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When I walked into the banquet hall after changing clothes, the atmosphere was quite calm.


It was noisy at each table where people gathered, but no one was arguing or fighting, perhaps because only those who really needed to be invited were selected and invited in small numbers. 


“I never thought I’d be invited to Paul Herbina.” 


“It’s such a big banquet hall… It’s really nice.” 


“That chandelier, did they put a magic stone of light on it? oh my, it’s beautiful.” 


“Look at the black velvet cloth on the ceiling. It’s like the night sky.” 


As I walked around the table with Leonhard and thanked them for coming, the compliments flew by my ears.


I smiled gracefully on the outside but was proud on the inside. 


‘Of course! How much money did we spend!’ 


I received six samples of the plates and cutlery placed on the table of the guests, and I finally decided after thinking about it for several days.


In addition, it was hard to set the vase and food by paying attention to the likes and dislikes of the guests.


‘Come to think of it, Logan’s help was quite great.’ 


“What do you think, Nell?”


After greeting all the guests, it was time to take a break.


Even after changing into a pair of low-heeled shoes, my feet still hurt.


Leonhard, who had brought me various foods, put a small biscuit in my mouth and asked.


I answered, chewing on the biscuits like a sweet rain in a drought. 


“I think Logan’s intelligence is really great.” 


“Were you already thinking about another man right after the wedding was over?”


“our general butler is another man?”


When I glanced at him sarcastically, Leonhard burst into laughter lightly. 


And this time, he put salmon canapes in my mouth.


“But I’m not kidding, where did he work before? I don’t think he was an ordinary butler to pick out their tastes within a few days after receiving a list of guests.”


“We’ve been in touch with each other in the past. He was recently working for the Duke of Daphnen, and when he heard of me, he came to see me on his own initiative to become a butler.” 


“In the past? Does that mean he’s a northerner too?”


“No. We met not in the North, but… It was in Closiante.” 




‘Closiante Colosseum?’


Did you meet the butler of Duke Daphnen at the Colosseum?


“Nell, can you walk?”


“Ah, yes. sure.”


As soon as the ceremony was over, Duke Daphnen, who had gone with the Heilangs knight, was finally entering the banquet hall. Maybe after taking a shower in the break room, Moisture was forming on his hair.


looking at the food, ohh!


I chewed and swallowed another cheese canape Leonhard had put into my mouth for the last time, stuffed my shoes into my swollen feet, and went over to greet him.


“Are you satisfied, uncle?”


“haha! Yes, they are much stronger than those your father led. I won’t have to worry about the North for the next few decades.”


“You’re too flattering. More than that, I’m late in introducing her. This is my wife.”


Duke Daphnen’s gaze turned to me at Leonhard’s gentle gesture.


His turquoise eyes sparkled with curiosity inappropriate for his age. I was a little worried because I had been involved in bad rumors with Leonhard, but it was fortunate that my first impression wasn’t bad.


“Nice to meet you. I am Raenel Ajas, Duke Daphnen.”


“We’ve met once before, haven’t we?” 


“Yes, I couldn’t officially greet you back then.”


“Have you met before?”


“The Duke was talking to my older brother at the New Year’s celebration ball. At that time, I saw him.”


“I see.”


Leonhard nodded several times as if he remembered the story my older brother had told him yesterday.


From that reaction, I realized he knew what was going on, and Duke Daphnen furrowed one brow and made a grunting sound.


“I heard about it from Sophia. That Baron Vincent was over-greed.”


“If you don’t mind, may I ask how you got involved with Baron Vincent?”


“that is… Sophia is my wife’s pupil.” 




She was a direct pupil of Duchess Daphnen?


If it’s true, no, it’s from the mouth of Duke Daphnen, so it can’t be false, but anyway, this is a really amazing story.


The Duchess of Daphnen was a healer, one of only nine sages on the continent.


“But if she were Duchess Daphnen’s pup, she wouldn’t have had to attend a magic academy….”


Anyone with talent can learn magic, but to claim themselves as a wizard, they had to go through one of three processes.


first. Graduation from one of the magical academies on the continent. second. Take the exams of the Magic Tower Senate and make it into the top 10 in the final result. third. Be recognized by one of the nine sages on the continent.


“For some reason, he was kicked out without being able to learn magic for a long time. But it wasn’t her fault…That’s why I told her. If she ever needs help, I’m here.”


Duke Daphnen let out a small sigh.


“When she, who had not contacted me until she dropped out of the academy with a large amount of debt, contacted me asking for a good marriage partner. I was wondering if I should do it… until I found out that Baron Vincent was thinking of selling his daughter for a high price.”


Duke Daphnen looked at me.


“I arranged it because Count Howard was single, and after talking to him, I thought the two would be a good match, but I’m sorry this happened.”


“Ah… I heard you’re like Leon’s uncle. Please feel free to speak.” 


“Well, it seems you have already heard about it.”


Duke Daphnen, who glanced at Leonhard, cleared his throat a few times, then nodded that he would do so.


Visibly brightened, he looked really excited.


He seemed to care for Leonhard like a real nephew, not just his friend’s son.


“Anyway, congratulations on your wedding. I was so surprised when I heard his wife’s story before, so I guess that’s why it became like this.”


“Oh, did you talk about me?”


“Yes. What we were talking about was—”


“You must be hungry, but we interrupted. Have a meal, uncle. Let’s go, Nell.” 


“Uh, but….”


“Then I’ll see you again later.”


Before I had time to intervene, Leonhard ended the conversation, put my hand on his arm, and strode away.


I couldn’t shake off my hand on his arm, so I hurriedly greeted Duke Daphnen and walked after him. Then, the sound of Duke Daphnen bursting into laughter came from behind.


“What were you and Duke Daphnen talking about that made you run away like this?”


“What do you mean run away? He has been dueling for two hours already, so he must be very hungry. I’m just trying to make sure my uncle can eat comfortably.”


“Hmm. Can you swear by that ring?”


Originally, a proposal ring or an engagement ring should be replaced with a wedding ring at a wedding, but Leonhard said he didn’t want to wear another ring.


Odette’s tears and a proposal ring decorated with jewelry were enough for me too. 


So our engagement ring, our proposal ring, naturally became our wedding ring.






His voice calling me was rather serious. I stiffened, and Leonhard, who was looking somewhere, spoke to me in a solemn voice.


“There are only a few of your favorite orange tarts left. I’ll get it before it runs out.”




“Wait here. I’ll be right back.” 


No, you can ask the servant to do that, so why go yourself?


However, Leonhard hurriedly headed to the tart table before I had time to stop him.


Looking at his back, who seemed impatient for some reason, I burst into laughter.


‘No, what were they talking about that made her run away like that?


I think I’ll have to find out about it later.


* * *


“What? Crown Prince Ceremony?”


Duke Daphnen’s voice filled with astonishment pierced the banquet hall like lightning.


The music that resonated in the banquet hall and the sounds of people talking suddenly stopped as if they had been muted.


Duke Daphnen must have noticed the attention because he gestured to his aide, who stood beside him with a dismayed face.


“We’ll talk outside…”


However, even after Duke Daphnen left the banquet hall, the atmosphere in the banquet hall, as if it had been doused with cold water, did not regain its liveliness.


Just confused by this situation, I turned my head to find Leonhard.


And I found him. He stopped on his way to the table, and he was looking seriously at the ring of his right pinky, which was constantly twinkling.


* * *


“Well, I’ll leave now.”


“Yeah, you did a good job today.”


I waved to Paul Herbina’s Ladies Maids, Sally, and Scarlet. The two of them politely bowed their heads to me and quietly went outside.


“Hoamm…I’m sleepy.”


As I soaked in the warm water, I left my body in the hands of the massage expert, and my whole body felt tired.


In addition, the fragrant oil applied to the whole body had a pleasant scent that soothed the mind comfortably, and the restless mind was greatly calmed.


‘By the way, the crown prince ceremony?… It’s something that didn’t happen in the original story.’ 


Since the second prince received a probationary order close to confinement, it meant they wouldn’t install him as the crown prince.


If the crown prince’s ceremony is really held, the target will probably be the first prince. But as far as I know, the first prince couldn’t be the crown prince.


‘No way…The future isn’t ruined because of me, right?’ 


The First Prince had colluded with black wizards to bring monsters into the capital in his quest for the throne, and I was already terrified of what he would do to fulfill his greed if he became emperor.


I wrapped my shawl around my shivering shoulders and poured myself a glass of wine.






“Ah, are you here? You’re a little late.”


The door to the bridal chamber opened when I drank three glasses of wine in a row. 


Perhaps he came right after washing his hair without any time to dry it, so his golden hair was hung down with a darker honey color than usual.


His soft cheeks were moist and warmed to peach color, and his plump lips stained red like wine.


And his shirt, usually buttoned neatly all the way to the collar, was unbuttoned at the neck, leaving him feeling quite defenseless.


Is it because today is the first night? 


Leonhard today….should I say…..He was quite sensual.


“Ugh, how can a person be so handsome?”


I was muttering to myself, but suddenly Leonhard coughed himself as if he had choked. Did he swallow the wrong saliva?


* * *

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  1. Well to call someone who would never fall so easily ur cute and Nell is just so much fun