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“Oh, he’s a bit lacking, I guess.”


‘What? What’s wrong with my brother? He’s such a nice guy!’


“Right. He had a history of being engaged and then breaking it off…”


“But that breakup wasn’t the fault of Count Howard, was it?”


“Speaking of which, I actually thought Count Howard was screwed at the time.”




“3 years ago, I heard that the Count and Countess Howard were on their way to explore the East Coast trade like the Normans and that their ship sank, leaving him deeply in debt.”


“Well, the Count of Howard is quite remarkable, paying off that debt in just three years.”


“That’s not thanks to Count Howard, it’s thanks to Howard’s first daughter. Who would have known that Clover Wizard would grow this far?”


“Well, I’ve heard that Count Howard put up the capital out of his own pocket, so a percentage of the net profits of the Clover Wizard Company goes to him.”


“It’s a windfall for Theord’s Younger son because when he marries Lady Howard, he’ll get the big magic tool as a dowry. right?”


“Did you not hear the news? That’s why the two of them are putting off getting married. She is afraid that if she makes a mistake, the clover Wizards will be swallowed up by Marquis Theord’s family.”


“Is that why she is delaying her marriage? I thought it was also because the eldest of siblings, Count Howard, is still unmarried.”


“No. If she put off getting married for that reason, she could die of old age while remaining engaged for the rest of her life.”


“Oh, come on, why, he is not the kind of man who falls for love?”


“He is, and he’s got a spoiled brat in the house.”


“A spoiled brat…? Oh, you mean the youngest?”


“Yes. That adopted child is the one we don’t know if she is an illegitimate or a lowly Thing.”


“Ah, that young lady. The second princess seems to have a strong dislike for her.”


“She’s right to be disliked. We don’t know where she came from. It would be nice if she could get married somewhere soon.”

“Is that possible? What kind of man would marry her and allow her to give birth to a successor from a woman of unknown origin?”


“Actually, Sir Alexander is not a bad choice for a second husband, considering his looks, his age, and the fact that he’s already been knighted and inducted into Red Lion Knights.”


“Yes. But when you think about the situation in which both of them have yet to be engaged, let alone married, the answer comes out.”


As if they were exchanging funny jokes, the delightful laughter of many young ladies mixed together.


Hearing that laughter, I had no confidence to break through the closed door, so I hurriedly left.


I didn’t know where I was walking. My head was blank as I trudged down the long hallway with no one there. Only one thought came.


‘The big brother and the little brother weren’t even engaged, let alone married. Is it because of me?’


The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. But they will get married. In the original story, they were both married and had kids.


Even if he didn’t have a fiancée right now, I knew he would have one later.


‘But… If I don’t get out of Howard, they are not even going to get engaged, right?’


‘In the book, the two older brothers were able to get married and start a family… Was it because Raenel married Leonhard and left?’


Again, the sound of heels echoed loudly in the hallway. I stood in the middle of it and pondered the conclusion I had finally reached.


‘I can’t go back to my country.’


I must become independent. I must leave Howard’s country. for my brothers.




Then a familiar voice came from behind. When I turned around in surprise, Leonhard, who was standing there with a bewildered face, caught my eye.


Recalling who he escorted today, I quickly looked around him. Luckily he was alone.


But my relief didn’t last long.






It was as if he saw the tears running down my cheeks.


He approached me with a very startled face, Confused not knowing where to put his hands, then took out a handkerchief from his pocket as if he had belatedly remembered its existence.


“Are you okay?”


“Oh, no, that’s it…”


I realized that after I took the handkerchief from him. My hands were shaking. Leonhard must have seen it, too.


“What’s going on…? I saw Sir Alexander looking for the Lady over there. Please wait a moment. I will call him.”


“No! No, don’t call Alex.”


“Yes? Then your older sister–”


“No, not Lily, and not Liv…”


I shook my head and took the hem of his cloak in my hand, just in case he didn’t listen to me, and went off to call my family.


If they saw me crying, they would ask me why I was crying. I’ll have no choice but to tell them what I’ve heard.


I couldn’t drive the dagger into their hearts the same way I drove the dagger into mine. I looked up at Leonhard and asked him a favor.


“I want to go to a place where there are no people.”




“Please. please.”




At that time, I heard my little brother’s voice faintly looking for me from far away in the hallway. Startled, I clung to Leonhard’s arms as if hiding.


Unconsciously, I felt his body tense up as I placed my hand on him. The moment I realized what I had done and was about to take my hand away, Leonhard let out a short breath and spoke in a whisper in my ear.


“Excuse me for a moment.”


“Yes? Woah…!”


I let out a small scream at the feeling of my body floating and quickly covered my mouth with both hands in case my older brother heard it.


‘Yak, you lifted me with one arm…!’


With his arm under my hip, like he was carrying a child, Leonhard walked so lightly that it was hard to believe he was carrying a human, he opened the hallway window and jumped out.




I was startled and cradled his head in my arms. He paused for a moment, then broke into a run, as if to get away from somewhere.


The sharp wind that blew at that speed slapped my cheek and blew my long hair wildly back.


“You are too fast!”




“It’s fast! I am scared!”


Fortunately, Leonhard finally stopped, as if he had heard those words.


It was only after my vision returned to normal that I was able to relax my body. At the same time, my legs relaxed.


“Excuse me, can you get me off…”


“Sorry. In my haste, I was rude.”


Leonhard looked around and dropped me down on a nearby bench.


It was my first visit to the imperial palace, so I wasn’t sure where this place was.


‘Can I just come in like this?’


While I was worried about that, Leonhard took off his cloak and put it around my shoulder.


I was wearing a bracelet that can warm the body that Lily had made for me, so I wasn’t cold even in the cold wind. but I didn’t bother to say so, instead thanking him.


He nodded lightly and sat down on one knee in front of me, carefully looking up at me and asking.


“May I ask what happened?”


“Oh, that’s it…”


Sure enough, I was crying. I hadn’t realized it until a strong wind blew the tears from my cheeks as it blew my hair. I was so surprised by my tears.


It was funny that I realized that now, so I burst into laughter without knowing it. Then Leonhard blinked a few times with a surprised face.




“Sorry. hmm…It’s not a big deal. I’m fine now.”


“Are you sure?”


“Yes. I’m sorry for asking you such a strange favor out of the blue, Leon.”


I’m sorry, and I’m ashamed. I laugh out loud at my embarrassment, and Leonhard, who smiles, shakes his head a couple of times.


“That wasn’t weird at all. Anytime you need anything, just tell me. I will be happy to help.”


His right hand went to his left waist as if he could swear if he wanted to. To the spot where his sword would normally hang.


His words were all the more impactful because he was down on one knee in front of me like a knight being sworn in. I blinked at him, not knowing what to say.


‘why Is it hot? It’s winter now.’


I rolled my eyes, not daring to meet Leonhard’s eyes, and then realized.


‘It’s because of the cloak he gave me!’


“Young lady?”


“Um, ah, come to think of it, you asked me to see you somewhere away from people. Do you have anything else to say to me?”




Leonhard, who frowned, turned his head slightly to the side and asked me back. I was a little bewildered by his attitude as if doubting his ears.


“Didn’t you mean to see you secretly? Then what was that rose?”




‘Wow, I guess this man really didn’t know.’


My face heated up even more, so I loosened the cloak I’d been holding on to and let it slide down my shoulders.


“That’s what my brother-in-law said. Exchanging white roses at the ball means that the two of you will secretly meet alone in an empty place.”


Leonhard’s face became contemplative before my words were finished. He jumped to his feet and raised his voice. He jumped up from his seat and raised his voice.


“I didn’t know! Certainly, I didn’t do it with such unscrupulous intentions. It’s just, just…”


His face turned red and he couldn’t even make excuses. Like sweet water bursting from the ripe pulp.


“Oh, that’s a shame, I was a little hopeful.”


“Please don’t misunderstand me…What?”


I kept smiling as I watched him with his eyes widened to the size of a lantern. I only drank the wine of blessing, which was only a sip. I felt excited as if I was drunk.


‘I know. I was looking forward to it.’


I shouldn’t have met him alone in a place like this.


But at this point, I wasn’t worried about any of that.


All I was worried about was where and how I was going to meet him, and how long it had been since we had been involved in a scandal.


But then, Leonhard, who had moved his lips a few times, spoke to me in a low voice as if confessing.


“Actually, I was thinking about it the whole time, in the hall.”


“Yes? What do you think?”


“Is there any reason why it wouldn’t be strange for me to talk to the lady in a place with so many people, where her guardian is watching?”


Leonhard carefully grabbed the cloak that I had let down because of the heat and wrapped it around my shoulders again. I reflexively grabbed the cloak and asked him belatedly.


“Is there any?”


“None. So I couldn’t speak. But I had something I really wanted to ask.”


Leonhard sat down on one knee in front of me again, my head, which had been tilted back, lowering naturally until our eyes were level.


Even in the dark, the bright blue eyes caught my attention. just as he had when I had danced with the First Prince.


And Leonhard asked in a low voice as if he was thinking of the same thing as me.


“What is your relationship with His Highness the First Prince?”


‘Why do you ask about that?’


It seemed to be getting hot again, so I took off my cloak, but I couldn’t ignore the sincerity he had shown me twice, so I shook my head with my hands tense.


“It’s nothing. I only bumped into him on the street once before that.”


“But he calls you by your first name so affectionately.”


Oh, this is a bit embarrassing. My bottom lip threatened to pop out on its own, so I pressed my lips together.


“I never gave permission. but I wasn’t in a position to tell him not to call me that.”


“Is that so.”


Leonhard lowered his eyelids so that his long eyelashes spread out. As if he was breathing a sigh of relief. He actually took a long breath. And he raised his eyes again and looked at me.


His eyes looked so pretty. Like the deep, deep sea where you can’t get out of it alone if you fall into it.


“Then will you allow me to call the lady’s name??


“Um, Yes.”


As if I already knew he would ask such a question, an affirmative answer came out of my mouth.


Actually, it’s only a name, nothing special. But He couldn’t hide his joy as if he had received a huge gift that he didn’t expect.


“Thank you, Raenel.”


I watched him smile as if the moonlight that surrounded me belonged to him.


Suddenly, I thought to myself.


‘Should I just go ahead and marry him?’


* * *

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