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Cheon Yise was passionate about dancing more than anyone else.

However, when the dream collapsed, he wasn’t strong enough to endure.

If this was a movie, it would have been a very determined plot device to make the audience cry.




No matter how many pairs of training sneakers you change in a month, you still end up running with blood and blisters on your feet.

There were inevitable things in the world.

The direction of the effort was wrong, so it was only natural that the results weren’t good.

Due to poor performance, there was soon discord within the group.

Cheon Yise, who had difficulties in interpersonal relationships since childhood, had gradually changed with the members.


‘Everyone’s like that… I don’t think you were bad…’


The agency continued to pay attention to the Cheonsu group and tried to raise Cheon Yise.

Even if Cheon Yise did nothing wrong, the members’ complaints went to Cheon Yise.

As the ruined albums piled up, the members’ fatigue increased, some of them even gave up and left.

Then, Cheon Yise also became more sensitive.


“It’s run by my family’s money!”


He campaigned on every little thing, being condescending with his family’s money.

The remaining members openly treated Cheon Yise as a cash cow.

I felt sorry for Cheon Yise, who wasn’t slacking off in practicing and was working harder than anyone else in the midst of this.

It was because I knew clearly the outcome of that effort.

Soon, the disastrous results of the album, in which Cheon Yise also participated in the choreography, followed.

I saw Cheon Yise burst into tears that had been suppressed.


“Wh-why can’t I do it?!”


He couldn’t do it no matter how hard he tried.

The more he tried, the more money spent on idols, and the more he got ridiculed.

Since he was more sincere about idols than anyone else, there was no worse result for Cheon Yise.


[The Idol that Cheon Yise had been dreaming of. Are you going to turn away from it?]


Is this some kind of anti-smoking public service advertisement?

I frowned as I looked at the embossed white writing clearly floating above the black background.

Even Posil at the bottom of the status window looked up at me with sparkling eyes.


“All right, all right!”


As soon as I screamed at the status window, the surroundings were colored again and I returned to reality.

There was still no such thing as a hot passion to devote myself to the idol industry in favor of Cheon Yise’s will.

In any case, this was the only way I could get back at my family who was biting my legacy like a hyena.

He was handsome, so it was faster to succeed as an idol than trying to find another route.


‘Sigh… I’ve only known a few girl groups for my entire life. What should I do now?’


[Why don’t you think of it as a tribute to Cheon Yise who helped Lim Hyunsung get a chance for revenge?]


This dog!

It was an idea that I could only think of when I really succeeded in revenge.


‘Can I…can I do well?’


Although the fields were different, I was more confident than anyone else in terms of effort and strategy.

Building a company worth hundreds of billions won was not done by luck alone.


‘It should be fine. Just like how I’ve done so far.’


Suddenly, the TV screen lit up with a chirp and a cheerful beep.




Posil barked silently at me as if asking to look over there.


“At 9 a.m. today, there is a funeral of Lim Hyunsung, CEO of Joyoung Food. A procession of condolences by mourners to commemorate the deceased’s repose continues into the night.”


I know I’m dead.

I narrowed my eyes, there was a reason why I got shown this again.


“Lim Sunghwan, the father of CEO Lim Hyunsung, becomes a permanent resident and keeps the mortuary, and all the family members are present.”


Soon after, the scene of my stepmother sobbing as if she was about to faint was reflected on the screen.

Next to her was my younger brother, and a murderer, who helped his stepmother and shed tears together.


‘How dare those trash…’


As I gritted my teeth, the status window popped up like a warning.


[Clause 2: During the quest, you are not allowed to intervene in the case involving Lim Hyunsung.]


“I know, who doesn’t know?”


The intention to provoke me is clear.

As you say, there’s nothing I can do now.


“Following the will of the deceased, who worked hard to provide child welfare and free school meals during his lifetime, the Joyoung Children’s Foundation announced that the mother, Heo Jinhwa, has decided to continue.”


I knew for sure why that woman was after the Foundation.

Do you still have money to support other people’s kids? Then why can’t you help your family for once? So I bit the bait and dragged it on.

The building where the foundation center was located was a 10-story building that was built almost 20 years ago.

At first, it was just a building built in the right place.

However, as three subway stations were built nearby, the price skyrocketed.

The fact that the foundation center was in a position with good access meant that it was also a good place for the underprivileged to visit.


‘I have no intention of selling it. Don’t call me.’


I had always refused to sell it even though I had received several inquiries.

If that woman remodeled the building, it was obvious that she would immediately relocate the building and sell it.

If only the suicide note that I had written before was released…

I could prevent my entire fortune from falling to those garbages.

As I clenched my fist, the status window popped out with a warning sound. 


[Clause 2: During the quest, you are not allowed to intervene in the case involving Lim Hyunsung.]


“I know! Damn it, I just have to succeed as an idol!”


It was a verbal assurance. Now it had to be put into practice.

Because of my personality, I couldn’t allow myself to gloss over it.


[It’s a relief that you’re motivated. Do you want to proceed with the second quest of Tutorial 1 right away?]




It wasn’t a remedy. I pressed the [Yes] button.

Posil acted cute while rubbing his body on the floor as if he was trying to comfort me, but it didn’t have much effect.

Of course… Well… It’s still cute, though.


You’re just… Are you a decoration? Do you have any other functions? I thought it would be better to check once a chance came up.


[Before the second event, the <Exp> system will be expanded]


“What’s Exp?”


Waiting for more details, I stiffened and looked down at the status window.


[During the quest, you can collect <Exp> that will help you in various situations]


[Exp is automatically acquired when you interact with the person in question under more than certain conditions. You can use each of the target’s special skills by paying points.]


Oh… that’s good to hear.

Do I have to use points to buy buff? This gave me a bit of a headache.

Anyway, it’s good to have a lot of leeways.


[The points gained while conducting the quest as Cheon Yise can be used for various other contents.]


I couldn’t believe there were more elements that use points other than this.

It was not for no reason that I was given a generous amount of points.


“Is Experience something I have to build up from now on?”


Then, as if it had been waiting, the status window popped up a list of names


[Exp in possession (9)]


>Cheon Youngtae

>Ahn Junghee

>Cheon Jisoo

>Cheon Ohsoo

>Lee Jihyun

>Oh Yejun

>Son Sungwon

>Ryu Kyunghwa

>Na Sunwoo


From what I could tell, Chen Ohsoo was my family, and Lee Jihyun was my manager.

The four below him were likely the remaining Climax members.


[For basic activities, we’ve registered the minimum starting Exp in advance!]


I feel so grateful I want to cry.

I checked each person’s specialties one by one.

In the end, in order to use Exp, points were required up to 10pts and 30pts at most.


“Yes, I am thankful, but… Don’t you think it uses too many points and there are too few chances to get them?”


[After finishing Tutorial 1, 100pt will be given to celebrate.]


I thought you were going to give it to me right away.


“How long until Tutorial 1 is completed?”


[2nd Event > The clear rewards for Tutorial 1 will be unlocked if you proceed to meet the members face-to-face]


Facing the members… Then the guys I would meet now:


>Oh Yejun

>Son Sungwon

>Ryu Kyunghwa

>Na Sunwoo


It’s going to be the four of them, of course.


“Okay, let’s go.”


I changed into a less conspicuous outfit. I’m not used to this overly handsome face…

Even the clothes looked awkward and my face burned.

Thanks to the apartment located in the middle of the street, I was able to catch a taxi easily.


“Please go to this address.”


After confirming that the driver was entering the address in the navigation, I sat down properly on the passenger seat.


‘Come to think of it, the manager told me to make time with the members…’


Even if the time didn’t match, I planned to look around the dorm to check.

I opened the messenger after staring at the notification icon for a long time.


‘Whoa… Why are kids so talkative these days?’


So many messages were piled up while they didn’t see each other.

There was no end to various group chat rooms and conversation messages even if they were scrolled down.

Among them, I looked for the one that looked like the member’s group chat room and checked.


[YJ] Hyung didn’t read it today? 8:12 a.m


[One] You used to check it out, but what’s going on these days? 8:14 a.m


[Kyunghwa] Yise, pick up the phone if you see this. 8:19 a.m


[Kyunghwa] Yejun and I have a radio show today, so we’ll be back in the evening. 8:36 a.m


There were so many accumulated messages that it was impossible to read them all.

Still, looking at the recent ones, they seemed to be worrying about Cheon Yise’s health in their own way.


‘Even though he’s a cash cow. Does it mean they have their own comradeship?’


Then a new message notification popped up.


[YJ] Huh? 9:15 a.m

[YJ] Number 1 gone? Did Yise-hyung read the message? 9:15 a.m


While I was scrolling all the way up, I was suddenly moved down by a new message.


‘I need to reply quickly..’


I was not used to the keyboard, so I kept making typos.


[Me] For making you worried, I srry, 9:16 a.m


I was in a hurry to make an excuse, but I had a bigger accident.


[Me] Im; sorry 9:16 a.m

Me] S;rry; 9:16 a.m

[Me] No, I’m sorry;;; 9:17 a.m


[YJ] All right. Calm down. 9:18 a.m

[YJ] Apologizing doesn’t suit you, but it looks like spam because of the typo. 9:18 a.m


‘This keyboard! Seriously!’


I’ll set a date and practice or something.

By the way, I wasn’t typing fast on the phone, but because I wasn’t used to the keyboard, I ended up sweating hard.


[Kyunghwa] As I said before, Yejun and I are out because of the schedule right now. 9:18 a.m

[Kyunghwa] About our future activities… 9:19 a.m

[Kyunghwa] I think we need to talk about it clearly. 9:19a.m

[Kyunghwa] Can you wait until we go back to the dorm? 9:19 a.m


Whoa, what kind of fingers are able to type this fast?

I replied by clicking on the dreamy screen, sticking my tongue out at the speed of the kids’ typing these days.


[Me] All right. 9:21 a.m

[Me] See you later. 9:22 a.m


[YJ] Did you hurt your finger while we didn’t see each other; 9:22 a.m


[Kyunghwa] Okay, see you later. 9:22 a.m


‘Why is everyone replying so fast!’


I clenched my teeth as I erased and rewrote the typo dozens of times over and over again.

It was only when it was barely recognizable that I could press the send button.


[Me] h,just in the morning 9:24 a.m



Looking at the response to the message, it seemed the members didn’t know about the suicide.

I guessed the manager didn’t say anything.


‘If Ryu Kyunghwa and Oh Yejun are not at the dorm because of their schedules… Does that mean Son Sungwon and Na Sunwoo are at the dorm?’


First, I called the status window once again to check the profiles of those two.

Next to it, Posil was sticking out his fluffy chest proudly as if asking me to call him anytime.

When I saw Cheon Yise’s life earlier, I should have matched the face and the name.

There was some regret left, but it was too late.

I read their profile with a little tension.

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