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It seemed as if Baek Do-jun, who had always been gentle, was going to grab him by the collar, so the employee was shocked and took a step back. Yet, he couldn’t go against Chan-young’s words to send them out.


“We don’t know either, but we’re just following his word.”


“How annoyingly vague…”


Baek Do-jun’s eyes became increasingly fierce. Seeing him revealing his true feelings, Seo Eun-soo elbowed Yoo Yi-seo in the side.


“Aren’t you going to stop him?”


“He’s fine. He may be angry, but he’s not in that state to be reined in. He’s good enough.”


“That one?”


“Once a real alpha gets angry, there’s no way to stop him.”


Baek Do-jun did not lose his temper. If he had lost his temper, he would have immediately pushed away all the beta employees who were blocking him and run to Seong Chan-young’s house.


There was only one reason not to do so.


‘Because they are the people Seong Chan-young cares about.’


Baek Do-jun, Chae Yoon-chan, Joo Tae-kang, Yoo Yi-seo, and Seo Eun-soo all remained in this house for only one thing in common.


With the sole intention of being attracted to Seong Chan-young.


So they couldn’t be careless with the people Seong Chan-young cared about right now. Even if they tried to send them away, claiming that it was Seong Chan-young’s words.


“I can’t go away like this. At the very least, we need to hear the reason for why this is happening.”


“I can’t tell you that.”


“Why? Is that also Seong Chan-young’s order?”


“…’re right.”


Mr. Kim did not forget what Chan-young had told him just before he lost consciousness while lying on the bed.


—Never mention anything unpleasant that happened at home. Never!


‘It looks like he’s in a lot of pain, but since he didn’t let me ask why, there’s nothing I can do……’


Mr. Kim and the other employees were equally frustrated. All they said was that those alphas should not be brought in until Secretary Choi comes. Questions and concerns arose at the same time.


“We really don’t know. Since it is the young master’s word, I will carry it out. So please leave quickly.”


“If we leave, what are you going to do to secure this house? You probably don’t know that there are people around here who threaten Seong Chan-young.”


Yoo Yi-seo’s words reminded everyone of one person. Moon Kyung-sik, that strange alpha.


“That…..We will do our best to stop it. Secretary Choi said he would also come tomorrow.”


“No matter how many betas there are, can they stop the Alphas who have a threatening attitude?”


“That…..When you first came, we kicked you out with tools.”


“That’s… That was that!”


‘Because Seong Chan-young was there at that time.’


When they saw Seong Chan-young standing strong like a gatekeeper, they thought they couldn’t do it. They would have been able to push him away with the strength of the alphas, but they didn’t think they could break his stubbornness.


“Anyway, it’s dangerous. Especially if something happened to Seong Chan-young and he was locked away.”


‘Plus, the timing is perfect.’


That was Yoo Yi-seo’s worry. It was only yesterday that he felt anxious when he felt Chan-young’s gaze on him.


But today, he drove them out of the house and was left alone…..


‘If this happens, I don’t know what that person named Moon Kyung-sik will do to Seong Chan-young.’


When he had an unpleasant encounter with Moon Kyung-sik, Yoo Yi-seo recognized that he was a twisted person at a glance. Having lived an unusual childhood, he immediately sensed that Moon Kyung-sik was suffering from a lack of affection.


What was strange was that he was extremely jealous of Seong Chan-young, whom he had never met. Even so he couldn’t understand it as much as him giving a love-sick look to the alphas despit being an alpha himself.


‘It was the expression of someone who had nothing to lose.’


Yoo Yi-seo was most wary of that type of person. A person who ran out of things to protect and had nothing to lose could easily fall into madness.


Just like his stepmother, who had tormented him to death, she also tried to kill Yoo Yi-seo when she lost her beloved son and had no reason to live.


—You…… You should have died. You should have died instead of my son.


“I understand that you are employees and that you are in a position to follow Seong Chan-young’s orders. But I can’t ignore him when he could be in danger.”


These people don’t know what kind of strength the crazy alpha can produce. Yoo Yi-seo’s brain kept giving out the warning signal. That he should never leave.


“But then what should we do? Young master really earnestly asked you to leave for a while…”


One of the ladies in charge of the kitchen was in tears. It was because she was very worried about the master, who treated her so warmly as if he were her own child.


“Hey, Mrs. Park! The young master told you not to talk nonsense!”


“But he clearly looked sick, and some bastard might attack the young master!”


“Yes, you bastard!”


Other ladies also murmured and took Mrs. Park’s side. Seong Chan-young was already like a grandchild to them.


“Aren’t you worried, Mr. Kim? We just heard that he could be in danger!”


“Why would I be not worried about him……! It’s young master Chan-young!”


Mr. Kim, who had already reached menopause, began to have red eyes. He also regarded Chan-young as his grandchild.


The sound of sobbing filled the rice fields. The alphas were not the ones to miss this opportunity.


“So, how about leaving it to us?”


The moment Chae Yoon-chan said it, Joo Tae-kang quickly took over the baton.


“What will Seong Chan-young say later…… No, even if he get angry, shouldn’t we blame it all on ourselves? When did we listen carefully to Seong Chan-young? Really, no….. I’m not even a worker.”


I’ve been listening to it a lot lately, but there was no alpha here to point it out.


In a situation where everyone was already clinging to Seong Chan-young like a half-farming slave, the shaken employees asked.


“Well, is that okay……?”


“Why can’t you? It’s an emergency. Do you want to see your little boy go over the wall and take the precious young master?”


Moon Kyung-sik was the prime suspect, but no one knew whether he would capture Seong Chan-young or not. However, the mood of determination that caught the tide once prevented such questions from being asked.


“Of course not!”


“Right? Then let’s leave it to us. We’ll take the responsibility.”


Baek Do-jun, Yoo Yi-seo, Joo Tae-kang, and Chae Yoon-chan. Although these four alphas are now humble workers, they originally held the title of general manager of a well-known company.


In other words, as there were four responsible leader-type alphas, they knew that employees will fall for the pressure and charisma.


‘Listening to these people, I think this is the way for the young master.’


The top priority for them was ‘Sung Chan-young’s happiness and safety.’ Even just to prepare for an emergency, the alphas’ persuasion made sense.


Seo Eun-soo’s persuasion also spurred this.


“Uncles, aunties. I also don’t want to leave Chanyoung’s side. In a situation where a dangerous person could appear, how could I leave Chanyoung behind and go out for some fresh air? You won’t feel at ease the whole time…”




These were watery words from Seo Eun-soo, who was considered like another grandchild after Sung Chan-young. They just couldn’t win against him.


The employees who received the last shot could no longer be stubborn.


“Well, then… I beg you.”


The alphas persuaded the employees to abandon the order. Baek Do-jun refused to accept the car key that he had dropped on the paddy field and returned it himself.


If I heard Chan-young wandering in a nightmare, I would rather not wake up.


“Don’t worry. We’ll figure it out on our own, even if we hear resentment and criticism.”


“Tell him that we forced him to do it. Well… He told us nonsense to go out first, but that’s something you can ask and judge.”


At the words of Baek Do-jun and Chae Yoon-chan, the employees returned to the house with confidence.


‘What on earth made you want to kick us out, Seong Chan-young?’


‘If you’re sick, you go to the hospital and get treated with injections and medicine.’


‘I thought you were healthy, but if you’ve become weak again, I’ll have to contact Chairman Seong privately.’


Everyone was going to argue with Seong Chan-young in their own way.


That was until they entered the house.




Baek Do-jun, who stood in front and stepped on the front door, slowly turned his head. This was the same for other alphas.


“……what is this?”


“What, the smell is so awful….?”


“This… I guess.”


“Pheromone? Omega pheromone on top of that?”


The sweet peach scent that covers the whole house. It was a pheromone that Seong Chan-young had as a recessive omega.

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