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Dozens of merchants were called to Paul Herbina’s mansion, and dozens of carriages passed through Paul Herbina’s front gate every day.


Since then, the main topic of conversation in social circles was the wedding to be held at Paul Herwina’s mansion, and the excitement never waned.


“I heard they ordered three big chandeliers from the crystal workshop. They even ordered a large number of glasses of wine.”


“There are dozens of weavers eating and sleeping in Paul Herbina and weaving rugs.”


“How about jewelry? I guess Marquis Ajas wasn’t satisfied with the fact that he swept away the Golden Brew and Gold Line jewelry stores.  He’s been contacting mines to tell them that if they have any gems left over, he’ll buy it at any price.” 


“The Marquis Ajas seems won’t be satisfied until he puts rings on all ten fingers of his fiancée.”


“Aww, I envy. We don’t even know if she was wearing her wedding ring or lost it.”


“I’m really curious how long that will last?” 


“Well, wouldn’t it be the end if the Marquis of Ajas officially registers the Lady into the family?”


In the meantime, the youngest child of the Howard family, who will become Lady of Ajas, said that she was sponsoring an artist to collect works to fill the Long Gallery. Rumors that there is no time to rest have once again engulfed the social world.


Paul Herbina’s Long Gallery!


The previous owner, including Count Todd, had not held a banquet there, so no one has ever visited Paul Herbina’s Long Gallery.


Moreover, it was no secret that the Marquis of Ajas had swept up paintings and sculptures along with jewelry at the Golden Brew auction, so even those with heavy hips were beginning to pay attention to Ajas’s wedding.


They say ‘If only I could see Paul Herbina’s Long Gallery in person, it would be a topic of conversation forever.’ 


Whether in a good or bad way, it was clear that the place would become a hot topic.


The entire social world paid attention to them, and The question ‘Have you received an invitation?’ was enough to replace the greeting. 


However, neither Raenel nor Leonhard was paying attention to the social world, so he did not know about that situation at all.


However, since there was a history of spreading bad rumors, the two accepted Oliver’s opinion that they didn’t want to make a big deal out of the ceremony, and the two decided to send invitations only to those close to them.


Of course, the opinion of Raenel, who was crying when she would write all those invitations herself, also played a role.


“However, preparations for the wedding are proceeding without a hitch. As planned, the wedding will be held at the end of this month, and if nothing else happens, we can return to the border of Ajas when spring comes.”


— In a way, it’s a relief that your homecoming has been delayed. because even with the power of magic, it is difficult for a foreigner to adapt to Hiyella’s wind.


“Yeah. I want you to set up fire magic stones throughout the castle, just in case. I don’t want my wife to feel the cold, even if she walks around without a cloak.”


— I will. More than that, ‘my wife’ sounds quite natural, so it seems like you get along well. 


“Don’t tease me.”


Leonhard coughed for no reason at the opponent’s uncharacteristic voice.


— By the way, Master. A while ago, a strange letter arrived from Cathy.


“From Catherine? what?”


— she said The Captain is a monster!


The words were rude and disrespectful to talk to a high-ranking aristocrat.


However, the voice of the person delivering the words was mixed with laughter, and the faces of those who heard the words were just filled with absurdity.


Leonhard, who had guessed that from the first time he heard that he had received a strange letter from Catherine, sighed as he rested his chin on his hand.


“I can’t believe I heard that from Catherine, not anyone else. I don’t know how to resolve this resentment.”


— So how did you end up being hated by that kid? 


“Didn’t she tell you?”


— No. I heard that she made a friend, So maybe it was because of that. 


“Didn’t you even hear who that friend was?”


— No, because she always lacks explanation.


At first glance, it sounded like gossip, but at the bottom of the voice, there was an affection that could not be hidden. It was understandable. He saved them from dying. Right after he lost his only family.


“She is the lady who will be my wife.”


— What?


“The lady who will soon be hostess to, Catherine’s new friend.”


— Really?


“She insisted at the selection of Nell’s escort that she was going to do it. My wife’s escort is expected to attend many public events, so I said no because she doesn’t know the etiquette, but she said she would learn them.


— She said she was going to learn etiquette


“Yes. So I even hired someone to do that, but in just two days, she fooled her teacher. I don’t even know where she is now.”


— I don’t know where to start commenting because it’s so unimaginable.


The young general butler of Ajas Castle, Lucius, let out a bewildered voice in the round crystal ball.


— You mean to tell me that she didn’t take offense at Cathy’s rudeness, moreover the lady like Cathy?


“That’s why they became friends.”


— That’s really… Surprisingly.


“I heard that she immediately recognized that Catherine was from a barbarian tribe.”


— Really?


“Yes. It looks like she recognized Katherine’s tattoo on the back of her hand.” 


There was a hint of astonishment in Lucius’ voice that followed.


— and she remained friends with Catherine?


“The maid close to her, she said like her childhood friend, and she really cares for her. She doesn’t seem to judge people based on their background.”


— How could that be….Is it because she was an adopted child? 


“Lucius Lyndon.”


It seemed that his voice, which sank low and even sounded gloomy, had awakened him.


— It was a mistake. I apologize.


“How dare you bring that word out in front of me? and with the lady who is to be my wife?”


— I will correct it and it will not happen again.


“Tell that to everyone in the castle, including the knights. If anyone dares to utter that word again within earshot of me, I will strike them down.”


— I will obey you.


Suddenly, Leonhard had a thought.


‘Raenel as the lady of Ajas, I wonder if welcoming her as Noah’s mother is really a good thing.’


Wasn’t he the one who was interested in her because she was an adopted child in the first place? 


‘But now I can’t turn back.’ 


Unconsciously, Leonhard, who had been stroking the ring on the ring finger of his left hand, noticed the heavy atmosphere and opened his mouth lightly to ventilate the air. 


“What about Noah? Is he okay?”


— Yes. He was also looking forward to meeting his future stepmother.




— Yes. He was very happy to receive the gift. He wrote a thank-you card separately, so should I send it to the capital?


“card… ”


If you use the teleport magic circle, you can receive a small item like a letter or card in a few days.


Even when they weren’t in a relationship, Raenel gave Noah shawls, bought him storybooks, and worried that he was learning too much at such a young age.


Even if it’s before marriage, it won’t be burdensome enough to receive a card from a child.…


‘If it’s a letter…she is sick of it now…’ 


‘I thought of Raenel, who was crying because her hands were swollen from writing a letter, so I couldn’t bear to give her the card. ‘


Leonhard shook his head at the thought.


“After a while, we will go to the castle together. Then ask Noah to deliver it directly.”


— I will do so.


“What else do I need to know?”


— No urgent agenda…The frequency at which monsters are observed beyond the walls of the Hiyella Gate has been shortened. Probably a dungeon break will happen soon.


“Has it already been that time? Well, winter is over already.”


— Actually, I hope that you come back as soon as possible.


Lucius hesitantly brought out the words he had swallowed. 


Leonhard thought about the date in his head for a moment, then shook his head.


“I cannot postpone the wedding because I have other things to do. Instead, I’ll ask my wife for her understanding and try to hurry home as soon as possible.”


— I understand, but what do you mean by other things to do?


He asked in a cautious voice, having a rough idea of the situation in the capital. 


“It’s Duke Khalid’s second marriage” 


Leonhard replied casually.


* * * 


The second marriage of Duke Khalid announced at the New Year’s celebration ball, certainly surprised many people. It was not widely talked about, buried in tumultuous events such as the second prince’s case and the marriage proposal of Marquis Ajas.


Since it was a second marriage, not a first, neither Duke Khalid nor Count Norman had Made much preparation. That’s why the fact that Count Gordon sent a letter of protest could not have been widely known.


If Rebecca hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have known that had happened either.


“Count Gordon sent a letter of protest?”


“The Duke didn’t tell me, so I only recently found out. How the hell did he know…that I was pregnant.” 


It was supposed to be a happy wedding day. Rebecca, who was smiling brightly until I arrived, dismissed all the maids in the bridal chamber and burst into tears in front of me.


It was about four months since she was pregnant or five months ago, but the belly in the wedding dress didn’t show up, perhaps because she was skinny.


“It’s understandable that he was upset. It hasn’t been long since the Duke broke up, but he got married right away, and I’m pregnant, so… ”


“So what is the content of the protest? Did he make some kind of threat?”


“I don’t know the details. The Duke says don’t mind, how could I don’t mind about that? I am so worried that he will ruin the wedding today.”


“It will be fine. I saw it when I came in earlier, the security was very tight.” 


It wasn’t something made up to comfort her, it was real.


The place where the wedding was held, Duke Khalid’s residence boasted several times stricter security than usual.


No matter how famous the aristocracy was, they never let them in without an invitation.


In fact, the atmosphere of the guards guarding the door was so sharp that I wondered why anyone would stand such guard on a good day.… Maybe it was because of Count Gordon.


‘But today will pass safely.’


It’s only after Rebecca gives birth to a baby that he starts working on.


Kidnap a baby and hand it over to the barbarians. Rebecca died while giving birth to a child, so the duke was confused.


When I first thought of the incident, I just thought it was someone else’s problem and felt sorry for her, but now that it was my friend’s problem, I couldn’t help but worry.


I grabbed Rebecca’s hand and handed her the gift I had prepared.


“Take this, Becky. It is a wedding gift.”


* * *

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  1. Does Duke Khalid seem suspicious to anyone else or is it just me?

  2. Is that the protective bracelet that Leon give Nell before? The one that could save dying person once?

    I know Catherine was upset because she couldn’t become Nell’s escort, but I wish she could become a temporary escort for Becca since somehow I think Becca’s incident is not as simple as “died of childbirth” 😔😔

  3. I think so too .. whole the story with rebecca and the duke smell fishy…
    Her love story / her pregnency / the wedding.. she donsn’t call him by his name.. even after slep toogether ?… ( if he were the emperor i will inderstand..)