D Minus Chapter 19

Author: nicotine

There were no such things as miracles. Even if Hajin pretended to be okay, he couldn’t really be okay. As the days went by, Hajin’s condition worsened, and there was no way to overcome it.

“I bought you something to eat.”

Jonghwa, who had been out for the first time in a long time, returned after three days and held out a white plastic bag with a hamburger on it. It was an American-style handmade burger that was first launched in Korea a while ago.

“I waited for two hours because they said it was so fucking delicious. So many fucking people, fuck. Just to eat a hamburger.”

There is no way that the hamburger he bought in Seoul would remain warm. Hajin smiled as he unwrapped the hardened hamburger. For three days without him, he didn’t want to be found out that he hadn’t eaten a full meal and felt sick.

“Eat it. See how good it is.”

“Thank you.”

Jonghwa stared at him with sparkles in his eyes. The fact that he waited in line for two hours to buy it, Hajin couldn’t bear to ignore his sincerity. Hajin smiled and bit into the thick hamburger.



“What can you taste if you only took a bite of the bread? Eat up some more.”

Jonghwa urged as he shook his leg. Hajin kicked him in the shin with his feet. He warned him not to shake his leg, and the latter immediately calmed down as if he understood.

“The meat was so fucking good so I told them to add whatever they had.”

“No wonder…”

Hajin thought the burger was too big, but when he looked closely, there were three thick patties in it. Anything in moderation is delicious, but Jonghwa didn’t have moderation. Hajin laughed and opened his mouth again. The moment the sesame-studded bread touched his upper teeth, the smell of meat stung his nose.

“Why? Not good?”

He felt nauseous for a moment, but he desperately endured it. Hajin didn’t want to see Jonghwa disappointed. He wanted to enjoy the hamburger he bought for me. Hajin, who had bitten her lips so hard that they turned white, smiled and shook her head.

“No. Too big.”

“Well…Want to cut it up?”


Hajin felt like he was going to cry again. He wasn’t the type of person to cry so much. While Jonghwa went to get the knife, Hajin hurriedly wiped his tears with the sleeve of his clothes.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Thank you.”

Jonghwa, who brought scissors instead of a knife, hacked the hamburger to pieces. There was so much stuffing so it was impossible to have it properly in the first place. Hajin covered his rumbling stomach with the palm of his hand as if suffering from motion sickness and forced his mouth open. He stuffed in the meat which smelled and the hard bread stuffed with sesame seeds and chewed it thoroughly. The moment he tasted it, he held his breath because he knew he would vomit. Jonghwa, resting his chin on the back of his hand, stared at Hajin’s lips as if expecting a judgment.

“Is it delicious?”

“Hm. You eat too.”

“I am not hungry. You can have all of it.”

Jonghwa cut the hamburger into smaller pieces as if he were in a good mood. Hajin didn’t have the confidence to eat more, but he liked to see him excited like a child, so he stuffed a few more pieces into my mouth. It was when he smelled the sour tomato scent that the vomiting he had been holding back came out.

Ugh. Without a chance to be surprised, the vomit poured out arbitrarily. The gastric juice that had risen once continued to reflux and soaked Hajin’s top. The bread and meat I ate a moment ago came out mixed together. The hamburger Jonghwa had bought after waiting two hours was covered in foul-smelling vomit, and he could no longer eat it.

“Were you feeling sick? Huh?”

What surprised me was what Jonghwa did. Opening his eyes wide, he jumped up from his seat grabbed Hajin’s shoulder, and shook him. The touch made his stomach churn even more. Because of the gastric juice pouring out from his throat, Hajin vomited loudly as tears poured out profusely.

“Sorry. Don’t have it anymore, okay?”

Jonghwa’s voice also grew quicker. Hajin, who came to his senses later, realized that he had vomited on him, and he hurriedly ran to the bathroom. With each step, remnants fell to the floor.

There was no time to worry about Jonghwa. Hajin threw his face into the toilet and vomited for a long time. Even though there was nothing more to come out, he scratched my neck with his fingernails because his stomach was pounding like a wave. Restless, Jonghwa, who was standing behind, quickly grabbed Hajin’s hand.

“I don’t feel so good…”

Suddenly, Hajin’s face was drenched in tears. He didn’t cry because he wanted to cry, it was tears that flowed physiologically. Water droplets covered his eyes, blurring his vision. Hajin twisted his body to free Jonghwa’s hand. It seems that the pain would go away only if he let go of him, but to his resentment, Jonghwa did not budge.

“Let go…!”

Hajin almost cried out. It felt like his whole organ was twisted. With Jonghwa holding his hand, he shook his shoulders and vomited several more times. Hajin’s ears, cheeks, neck, and clothes were all dirty with vomit. Even so, Jonghwa held his hand tightly and did not let go.

There was no way. Hajin, whose hands were bound, smacked the back of his head against the wall. There was a banging sound as the back of the head hit the hard tile. Hajin would rather have his head cracked than endure his upset stomach. However, Jonghwa hugged Hajin as if he would not tolerate that. Dirty vomit was also smeared on his body.

“Fuck, you’re hurt!”

The back of the head was also blocked. He couldn’t bear the pain anymore. Hajin, who lost his temper, bit Jonghwa’s shoulder as hard as he could. He flinched only slightly but did not do anything else. Every time his stomach fluctuated, he drove his teeth into Jonghwa’s shoulder and endured for over 30 minutes. When the pain, which seemed to last a lifetime, calmed down little by little, Hajin was almost exhausted.

“Are you okay now?”

Hajin, who was drooping in Jonghwa’s arms, answered vaguely, “Hm.” He felt a tingling pain in the back of his head at the same time as he recognized a disgusting smell that he had never experienced before.

“Ah… … .”

Finally, he tasted the blood on my tongue. Hajin stared blankly at Jonghwa’s wounded shoulder, and shed tears. He had bitten so hard that his broad back was stained with blood.


“Shin Jonghwa…I’m sorry….”

Hajin couldn’t speak anymore. The moment he looked up, it was because he saw Jonghwa, who was crying much more than him. Tears poured down his face so much that he was grimacing in pain. Hajin, who was about to say something, closed his mouth.


“My heart hurts so much. I don’t know what to do…”

Jonghwa’s face was distorted, and he sobbed as he thumped his heart with his fist. Tears from Hajin’s eyelids fell silently.

“Don’t cry.  Please don’t cry…”

Hajin didn’t know why other people were shedding tears when other people were sick. Hajin begged as he ran his palm across Jonghwa’s shoulder, which was dripping with blood. His tears were unbearably painful. I even felt resentful of my stomach, which had become quiet as if it had been overturned.

“Are you in a lot of pain?”


“Can’t we just go to the hospital once? Let’s give it a try. I have a clean stomach. I can give you everything that I have, so let’s go together. Please just once.”

He was saying those things again The nonsense that he would give Hajin his stomach. Covered in sour-smelling gastric juice, the two sat down in the bathroom looked at each other, and shed tears for a long time. Jonghwa’s hand stroking Hajin’s sparsely growing hair trembled. My heart pounded again at his cautious movements.

“Hey. I am uneducated and ignorant so…most of the time you’re right…But I think I’m right this time..”

“It’s true that I like you. No?”

Jonghwa looked to be in a complicated situation. His distorted face contained emotions that he couldn’t dare describe. Hajin, whose neck was red in places, raised his trembling hands and carefully stroked his cheek. His cheeks were wet with tears.


“Shall we love each other a little?”

“Not too much. Just a little bit.”

Hajin’s eyelids shook every time he said each word. No matter how much he wanted to avoid it, he couldn’t fake my feelings. Even if the form of love was not idealistic, it could not be helped. Even if it is a bud that bloomed from sympathy or comfort, it couldn’t be denied that the fruit it bore was love.

“Can’t I love you a lot?”

Jonghwa’s feelings seem to have grown beyond words. Jonghwa, who wrapped Hajin’s head in his arms, asked in a gentle voice. Hajin inhaled his body scent and shook his head slowly.

“Not a lot.”


“Just enough. So that if I die, you can forget about me cleanly and can love someone else. Let’s just love each other that much.”


“Just enough to forget…”

“No, but it’s better if you remember me a little bit.”

Jonghwa hugged Hajin, who burst out laughing, with all his might. In his arms, Hajin hed endless tears. After admitting it, he felt rather comfortable. Haji decided to be a little selfish. Let’s just love him as much as I can for the time I have left. Just enough.

“Sleep with me.”

“Don’t make excuses about me being sick. Just hug me.”

Hajin knew very well that the fewer days until D-day, the more things he couldn’t do. It was a fact that Jonghwa also knew. Veins stood out on Jonghwa’s forearm as he hugged Hajin.

As soon as he finished brushing his teeth, water poured over his head. In no time, the bathroom mirror fogged up. Jonghwa’s hands trembled as he lathered up Hajin’s body with soap.

“I don’t smell now, right?”

“You didn’t smell in the first place.”


“You really didn’t. You only smelled nice.”

Even so, Jonghwa spat out unfamiliar words well. Goosebumps ran down Hajin’s back every time Jonghwa’s palms ran down his rough scalp, down his face, and down his shoulders and grazed his skin. Hajin, who was sitting in the bathtub and staring at Jonghwa washing him, stretched out his arm and wrapped it around his neck.

“Kiss me.”

As if waiting, Jonghwa covered Hajin’s cheek with a foamy hand. Their lips met immediately. It was still an awkward kiss, but his body, which was already hot, flinched at will.


Jonghwa, who had been standing and leaning down to kiss Hajin, suddenly hugged Hajin. Floating in the air with his feet wrapped around the waist of Jonghwa, Hajin wrinkled his eyes and smiled. The warm stream of water pouring over his head was so nice.

“Don’t be sick.”

A heavy voice reached his ears. Jonghwa, who spoke briefly, lightly bit Hajin’s ear lobe. In an instant, the nape of Hajin’s neck turned red. The sound of splashing water and Hajin’s moaning combined to create an obscene sound.

Jonghwa’s hard erect penis touched her hip bone. Hajin, who had been groaning while resting his head against Jonghwa’s shoulder, reached out one hand in front of him. His sticky glans were caught in a mixture of water and precum.


A low moan erupted from Jonghwa, who was biting on Hajin’s blushed pale nape.

“Put me down.”

As soon as his feet touched the floor, Hajin knelt on his knees. Jonghwa, startled, immediately tried to make Hajin stand up, but Hajin was a little faster. He grabbed his big penis and put it between his lips. Although he had never done it before, his urges naturally led him to it.


Even if Hajin only mouthed his glans, the inside of his mouth was full. Jonghwa’s eyes widened and he touched Hajin’s ear lobe. Hajin licked the glans with his tongue. He sucked at his soft yet hard flesh, then raised his tongue to tickle the tip. Hajin grabbed the pole with his hand and gently rubbed it, not missing the twitching of Jonghwa’s butt.


“Does it hurt? If it does, stop.”

Hajin forced himself to insert his glans inside his throat deeply which ended up touching his uvula. Tears welled up in the corner of Hajin’s eyes, which made him want to retch. Seeing as if his drowsy eyes suddenly sharpened, he grabbed Hajin by the shoulder and raised him, yelling at him to stop.

“It doesn’t hurt.”


“I like it.”

Hajin’s eyebrows creased. Jonghwa, dazed as if he had lost his reason seeing his smile, roughly overlapped his lips with Hajin’s. It was a rough and sloppy kiss that left his mouth drenched with saliva, but the sticky liquid flowed from the tip of his penis which was stuck close to Hajin’s belly button.


Jonghwa kissed his face here and there as if he were going to eat Hajin. He pressed his lips to his eyebrows and sucked on his cheeks, then put his earlobe in his mouth and rolled his tongue. Goosebumps ran from his back to the nape of his neck, and his legs gave out. Jonghwa, who supported Hajin’s waist while he tried to collapse, raised his tongue and stabbed it into his ear hole. Hajin’s shoulder flinched.


Hajin’s body, dominated by pleasure, was unfamiliar. Translucent precum dripped from Hajin’s prick as it poked Jonghwa’s thighs. Hajin instinctively moved his lower body and rubbed his genitals against his skin. When he placed his cock close to Jonghwa’s inner thigh and moved it back and forth little by little, he let out a moan. It felt like his whole body would melt just like this.

This time, Jonghwa knelt on his knees. Leaning his hips against the wall, he knelt in front of him and swallowed his genitals into his mouth. The pouring water was left untouched. Jonghwa liked the sound of water that matched Hajin’s moaning.


Hajin’s eyes were half closed. Jonghwa sucked Hajin’s genitals until his cheeks hollowed out. When he pressed my finger into the tight hole, the penis in his mouth jumped out.

“Does it hurt?”

“Don’t stop…”

Hajin’s hazy expression was too obscene. His fingers were already soaked with water, but it needed more lubricant. “Fuck,” JongHwa, who swore lowly, put his finger in his mouth, sucked it, and brought it back to the hole.


The tip of a thick finger penetrated the hole. Hajin frowned at the unfamiliar sensation rather than the pain. The genital clinging to the moist insides of Jonghwa’s mouth was itching, and he couldn’t focus on the finger cutting behind me. Jonghwa moved his head back and forth and sucked his prick eagerly. Hajin’s slippery penis bounced out and slapped Jonghwa on the cheek, and the latter didn’t stop.


Right before ejaculation, Jonghwa, who took out Hajin’s penis, exhaled heavily and said. Hajin with his eyes widened, turned his back and pressed his chest against the wall as Jonghwa told him to. Immediately, Jonghwa’s thick penis touched his hip bone.

Hajin couldn’t imagine that the first love partner in his life would be a man. Of course, he had no experience of having sex with the opposite sex, but he didn’t even expect that he would be in a position to be the one who would be penetrated. It was fine though. It was all right. Hajin pressed his cheek against the cold tile and took a deep breath.


Jonghwa’s hard glans pushed through the hole. It was a different level of pain than when the finger came in. Hajin frowned and clenched his fist with his hand against the wall. Hajin gave enough strength to not make a  loud noise, but the pain in his back was worse.

“Don’t stop. Go on…”

Noticing that Jonghwa had stopped moving, Hajin opened his mouth before he could pull out his cock. Jonghwa hesitated for a moment as if he was worried, and buried his mouth in Hajin’s neck. Very slowly, little by little, the hole ate up the pillar.



Hajin gritted his teeth and endured the pain. Before he knew it, Jonghwa’s genitals wriggled as if it was opening a path in the inner wall. The pain was still far greater than the pleasure, but Hajin had no desire to stop. As if urging him, he reached out his hand behind him and grabbed Jonghwa’s forearm tightly. Tears welled up in Hajin’s eyes. Jonghwa licked his tears away.


The sound of skin slapping against each other echoed through the bathroom. An excited moan flowed from Jonghwa, who pushed his cock all the way at once. Hajin, who momentarily stopped breathing due to the pain tearing his lower body in half, let out a grunt.

“Fuck, I like it so much…”

Jonghwa, who seemed to like rough sex, unexpectedly moved very cautiously. He wrapped my palms around Hajin’s bulging stomach and slowly teased his pelvis back and forth. Every time the slippery penis gently brushed past the tight interior, juice flowed from Hajin’s glans.


Jonghwa’s prick pushing through his butt was hot. The muscles on Jonghwa’s jaw clenched. He grabbed the plump cheeks and pulled it open, revealing Hajin’s hole. The cock passing through the red, swollen wrinkles was too erotic. When he pulled his penis, leaving only the tip, Jonghwa slowly lifted his waist while looking down at the hole that was sucking him in.


Hajin was hanging on to Jonghwa’s forearm. The piercing pain subsided before Hajin could realize it, and a strange pleasure touched his nerves. Every time Jonghwa’s penis smoothly slid through the inner wall, his toes bent. When Jonghwa drove his cock deeply, stinging static electricity ran up the back of his neck, but oddly enough, he didn’t reach his climax. It was so crazy. The veins in Hajin’s neck stood tight and his eyes rolled, but the pleasure of vaguely of how Jonghwa’s penis avoided his bundle of nerves added to his pain.


Hajin grabbed Jonghwa’s forearm. It was the moment when the string of rationality that Jonghwa was barely holding onto suddenly snapped.

Jonghwa stood up so fast that his curved penis slammed down on the inner wall. Ah! Ah! Hajin’s moaning also changed. It was because Jonghwa properly pressed Hajin’s prostate, which he had been avoiding.

Jonghwa grabbed one of Hajin’s legs and frantically lifted it. Cacophonies filled the bathroom. Tears welled up in the corner of Hajin’s eyes, but he had no time to care anymore. The sound of flesh slapping continued from the two men trapped in the pouring water.


Hajin’s eyes widened. It was as if electricity was running through his veins. his legs gave way and his knees bent several times. Even so, Jonghwa continued to slap against his thighs.


As if it was the same for Jonghwa, he quickly went in and out of the inner wall that had been made to fit his cock. Focusing on the part where Hajin’s moaning grew louder, he hit Hajin’s back recklessly.

When his glans hit the pleasure point properly, Hajin’s genital organ, which seemed to be hanging forward, burst out with a cloud of liquid. Jonghwa, who grabbed and shook Hajin’s genitals during ejaculation, took out his cock after confirming that all the semen had come out. Then, he smeared Hajin’s semen on his pole and rubbed it quickly. After the sound of Jonghwa rubbing his genitals continued for quite some time, hot semen poured out from Hajin’s whitened hole.

“Is it uncomfortable?”

“Your arms look like a wooden pillow.”

Jonghwa used to sleep on a blanket on the floor every time, but from today they decided to sleep together in bed. Hajin, who put his head on Jonghwa’s sturdy forearm, struggled with pain in the back of his head from Jonghw’s stiff muscles and eventually decided to grab his own pillow. Jonghwa, who gently pulled Hajin’s arm, was quite cute.

“Can I kiss you?”

“Hey, my lips hurt. You bit me so much.”

“Huh…I’m fine, so why are you hurting?”

“Why are you asking me that? It’s your fault.”

“Let’s just do it just once.”

“It looks like you were waiting…”

“If you hadn’t said it wasn’t love, I wouldn’t have wasted my time insisting it was. I waited for a long time, you know. Fuck.”

“What the…”

Hajin laughed out loud because it was absurd. Jonghwa lightly licked Hajin’s lips as if he didn’t care. Hajin should have acknowledged it sooner, as Jonghwa said. It might be a little selfish, but he would have been a little happier. Hajin reached out and touched Jonghwa’s earlobe as the latter licked his lips like a puppy, then smiled softly. Hajin couldn’t see it, but it was obvious that the nape of Jonghwa’s neck was also red.

“You are so you. Why, out of many, many people, you chose someone who is dying?”

“So what?”

“If possible, you should meet someone who is healthy and can live for a long time.”

“Well, you said so too. You should love everything that dies.”

“…That’s a poem. Those are the words of poet Yoon Dongju.”

“I heard it from you, so you said it.”

Jonghwa was the king of stubbornness. Hajin, who was about to reply, shook his head and ended the argument. ‘You must love all dying things’. Jonghwa seemed to like a line from the poem. Hajin, who was staring at the ceiling in the dark, spoke softly.

“I will love all the things be…dying.”

“I will walk the path given to me.”

It was a paragraph that followed the passage that Jonghwa was interested in. Seeing Hajin, Jonghwa lay down and narrowed his eyes. The corners of Hajin’s mouth rose smoothly.

“Remember all the way to the last paragraph. After loving all things that will, you should follow the way you are given.”

“After I die, you will walk the path given to you. Got it?”

“Let’s sleep. I’m sleepy.”

“Answer me.”

“What…What are you asking me to answer?”

“If you don’t answer, I won’t sleep.”

Hajin was also stubborn. Jonghwa, who had subtly avoided answering, let out a sigh. He didn’t want Hajin to cry anymore. He wanted to love him as best he could in the time given and let him go in the face of death. That was the limit of Hajin’s selfishness. Jonghwa, who lay upright and covered his eyes with the back of his arm, opened his heavy mouth.

“I will take care of it myself.”

“Are you going to keep doing that?”

“I get it, okay?”

Hajin laughed out loud as if he was satisfied. He had been hurting for a long time, and because of the deed that they did earlier, he quickly fell asleep. As he passed his consciousness, he felt Jonghwa hugging me. It was so cozy that he fell into a deep sleep.

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