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#030. The weight of a crown the size of a rat’s tail (3)


[Don’t you think Na Sunwoo is a bit fat?] 


Although it was quickly pushed to another chat, the sentence was strongly embedded in my mind. 


[Looking at the pictorial he took before, he was skinny] 


[Now ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Have you given up on the diet?]


[I think there was a reason for eating salad?]


There seemed to be one or two people who persistently talked about Sunwoo’s weight.


It’s not that many in number, but—.


The chatting didn’t come up that quickly, so it stayed on the screen for a long time.


I pretended to proceed naturally and looked back at the members. Well, Kyunghwa was calm and looked like he was asking what had happened in a trusting way. 


Yejun didn’t seem too excited and Seongwon was calm.


‘His reaction is the biggest problem…’


Sunwoo’s eyes were noticeably shaking. I think this will cause a problem? 


‘What should I do…’


In a situation where every moment was broadcast live, we couldn’t show off that we had seen malicious comments.


It was rather like throwing food. The answer was to change the topic by inducing a different story as much as possible. 


“Now then, let’s start from now, shall we? First, let’s start with the ingredients.”


Sunwoo and Kyunghwa brought leafy vegetables that were divided by type according to their predetermined roles. 


Unfortunately or fortunately, the quality of the camera wasn’t good enough to capture it properly, but Sunwoo’s hand was shaking slightly.


“When washing leafy vegetables, they say it’s better to spread them out one by one instead of soaking them in plain water because it’s troublesome.”


Fortunately, the chat was pushed up when they saw the ribbons tied behind each other’s back as we used water at the sink.


[The ribbon so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ] 


[Are you tying a ribbon at the back?] 


[Only yellow hair don’t have a ribbon]


[It’s not yellow hair, it’s Seongwon!]


Maybe it’s because there are a lot of people who don’t know about Climax. There were many people who referred to the members by their hair color or appearance characteristics.


Among them, I was a handsome boy with black hair.


[What’s the name of the handsome guy with black hair?]


[He’s the main dancer, Cheon Yise! He’s the main character who made the salad!]


Really a handful of Climax’s fans were answering the countless questions instead. 


In the end, Kyunghwa stopped the progress for a while and made an introduction time.


“We washed all the ingredients like this, so let’s take a moment to introduce ourselves before explaining each vegetable.”


“That’s right, I think everyone keeps wondering who is who.”


Yejun slyly smiled at the screen. Then, he pulled a chicory out of the tray and bit it in his mouth.


[He’s eating it so naturally ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ]


[The timing is so natural that I can’t even point it out ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ]


As if that seemed attractive, the speed of chatting went up tremendously. The number of hearts that came up whenever viewers clicked “Like” also increased rapidly.


‘As expected… Even if I don’t put this guy in the main role, he’ll come out when the opportunity arises.’


Relieved by the relaxed atmosphere, I took over the hardening process.


“First of all, I’m Cheon Yise, Climax’s leader and the main dancer. These days, I’m obsessed with cooking, so I’m helping the members manage their diets.”


“Wow~. Hyung is really good at cooking. It tastes better than going out and buying it.”


“That’s right. It’s really good!”


As soon as Yejun and Sunwoo accepted it at the right time, another seed of troublemaker appeared in the chat. 


[Did he get fat because he kept eating?]


What the hell are you doing? In my mind, I wanted to block it immediately with the administrator function, but there was no manpower to do so.


I hoped that Sunwoo wouldn’t see it, but unfortunately, he had already seen it. 


Sunwoo’s cheeks, which had barely calmed down, were stained bright red. 


Maybe we should have said that Sunwoo couldn’t come because he had other schedules today? First, I passed the introduction to Yejun and started to roll my head. 


“I’m Climax’s main rapper, uh… I’m a sub dancer in my profile too, right?” 


“How do I remember that?”


“Kyunghwa Hyung, you’re an MC who’s not prepared~.”


“I can’t believe it. You should remember that!”


“Yes~. I’m not sure about the sub dancer, but I’m sure Oh Yejun is the main rapper!” 


The chat window’s attention was focused on whether it was fun for Kyunghwa and Yejun to exchange bickering. 


Then a good idea flashed in my head.


‘Please… do it…’


Then I called the system.


‘System, come out.’


As if it had been waiting, Pposil and the translucent status window came to mind.


‘A buff that can be used with the skill, can this be used on other members besides me?’


[If you apply the skill buff to someone other than yourself, side effects may occur when someone other than the system user uses the system function.]


It said… side effect… that means it works.


‘What level of side effects?’


[It’s not at a level that interferes with the main quest, but there may be minor changes in the progress of the quest.]


Ah… I’ll give up if it says it’s fatal. As it spoke in such an ambiguous way, my mind leaned toward using it.


Fortunately, it seems that the next turn went to Seongwon, but—.


If Sunwoo trembled or cried in Sunwoo’s turn, it would have been a big problem.


‘I’ll use it!’


Then, as if waiting, a confirmation message appeared.


[Whose skill will you apply to ‘Na Sunwoo’?] 


[Selectable skill (10)] 


It was decided without further consideration.


‘Ryu Kyunghwa – I will use the strong heart on stage.’


[Confirmation of use. 15 points will be deducted.]


The status window flashed once, shook, and then vanished, leaving behind a small sound effect.


“I am Son Seongwon, and I am in charge of the main vocal.”


Kyunghwa quickly noticed Seongwon’s insincere introduction.


“Do you have anything you want to say to your fans?”


Then, Seongwon looked down at Kyunghwa blankly.


“Nothing in…” 


Yejun stepped on Seongwon’s foot before ‘I don’t have one’ came out.


Because it was in a direction that was not captured by the camera, only the members could notice it. 


Seongwon tried to hide his irritation by giving a smile. He was smiling, but it felt like he had written it on his forehead, saying, “Okay, you punks.”


“I’m looking forward to the day when I’ll come back with a good performance and a good song. I will prepare to show you my skills.”


Suddenly, it became a place to talk about FM-like aspirations, but it was a hundred times better than ‘nothing in particular’. 


Now it was Sunwoo’s turn, the last one. 


‘I’ve endured the side effects, so it will go well, right//?’


Everyone looked at Sunwoo with a nervous heart.


In the midst of everyone’s tense expectations, Sunwoo opened his mouth.


“Hello, I’m Na Sunwoo! The cute maknae of Climax, and I’m in charge of sub vocals!” 


Chatting flooded into the clear and lovely greeting without a single tremble.


[Wow, so handsome]


[Look at his eyelashes. He doesn’t have any hair and makeup on, but his curls are no joke]


[I thought I gained some weight when it was caught from afar, but it looks like baby fat up close up?]


If he had been hesitant to get a solo shot for no reason, his body shape would have been more highlighted—.


Is it because Sunwoo paralyzed the viewers’ mind with a bright smile without the slightest hesitation? No one could find fault with Sunwoo’s body shape. 


[He looks prettier than his sister, but he didn’t get a picture]


[I think you can proudly say that you are in charge of visuals ㅋㅋㅋㅋ]


Sunwoo read the chat that came up leisurely with his eyes and replied with a smile.


“I’ve been on a diet for a while now because I go out to eat a lot of delicious things during my break. Thanks to Yise Hyung’s help, I think I’ll be able to see you with a better image for the upcoming comeback. Please look forward to it!”


Contrary to his usual vocabulary of a ten-year-old without any surroundings, his speech was very clear.


[No; your face is everything. Why do you go on a diet?]


[Don’t even lose 1 gram from the world, baby.ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ] 


Sunwoo smiled softly without being pushed back a bit. They can’t spit on his smiling face. The chat that kept criticizing Sunwoo’s body shape was no longer visible.


“Now, finally, is it my turn? I’m Ryu Kyunghwa, the lead vocalist. As you can see, I’m the eldest brother on the team. Today, I am hosting a live broadcast as the eldest person.”


Then Yejun intervened without missing a gap.


“Hyung, you are the same age as Yise Hyung.” 


“My birthday is earlier.”


Thanks to Kyunghwa’s quick refutation, a burst of laughter swept through the chat window.


“Should I say that Kyunghwa Hyung takes on the role of our big brother? It’s really helpful. Of course, I’m not saying that Yise Hyung is not reliable! I must say that the feeling is slightly different…” 


“Yise Hyung is like a father, and Kyunghwa Hyung is like an older brother? But when Kyunghwa Hyung is nagging, he is like a father.” 


Yejun took over Sunwoo’s fluent sentences naturally. 


“Ah, that’s right. Yise Hyung keeps feeding us, and Kyunghwa Hyung always nags us.”


“When did I nag you all the time?”


If the sound seemed even a little empty, Sunwoo intervened with good timing and continued the conversation.


The normally hesitant guy received the effect of the buff and drew attention like a fish in water.


Although his body shape still looks quite bloated, his face is so pretty that he wants to believe, “That’s why he looks like that because of the screen.” The youngest with good surroundings. 


In fact, it was a fake sale, but now I have to be grateful for this situation.


“Come on, everyone, stop talking. I’ll start by explaining the vegetables and dressing types.”


When I stopped talking for a while and started explaining the recipe in earnest, the chat slowed down a bit. 


However, the number of views was maintained at a higher level than at the beginning of the broadcast. 


[View: 2,135 people]


It’s still far short of what I was hoping for— however, I couldn’t show my disappointment. It’s the time when you can’t be full after the first drink and the comeback activities haven’t even started yet.


After successfully explaining the recipe and practicing, about 40 minutes had passed since the allotted time.


Only 50 minutes left. It seemed a little risky considering the time it took to make and bake the cookies.


As expected, I had to take the whole two hours. Unfortunately, it was an area I couldn’t do anything about.


I shook off my lingering feelings and raked in cold pasta to feed the members.


[Is he a father who is looking after a child to feed the members directly ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ] 


[Oh Yejun, why do you take it and eat it naturally ㅋㅋㅋㅋ]


Fortunately, the chat window response was not bad either. The number of viewers was also little by little, but it continued to rise. 


[View: 2,587]


‘Just a little… I wish they would increase it more.’


For a while, I felt sad.


The chat window exploded once more as Oh Yejun made cookie dough that looked like food waste no matter how you look at it.


[Can you eat that? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ] 


[Ah, it’s a bit, please put a mosaic ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ] 


[You’re eating what you made, right?]


“No, everyone is so mean! How can you say that~” 


“It’s a bit… I don’t want to see it either, so put it away.” 


When Yejun held the dough in one hand and held it up high, Seongwon, who hadn’t said much the whole time, was genuinely disgusted.


It seemed like it was a fun scene again, so even if I lowered the chat window, it was full of people laughing. 


After waiting for the time to pass like that, the allowed time ended before I could even take out all the prepared content.


“Ah~ everyone, we still have more things prepared… But unfortunately, the live broadcast time scheduled for today has passed.”


Kyunghwa, who checked the time, naturally continued the closing remarks.


“Now, It’s too bad about today, but it’s better to say that it’s a little disappointing…” 


“We will work harder to prepare! Let’s meet again next time!”


While Kyunghwa took a half-tempo break to catch his breath, Sunwoo interrupted and intercepted his words. 


‘The buff is a little too much.’


It was an action that he would never have done if it had been Sunwoo’s usual personality. 


Kyunghwa was unable to speak for a moment as if he was embarrassed, but he quickly regained his composure and continued the closing remarks. 


“Yes! I hope to see you again soon. Now everyone, say bye to our Rise!  I’ll organize it~”


The most hectic hour and a half these days was coming to an end.


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