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“Why is the smell of omega pheromones wafting through the house…?”


The five alphas were on the verge of losing their senses from the sweet, tempting scent. The scent, reminiscent of peaches with a high sugar content soaked in honey or sugar, whetted their appetite. The focus of the five became slightly dazed.


‘Who is the owner of this pheromone?’


But the moment they thought about it, everyone suddenly came to their senses, as if a spell had been lifted.


‘…..Why am I thinking about Seong Chan-young?’


‘Is there an omega living around here other than Moon Kyung-sik? The smell is really strong.’


No matter how sweet the scent was, it couldn’t take priority over the person they liked.


The five alphas, who suppressed the beastly desire to find the owner of this pheromone, soon stood in front of Chan-young’s visit.


Seo Eun-soo, who was considered the closest, knocked on the visit of Seong Chan-young.


“Chan-young, are you inside?”




No answer was heard. Either it was rejected, or Chan-young fainted again.


‘I can feel the strange, irregular breathing sound.’


Seo Eun-soo thanked himself for being an extreme dominant alpha. The sensitive hearing of catching even a small sound was indicating that Seong Chan-young was asleep.


The locked door rattled. There was no sign of opening. Seo Eun-soo was upset that Chan-young seemed to be really suffering alone as the emloyees said.


‘I don’t know what burden you’re carrying, but couldn’t you have leaned on me at least once?’


It was the same idea that other alphas thought. They felt sorry and hated Seong Chan-young for trying to solve everything by himself.


Since it all stemmed from their fondness for him, they had limited themselves to mild complaints so far, but they couldn’t get over it this time.


“…but it’s really weird.”


“In Seong Chan-young’s room… I can smell the pheromone. I think the smell is coming from there.”


“No way…”


“Is it possible that Seong Chan-young is dating an omega…! Ack! Why are you hitting me?”


Baek Do-jun flicked Chae Yoon-chan’s forehead with his finger when his guess was totally off the mark.


“That’s not it.”


“Then what is it?”


“…I can’t tell you.”


‘It’s a big deal.’


Baek Do-jun broke out in a cold sweat. 


When Seong Chan-young told him that he would bite all the alphas, he didn’t believe it. The moment Baek Do-jun smelled the pheromone, he could understand why Chan-young had told all the alphas to leave.


‘It was because of the heat cycle, the heat cycle.’


The scent of concentrated pheromones, which seemed to pour sweetness in an endless stream, was undoubtedly something that could only flow out during the heat cycle.


Baek Do-jun, the only person who knew that Seong Chan-young was actually a recessive omega, was in a difficult situation.


‘What happened? I’m sure he would have gone over the cycle by taking inhibitors every time the hit cycle came…’


Seong Chan-young was the youngest member of Seong Eun Group, even though he was living in the countryside. Inhibitors were never unavailable.


‘No way… are the inhibitors gone?’


Baek Do-jun remembered Secretary Choi, who came a few days ago. He was in charge of supplying supplies to Seong Chan-young. Heat cycle inhibitors for recessive omega must have been among them.


‘But the crazy situation right now… must mean that the inhibitor was lost or stolen.’


Baek Do-joon quickly deduced the circumstances that Chan-young tried to hide after struggling to do so, with only a few clues. And he also recalled the most likely suspect behind it.


‘Moon Kyung-sik… Is it his doing?’


If so, it was unforgivable. Even setting aside the issue that Baek Do-jun and the other alphas were also attracted to Seog Chan-young, this was a clear crime. Inducing or neglecting the estrus of an alpha or omega to achieve sexual union was a dirty practice only done by unscrupulous people who were subhuman.


Baek Do-jun sighed because he couldn’t shake off his complicated head, and Chae Yoon-chan looked at him suspiciously.


“What? Why can’t you say it? Baek Do-jun. Do you know the reason? Why Seong Chan-young locked itself in the room, locking the door like that. And why the omega pheromones are coming from that room.”


“Really? Do you mean it? Baek Do-jun?”


Joo Tae-kang also reacted to Chae Yoon-chan’s remarks. Yoo Yi-seo and Seo Eun-soo could not be overlooked.


“……What does that mean? Baek Do-jun? Do you know anything as his ex-fiancé?”


“…Chanyoung’s ex-fiancé? Baek Do-jun? I think I need an explanation.”


Even the employees didn’t know about the situation, so they wanted Baek Do-jun to tell them what he knew.


“If you know what’s wrong with him, please tell me. I beg you.”


“It’s… ha. It’s something he would never want to reveal.”




At Baek Do-jun’s words, Yoo Yi-seo blinked. He seemed to have realized something.


‘He’s quick-witted. If he’s already caught on, the whole world will soon know.’


He felt like he’d already been caught. The true traits that Seong Chan-young, and Seong Eun Group tried to hide.


‘And most of all… we can’t let Seong Chan-young go through a heat cycle for the first time in a long time without inhibitors.’


Although repeated research results have led to the development of an inhibitor with almost no aftereffects, it was very painful for an alpha or omega who had suppressed heat cycle for a long time through an inhibitor to go through the cycle without medication or a partner.


In Chanyoung’s case, there was a high possibility that he continued to take inhibitors after the first unexpected heat cycle, which was when his final trait was revealed. No, it was safe to say he was certain. Seong Chan-young’s hurt pride wouldn’t allow it, and Seong Eun Group wouldn’t reveal him as a recessive omega, so he hid as a beta.


‘In order to save Chan-young from the pain of the heat cycle, we have to let them know.’


The closed door was solid. To open it, he had to tell Chan-young’s secret.


Even if he heard all kinds of resentments from Chan-young later, his safety was more important now.


“……This is a long stroy, but I’ll get straight to the point.”


“Everyone listen carefully and watch your mouth. You can’t tell this to anyone and anywhere.”


“What is it? The reason why the young master is like that…”


“Seong Chan-young… He’s not a beta, he’s an omega.”




“He’s a recessive omega, on top of that.”




Everyone was stunned, their mouths wide open. Yoo Yi-seo nodded as if he had guessed, but he also had to calm down when the truth was revealed.


“That’s the reason why he wanted to kick us out. We’re alphas. Chan-young doesn’t have any inhibitors right now, so… Maybe he didn’t want to look like a beast trying to satisfy his needs. He must have thought it best to lock the door because he didn’t want to see himself like that.”


“Oh, my god. Open the door right now. No, open it! It’s too much pain to endure without inhibitors.”


Chae Yoon-chan, who was confused, heard that Chan-young was suffering and insisted that the door be broken down immediately. At those words, Mr. Kim hurriedly ran to the warehouse, saying he would bring a tool box.


“I’m going to break it. But… I’m worried if we’re going to hit Chan-young in there.”


“We’re not barbarians!”


“Yes, but you know how sweet Chanyoung’s pheromone was. We all felt it.”


“…..I, I can bear it.”


“It’s a pheromone that’s so strong that it makes you lose your mind and drool. Can’t you see why Chan-young wants us to stay away for a while? It’s because we can’t guarantee ourselves.”


“Fuck, what do you want me to do,then?”


Yoo Yi-seo stepped in to calm the two angry people.


“Let’s stop. Isn’t the safety of Seong Chan-young the most urgent priority at the moment? We need to find a solution.”


“…what should I do? Is there any other way but to open the door and take him to the hospital?”


“Looking at the situation, someone must have stolen Seong Chan-young’s inhibitor. Then shouldn’t we find the inhibitor?”


The eyes of other employees became surprised by Yoo Yi-seo’s words. So surprised, they confessed that Mr.Kim’s wife stole all of the young master’s medicine.


“I didn’t know it was an inhibitor.”


“We found the culprit, but the medicine had already disappeared. If there had been one pill, the master would not have been in pain over there…”


Yoo Yi-seo only frowned slightly at their lamentable words.


“Hmm. I really don’t think they would have handed it all over to the real criminal without leaving a single hair behind.”


“……what do you mean?”


“No one in this house knew that it was a heat cycle inhibitor for recessive omegas. There is a high probability that only the real culprit who bought Mrs. Kim knew the identity of the drug.”


“What are you trying to say?”


“Use your brain well. Chae Yoon-chan. Kim’s wife was so obsessed with money that she joined in stealing drugs.”


“…Oh, by any chance?”


“Didn’t they say that she thought Seong Chan-young was a young master of a abandoned chaebol’s house. Even if a rich person goes bankrupt, it lasts for three generations. I’m sure she thought that the medicine he’s taking was an expensive one.”


‘She probably mistakenly thought it was made from precious medicinal ingredients.’


It would have been a waste to hand over everything. It would have been nothing strange if she stole just one thing or just a small amount and handed over the rest to the mastermind who ordered the crime. Where would a petty thief go.


“I, I, here, here! My wife, who was the culprit, gave me medicine to help him! It’s just one pill though……”


“Yes, like that.”


Mr. Kim, who went down to the warehouse just in time, brought a pill. A red pill. They were correct about the omega inhibitors.


“Let’s feed him quickly. Even if the heat cycle has already started, it will soon settle down as long as he is fed.”


‘Of course I’m not confident that we won’t attack him.’


It was a pheromone that was hard to resist for an recessive omega. It was a scent so captivating that even Yoo Yi-seo was seduced for a moment. They weren’t confident.


But they  couldn’t let Sung Chan-young suffer alone.


“Let’s do it. If any of us going to flip our eyes and rush to Seong Chan-young, we can knock them out.”


They all burst into laughter at Joo Tae-kang’s simple and clear answer.


“Okay. Let’s do it.”


Seo Eun-soo agreed. Thus, the five alpha men agreed to knock down the head and stun each other if any of them showed any strange signs toward Seong Chan-young and opened the door.


‘The smell of pheromone… It’s going to be a big problem if it gets too close.’


The sweet peach scent peaked when the door was opened. They could see Seong Chan-young stretched over the bed. The five alphas were distressed because they felt like they knew what the wet moisture seeped over the sheets or blankets was. They wanted to get on the bed right away, so they had to pinch their thighs and slap themselves in the face to resist.


“Seong Chan-young, are you okay? Fortunately, I have an inhibitor, so you have to take it quickly.”


When Seo Eun-soo patiently pulled out the blanket to Chan-young, who was covered in the blanket, they were horrified.


“Handprints on his neck…”


Chan-young’s neck clearly revealed the blue handprints.


This time, all of them could see, the black and blue bruises.


“Help me…”


And Chan-young, who was still unconscious and struggling in pain.

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