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#027. I don’t need that help


First, I had to figure out why Kang Yoogun was doing this.


Did he realize that Climax was terrorized by his fandom due to a scheduling issue?


So he felt a sense of debt and wanted to give a chance to float—was the most rational reasoning so far.


‘But I don’t think this bully would have such an praiseworthy thought.’


Did Kang Yoogun have a separate relationship with Cheon Yise? I called the system inwardly.


‘System. Can I use the replay service?’


Then, a translucent window, visible only to my eyes, appeared in front of me, and a short word was displayed.




It’s not that anyone is offended.


Posil sat quietly with its tongue sticking out next to the spinning waiting icon.


‘Do it quickly. Don’t mess around.’


When I urged myself in an urgent situation, the system window vibrated loudly once.


‘Don’t make a fuss.’


I don’t expect much from these guys who took several minutes to come up with a contract.


The members urged me from the side while the time passed as if one minute was one hour.


“W, what should we do, Yise Hyung?” 


I couldn’t even ask why he was asking me.


Because Climax has actually been operated as a group for Cheon Yise by Cheon Yise of Cheon Yise.


“This is something… we can reply to, right?”


Usually, the agency would be in charge of it, just like with a live broadcasting app account.


They seemed to think that it wasn’t important enough to manage a failed idol like Climax by following these rules one by one.


‘Well…It wasn’t even a bad judgment.’


What kind of accident will these guys have to become a hot topic? It is the job of well-known groups to make a fuss over social media. 


They would not have known about Climax if it hadn’t been for the conflict with the Floss fandom—.


Even if they posted gambling or adult advertisements through real hacking, not a single line of articles would have been posted.


‘Do it quickly. Why does it take longer today?’


Kyunghwa kept glancing at me as if he was frustrated when I couldn’t come forward right away.


Just then, the message in the status window changed.


[There is no replay service available.]




After making people wait for a long time, it was making noises that made me lose my patience.


‘What nonsense is that?’


I protested inwardly, keeping a poker face to avoid looking suspicious to the members around me.


The message in the status window has changed again.


[As a result of reviewing all the records of the current causal line, it is judged that there is no meaningful exchange experience between ‘Cheon Yise’ and ‘Kang Yoogun’.]


What does this mean? I struggled to resist the frown on my face.


‘So these two are meeting for the first time?’


This time, the status window answered right away, without any waiting.


[Your understanding is correct.]


‘Then at least there must be some reason why Kang Yoogun is doing this.’


The status window vibrated once again.


[The video records currently available do not show clear motives and intentions]


[It is impossible to search for independent records of people who have had no meaningful interactions experience with the user (Cheon Yise).]


It’s answering in many ways, but the conclusion is one.


The system couldn’t tell me why Kang Yoogun was doing that right now.


It is said, ‘It is impossible to search’...


It showed me things Cheon Yise had never experienced, so I thought it had infinite value.


‘I can’t help but rely on my experience and intuition for the parts that I can’t get help from the system.’


Whoo…I’ve never met this kind of bully very often in my life. 


‘How old is Kang Yoogun?’


The system answered as soon as I threw the question in my head.


[He is 23 years old according to Korean age as of this year.] 


Usually, at the age of 23, he wouldn’t have taken his first steps in society yet.


Is it possible for me, the king of the restaurant industry, to be swung around by this brat? I stared at the phone in my hand and typed with my fingertips. 


[If you press like, does it mean you’ll invite me?]



When I looked at the post that Kang Yoogun sent, I felt stressed again.


I put up with a headache and took a picture of the salad glistening in the dressing.


Then, using Kang Yoogun’s post, I posted a new post.


[It would be an honor if there’s an opportunity ^^]



And the moment I was about to press the send button, Kyunghwa blocked it with a shocked expression.


“What, why?”


I couldn’t figure out why, so I looked foolish, which made Kyunghwa wonder if I truly didn’t know.


“Are you serious? Is it because you don’t know how his fans will react if you start a fight with Kang Yoogun?”


No, what’s the problem? I just added ^^. It was a polite and kind emoticon. 


“Okay, I can fix it.”


I’m not picky anyway. I typed with a snort inside.


[If I have the opportunity,,, I’d be honored,,, ^^~~]



Then this time, Kyunghwa took away the cell phone in my hand.


“Ah, what else is the problem!”


When I asked as if I really didn’t understand, Kyunghwa immediately replied back. 


“You, just what kind of concept is that?”


What about me? I sincerely couldn’t understand what the problem was.


“I added waves because I was afraid it would look too hard.”


Then, Kyunghwa’s eyes narrowed fiercely.


“Why did you put in the comma?”


“It just looks softer.”


“If you’re going to do the concept, do it on your personal account later.”


Kyunghwa’s eyes seemed to look at me with a little bit of contempt.


I was shocked because I had never been treated like this before. 


‘Let’s see how trendy he writes.’


Kyunghwa, holding the cellphone tightly with both hands, entered with a special text message and added a few yellow head and firecracker emojis. 


‘There’s nothing particularly special about it. It’s just crazy.’


Whoo…It must have been about 30 seconds after Kyunghwa took a deep breath.


Ting, the cell phone vibrated, and a lot of notification pop-ups popped up at the top again.


[I’m going to ask Manager Hyung. Keep your promise ㅋㅋ]


Everyone who checked the new post was speechless and hardened. 


Why are you doing this? The favor (?), whose intention was unknown, only amplified the anxiety.


Yejun, who recovered first among the four, opened his mouth. 


“Well, I guess we should consider this an opportunity…right?” 


It was a tone that gradually lost its certainty as it went backwards. Yeah, we couldn’t step back from here, whether it was porridge or rice. 


“That would be better. It’s not something we can avoid anyway.”


At some point, Climax’s followers exceeded 50,000. How high is this going to go?


Everyone swallowed a sigh in silence as Kyunghwa turned off the phone screen and put it down.


At that moment, the status window popped up.


[Tutorial 2 > Sub Quest – Do you want to start ‘Those who wish to wear the crown must bear its weight’?]



In this situation, it seems that there is no room for rejection. I asked in my head so that the other members wouldn’t find out.


‘What is the reward for success?’


[Strange Opportunity  > Obtain Kang Yoogun] 


That wasn’t enough. I calmly took a deep breath and bounced.


‘Only that?’


Then, the status window vibrated once and a new phrase was added. 


[Special Item > ‘Unbreakable Streaming’ Payment Plan] 


Hmm… I don’t know the details, but I thought it would be nice to have it even if I didn’t use it once.


Should I bounce one more time here or—.


While I was thinking about it for a while, the members around me were observing me, pondering what I was thinking.


“What are you looking at?”


When I asked in a rather blunt voice, everyone answered in unison.


“What do we do with our live broadcast tomorrow?” 


First of all, I had to solve this. 


The status window appeared before my eyes again and flickered. 


[Tutorial 2 > Sub Quest – Do you want to start ‘Those who wish to wear the crown must bear its weight’?]



Without waiting any longer, I shout out inwardly. 




Then the status window glowed brightly once and then disappeared. I answered, rubbing my chest lightly. 


“We have to make it out now.”


At the sentence that seemed to have no countermeasure, Kyunghwa glared at me with a suspicious look for a moment, but it didn’t matter anyway.


* * *


In the end, Climax reached 300,000 followers that night and then stopped.


Although it was an extremely small number compared to the number of followers of Floss and Kang Yoogun. 


Considering the fact that the previous number of followers was around 6,000, it was a huge improvement.


‘It’s still too early to like it….’


I created a new account, so it won’t hurt if I click something wrong, and I went through the new followers. 


About two-thirds were fans of Floss. 


The remaining 1/3 of them are fans of other groups, and it seems that they came here after following Kang Yoogun out of curiosity.


‘In a word, it means that they are not our fans.’


Well, I’m sure they have a little bit of a liking, but—.


This meant that if we made a mistake, they would immediately react with hostility. 


The publicity has been quite a while, but it might work like poison. My head became complicated and I couldn’t sleep easily. 


I sneaked up to find Sunwoo who was sleeping on the bed across from me, but only an empty bed greeted me.


‘That’s right. He went to his parents’ house.’


He stayed with them the whole time and felt bad for not seeing them for several days. 


No, it’s not.


It was an emotion close to anxiety if he was coveting something high-calorie that he shouldn’t eat.


‘I made Na Sunwoo diet until his comeback and made his own content, including live broadcasts….’


Before that, there were many things to do, such as recording the sound source, finalizing the choreography, and filming a cover album.


Doing this all the time could feel like pressure, but—.


Rather, it was good.


I could forget my situation as long as I focused on my work and pushed myself.


‘My life as Lim Hyunseong is now over.’


I muttered to myself in a low voice and closed my eyes.


* * *


When I opened my eyes again, it was early morning when the sun had just begun to rise.


Maybe it’s because my body is full of energy, but as soon as the morning dawned, my eyes opened automatically.


After I got up, I immediately began to write the script for the evening live broadcast.


It wasn’t as easy as I thought.


‘If it was an easy thing for anyone to do because they kept looking over their shoulders, they would have made money from it.’


It was past 10:00 when I made a cue sheet by organizing the flow and roles without having to give directions to specific lines. 


‘With this level, even a monkey can follow it without any problems.’


Sunwoo said that he would stay at his parents’ house until lunch today and come back before dinner, so there shouldn’t be a problem with this plan. 


In the meantime, I’ve experienced a few times when it comes to various entertainment appearances, but this was my first live broadcast. 


‘Ah… I’ve done live home shopping before.’


However, it was different from idol live broadcasts, which had to communicate with viewers in real-time. 


I’m a little worried, but—.


‘Even if I’m not confident, I have to do well.’


Besides, even though this kind of broadcasting would be awkward, the material was what I was most confident about.


I went to the kitchen refrigerator and opened the door to look inside.


I saw a pile of cooking ingredients.


‘I’m confident in cooking broadcasts.’


It was time to show off a new look from the failed-idol, who was good at dancing but had no chance to show it properly, to cooking idol Cheon Yise. 


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