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What General brought out from his hiding place were a couple of yakgwa, a knotted-bone shaped chew that appeared to be a dog snack, and a piece of torn cloth.


‘This isn’t the snack I gave him?’


Holding the knott-bone shaped dog chew, I frowned. I mainly fed General handmade beef jerky. Even if I gave him dog chew, I had never bought anything like this.


I was the only one who bought snacks for him and gave them to him. 


The gongs didn’t go near him because they hated General, and Seo Eun-soo was recently staying away. Employees like general, but they didn’t stay close to him. They were satisfied with just patting him often.






“Do you know who gave it to you?”




Instead of answering, General barked brightly. He tilted his head to a piece of cloth and sniffed it. Then he wagged his tail as if to follow him.




“Okay. Let’s go together.”


I followed General without delay. He didn’t even need a lead rope like he used to when he was out for a walk. Soon after, general followed the trail of the person who had given him a bone-shaped dog chew.




“Oh, young master. Are you hungry? Do you want some snacks?”




I clenched the piece of cloth in my hand. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise, but the feeling of relief was greater than the feeling of betrayal.


At least the men and ladies hired by Secretary Choi did not betray me. That was truly a relief.


“Mrs. Kim.”




“Did you leave this for General to eat?”


“Oh, yes. I brought him as a gift because he’s so pretty and cute. Was it something that couldn’t happen?”


“No. That’s not it…”


Mrs. Kim tilted her head. A fleeting thought crossed my mind that I might have made a mistake, but I ignored it. General is a dog. It was clear that this person, who he found with my dog’s sense of smell, was the culprit who had stolen my suppressant.


“This is a piece of cloth that was ripped from your clothes, right?”


When I held out a piece of light yellow cloth, Mrs. Kim’s expression froze, even though it was only for a moment. I didn’t miss the change in expression. That’s because, out of all the people who came in and out of my house yesterday, the only one who wore clothes of this color was Mrs. Kim.


“I don’t… I don’t know.”


“Ma’am, please be honest with me, even if I saw Mrs. Kim. I don’t know what to do with you right now.”


This lady was the wife of Mr. Kim, whom I received a lot of help from when I saved the general and when farming.


Although she was not an employee, she got along well with the other employees, so at some point, when the ladies felt that the work was a bit overwhelming, they called her in and occasionally worked with her. I, too, had seen Ms. Kim helping cook food in the kitchen with her hired ladies.


‘The ladies liked her and said that she was a really genuine person because she would help without getting any money…’


My heart ached. Was Mr. Kim also involved in the incident? What motivated him to do such a thing?


“I… I really don’t know.”


“I have no idea why you’re saying that you don’t know. I only asked if the piece of cloth belonged to you, but why did you turn so pale as if you had seen a ghost?”


“That, that.”


It was Mrs. Kim who was trying to pick up a slip of the tongue late, but it was too late. I stared at Mrs. Kim with a cool look.


“……you stole it, didn’t you? The medicine in the bag.”


“I, I didn’t!”


The yakgwa that General hid was a snack that I had never asked for.


I used to go down to the kitchen to find what I wanted when my mouth was bored, but when I couldn’t be bothered to go out of the room, I asked the ladies. Things like hot chocolate, sweetened drinks, or crispy gangjeong.


‘But I never asked for snacks yesterday.’


It was right that I bought yakgwa because I wanted to eat it. But I never asked for it yesterday. It was because the heat cycle inhibitor was in my room, and there were many snacks I wanted to eat in the bag that Secretary Choi brought me.


Yesterday, the only time I left my bag containing inhibitors was when I was farming and when I took General for a walk. Judging from the fact that there were pieces of fabric left that would have been torn from my clothes, it seemed that she came into my room when I was farming.


‘At that time, maybe Mrs. Kim took the yakgwa with her, saying she heard me asking her to bring some snacks.’


Even though she had left her tail behind for General.

“I feel wronged!”


“Is it so? But why does General have a piece of the lady’s clothes?”


“When I was giving snacks to general, I made a little joke as if I wasn’t going to give him some. I guess he got angry since I remember ripping the hem of my clothes right after that. I’m glad I didn’t get bitten…..”


“Don’t lie. General is not a kid who will threaten people just because someone doesn’t give him snacks.”


Mrs. Kim’s excuse made me angry. General was a gentle dog who didn’t show his teeth except for the people whom he thought would harm me, such as the gongs and Moon Kyung-sik. He liked the employees just fine.


General liked to be loved by those who liked him, being endlessly cute to those who liked him.


“But what? The general almost bit you?”


It’s not like the gons all packed their bags and ran away at night, saying they were sorry. I can’t believe she brought up General as a excuse.




General looked at me with moist eyes as if he felt aggrieved. I stroked General’s white fur to reassure him.


“It’s all right, General. Trust you.”




“You purposely hid the evidence in your breath to show me, right? Oh, be nice.”




It was General who regained his energy. On the contrary,Mrs. Kim’s expression became more distorted.


“How can you trust a dog more than a person’s word?!”


“Be careful what you say, ma’am. I have no intention of putting up with anyone who touches what is mine.”


“What. What are you going to do if I don’t hold back? You don’t have any evidence other than this.”


It was like shouting that she was the culprit for her to come forward so brazenly. I sighed and clapped my hands.


“Come in, everyone.”




All the employees working at my house and the five alphas gathered. Mr. Kim came next to me with a miserable look.


“Honey, stop it. There are people who saw you go up with the yakgwa yesterday, while saying that it was what the young master had ordered you to do so.”


“That’s, that’s impossible.”


“Stop saying you didn’t do it. I don’t understand why you stole. Why on earth did you do that?”


Two ladies working in the kitchen raised their voices at Mrs. Kim’s words.


“I believed you were a genuine person, but do you know how surprised I was when I was told you did that?”


“It’s also our fault. I should have been careful when young master told me to strengthen the security to prevent outsiders from coming in. And this happens…”


“I’m sorry, young master.”


The kitchen ladies asked me for forgiveness. It wasn’t a mistake, so I nodded.


“Putting that aside, Mrs. Kim, where are the medicines you’ve hidden? Tell me that first. I have no intention of increasing my work.”


“I really don’t know.”


I narrowed my eyes.


“Ma’am, even if I live in a remote country house like this, you do know that I am still the youngest grandson of Seong Eun Group and Chairman Seong’s cherished blood relative, don’t you?”


‘Let me borrow your name for a moment, Chairman Seong.’


There was only one reason why I had to mention Seong Eun Group. It was because I couldn’t feel any fear of me in the lady’s eyes.


“Are you ignoring the inhibitors?”


‘Did she ignore it after seeing the inhibitor?’


Realizing that I am a recessive omega, the abandoned third-generation chaebol. I guess she was imagining something along the way. It was unfortunate for that lady, but that definitely was not the case.


“… are?”


“Yes. Who do you think bought this house and land in the first place?”


In my words, Mrs. Kim’s face turned stony. As I thought, my prediction was correct.


“……I don’t have it.”


Had she given up denying her accusation? Mrs. Kim murmured and confessed. Mr. Kim’s expression was even more crumpled.


“Then who has it?”


“Please forgive me, young master. I’ll tell you if you promise me that.”


The desperate lady seemed to know that all she had to do was avoid this situation. I whispered in her ear to destroy that hope.


“As long as you know what trait I’m born with, you can’t get out of the grip of Seong Eun Group. In short, you better say who’s behind it.”


For how many years has Seong Eun Group claimed that I am a beta, not an omega? There was no way they would let go of someone like this. 


Mrs. Kim replied with shaking hands.


“Moon Kyung-sik… He paid me and asked me to do it. He…he said it would be okay because you were abandoned and turned away by your family… And he could make sure you take care of your part with it.”


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