December Chapter 7

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I grabbed his wrist and leaned back. Only then did he stop moving, but instead the situation became even more uncomfortable. He stared down at my hand that had seized him. I let go of him slowly and glanced at him. He raised his eyes and asked softly. Strangely, even with that question, he smelled like a pale winter forest.

“Are you uncomfortable because I’m an Alpha?”

“…Well, yes.”

I didn’t hate them for the most part but I was also not the type of person who talked in circles so I answered straight to the point that time. I didn’t dislike him but my instinct asked me to keep my distance. His faint scent of pheromones made my body heat again.

The one sitting in front of me was an Alpha. I should get a hold of myself. I pushed the chair back with a firm look and held my grits together. He stared at me and raised his upper body before bowing to me. He lowered his gaze with an impassive expression but soon looked at me and asked gently.

“Is it because you’re attracted to me?”


I answered, believing it was the truth, and tried to push away the mixed feelings of telling a lie.

“Then it doesn’t matter. Let’s take it slow.”


He shrugged his shoulders lightly. Even his small and light movements were like those from a scene in a movie.

“If we keep meeting, you will get used to me.”

Was there any need for that? I blinked in bewilderment and held the tissue in my hand.

“Is there any reason why we have to keep meeting…”

“I have to catch the Alpha high school student, don’t I? As I told you yesterday, you know the face of the student. So you can help me.”

“Are you really going to catch him?”


The determination in his eyes was so strong that it was enough to cut off the head of the enemy. At that point, I was worried about the Alpha high school student. But that was not the time to worry about others. It was difficult to turn him down easily because he asked for help for the second time if I count yesterday. I wanted to suggest another alternative because I had plans to stay in the library anyway.

“Until 5 pm, I will be at the library and if the student appears, I will contact you. Is that okay?”

“Will you come here every day?”

“Well, I intend to…”

“Me too.”

“…Oh, okay.”

Shall I move libraries? I was mulling it for a while but stopped when I heard his sharp voice.

“I won’t interrupt you while you study.”

“No, I didn’t mean it like that.”

I was embarrassed and tried to make an excuse but I was at a loss on how to explain myself so I shut my mouth. It was difficult, to tell the truth. I was afraid he was too good of an Alpha. My heart was already pounding because of the faint smell of pheromones. I couldn’t say anything more.

“Then I will see you in the library every day.”

Everyday. That word struck my heart like an arrow. I asked him.

“Don’t you go to school?”

“I took a leave of absence from school. What about you Mr. Yeonwoo?”

When he bought up my name, I didn’t know why I felt so embarrassed. It was as if he had taken my clothes off. I strained my face to hide my feelings.

“Me too. I’m going back to school next year.”

If he was a student, I was going to advise him to go back to school and stick with his class but we had something in common. I couldn’t give a reason for him not to grow close to me. I wished he could find the Alpha high school student as soon as possible…

“Which university?”

“W University.”

I glanced into his eyes after talking about school without much consideration, and an unknown ominousness slipped into my heart. His expression indicated surprise. I could hear a quiet voice as if he was suppressing his emotions.

“You are my senior.”

Six times a year, once every two months, came the heat cycle which was like a rut. Ordinary Beta women also had monthly periods and they said it was a good thing that the heat cycle came every two months because it was difficult on its own. During the heat cycle, all senses of the body became sensitive.

Even if someone had their inhibitory herbs, they would be able to distinguish a wide range of pheromones during the heat cycle. Of course, the heat cycle did not respond to all pheromones, but it was more likely to occur when confronted with the pheromones of a dominating Alpha. There were only a few pheromones that activated an instinctive urge and matched someone perfectly.

Some Betas called it fate, but that word was too much to go along with the heat cycle. Only monkeys who were true to their instincts could accept it as a romance or fate. Unfortunately, it could turn into a disaster if someone is attracted physically to someone’s pheromones, with whom they shared psychological communication.

So I tried to avoid such a disaster in school. There were still weeks left to my heat cycle yet I was thoroughly prepared to take care of myself using inhibitor herbs. I thought I was prepared firmly and could face a dominant Alpha, whom I met only a day prior.

“Oh, so you took a year off from school.”

“Yes. You can speak casually with me, Sunbae.”

Wouldn’t that be difficult? I swallowed what I was about to say. The one in front of me looked at me as if I was his highness like Hoobae and bowed his head. But how did he know I was a senior when he heard that I took a leave of absence? I heard people say I look young though.

“But, how did you know that I was your senior….”

“Are you going to school next year?”

We both spoke at the same time and paused. He also turned his head, avoiding my eyes, not knowing where to look. But the smile on his lips was seen. When he was expressionless, he had an icy and cool impression because of his sharp eyes but he was completely different when he smiled. It was very cute. I thought blankly and surprised myself before becoming wary again. Everyone was cute when they smiled. Even a countryside grandmother was cute when they smiled.

“Sunbae, you go first.”


It was not a big deal, I added as I murmured under my breath. I forgot what I was going to ask. Looking awkward again, I nodded and remembered what he was going to ask.

“Yes, I’m going back to school next year. What about you?”

“I’m going then, too, of course.”

Oh, then we would be going to school together. When I realized that, my heart was pounding a little. I tried to ignore that feeling, licking my lips with my tongue and gnawing on it.

I suggested that we should get up quickly but I slowly noticed his gaze fixed on one of the parts of my face. Why did it feel like he was looking at my lips?

“I’m going back as a second-year student? What about you, Sunbae?”

I was forced to sit back at the question. Second year. It was the same as my school year. It was like fate…not. It was common to take a leave of absence.

“I took three years off from school. I’m in my second year too.”

“It’s like fate.”

“…Yes, all second-year students who are entering next year are fated. About 4000 people. They all share the same common destiny.”

I fumbled with my arms, expressing that the 4000 people also shared the same fate and we were not special. But he laughed with his eyes shining as if he shrugged off my efforts as a joke.

“It’s a relief that I’m among Sunbae’s 4000 people.”

The low-pitched voice mixed with laughter was as soft as coffee with milk so it drenched my heart warmly. Even if it was not for his pheromone, he was already a fascinating spectacle for everyone to see with his appearance and physique, including his amazing voice. I wanted to blame those features for possessing me for a while. So I didn’t understand his next question.

“I’m in those 4000 people but aren’t you curious?”

“About what?”

“My name.”

Name. Of course, I had to ask but it didn’t come out easily. It was just like a last set of defense. The boundaries that had been well observed by others seemed to have melted in confusion in front of that person. There was a warning sound in my head that I shouldn’t get closer to him. But all of that was won by desire. I was curious.

“What’s your name?”

He didn’t answer right away and lowered his gaze quickly. I felt like he was looking at the scruff of my neck so my skin became tense. I didn’t have an imprint that remained once bitten like a tooth stain for the rest of my life. It was a relief but meant that I was more likely to be exposed to danger so I covered it by rubbing my neck with my hand without realizing it. His dark eyes came and met my eyes.

“Kim Shin.”

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