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#010. Cheon Yise and Trash (3)




Seongwon looked at the salad bowl as if thinking about it for a long time before answering.


“Did you get struck by lightning during the accident?”



It wasn’t a thunderbolt, but the contents of his words are still offensive to a person who has changed inside.


“You suddenly came into the dorm and cleaned the refrigerator. The hyung who made others cook because he’s too lazy to do it himself suddenly volunteered to cook?”


I answered, complaining to myself what kind of life I’d been living up to now.


“I told you earlier. While resting alone at home, I thought a lot about this and that. I just decided that I shouldn’t live like this.”

“So, the rude person who didn’t answer my call even when the manager Hyung visited was training to cook.”


The mistake was made by Cheon Yise, I don’t know why that karma keeps coming back to me.

I firmly bit my teeth, vowing, ‘This guy is like my child, let’s not fight with him’.


“Anyway, I came! We talked about it today, so we’re waiting until the schedule is over.”


It’s a loss on my part if I take this guy seriously.

I raised my voice at the thought of going all out and shutting his mouth.


“If you’re not going to eat it, I’ll take it away. It can be stored in the refrigerator, so when Kyunghwa or Yejun comes, tell them to eat it.”


When I tried to steal the salad bowl in front of Seongwon, he quickly removed the bowl out of my reach.


“You can’t just give it then take it away.”


Only then, Seongwon’s fork dipped into the chicken breast and he took a piece into his mouth.

Seongwon‘s eyes, which had been stained with suspicion before putting it in his mouth, turned into a surprise.


“Why is it delicious?”


It seems to fit in your mouth just fine.

Well, if you have a universal taste, it’s just natural…

It was refreshing to see the expression on the man’s face, which had been hesitant to eat until a moment ago, softened.


“It’s edible.”


At the same time, contradictory to his words, he took the amount that seemed difficult to put in one bite on the next fork.


“De, delicious…! I didn’t know chicken breasts could be this moist and soft! Don’t worry too much about Seongwon’s words!


If you enjoy it, you should know how to say thank you properly. People who are serious about eating also know how to keep basic manners.

Sunwoo, who seemed to have already slurped a third of his portion in a hurry, blinked his big eyes.


“Eat slowly. That’s for lunch. I won’t give you anything until dinner.”




Sunwoo’s round eyes widened in shock.

How can those big eyes get bigger?

I am a little burdened by the surroundings that suddenly became dazzling after living my whole life looking at plain faces.

At first glance, Kyunghwa and Yejun also don’t seem lacking compared to the other members in terms of looks.

So really…

It’s not easy to take in these faces, but it’s great in its own way.

I emptied the salad that I had set aside for myself.


‘What’s good for dinner? Simple roasted tomatoes or cabbage?’


These days, many people eat fried tofu as well.

Cabbage will be better if I want to avoid being burdened with calories even if you eat a lot.


‘By the way, that guy… What else are you complaining about?’


Seongwon still looked at me suspiciously every time he chewed and swallowed a bite.

In the meantime, it was ridiculous to empty the salad bowl little by little.


‘You eat well, tsk.’


It took about 20 minutes to boil chicken breast, blanch broccoli, discard leftover dishes, and serve it in bowls.

It felt like something was wrong with cleaning the kitchen.

Especially if Cheon Yise was a guy who didn’t usually cook and eat with his own hands.


‘Well, whatever. It’s hard for a normal person to think that the contents inside have changed.’


After finishing my meal, I headed to the sink and started cleaning up the remaining ingredients.

If the ingredients were prepared this much, even if the monkeys came, there would still be some left to eat.


“Is, is there anything I can do to help?”


Before I knew it, the two people had emptied their salad bowls.

The jerk went into his room, leaving his dishes intact.

Sunwoo still seemed to have a conscience.


“After all of this is sorted out, will Kyunghwa and Yejun come in soon?”


I glanced down at the message ‘I’m leaving now’ that was uploaded to the group chat.


“Yeah, it’s just the right time!”


Then I’ll have to make this guy work out after I meet the other two first.

I made a simple plan in my mind.






“Huwa~. I’m home~.”


After waiting for a while, I heard the door lock open. Soon after, the owner of the enormous voice pushed the door as if he was about to break it and entered.


‘This guy must be Oh Yejun.’


I could tell without checking his face.


“Be quiet. I can hear your voice from the first floor.”


On the other hand, a voice calm enough to contrast with Yejun, but also sounded slightly older.

This friend is definitely Ryu Kyunghwa.


“You’re here? How was your day?”


Sunwoo went out to the front door dragging his big body and greeted the two.


“Yeah~ That happened.  He responded about DJs and song covers that he wants me to sing.”


Yejun is such a talented rapper that with a little search anyone could tell that it’s a waste for him to be in this group.

In addition, he’s also the guy with the highest probability of leaving the team.


Recently, many hip-hop labels had been trying to get him on the line.

It had to be stopped.

I heard that two guys who initially joined as a 7-member group went out and reduced the number to five.

We couldn’t afford to lose more people here.


“Oh, Yise hyung is here?”


When I got out of the kitchen and headed to the front door, Yejun took off his shoes and went inside.

Then he recognized me and winked.


“Haven’t you gotten a lot better? You ignored my phone calls and text messages for a while.”


I humbly endured the karma that Cheon Yise had built up and answered.


“I’ve been feeling a little bad. I’m sorry I couldn’t contact you.”


Then Yejun looked disgusted and surprised.


“What? Did I hear it right?”

“Why are you making a fuss again? If you’ve taken off your shoes, go inside.”


Yejun pointed at me with his round eyes, tapping Kyunghwa’s arm.


“Did you just hear that? Yise hyung said sorry to me, I didn’t hear it wrong, right?”


Maybe because I had already experienced other members’ reactions. It was a predictable response.

I answered without blinking.


“You heard it right. In the meantime, I… I think I lived selfishly, thinking only of myself. I thought a lot about it during my disappearance.”

“Argh, I got goosebumps! Kyunghwa hyung, hurry up and touch my forearm. I got goosebumps!”


It was a brief moment that we met face-to-face, but it was enough to understand what kind of personality Yejun and Kyunghwha had, respectively.


[Name: Oh Yejun – 22 years old]




[Buff: <Live potential explosion> – Confidence and efficiency in ad-libs and cheering on the stage]

– The points used 10pt


Oh Yejun seems playful and too energetic.

He seems to be the type of person who has to release his energy by shouting loudly while running on the stage.

On the other hand, Ryu Kyunghwa is a typical model student, calm and quiet.


[Name: Ryu Kyunghwa – 24 years old]




[Buff: <Strong heart on stage> – Reduces fear and nervousness in unexpected situations]

– The points used 15pt


No wonder, even though Seongwon and Sunwoo were in a mess, they were told to calm down and order chicken first.

This fellow is not an ordinary guy in this failed idol group either.


Stop talking nonsense, and Seongwon, you too, come out and sit in the living room. We have to make sure of what we’re going to do in the future.”


Son Seongwon, who listened to Ryu Kyunghwa, came out of the room. Finally, all the members gathered.

Although the nominal leader is Cheon Yise.

Looking at it roughly, this guy seems to be taking on the real leadership role.


“Really… Do you know how surprised I was when you texted me? All of a sudden, you said you’d quit, you said you were sorry… And then turned off the phone. After you finally turned it on, you didn’t read it all.”


Words in the subject of discussion, in fact, were like a judge who had to write ‘me’ and read ‘Cheon Yise’.


“Wow, did Yise hyung send such a message? Only to Kyunghwa hyung?”


As if in shock, Yejun screamed and made a commotion.


Cheon Yise, that guy. How far have you been in trouble? It seems that sooner or later, I have to check my cell phone records in detail.


“Oh… I was out of my mind at the time…”


Since I couldn’t tell the truth, I avoided eye contact and blurted my words moderately.


Still, everyone else is worried, there are some things that can be said. Do you know how worried everyone was because you suddenly lost contact?”


I answered calmly.


“I’m reflecting on myself a lot, too. I think I’ve been selfish, only thinking about myself. I’ve had time to look back…”


Then, Kyunghwa’s eyes narrowed like those of Seongwon when he first thought I was weird.


“Are you serious about that?”


My conscience is a little bit pricked. I survived that jungle-like restaurant business, but I am not chaotic enough to be caught up by these little kids.


“Oh, well… I’ve been thinking a lot about this and that…”


Kyunghwa added with a stiff look.


We even talked about disbanding seriously when we couldn’t contact you, you know?


Hmm? No, what are you talking about. Disbanding. I asked, giddy at the unexpected word.


“Disbanding? Who said that?”


If it’s the chairman of the Cheonsu group who spoke up, no matter how big the flying fish is, it’s helpless.

I put on a bewildered expression as I recalled the Cheon Yise that the Human Happiness Praying System showed me.


“Well… It’s not decided anywhere. You were locked up on your own and didn’t answer my call. The team wouldn’t work without you. There was no answer, so we have to find a way to live.”

You can’t keep holding on to a ruined team forever.


Seongwon interjected at Kyunghwa’s logical words.


Seongwon. Let’s talk a little bit.”

“Why, what did I say wrong? I don’t think I’ll be able to do more if I’m ruined for five years…”

“Hey! Don’t say such mean things. Didn’t you see Hot Purple climbing the charts last month? You never know what will happen in the entertainment industry.”


Yejun, who was furious because Seongwon made the atmosphere ugly, raised his voice.

Right… At this point, Sunwoo should be crying and saying, Don’t fight~

I looked around to find Sunwoo, why this guy is so quiet. Just in time, Sunwoo was secretly reaching out to the bag of snacks without other members knowing.


“Na Sunwoo, I can see everything, so put down the snacks.”


Then, like a cat caught stealing fish, Sunwoo’s shoulder shook and he gently put down the snack.


“Urgh, I understand… I’m sorry…”

How are you going to send that bastard up on stage with all that fat? Are we having another disc with Yise hyung as the center? That’s why I can’t even dance properly anymore.”


Seongwon looked at Sunwoo with a look of contempt and ridiculed him.

As long as Cheon Yise’s wish is to focus on idols.

Even if this trash group disbanded, I have nothing to be sorry about.


I can’t bear it when I think of Human Happiness Cheon Yise who tried to protect the group somehow.


“Everyone, be quiet for a second.”


The best of the best is the financial supporter.

Cheon Yise is supposed to be quiet, so just what should I do with these trashes who have no blood in their heads.

I decided to calmly throw the game.

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