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#016. My House’s Kid Is Better (1)


[– Is Floss’ comeback delayed because of them? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Floss makes the money, but why do they the ones who make a comeback?]


[ㄴ It was the group that debuted with a sucks fandom personality and cyberbullying, right? Why are you picking a fight with another group when they’re not making a comeback?]


[ㄴ Tempos, I know you feel sad, but we don’t know if it’s because of them that they delayed their schedule. ㅠㅠ I hope it doesn’t overheat too much]


[ㄴ Isn’t it embarrassing to talk about the cyberbullying fandom while pushing a failed idol that the album sales don’t even count in the first week?]


 [ㄴBut I’m not these kids’ fan? I just hate the thoughtless Tempo ^^. I’m just writing comments. It seems your Oppas are the only ones who don’t know that the anti-fans make the fandom.]


[– It’s ridiculous that they changed the filming schedule for the album million strike sales’ kids’ comeback because of an album like this. I don’t know if the upper heads of WePla have any thoughts.] 


[– If these people’s albums were good, I wouldn’t be angry ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. How funny…]


[– CEO Hong, did you postpone the schedule of the members who are only promoting for 2 years to release this?]


Tempo was probably the name of Floss’ Fanclub. I was briefly distracted by an unexpected situation.


‘What is this—?’


So, to sum up, the main point of the comments that start with a swear word, it was like this.


  1. Floss has been preparing for a comeback through variety shows and live broadcasts. 
  2. The schedule was suddenly canceled 3 weeks before Floss’s comeback, and Floss’s activities were put on a break.
  3. After that, the senior group Climax’s fourth single was released without notice. 
  4. Therefore, Climax is responsible for the sudden change in Floss’ schedule.


My brain stopped for a moment as I couldn’t understand this logical leap. I don’t know what the truth would be, but—.


No matter how much We Planet was a company that received investment from the Cheonsu Group, there was a limit. 


Floss was a popular group that debuted through the survival audition program ‘My Idol Stage.’


‘They were the ones I often saw on the panel when appearing on cooking variety shows.’


It wasn’t just popular. They succeeded in building a global fandom through simultaneous global airing of survival programs, boasting a level of loyalty comparable to that of the Republic of Floss.


The difference in income they earned would be 100 times. There’s no way they will delay Floss’s comeback because of  Climax.


Even the Chairman of the Conglomerate couldn’t control it that much.




I had to find out what the hell was going on. I called the system in a firm tone.


[Would you like to purchase the replay service?]




It looked like it was waiting for me to use the point.


‘I think it’s okay to listen to it again, but—there’s nothing bad with knowing the details.’


I nodded and pressed the ‘yes’ button. Soon after, the surroundings turned gray and turned into another space.




Posil told me as if it were not reality from now on.


“I’m going crazy–! That punk is not picking up my call right now?”


“It’s useless. I think he turned off his phone.”


When I looked around, CD packages of singers were displayed as if it were a record production company.


Four young people were sitting on the sofa with nervous expressions. While one of the two managers kept calling someone from somewhere.


The man in the office, who seemed to hold the highest position in the company, threw the crystal ashtray to the floor. 




The atmosphere was tumultuous with the sound of glass shattering—[CEO of We Planet, Hong Ohkwon]. The proudly shining nameplate swayed with a rattling sound.


“Old man, are you senile? Why are you mad at us?” 


Among the young men who seemed to be in Floss, the one sitting farthest away was the one who was complaining.


“Please be quiet. Because there’s nothing good about upsetting the CEO.”


Among them, the most calm-looking member held back his members’ complaints.


“What else is wrong with that brat? It’s not like we’re going to stay together forever. Let’s do well for just two years, but is that that difficult?” 


Then, the manager looked at the CEO without even raising his head and answered. 


“The break between the activities… it’s too short…” 


“Crazy punk. You should earn it while you can. What do you think will happen if the group disband?” 


The CEO was yelling at the manager and repeating meaningless venting of anger. Meanwhile, the members didn’t look good, as though their stress was piling up.


“Kang Yoogun, that crazy guy, thought he could do anything just because he had the most fans….” 


“It’s true that he can do anything. If it were us, we would have been hit with a penalty right away and sued. The CEO and Manager Hyung only cares about that punk, and you’ll be happy when he comes back, right?” 


Look closely at the situation. It seemed that there was a member who controlled the fate of the group as much as Cheon Yise.


‘His name is Kang Yoogun, he’s a popular member even within Floss….’


He was certainly more familiar than other names. The face—I thought I would know who it was.


“As soon as I contact him, he say he will postpone the schedule. A crazy punk who doesn’t even know that grace, how can I be happy?”


As soon as the CEO’s permission was granted, the manager continued to thank and apologize. He bowed his head servilely. 


I don’t know who Kang Yoogun is. But I was sure he would never fit me.


I couldn’t essentially get along with someone who was responsible for making others so miserable.


“Then will our schedule overlaps with Climax scheduled for next month?” 


Another manager who was listening quietly asked the CEO carefully.


“It wouldn’t be okay to move up their schedule! If you turn it around for about two weeks, there won’t be any more places to accept it.” 


The CEO threw objects on the desk randomly and then threw them to the floor to show his anger.


“They are also a problem. They don’t even have money, so shouldn’t they be disbanded quickly? What kind of trouble is this because I have to wipe the back of his son because of Chairman Cheon?”


Then the fire soon spread to the other Floss members. 


“What were you guys doing? Did you just suck your finger while the person with whom you shared the room left?” 


Then the member who had complained politely whispered again.


“What can I do if he leaves early in the morning….” 


“Chanhyung-ah, please…” 


I could see the other members trying hard to stop him from making a scene.


[Replay Service – End of September 2, 23 years old] 


The surroundings brightened again, and I returned to reality. 


This was last year. Then it was about eight months ago.


I thought the replay service was only for what Cheon Yise’s experience.


So I never thought I could confirm things that Cheon Yise had never experienced. 


And this time, I got information that would be helpful in many ways.


  1. CEO Hong, aka President Hong, the CEO of We Planet, considers Climax as a headache. 
  2. Floss is a cash cow and a representative product of We Planet, but there are risks due to uncontrollable members.
  3. Just like what fans know, it’s not Climax who changes the schedule. It was Floss who changed Climax’s schedule.


‘Then shouldn’t I at least give an explanation?’


To be honest, Climax side was in quite a ridiculous situation. It was that side who did something wrong, but we’re the one who gets all the curses. 


How dare a failed idol to stand in the way of the best group? The comments were very uproar over the same offense. 


I searched ‘Floss Climax’ on the Internet to see the public opinion among idol fans.


When I looked through it, I saw that it was to cover up the wrongdoings of the member Kang Yoogun in question. It seemed to have been subtly leaked during Floss’s live broadcast or self-made content.


The schedule change is not our fault.


Thanks to this, people cursed at Climax a lot, but the company didn’t care. 


A group that doesn’t make money, it just wastes the budget. They seemed to think it was fortunate that they could use us in this way.


‘It’s hard to let this slide.’


What if. What if Lim Hyunsung’s project went wrong because of the antis who don’t even know what business is?


Honestly, it’s none of my business that kids act childish because of their favorite celebrity. 


However, I had to block everything that got in my way, for my revenge. 


At that moment, the sense of businessman days began to come back sharply.


‘Floss or something. I will definitely pay you back.’


When I looked deeper into all of these bad comments, I didn’t see any feedback that would help.


I decided to stop checking the results of the last project and now look for the superior Floss. 


Let’s see how good they are. If there was anything to learn, it had to be taken from the enemy.


[My Idol Stage > A collection of clips centered on Floss debut members]


I couldn’t sit down and watch more than 12 episodes of the program for more than an hour per episode.


I quickly skimmed through the summary video. 


‘Definitely… Our kids aren’t that behind in terms of skills.’


Judging from the experience of learning the choreography while watching the past activity videos of Climax—.


Climax’s failure to rise was not due to a lack of skill.


To put it mildly, our kids were better in some areas. First, I feel a little sorry for Kyunghwa, but—.


Yejun, Seongwon, and Sunwoo each had an outstanding talent that made it impossible for other idols to beat them. 


The more I skimmed through the highlights, the more certain I became.


‘What fans want is not a perfect idol.’


Rather—I felt like they were cheering more enthusiastically when there was a part that was lacking.


It was clear from the fact that the member who debuted as the final No. 1 received a D grade in the first grade evaluation and cried.


Entertainment that uses idols who were inexperienced at first,  polished them like gemstones as they pass through the stage.


It was truly the peak of showmanship.


‘That means…In the end, what they show on the air determines whether you win or lose….’


The editing of evil or angel. While going through various entertainment appearances, I also experienced situations where the tone of the scene and the tone of the broadcast were different several times. 


There was a high probability that only the members who were decided by the production team and being pushed for storytelling were on the debut line. 


However, Kang Yoogun was a special case among them. At first, it didn’t matter much, but around the middle, it started to become a factor of conflict in group assignments.


It was to the extent that it seemed as if the production team was deliberately harassing them to swear. 


[– What’s wrong with the kid? Wow, group A is really kind.] 


[– Ah ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s a personality that can be liked or disliked. Still, entertainment seems to have become a bit more fun since he came out, but I hope you don’t curse too much.]


[– I think he did it on purpose because if he only tried to play good roles, it would be boring.] 


Yoogun, who drew attention with his outstanding words and actions, captivated viewers with his thoughtless and light-hearted tone.


He looks like he has bad personality but he also has good looks. Big voice, hot stage manners, solid body.


When the other participants were embarrassed, Yoogun confidently threw off his top.


Fans who were older than him thought all of his problems were “cute” and were enthusiastic.


‘This is… my kid can do it!’


I clapped my hands, thinking of Oh Yejun. Of course, I won’t let him do anything unexpected.


If it’s a fool with healthy beauty supported by skills and a little bit of badness, my kid had enough potential.


All right…let’s get rid of the trouble maker from this guy and…use it as Yejun’s benchmarking partner.


Personally, I don’t like it when I don’t like it. However, if there was something to learn there, I had to bring anything.


I started watching the broadcast to see if there were any other members I could look up to. 


And just in time. The main vocalist caught my eye—the one who sighs the most among the four members and is uncooperative in everything. 


It was the position of Son Seongwon.


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