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When I caught the blanket, there was a pile of snacks that Sunwoo had secretly stolen.


“Are you an animal? Instead of eggs, you hold sweets and tuck them under the blanket?”


Sunwoo cried when I scraped the snack like a hook and took it away.


“What’s that, you talk like my dad. I haven’t opened any yet!”


Half-listening, I seized all the snacks and crossed the doorstep into the living room.


“Okay, so let’s talk about losing weight first, starting with the weight.”


‘Actually, I… I’m not in a position to speak.’


I haven’t tested my body properly yet, so I don’t know the extent.

Cheon Yise’s body is no longer able to carry out violent movements as it used to be.

Moreover, inside the body is a man in his 40s who only knows how to dance on a tour bus.

Sunwoo isn’t the only one who has to work hard.


‘So even that guy has to look good first.’


If the most handsome member can’t go on stage due to weight loss…

There’s no more answer. I mean, the disbandment really isn’t anyone’s business right away.


 “Sniff, hiks…”


 Sunwoo sniffed behind my back as if trying to stimulate sympathy.

I blindly entered the room shared by Kyunghwa and Yejun.


 Knock, knock.


 When I knocked on the closed door lightly with the back of my hand, Ye-jun answered gladly.


 “Oh, come on in~”


When I went inside, Yejun and Kyungwha, who had been thoroughly washed, were lying comfortably in their respective beds.


 “What kind of snack is it?”


 Kyunghwa saw a pile of snacks in my arms and asked.


“I just confiscated it from Na Sunwoo. Take it away so that Sunwoo can’t eat it. Eat this, or hide it somewhere.”


Yejun whistled lightly and took some snacks of his own taste. Kyunghwa didn’t touch any.


“And from tomorrow, I’m going to bring my luggage and live here. I’m going to share the room with Sunwoo, so if you have anything on the bed next to Sunwoo, please clean it up.”


As soon as I spilled all the snacks on Yejun’s bed, Kyunghwa opened his eyes wide and asked back.


You’re going to come and live here?


His face had a shocked expression, as if I had said I would shave my head.


“Yeah. We only have half a year left.”


The other members live in the dorm even though they don’t have schedules. Only Cheon Yise lived on his own as if it were natural.

Even if I didn’t see how much Cheon Yise whined about living together, it was in a video.


“Whoa… I didn’t want to say this because I thought it would hurt your feelings…”


While Yejun was amazed, I hit first.


“Did I get struck by lightning? I didn’t, and I just want to make sure it’s the last one.”


I should just lie that I’ve lost all my memories and become a new person.

A slight regret flashed through my mind.


“Anyway, put the stuff on the bed away. I’m off for the day.”


Apart from the same worries, how am I going to live with these guys 24 hours from now on?

All I want is to finish the quest quickly and get away from these noisy guys for a while.


“Okay, see you tomorrow.”


Kyunghwa saw me off with a trembling expression.

As soon as I came out to the living room, the sound of whimpering began to leak out of Sunwoo’s room again.

Why are you showing off your childishness? Although you’re actually young.


‘Are you an elementary school student…’


I stood in front of Seongwon’s room with a sigh.


‘I don’t even want to say hello to this guy.’


I don’t like this guy the most.


The more I talk with this guy, the more I can’t hold back my composure.

 But anyway, this guy is also a family member in the same boat.

 I’ll give you another rice cake. We should at least say hello.

 I knocked on the door.




Instead of asking to come in, Seongwon asked what.

I reflexively opened the door and stopped trying to answer.

He didn’t even tell me I could open it, but I didn’t want to think about how annoying it would be if I opened it.

If I had a teenage son, he would have been more cooperative than this guy.


“I’m leaving now. From tomorrow, I’ll come here and live with you.”


Then Seongwon jumped out and opened the door.



“I’m going to live here, too. From now on.”


Seong-won looked at me with a more startled expression than Kyunghwa.

As if seeing a patient who’s knocked out of his head.


“Hyung, why?”


I refuted it casually.


“It’s better to be together than to live alone. I can adjust my schedule right away.”


Then Seongwon, who listened, scoffed and asked.


“Why didn’t you think about it for the past 5 years?”


I raised my voice a little, thinking that I would be the only one in a corner if I said more.

As expected, for this guy, the correct answer is to go out with an indifferent behavior that Cheon Yise would have originally done.


“If I haven’t done that for the past 5 years, I have to change for a different result!”


This time, he closed his lips and wriggled his eyebrows as if he had nothing to say.


“Anyway, I can’t understand it all at once. I’m going.”


Again, this is the correct answer.

As it was, I could feel Seongwon staring at the back of my head through the living room and coming out to the front door.

I closed the front door and came out without paying any attention.


‘Hoo… It’s a little cold.’


Maybe because it was late at night, it was chilly even though it was early summer.

I would have to bring some light outerwear when I brought my summer clothes.

I came out to the side of the road to catch a taxi, but sadly, no passerby recognized Cheon Yise.

He’d been active for 5 years, how come among these many people no one recognizes him?

Even when I lived as a real Lim Hyunsung, there were often one or two people who recognized me.

It was thanks to my appearance in Omani cuisine programs and my own commercials.


‘This guy would have been on the show several times if he had been active for 5 years.’


A celebrity who doesn’t get recognized by anyone even without a pair of common sunglasses or a mask.

I caught a taxi with a bitter appetite and came back to the apartment.

Inside the solitary apartment, a handsome 24-year-old man was looking at me through a mirror.

There are so many things to do.


[<Event> congratulations on the successful completion of face-to-face with members! Achievement commemorative points +20]


Subsequently, a new pop-up message of the same form appeared in the air.

Now, as if it’s natural, Posil barked Wang-! excitedly and congratulated me.


[Congratulations on the successful completion of Tutorial 1! Achievement commemorative points +100]


I asked, glaring at the points that had become quite reliable.


“By any chance, other than the special skill that can be used through collecting the Exp earlier, is there a system that permanently raises stats?”


It would be nice if I could see my condition as a concrete indicator or something.

Since it’s a game-like system, I want to check if there’s any stat window.


[Tutorial 2. Use growth and reinforcement system > Distribution of growth points]


[Do you want to start?]




“If you have something like this, tell me earlier.”


Without any hesitation, I gestured in the air and pressed Yes.

Like when the Tip Shop was first opened, a large screen opened in front of me.


I stroked Posil’s head, who was sitting upright, with my fingertips.

As I looked at it, it seemed to be getting a little sloppy. I’m not sure what this thing really is.




[Name: Cheon Yise (Lim Hyun-sung) – 24 years old]



Visual: S

 Vocal: D

 Dance: E

 Performance: E

 Attractiveness: A

 Speech: A


What’s this? I asked with wide eyes at the two E’s rather than the visual S.


“Isn’t Cheon Yise the main dancer? Weren’t you in charge of dancing? Why is the dance and performance E?


Then the pop-up window answered immediately.


[<Important> Currently, Cheon Yise’s status level is adjusted according to Lim Hyunsung’s skills]

[I would like to inform you that this is different from the figure of Cheon Yise before his death]


I asked the System with a sullen look.


“Then do you mean, except for the visuals, everything else is at the level of an uncle in his 40s who never learned?”


When I asked, hoping it wasn’t me, the status window answered very quickly.


[Your understanding is correct!]




I felt my eyes dim for a moment. No matter how calm I was, it was a bit of a shock to recover.


“If I do this, won’t I fail even if I make a comeback? Do you think I’ll be able to match the other guys’ level if I’m learning for half a year from now?”


[The Human Happiness Praying System supports growth distribution system for Lim Hyunsung’s smooth adaptation]


The status window stretched all over again, and there was a new small phrase under the stats.


[Distributable growth crystals: 2 (Currently Accumulated Acquisition Points 200)]


[Every time you get 100 points, you’ll get 1 crystal that you can use to grow your stats]


[You can use crystals to grow your abilities one tier at a time. (However, when growing from A-class to S-class, 2 is consumed, and when growing from S-class to SS, 3 is consumed.)


[The grades are E, D, C, B, A, S, SS in descending order, and there are 7 grades in total without using crystals.]


‘It feels like I’m playing a game.’


When it comes to games, I only watch other fellow entrepreneurs play. I’ve never actively tried it myself. 

Should I invest two crystals in dance?

I rolled my head thinking about the number of cases.

First of all, when I clicked on the figures for each characteristic, an explanation of each characteristic value was posted like a sub-layer.


[Visual] It’s a measure of how close the appearance is to beauty. The higher the grade, the closer it is to the universal aesthetic.


[Vocal] It’s a measure of the ability to control speech, to load emotions, to accurately tune.


[Dance] It’s a measure of the ability to control the movements, dynamics, and strength of the body.


[Performance] It’s a measure of the ability to dominate and enrich the stage. Natural ad-libs, loud voices, stage manners, and accident coping skills are affected by these characteristics.


[Attractiveness] It’s a measure of a person’s ability to be liked.


[Speech] It’s a measure of the ability to articulate and lead the atmosphere with contextual language activities.


It seems that the talents needed as an entertainer as well as an idol are classified like stats in the game.


‘As expected, the dance is the most serious issue no matter how I look at it.’


Originally, dance was Cheon Yise’s biggest talent.

No matter how bad your health gets… It’s because I thought it would look really strange if I dance to E-grade.


“Can you show what other guys’ stats are like?”


I already found out about the positions of each person in the group through some searching. But there was no harm in keeping details for reference.


In a row, four windows shone side by side in front of me.




[Name: Ryu Kyunghwa – 24 years old]




[Buff: <Strong heart on stage> – Reduces fear and nervousness in unexpected situations]

– The points used 15pt



Visual: A

Vocal: A

Dance: B

Performance: A

Attractiveness: A

Speech: S


Whether the buff is determined according to the characteristic value, the overall high grade, and the speech S are noticeable.

Other than that, there seem to be fewer ups and downs overall. I’m an extreme case, but…

I think he’s the closest model student among the five. I nodded my head and moved on to the next profile.


[Name: Oh Yejun – 22 years old]




[Buff: <Live potential explosion> – Confidence and efficiency in ad-libs and cheering on the stage]

– The points used 10pt



Visual: A

Vocal: D

Dance: A

Performance: S

Attractiveness: A

Speech: C


When I saw the vocal D and the narration C in contrast to the performance S, I reflexively laughed.

How is it that nothing deviates even an inch from this image?

It’s a perfect fit for Yejun’s image, who, when asked to give his impressions on stage, would spit it out without hesitation, saying, ‘I can’t remember anything.’


‘Next is… It’s Son Seongwon’s turn now.’


Feeling ominous just looking at the profile, I clicked on Seongwon‘s attribute window.

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