Save a Failed Idol’s Life Chapter 0 - Prologue

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Author: LyraDhani

Success is sweet and life is bitter.

I, Lim Hyunsung, who wrote the legendary success of the Korean franchise with one restaurant business, was now sinking to the depth of the sea.

Am I going to die like this?

My breath was swallowed up by the waves, and I lost the sensation of my whole body.

I thought about the last thing my stepmother said before pushing me off the cliff.


“Well, we didn’t want to do this either! With all that money, it’s your fault for ignoring us!”


It was clearly an excuse. My mother passed away on her sickbed when I was a student. The woman, my stepmother, whom father brought back a few years later, had always been the worst since her first impression.

She blatantly discriminated against me from her own son. I grew up in the bitter coldness of my family.

Even her own son would not have been like this if he had opened his heart to me. It was too late, though.

Raised by my stepmother in discrimination bordering on abuse, I disowned my family as soon as I became an adult. They didn’t seem to desire anything from me either.

Until I succeed as a businessman, that’s it.

More than 20 years passed, and I became the hero of a successful restaurant business legend. During that long period of time, they never gave me a hand.

Those trash never did anything besides existing.

My stepmother and half-brother borrowed money here and there under my name and started a business.

Naturally, businesses couldn’t leave such frauds alone and ended up filing a complaint.

My father, who was already over 70 years old, was only dragged around by these frauds. He repeatedly said, “Will you please drop the charges for moral reasons?” Father also chose a new family over his own son. I ended up in a stand-off against all my family members.

When I was young, I didn’t feel ashamed of being treated as lower than humans and getting bullied. I was simply fed up with the disgusting greed those garbages had for money.

With how many accidents I’d had, the lawsuit had been prolonged until the end of the year. In the meantime, I was in a mess while managing my business and conducting a farewell speech.

I needed time to relax away from everyone. I headed to the beach villa to cool off for a while

And a new family who was sick and tired came to the villa.

The moment I opened the door to kick out two people knocking at the door as if they were going to break it.




I was kidnapped and thrown down a sheer cliff.

“If you just disappear like this! We can all be happy!”

If I die like this, all my wealth would go to my father, my only relative.

‘How can I bring Joyoung Food to this point… In vain like this…’

Swallowed by the strong waves dozens of times, I closed my eyes and felt the cold water seeping into my lungs.


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  1. Oh? This seems interesting? But from a restaurant owner to an idol? I’m already wondering what the twist will be ✨