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“Leon…? Leon!”




Leonhard, who had been looking at the bookshelf with a face as if he was preoccupied with something, finally looked back at me.


I wondered what kind of book he was so preoccupied with, and when I looked over where Leonhardt’s gaze landed, I found a children’s book titled <Frog Prode’s Music Troupe>.


‘That was probably about a frog going on a trip to find treasure, right?’


Like an RPG game, it was about adding one friend to travel together with you wherever you go. Friends who each play harmonica, little drums, and ukulele.


Oh, maybe…


“Does Noah like musical instruments?”




“Isn’t that why you were reading? That fairy tale.”


“Ah, that.”


Leonhard wiped his face with a slightly embarrassed face.


“I don’t know. Does the child like the instrument or not?”


“Well, five years old is too young to touch an instrument.”


But, I thought that if there was an instrument around me, I would be interested in touching it.


“No. Noah is learning an instrument now.”


“Really? A five-year-old?”




Leonhard nodded and looked at me.


He seemed to be bothered by my surprise that a little while ago, the five-year-old already had a tutor.




‘If you’re five years old here, you’re six years old in Korean age…It seems like going to a music academy was a common occurrence at that time.’


Wouldn’t it be nice to have at least one instrument as a hobby? I thought that and Leonhard asked.


“The tutor said that it is basic for a noble Young man to know how to play at least three musical instruments. Is it really so?”


“Eh, three?”


“Isn’t it?”


“Ummm, well, if you’re going to be active in the social world, it’s better to learn an instrument or songs. I’ve heard that at tea parties and banquets, there are quite a few cases where the host suddenly points out someone to play.”


My sister Lily was like that.


“But I said it was about young children…”


“What about the young man?”


“Um, I heard from my older brother that he throws darts, plays chess, and plays cards. Just like young children are embarrassed if they can’t handle an instrument, they’re embarrassed if they lose.”


“Don’t you play the piano, flute, and violin?”


“I probably won’t, Even my little brother Alex doesn’t have an instrument he can handle.”


After I broke my violin strings twice and broke my piano pedals, my mother wouldn’t let me go anywhere near them.


I found out later. My little brother didn’t want to learn how to play the instrument, so he smashed the instruments on purpose.


“Then why is the tutor…”


“Um, maybe…”




The moment I met Leonhard’s eyes, the words I was about to come out, went in. Leonhard urged me, who was hesitant to speak.


“Maybe what?”




‘Can I Say this…’


I groaned and finally opened my mouth at Leonhard’s unspoken urging.


“It is intimidation. It is good If it can be uncovered later.”


A while ago, Leonhard said that the tutor had only fulfilled his duty as a tutor. And as I expected, Leonhard’s face was terribly crumpled.


“It can’t be. I know that he can’t get away with lying in front of me for a second.”


“Actually, it’s not entirely wrong. Young men also learn an instrument or two when they are young. It’s because he rarely goes out and shows off his skills.”


In this world, where monsters have built their nests, and monsters escaping from their nests often attack private houses, the young man must have his power. swordsmanship to be precise. Of course, there is nothing wrong with not being able to handle instruments. But It’s a flaw If he doesn’t have the power to protect himself and even Lady.


“I can’t believe it. If what the lady said is true, why would the tutor intimidate the child?”


“That’s it…”


A tutor who would have been saved from the Marquis of Ajas was a vassal who would follow him with a high probability.


Ajas’s Vassal did not consider the successor who suddenly popped out. Of course, Leonhard noticed, but he didn’t reveal his true feelings.


‘Actually, in the book, it was said that Noah was not considered by Ajas’s Vassal.’


It was when Noah became the head of the family that they finally considered him. When Ajas’s authority was handed over to him. However, even in that situation, there were people who did not consider Noah, who became the head of the household. Few of them leave Ajas on their own…Most of them are dead. In the hands of the blackened Noah.


‘Come to think of it, this person is really amazing.’


The reason Noah was not considered by Ajas’s Vassals was that he was not Leonhard’s biological son, regardless of Ajas’s pattern.




“Um, no. That’s just my guess. Rather than asking me, it would be better for you to go back and ask by yourself.”


“but… ah, Lady is right. Let’s do that.”


However, he also bit his lip hard as if he guessed something. The sight made me feel bad. I thought that I might have caused trouble by saying useless words.


‘No. If I leave it like this, it will be too hard for Noah. Does it make sense to learn three instruments when you’re already taking so many lessons? This is child abuse.’


I wanted to tell Leon when he returned to Ajas, he must call all the vassals and warn them. But I kept my mouth shut. I’m not even his fiancée, so I don’t know what to say.


Instead, in order to evoke the atmosphere, I held the children’s book I had just taken out of the bookshelf in front of Leonhard.


“Rather than that, I picked out a children’s book, please take a look. Would Noah like a storybook-like this?”


“Well. I don’t know.”


“But no matter what it is, there will be one thing he likes. Ah, most fairy tales have animals as their main characters, but do you know what Noah likes?”


“An animal…”


As if finally getting the tutor out of his head, Leonhard clutched his chin and began to think seriously. I thought it would be better for him, so I encouraged him to think.


“By the way, my older brother Alex liked lions when he was young. Because it was his dream to join the Knights of the Red Lion.”


“Is that so? I’m glad his dream came true.”


“Oh, you know? My brother is a member of the Red Lion Knights?”


“Yes, I saw him wearing the badge of the Red Lion Knights on the first day we met.”


“Wow, you have good observation and good memory.”


‘But why don’t you know anything about Noah… ‘


Did he even know that I thought so?  Leonhard finally opened his mouth.


“It’s Ruby…There is a low-level monster raised at home, and he often sticks with him.”


“Low-level monsters?”


Low-level monsters. Ruby. Ah, this is a list of words that I have heard somewhere.


“Ruby… Maybe that… Is it a wing cat with the attribute of fire?”


“How do you know?”


Because it was the first evil that the blackened Raenel committed. He killed Ruby in front of Noah.


“That’s what… The name Ruby is usually given to a monster with a fire magic stone… It’s popular in the capital these days. Raising a wing cat.”


“Is it popular? Raising monsters?”


I nodded my head at Leonhard who reacted as if he were hearing it for the first time.


“Precisely, it is a trend among the nobility. It’s the perfect way to show off your wealth.”


To explain how to tame monsters, we must first talk about how to kill monsters.


There are two ways to kill monsters.


first. Breaking the magic stone that is like the heart of a monster.


second. kill it without touching the magic stone.


Of course, the easiest is the first method. The criteria for classifying monsters as low, intermediate, high, and superlative were also created for this reason.


low class. It should be in a place where magic stones are easy to target.


Middle class. It should be in a place where magic stones are difficult to target.


High class. The magic stone should be somewhere out of sight. In this case, most of them are in the body. Or leave it somewhere else.


Superlative class. No matter where the magic stone is, it must be impossible to break it with human power.


Of course, there are exceptions among these ‘humans’. right holders.


Fortunately, the highest-level monsters do not move well in our area. So unless you’re lucky enough, you don’t have to see a superlative monster until you die. Unless the monster walks into here on its own.


Anyway, if you can easily kill monsters by aiming for magic stones, Would you prefer the second method if possible?


The answer was that humans made magic tools with magic stones left behind after monsters died. The magic stone has the power to absorb magic in the air.


This characteristic leads to a great effect of automatically charging the energy when making magical tools and turning them into monsters when embedded in the body of a monster.


Not only ability but also spirit.


If more than the standard amount of magic is absorbed by the magic stone, the monster shows a berserk effect. Most monsters that suddenly appear and attack people or villages are in a berserk state. They forget even their survival instinct and run amok with slaughter.


There are also two ways to calm them down.


first, kill it.


second, Absorbing the magic of the magic stone.


So, if you absorb the magic accumulated in the magic stone before the berserk phenomenon occurs, the monster will not run out of control. It’s not easy to tame a monster in that state, of course, but it’s worth trying if the monster doesn’t go berserk. If you are a wizard or have the financial powers to have a wizard on standby at all times.


“And wing cats and horn hoses are cute and cool, aren’t they?”


“Anyway, it’s still a monster. If you make a mistake and the monster goes berserk, there will be a mess.”


“That’s why everyone only brings in low-level monsters and raises them. If something happens…”


‘It’s easy to kill.’


Leonhard seemed to have guessed the words I swallowed. A bitter smile formed on his lips.


“You don’t seem to think you’ll get hurt in the process.”


“Because the escort knight will protect me.”


No one who has enough money to hire a wizard all the time doesn’t have a guard.


“Does the lady raise monsters too?”


“Me? No, it’s hard for me to keep it healthy. It’s not even a pet, it’s nonsense to say it’s a pet monster.”


I have a conscience too, how can I get one more mouth to feed while thinking about sitting at home like that?


* * *


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