like he’s dating someone, so it’s a bad thing if the food chain is cut off.


[Hoo, then I’ll come back tomorrow with an inhibitor right away. It’s an urgent matter.]


“Yes. Thank you.”


The further away from the city, the more difficult it was to obtain inhibitors. Since Alpha and Omega accounted for a small proportion of the total population, the more beta-populated areas lacked amenities or related to Alpha and Omega.


The elderly living in this rural village at the moment were all beta. Alpha and omega were treated as rare species here. That’s why the gazes on the alpha when planting rice were full of curiosity.


‘In other words, it’s very difficult to get inhibitors for recessive omega at pharmacies around here.’


If you drive around and shop around, you might be able to find a small amount of an inhibitor if you’re lucky. But even that would be a medication for average omegas, and I had to say that there was no product for a recessive omega like me.


However, I couldn’t go to a large hospital and ask for an inhibitor for recessive omega. This proposal was a ridiculous story, and there would be a possibility to get it only after identifying it, but it was too much to hide the trait.


“……I ask you to do it as soon as possible.”


[Of course, young master. I’ll go quickly even if I get a speeding ticket so that the salary Chairman Seong gave me is not a waste.]


Secretary Choi expressed his willingness to pay fines, whether he read the worries and anxiety that I felt at the moment when I couldn’t speak. He was very reliable.


“Just don’t cause an accident.”


[Of course. What do you think of me as? Oh, by the way, should I tell Chairman Seong about this situation?]


“To the Chairman?”


[I thought it would be better to ask for help just in case you don’t know. With his support, I don’t think there will be anything to worry about.]


“Well, then I’ll contact the Chairman. I don’t want Secretary Choi to spark for no reason.”


[Thank you.]


In my house, the thing that would be my weakness disappeared. It would be a furor if he informed Chairman Seong, so it was better for me to do it even if I told him.


“Who stole it?”


Moon Kyung-sik was the first suspect to come to mind, but there was only a conviction and no physical evidence. In addition, it was difficult to invade from the outside because my house strengthened crime prevention after an unpleasant meeting with Moon Kyung-sik.


If someone stole a heat-cycle inhibitor, it was the work of an insider. The reality was very bitter.


‘There are three types of people who can enter my house right now.’


One is me, the landlord. And the original guest family—four gongs and Seo Eun-soo. The rest were the uncles and aunties that Secretary Choi hired for me.


Baek Do-jun, Yoo Yi-seo, Joo Tae-kang, and Chae Yoon-chan, who worked hard on the original work, had to be excluded from the list of suspects because they didn’t know I was a recessive omega. Unless they thought a beta would have inhibitors.


‘It’s not Seo Eun-soo. Seo Eun-soo also has no idea that I’m a recessive omega.’


I marked the categories of the original characters written on the notebook. 


I’m not the one of course. So all that remains is the employees.


‘I’d like to believe it’s not…….’


No one will steal inhibitors from my room without taking them in. It may not be all of the employees, but the feeling that the trust and affection built during the time we had a good relationship collapsed in an instant made me depressed.


Who stole my medicine?


Who used the trick to get me in trouble?


“I have a headache.”


In the midst of a rush of headaches, I turned on my computer and searched the Internet to see if inhibitors could be ordered, but to no avail. This was due to a terrible rumor that people taking inhibitors for alpha or omega could express themselves like them. Inhibitors were only available through pharmacies. It was like a piece of cake.


“Pharmaceuticals are not used to satisfy strange fantasies! Oh, really! Who knew living as an omega would be so frustrating!”


In the end, there was an indelible anger. I pounded the fluffy animal cushions on the bed. My anger was still not resolved, so I buried my face in it and cried my eyes out.




General, who watched me act crazy, whined.I was becoming more and more sensitive, but I didn’t want to be a piece of trash that got angry at general, so I just muttered while crying.


“General, sniffs. Dad is okay…….”




General seemed reluctant to believe me, so I looked at the cushion, wondering if I had done anything wrong.




The cushion happened to be in the shape of a dog. It was also a white dog that looked like general.




“Oh, no. General, I’m not mad at you. I, I’m mad at myself. So don’t be scared.”




“I’m sorry. Dad did everything wrong.”




Only then did general feel relieved when I wiped off the tear marks and removed the puppy-shaped cushion that had been squeezed like a sandbag.


As I tried to pat general, my anger slowly subsided, but the anxiety about who might have stolen my inhibitors continued to haunt me.


“Who would have done that…….”


As I was muttering gloomily, general fell out of my arms and put his head in his chest. Then he brought something that was hidden there.



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