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While I gripped the hem of my dress and stepped down the steps two at a time, my little brother jumped up three or four at a time and quickly grabbed my shoulder.


“What about your body? Are you hurt anywhere?”


“I am okay, I’ve been in the room the whole time. Becky…Oh, Lady Norman also cared about me a lot.”


“Yes, I’m glad.”


My little brother, who had been checking my body over and over again, sighed and thanked the Norman knight and Rebecca who stood beside me. Rebecca spoke with humility, saying that it was only natural for her to take care of her guests.


“Are you Sir Alexander Howard? If it’s not rude, may I ask how things are going outside?”


“There are seven monsters that have appeared in the capital. Upon receiving the report, our Knights immediately mobilized, and Prince Khalid and Marquis Ajas also came to put the situation under control, but…One ran away.”


“Ran away? Where?”


“It flew over the castle wall. Marquis Ajas chased after them, and now Duke Khalid remains at the site with the duke’s knights to help with the relief work.”


“I see…”


Besides Rebecca, who lowered her head with a dark face, I asked my little brother in a worried voice.


“Then shouldn’t you have to help out there as well? Can you come here?”


“The Marquis Ajas himself asked for it. He did what we were supposed to do for us, so we took over what he was supposed to do.”


“What should he do?”


‘My escort.’


So it seemed that the little brother was chosen as the right person. Well, we are siblings.


“Let’s go home for now. Lady Norman, we will go.”


“Yes. Go home safely.”


After greeting my little brother, Rebecca grabbed my hand and said in an innocent voice.


“Nell, I will write you a letter. Will you see me next time?”


“Of course. Anytime.”


At Count Norman’s place, Leonhard’s carriage I had been riding remained. The coachman who was standing in front of the door saw me coming out with my little brother and ran right away as if he was guarding the carriage without running away even in the midst of the monster riot.


“Lady, I’ll serve you. Get into the carriage.”


“Yes, but Leon…”


“The order I received is to take the young lady home. This is the will of the Marquis, so please do not refuse.”


“Yes, the Marquis told me that too. There will be a carriage, so I will take you to the carriage.”


It seems that the little brother believed in it and brought only one horse for himself to ride in the first place. Everyone told me to get in the carriage, but I didn’t bother to refuse, so I got on the carriage without shame.




When I arrived home, my eldest brother ran out the door to greet me.


“Are you okay? I heard a monster appear near Count Norman’s residence!”


“I’m fine. Rather than that, are you okay? Didn’t any monsters appear around here?”


“Yes. It didn’t show up around here.”


Lily, who works in the main store of Wizard at 13 Silver Line, also said that she received a message with magic.


At the same time as the monster appeared, a barrier was placed on the building, so she was safe, but she couldn’t go outside until the barrier was lifted.


If so, it was rather fortunate. Silver Line no matter what happens is a place where magic tools and scroll shops are gathered, so the number of wizards there right now will easily exceed double digits.


“Rather than that, what about Marquis Ajas? I thought I wouldn’t have to worry too much since he’s your escort, but where is he going and you come with Alex?”


“He chased the monster that had run away. He entrusted Alex as my escort.”


“Thanks to Marquis Ajas, there was little damage. Certainly… The power of Ajas.”


It was hard, As if staring at something invisible, the little brother’s gaze was fixed in the air.


Then, as if coming to his senses, he shook his head and opened his mouth to look at his eldest brother.


“I have to go right away. There is still work to be done.”


“Yes. Go ahead. Don’t worry about the house and Nell.”


“Be careful. Just when you think you’re dead, you might come back to life, so be vigilant. Did you especially finish it? Don’t say that.”


“You know what little things. Don’t go out for a while, just stay at home.”


My little brother roughly stroked his hair once and said, “Whoa!” and rode off on his horse.


‘That was the last little brother I saw.… The same thing won’t happen.’


‘Because my little brother dies leaving a scar on the face of the dark sub-male.’


“Let’s go in, Nell.”


“Ah yes.”


After telling Helen, who was fussing about whether I was okay, I said I was okay, took off my dress, washed it thoroughly, and laid my exhausted body on a bed.


But even when I closed my eyes, I couldn’t fall asleep. Even though I feel like I will die of exhaustion physically and mentally.


‘Monsters appearing in the capital…’


I haven’t seen anything like this in the book. It has to be. It’s 10 years before the original story begins.


Would it have been better if I had been born at the same age as the main characters? No, if that was the case, I would have been anxious about when I would get caught up in an accident that explodes every day.


‘At least my family is safe. Until the story of the main characters begins.’


But what about me?


Originally, I had to go to the Marquis of Ajas. When I don’t do that and I remain in the capital, can I be safe in this situation where monsters suddenly pop out?


Will there be The story flow faithfully follows the original. Rebecca had already had a relationship with Duke Khalid.


I don’t know if she is already pregnant or not, but even if she isn’t, it’s only a matter of time. The first time is hard, the second time is easy.


‘Besides, Duke Khalid wants a successor and Rebecca wants to marry Duke Khalid.’


The fact that the birth of the female lead is not far away means that the male lead will also be born soon…


No, wait.


“Why did I forget this?”


The sleepiness that came little by little disappeared completely.


Jumping up from my bed, I managed to squeeze out a paragraph that had been described in the male lead’s, prince’s past.


At the beginning of the story, the prince was firmly established as the next emperor. There was no need to fight for succession. Because there is no one left to inherit the throne.


Why aren’t there any left?


In the Estroa Empire, the titles of prince and princess are not given simply because you are born as the emperor’s child. You must display the pattern to obtain the title, duties, and rights as a prince and princess, and the right to succeed to the throne. whether you want it or not.


In short, the numbers in front of the first and second princes of the current imperial family are not the order of birth, but the order of appearance of the pattern.


Among them, the first and second prince’s patterns appeared at the same time, and from that moment on, they have been fighting for succession behind the scene, checking each other.


Although the first prince was an illegitimate child, he monopolized the emperor’s favor. the second prince with the legitimacy of his mother being the empress. The two compete fiercely.


However, in the end, the first prince, who was hampered by the fact that he was an illegitimate child, failed to gather more support than the second prince, and ended up making the worst move.


Right away, he joined hands with ‘Onyx’, a group of black wizards who control monsters!


* * *




Leonhart hurriedly lowered his head at the heat he felt from his back.


At the same time, the ball of fire that barely brushed the tips of her golden hair fluttering upward hit the monster the size of an adult forearm flying through the trees.




Because one wing was completely burned, the dark rusty body lost its strength and fell to the ground.


Leonhard immediately struck down the sword before the monster made a final effort.




From the body of the monster, which was broken into pieces like glass, thick green bodily fluid splattered in all directions as if it were about to explode.


The acidic bodily fluid melted trees, stones, and even the dirt floor in an instant with a chiking sound.


Even the sword Leonhard held melted, but the bodily fluids that splashed on his body only melted his clothes and cloak and did no harm to his body. Leonhard brushed away the bodily fluids from his body as if shaking off the dust and looked back with a displeased face.


“Tell me if you have a fire, Robert. I almost went bald.”


“I think that such an unconventional style would suit Captain well. Why don’t you give it a try at this point?”


“You do it first. And if even one of the members says it’s cool, I’ll consider it.”


Leonhard pulled out a black-edged dagger from his waist as if he was going to make that hairstyle right away.


Robert, approaching him, quickly backed away and waved a white flag.


“I committed a mortal sin, Captain. I did it because I was afraid that the monster would run away into the forest.”


“Okay, I’ll let you off the hook. Stay away, because it’s not over yet.”


Leonhard continued to swing his sword toward the split body of the monster.


Every time the sword-clad dagger was struck, acidic bodily fluids burst out, leaving only a bare minimum of Leonhard’s clothes and cloak. The pattern of Ajas shines dazzlingly in silver over the almost fully exposed muscles of the back.


It was proof that His power was manifesting.


“I found it.”


Inside the monster’s head, something like a small fingernail-sized stone was revealed. It was a magic stone, the heart of a monster. It shone with a dark red light, and Leonhard broke it with his hand.


Since the place was in the capital, he couldn’t afford to do ‘collect’.


“It is over. Burn them all.”


“Yes, Captain.”


While Robert was burning the monster’s corpse, Leonhard swept through the rags and took out a spare suit from Robert’s magic bag, and put it on.


“I didn’t expect to come all the way to the capital and do this.”


“That’s what I mean, Captain. I came all the way to the capital because I didn’t want to do this.”


With a small sigh, Robert buried the ashes in the ground. The entrance to the forest was messed up with acidic bodily fluids.


‘I decided to pretend I didn’t know. It’s not even Ajas’s frontier anyway.’


“Anyway, where did these monsters come from?”


“Where is the nearest monster to the capital?”


Robert answered after reviewing the map of the empire in his head.


“That is a dungeon in the East of the capital, it is about a week away by horse.”


A place where monsters unite around the area to form a den is called a dungeon.


A dungeon forms a separate space completely separated from the land with a single entrance, and the environment in the dungeon is determined by the attributes of the owner.


In other words, you need to know whether the dungeon entered through the entrance in the forest is a swamp, sea, or iceberg.


Fortunately, thanks to that, the monsters in the dungeon do not come out of the dungeon. Because the environment they live in is different.


Of course, the story changed when the dungeon was damaged when the monsters were so saturated and overflowing that the space in the dungeon couldn’t hold them all.


“What kind of dungeon is it?”


“It is a jungle dungeon located in the forest. Probably bug-type monsters like that wander around in groups.”


The environment is not very different if it is a forest. Even if the dungeon break didn’t happen, there was a good chance that the monster would pop out.


“Tell the dungeon guard to investigate. Any sign of a monster escaping from a dungeon? or…”


“Is there any sign of a person entering?” Leonhard nodded.


A monster has left the dungeon. Up to this point, there wasn’t much of a problem. It’s a common thing to see in Ajas’s frontier.


But that monster attacks the capital? Even before the raid, without anyone noticing, they scattered all over the capital in groups of seven and started to attack at the same time.


There must have been a man-made intervention.


‘I don’t think the barbarians have come all the way here or….’


The sixth power holder.


At the moment that popped into his mind, Leonhard smiled. Rather, it was much more likely that a barbarian shaman would come down here and mess with them. Because the sixth authority holder’s blood was cut off a long time ago.


* * *

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  1. I wonder what the power of sixth holder?? Maybe mc is one of the last from that bloodline also? It usually would be like that if there is lost or cut bloodline in the novels.

    1. I have the same idea. Maybe the mc like the distance relative or literally the last survivor of the bloodline. Then maybe, ‘the novel content’ that she remember have anything to do with her power (maybe it actually not a novel content but something else)