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However, the SF boot sound soon stopped and nothing happened.


‘What? I thought something big was going to happen.’


I thought something would go on right away, but… I rubbed my eyes as the window disappeared and looked around.


‘Is something wrong?’


I calmly brought a tissue to clean up the vomit and waited. However, 10 minutes after that, there was no news.

While I was still waiting, I saw a mirror across the bed. The young man’s face in the mirror looked so awkward.


‘Handsome… He’s really handsome.’

I thought my appearance wasn’t so bad either, but celebrities are on a different level. Between me and myself in the mirror, my empty stomach growled and demanded food.


“Did he cook something?”


I moved lightly in the young body, which was not comparable to my original body that aged over 40. I didn’t think I was in a very healthy condition. As expected, it felt good to be young.


For now, it seemed I had some basic ingredients. OK. I’d seen the fridge. I opened the cupboard to see if there was anything healthy among the retort foods. Various canned cans, instant rice, and ramen were filling the cupboard.


 “Let’s see. Do you have tuna?”


After checking the labels of various cans, I found a tuna can and dried seaweed and I put them on the counter.

Tofu, chili powder, kimchi, and garlic…

Do I have garlic?

When I opened the door of the refrigerator, I found sliced garlic that probably came with delivery food. It was a little soft, but fortunately, it wasn’t damaged.


“You must have bought kimchi at a good place. It’s nice.”


Looking at the deliciously cooked fresh kimchi in the refrigerator made my mouth water.

Koreans need rice. It’s natural that you have to eat first even if your nose gets broken.

Eating hot rice with spicy and sour [tnote keyword=”kimchi-jjigae”][/tnote] soup, there’s nothing more appetizing than that.

Even boiling ramen noodles for dessert doesn’t look like a feast when you’re hungry.


“Anyway, since we’ve decided on the menu, shall we start?”‘


Like other kitchen utensils, the kitchen knife and cutting board remained brand new. I lightly washed the tools with detergent and put them on the counter.

My heart pounded as I looked at the kitchen utensils and food that I prepared on the counter.

My relationship with my family was worse than anyone else, and my ex-fiance ended up breaking up with me due to family interference.

I had no other success besides my business, but thanks to the spirit of rice, I was able to live with energy.

When I opened the sealed container containing the kimchi, the smell of fresh kimchi poured out.


“It smells great.”


This well-cooked fresh kimchi was delicious even if I ate it with ramen or grilled it with pork belly.

I was going to eat alone, so this was enough.

Half a package of the fresh kimchi was cut into appropriate sizes and placed on a pot covered with tuna oil. The sizzling oiled kimchi was stir-fried in the pot, and a pleasant smell spread through the kitchen.


“Hmm… It’s a studio apartment, don’t let it smell bad.”


I quickly turned on the fan. Thanks to the smell coming out, the air became much fresher.

As the kimchi was being cooked little by little, the sliced garlic I took out earlier was chopped well with a kitchen knife, and a very small amount of sugar was added. The true taste of kimchi-jjigae was sour, but I thought it would be a shame if it was too sour.

Since water would come out from the tofu, I didn’t put much water. When the ingredients were put on top and cooked one by one, it started to boil and smell familiar.

While watching the kimchi being cooked, I added tofu first and seasoned it with soy sauce.

The noodle had become a whole flavor on its own. Unfortunately, though there were pasta noodles in the cupboard, I couldn’t find glass noodles.


“Noodles… I’ll have to buy them later. If I buy it, I can make [tnote keyword=”japchae”][/tnote].”


Lastly, I put the tuna, which had been lightly squeezed with oil, on top of it as a garnish, and it made my mouth water.

While the soup was slightly boiled down, I heated the instant rice.

There’s a way to survive even inside a tiger’s den as long as you come to your sense.

If I fill my stomach and think about it, I can come up with anything.


‘Let’s eat first.’


The moment I tried to mix the shiny rice into the red spicy soup and put it in my mouth.


 “Hey, open the door, Cheon Yise! Are you planning to drive me crazy?!”


 He must have been a little over thirty.

 Naturally, the harsh voice of a man I heard for the first time echoed, banging on the door.


 “What, what’s going on?”


 When I put down the spoon on the unexpected visit, the door shook once more


 “Why don’t you open the door? If you don’t open it in 10 seconds, I’ll call someone!”


Without knowing what was going on, I ran to the front door and grabbed the handle.

The force from the other side was so strong that the recoil was transmitted through the iron gate.


“Do you really want to see me die out of stress?!”


If I open this, I will be the one who die.

For a moment, a sense of crisis crossed my mind, and as I hesitated, the status window popped up again.


[Tutorial 1. Melting perfectly into Cheon Yise – Event > Get visited by the manager]


[Would you like to start?]




This time there was only one option.

I pressed the [Yes] button in a hurry because it wasn’t a situation where I could argue why there wasn’t a ‘No.’


[For natural adjustment, we’ll give you a tip without taking back points]




Before I could prepare myself, the surroundings were suddenly colored in black and white and time stopped.

At the same time, I could hear the conversation that Cheon Yise of the past had with the man outside the door.


‘Hey, did you eat late night snack again? The comeback is just around the corner, are you not going to manage it?’


‘But I threw it all up? I just chewed and spit it out? The only thing I swallowed was grass. You’ll know if you check it tomorrow!’


‘I heard you ordered [tnote keyword=”tteokbokki”][/tnote] last time, too!’


‘Ah, seriously. Just hearing your voice makes me want to eat less, so stop nagging. It’s annoying when I live on my parents’ money.’


[That’s all for this tip. If you need additional information from now on, you can purchase it by paying points.]




It talked about payment all of a sudden. While I was wondering, the surroundings returned to their original colors.


“I told you to open it when I still say nice things, 10, 9, 8….”


Why does everyone like counting seconds so much? I gently grabbed the handle and pulled it inwards.




As soon as the door opened, the man popped in. He was dressed casually in a hoodie and jeans.


“You punk! Really, because of you, I am going to die young!”


I couldn’t say he looked handsome, but he wasn’t ugly either. He was a man in his 30s, dressed in a neat appearance.

From the conversation I heard a while ago, he seemed to be the manager of the group to which Cheon Yise belonged.

And it was clear to me that Cheon Yise faced a huge amount of problems both with family and his diet.

On top of that, Cheon Yise, who talked about his parents’ money, was really… It was a great personality.


‘…What should I say?’


I answered in a hurry as my mind went blank.


“What, what’s the matter? All of a sudden…!”


[Congratulations! Points will be given to commemorate your first activity as a Cheon Yise. +10]


Congratulations, my ass. Isn’t this manager turning his eyes as if he’s going to strangle me?

There was no time to think about anything. I stepped back right away.


“What happened? Do you think I wouldn’t come to you if you texted me and turned off the phone?”




The manager immediately wriggled his eyebrows when I asked back as I didn’t know what to say. And then he screamed out loud.


“Why are you still pretending? You sent this!”


The manager wriggled his big fingers, tapped the screen a few times, and held out the phone to me.


On the spacious messenger screen, the message sent by the other party was zoomed in.


[I’m sorry. I also think I’m beyond redemption. If I die, please tell the members that I am sorry.]




I couldn’t tell much about people just by listening to a short story.

From what I heard briefly, he was a sharp-headed man, but before the moment of death, it seemed his mind had weakened again.

If it is someone else’s business, you should’ve used your temper a little more carefully…

It’s something I have to pick up now.


“Oh… that, I just suddenly feel down…”


Of course, I didn’t think it was an easy message to pass on. The manager’s brow was crumpled as he pulled my clothes.


 “Hey, you’re saying that now…! Do you know how lame I was when I thought you were trying to kill yourself?”


The manager shut the front door and burst in. I backed away from him as if I were running away.


“What? What’s the matter?”


The manager began to look at every inch of the house with an angry look on his face.

It seemed he was looking to see whether Cheon Yise had done something bad.


Earlier, Cheon Yise had drunk poison, but I had removed all the residue that his whole body desperately vomited.


‘You’re not going to go through the trash can, right?’


I followed the manager’s footsteps, looking around.

I never thought I’d get my house checked by a young man at this age…

It’s ridiculous and absurd. However, I am not Lim Hyunsung, but Cheon Yise.

While the manager was searching every corner like a drug-detecting dog, he opened his eyes wide at the glossy food.


“Did you call a girl in the meantime?”


What nonsense is this?

I glanced at the translucent window. Posil was tilting his head with his tongue out.

It’s not about you, so mind your own business.

Anyway, it was a ridiculous misunderstanding. I couldn’t understand what had led to that idea.


“No? Why are you suddenly talking about girls!”

“‘Why’? Are you determined to kill me with a question mark today?”



I quickly escaped the manager and hid behind the table.


“Don’t you remember that you got caught playing with Miss Blue? You’ve become weird since the accident…”


‘Ah… something happened.’


I didn’t know the details, but the specific explanation made me guess there was some kind of incident.

No wonder there were so many kitchen utensils that didn’t seem to be used.

The kitchen was in a state that would make sense if there was something going on, like asking a girlfriend to cook.


“Not this time. I was just going to cook it myself because I am hungry.”


Whether the manager suspected it or not, it was really Lim Hyunsung who was in Cheon Yise’s body.


“I know you’re going to cook something with your own hands. Why are you so good at answering like everyone else today? You’re hiding something, aren’t you?”


The sentences that the manager spat out were strangely annoying.

The cause for his action was the reputation that Cheon Yise himself built up so far, but… I felt uncomfortable inside.


“I’m serious. Do you want some?”


I laughed awkwardly as I watched the manager open the closet and bathroom, still in doubt.


“Huh… No… This guy can’t afford to eat anything with his own hands… Will the sun rise from the west tomorrow?”


I quickly brought the stew back to the induction pot and boiled it. Then I took out the instant rice, put it in the microwave, and heated it.


“Sit down there, I’ll heat it up right away!”


If you don’t believe it, well… It’s best to change the subject. Feeding them to keep their mouth shut is the best defense and attack.

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