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“First of all, let’s calm down.”


When the seething anger subsided, the cold mind made a plan.


‘What’s the biggest problem if I don’t get in touch with them?’


Marquis Calvin thought calmly.


The manifestation of the pattern of the second princess?


Revocation of the prince’s probation?


‘Although it hurts to know that I fell right in front of the high ground, it wasn’t fatal.’


If her son performs well in Estroa’s test, the throne will be his.


‘But, what if the ‘antidote’ they made ended up in the hands of the emperor?’


Even if the evidence they have is handed over to the second prince or the emperor, as long as her power is intact, it can be overcome.


All those in high-ranking positions are male, the emperor, who makes all the final decisions, whether it be the throne or the ruling, is obsessed with her.


The emperor’s favor.


With just that alone, Marquis Calvin had obtained everything that others couldn’t easily obtain even with great effort. 


To maintain them, she must not lose the favor of the emperor no matter what happens. Until her son becomes emperor.


‘I must get rid of that antidote.’ 


‘No, those who could make an antidote at any time should be completely wiped out from this continent.’


Fortunately, she had one weakness in her hand that could control them.


‘Witch and Sesto’s child. He said he hadn’t found it yet.’ 


About 20 years ago, they succeeded in tracking the location where that woman ran away to the end and succeeded in driving her into a corner, but in the end, they couldn’t get the body because she blew herself up by exploding the magic in her body.


However, according to the surviving tracker, the magic power that exploded at that time was only half of her original power.


It could be that she was only able to draw half of the magic she had because she suddenly raised her magic power but…The wizards of Onyx thought differently. 


There is the first Wizard of the Continent. a tiny tribe, now numbering fewer than a hundred people, that barely survives. 


Wielding magic of all kinds at their disposal, their first child is always a girl, who receives half of her mother’s magic at birth.


Based on that magic, as they grow, they collect more and more magic power and divide that magic power in half to pass it on to their child.


Of course, if you don’t acquire a lot of magic power as you grow up, you won’t be able to pass on that much magic power when you give birth to a child.


But 20 years ago, there was a witch who ran away while pregnant with Sesto’s bloodline who had enough magic power to compare to a wizard at such a young age. 


She would have become a high-level wizard by now if the child had been born safely and shared half of that magic power.


‘Besides, if it’s Sesto’s blood, I can recognize it.’ 


Sesto’s power. It is the sixth power whose record has now been erased from history. Unlike the other five powers that deal with the power of natural attributes, Sesto’s power deals with monsters themselves.


They could even control dragons that were recorded as superlative and exceptional.


Descendants who inherited his blood would not be attacked by monsters, even if they were unable to manifest the pattern.


No, it’s not just that they can’t be attacked, it’s that they can win the favor of monsters and tame them easily.


And the monster… It also includes barbarians mixed with monster blood.


Marquis Calvin still remembered the feeling she felt when she saw Pel Sesto, a man with the power of Sesto imprisoned in the Tower of Onyx.


She felt blinded, perhaps because of her power. If she hadn’t left immediately after feeling her strangeness, she would have done anything to get Pel Sesto out of there.


Ironically, it was also the first time that she realized how people under her power felt when she used the power of fascination.


‘Surely…… the girl who makes me feel that way must be Pel Sesto’s daughter.’ 


Marquis Calvin’s distinctive eyes shone fiercely.


‘If I find the girl, I can strangle them. And one more. You stupid people. You had to know why I came to the Empire.’


In the first place, she crossed the rugged Hyela because she had a purpose. The purpose was to find Sesto’s lineage. Sesto’s lineage would bring the barbarians back to their former glory!


‘I acted separately for different purposes along the way, but I still contact them regularly there.’


Let’s hope she doesn’t disappear altogether.


Even if she can’t hold their leash, the barbarians will take care of them for her.


‘How dare you stab me in the back? I will make you pay.’


Marquis Calvin gritted her teeth as she glared at the place where the man had disappeared.


* * * 


“Carl. Well, by the way, is it okay to do that?” 




“Didn’t you provoke too much? The Marquis of Calvin… ”


The man, who covered his entire body with a robe, made a timid voice while fiddling with a wooden mask that was larger than his face.


The gloomy expression on the mask made his voice sound even more gloomy. 


Carl, a  red-haired man, gave him a light smack on the back of the head with a cigarette and said that there was nothing to worry about.


“Provoke too much? Pan, aren’t you resentful of what you’ve been through?”


Pan, who was rubbing the place where he was hit with his hand, shook his head.


Every time he saw her, he couldn’t say a word, and he had to do all the dirty work.


“Huft, but, that woman is favored by the emperor,….” 


“What’s the problem, we have the evidence to bring her down.” 


“Now, if we do something wrong, we won’t be safe either.…” 


“No need to worry. Just wait. Once this is done, we’ll be able to live our lives without worrying about being chased by someone else.”


Carl’s eyes shone with joy as he slowly stroked his left forearm, which was covered by his sleeve.


Without noticing the madness in his eyes, Pan only fiddled with the wooden mask for no reason.


“Well, but…Is that child still alive? We have been looking for her, but still, we haven’t found her yet, so maybe she’s dead after all….”


“We need to broaden our search, I got it wrong. Since she is the daughter of a witch, of course, we were mistaken in thinking that she was a wizard.”


“what? she’s Witch’s daughter, but she’s not a wizard…?”


“A woman who used her body as a bomb. Did she think we wouldn’t be able to track down her baby until the end? She might have sealed her powers.”


Pan shook his head in disbelief.


“Oh, sealing the magic power of a newborn child… That means she might not be able to use magic for the rest of her life.”


“I’m sure she thought it would be better for her daughter to be unable to use magic than to be dragged away by us, and she had seen what happened to Sesto’s lineage.”


Freedom is never given.


Born in a tower, imprisoned in a tower, blood was drawn for bloodstone to produce the next Sesto.


It has been almost one hundred years since wizards who were crazy about monster research gathered and formed a research group called ‘Onyx’.


It was only natural that a group of crazy wizards, who dissected monster corpses, made magic tools, and made chimeras out of them, were interested in Sesto’s power.


One hundred years ago, the wizards of Onyx succeeded in kidnapping one of Sesto’s bloodlines, and he died while being imprisoned in the tower and drawing blood all the time. He left behind only one child.


Seeing a child from that child, and seeing a child again… In this way, the wizard of Onyx succeeded in maintaining Sesto’s lineage. until 20 years ago. 


Asta, the witch who escaped while pregnant with Pel Sesto’s child, is also a wizard belonging to Onyx. They put her next to him on purpose to have a child with Pel Sesto.


Originally, the child she gave birth to had to be imprisoned in the tower like her father and provided blood to make bloodstones.


However, Asta ran away from the tower, saying she couldn’t make her daughter like that. Asta also entered the tower when she was young and has never been outside. 


They thought they would be able to catch up to her quickly….Surprisingly, she hid her tracks well.


‘I couldn’t imagine at the time that I couldn’t find the child after 20 years.’


“if she is not a wizard…Uh, how do we find her… ?” 


“I don’t know how. I could send a wingcat to every village and check out the women around the age of 20.”


No matter how much bloodstone is made from Sesto’s blood, it cannot win against Sesto’s living bloodline.


If Sesto’s bloodline is nearby, the control caused by the bloodstone will be released quickly.


“How many bloodstones are in the tower right now? Is it 15?” 




“Then send 3 to each dungeon and ask them to the villages near the dungeons one by one.”


“Well, then, there are only 3 bloodstones left…” 


“We can’t, the only hope is Asta’s daughter now.”


The red-haired man laughed coldly as he muttered that he should have done this from the beginning, rather than searching the magic tower or magic academy. 


“Seriously, I can’t believe it even if I think about it again. His only wife is Asta? The woman who ran away with his child, even castrated…..”


Next to the red-haired man making the noise, the masked man nervously bit his nails.


Red blood flowed from the tips of his nails, which were jagged like saw blades, but he continued to bite down on the nails as if he didn’t feel the slightest bit of pain.






“oh no, nothing…”


Swallowing what he was about to say to Carl, Pan fiddled with the wooden mask with his bloody fingers.


‘My sister Asta.’


‘It’s already been 20 years. I try to remember again, but I no longer remember the song she sang.’


He wondered why she had abandoned him when she promised to be a family. Was he, not a family member after all?


‘If my sister’s child is really alive,…’ 


The blood from his fingertips drew a small stain on the wooden mask. 


The bloodstains beneath the eyes were gloomily distorted in the shape of an inverted crescent moon, which looked like bloody tears shed in agony.


* * *

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