D Minus Chapter 17

Author: nicotine

Jonghwa thought it would get better with some practice. Hajin’s embarrassment disappeared due to Jonghwa’s brazen attitude, snorted and shook his head, but Jonghwa completely ignored it and came closer again. A large palm gently covered both cheeks but not the back of Hajin’s head this time. The warm body temperature that touched Hajin’s face melted his nervousness.

Jonghwa made eye contact with Hajin for a moment before sticking their lips together. The light brown eyes that seemed to contain stars shook Ha-jin’s heart. Hajin’s heart, which had calmed down, began to beat like crazy again. While Hajin’s eyelids trembled, he forgot to blink, Jonghwa closed his eyes and kissed him.


Hajin was gradually out of breath. It was a much softer and more cautious kiss compared to the first, though still awkward. Their tangled tongues still couldn’t decide the direction, but that alone was enough for their bodies to heat up. Hajin shivered and grabbed onto Jong-hwa’s forearm unconsciously.

“Why? You can’t breathe?”

“……No, it’s not that.”

Jonghwa’s lips glistened with saliva. It was disgraceful to be so heated by an unskilled kiss. Hajin shook his head slowly and slightly lowered his gaze and checked Jong-hwa’s bottom. His pants were so tight that it was evident that he seemed to be quite excited. Jonghwa lowered his head following Hajin’s gaze and touched his mouth as if it were not a big deal.

“I told you. My heart beats fast when I see you.”

“Wait. I’ll relieve myself.”

Jonghwa was very good at talking nonsense. He jumped up without thinking of covering his large-scale erected genitals and strode out of the room. Hajin’s cheeks turned red like burning sweet potatoes and blinked as he looked at the back of his head before hurriedly opening his mouth.



“Come here.”

“What…You are calling me as if I am your dog.”

“Come on…”

“Wait a minute. I feel like I’m going to burst.”

“…I feel the same so please come.”

Hajin’s voice grew smaller and smaller. Jonghwa burst open the bathroom door as if he hadn’t heard Hajin’s calls. Hajin sighed softly and eventually screamed.

“My dicks feels like it’s going to burst too so come here, I said.”


Only then did Jong-hwa turn around. It was ridiculous to see his genitals standing under his pants creating a tent, but Hajin didn’t laugh because he wasn’t in a situation to judge others. Hajin’s genitals were slowly heating up as well. Hajin covered his bulge by propping his knees up, closing his eyes, and then continued to talk.



Before I knew it, I could hear Jonghwa’s voice right next to me. My body shivered as if static electricity was rising from my lower body. Hajin opened his eyes to glance at him furtively before holding Jonghwa’s hand tightly next to the bed.

“Do you want to sleep with me?”


It was difficult to say, but Jonghwa answered without any hem and haw. It was such a moment when I was embarrassed by myself. Perhaps abashed, Jonghwa took off her pants with a quick gesture. While Hajin, embarrassed by the unexpected response, opened his mouth and steadily took off his T-shirt.

“…It’s as if…you’ve been waiting…”

“I feel like my dick’s going to burst.”

Jonghwa’s neck, which I saw up close, was very red. He came up to the bed grabbed Hajin’s pants and dragged them down straight away. Thanks to the lack of sun exposure, Hajin’s pale skin was revealed. Jonghwa stopped without blinking as if he were admiring Hajin’s body.



“Do you know how to do it?”

“What? Sex?”

Hajin asked first, but he was speechless because he answered so plainly. Jonghwa ripped off Hajin’s top and sighed gravely. Hajin became naked and was left only in his underwear, as he covered his nipples with his hands.

“Well…we can just do it.”

“You’ve never done it.”

“I can do it now.”

“You don’t know how to do it so how can…!”

Hajin asked as if curious but he suddenly threw his head back and groaned. It was because Jonghwa wrinkled his forehead as if he didn’t want to hear anymore, and snaked his hand into his underwear. He spread the liquid flowing from the tip of his genitals on his palm before lowering the brief to his feet as if it were cumbersome. Hajin’s prick became harder as Jonghwa’s coated palm rubbed him off.


As it was his first time, Jong-hwa’s touch was very awkward. When he grabbed Hajin’s genitals and moved his hand up and down, precum poured out of the split flesh. Jonghwa came up on top of his dry body and kissed Hajin, who was holding back his moans as the latter continued to thumb his hardened tip. Hajin’s pale skin trembled.

“Wait…Wait a minute…”

Even though it hurt from being rubbed by Jonghwa’s rough hands, when his soaked palm swept down from the pillar to the testicle, Hajin’s eyes immediately popped out. Hajin raised his knees and pressed Jong-hwa’s thighs. Jonghwa, who still felt awkward kissing him, slicked a lot of saliva on Hajin’s lips like he was licking them.

“Ha, ha, ha…!”

Hajin moaned with his eyes closed because he couldn’t resist the shamefulness he felt and raised his head. It was because Jonghwa put his dick inside his mouth without saying a word.

“Don’t, don’t…!!”

The words didn’t come out right. Hajin’s head tilted back on its own. Jonghwa completely ignored Hajin who was tearing his hair and sucked hard enough to make his cheek dent. He held the soft glans with my saliva-stained lips and sucked it in with a popping sound, and Hajin let out a breathless moan.

“Ha, Mmh…”

The hand that was pulling his hair completely lost its strength. Hajin put her hand on Jonghwa’s head and moaned so frantically that it made his throat hoarse. Jonghwa, who had pushed his cock to the hilt as if he were going to swallow it, popped it back once and laughed mischievously, then tilted his head down and grabbed his testicles into her mouth. Hajin’s eyes moved up as if he was going to come.


One of the testicles, which had swollen up, was put into Jong-hwa’s mouth. He mouthed it like candy, caressing his soft skin. He didn’t forget to rub his glans with his thumb. Hajin’s hips floated in the air. His thighs twitched wildly and goosebumps ran down his back.


Even the moaning became quieter. It was just before the climax. Hajin, who tilted his head back enough to make her moans stand out, gnashed his teeth. His thighs pressed Jonghwa’s head tightly, while unconsciously raising his lower body. His whole body tickled and static electricity rose from his toes to his head.

Jonghwa, who also had saliva all over his cheek, grinned, swallowed his cock again, and started sucking it in earnest. He covered the glans with his lips, applied it with force, and inserted it into the tip of the mouth. There was a muddy sound as more and more precum and saliva mixed.


The hair all over his body stood on end and goosebumps. It was the first time in my life that he was ejaculated by someone else. Holding his butt in the air, he thrust his penis into Jong-hwa’s throat and squirted semen. There was no time to feel embarrassed or ashamed that he had ejaculated in his mouth. Goosebumps stretched from the nape to his ears, and his shoulders trembled.


It wasn’t long before Hajin came back to my senses. Jong-hwa, who swallowed Hajin’s semen, took out his genitals while kneeling on the bed. As soon as he came out of the briefs, his bulging genitals stood up at a right angle and stuck right under his navel.

Looking straight at Hajin’s face, who was drowsy from the afterglow of the circumstances, Jonghwa grabbed his prick and started shaking it. Embarrassed Hajin got up belatedly, but he shook his head and restrained him.

“Ha, fuck…”

Jonghwa’s hands moved faster and faster. Hajin didn’t know what to do. The gentle trembling in his thighs hadn’t completely stopped, but looking down at Jonghwa masturbating made his spine throb again. Hajin struggled breathlessly and only watched him as his eyes gradually loosened.

Jonghwa, who narrowed his forehead and exhaled hot breath while masturbating, tilted his head back and ejaculated. Cloudy semen spilled from his glans and landed on Ha-jin’s stomach and thighs.

“Why? Why are you doing it alone?”

Hajin was able to fully come to his senses only after his act was over. Feeling apologetic for nothing, he asked in a mumbling voice, but Jonghwa did not answer. The muscles under his chin stood firm as he gritted his teeth.

“You’re sick, what else can you do?”

“… ”

Jonghwa let out a few more deep breaths and fell on Hajin. His size made it difficult for him to breathe, but he didn’t bother to show it. The fishy smell of his semen stung his nose, and his heart beat fast without even noticing. A laugh echoed from Jonghwa, who placed his forehead on Hajin’s chest.

“Your heart beats so fast.”

“… … Because I just ejaculated.”

“Is that why you’re heart is beating?”

“… Of course.”

The answers got smaller and smaller. Hajin’s heart was beating so loud that he almost stopped breathing. Jonghwa smiled once again as he pressed his forehead against Hajin’s heart.



“I think I like you.”


“Isn’t this what liking someone is like?”

Jonghwa closed his mouth at the end of the ambiguous question. In an instant, silence fell over the room. Hajin’s chest, which had been rising and falling a lot, gradually calmed down, and when Jonghwa, who had been exhaling wildly in his chest, also calmed down, Hajin carefully opened his mouth.


“This is not liking someone.”

“…Then what is it?”

“You will find someone you really like. You can ask him then.”

“It’s not me who you like.”

“Why is it not you?”

“This is not liking someone.”


“You will really love someone, Jonghwa…”

“…Someone who is not me.”

For no reason, his voice was sad. Jonghwa did not answer further.

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