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“Do you want to talk with me?”


Oliver put down the teacup he was holding with a slightly surprised face.


Robert, who was standing behind Leonhard’s back, cleared his throat briefly with a big, as his face looked even a little embarrassed.


‘He had just spoken too briefly, so hurry up and explain it so that the other person could understand it properly.’


“I don’t know if rumors have spread this far, but in fact, I also adopted a child a few years ago.”


“Ah… Come to think of it, I’ve heard rumors.”


Three or four years ago, such a rumor had circulated in the capital. Since the other person was the Marquis of Ajas, the rumor did not disappear easily, but as the mastermind of the rumor did not show up, it was eventually forgotten in people’s memories without finding out whether it was true or not.


“Was it real?”


“Yes. The child had the pattern of Ajas from birth. Perhaps when he becomes the family head, he will manifest more powerful powers than me.”


“Is that true…?”


There are five families headed, including the imperial family of the Estroa Empire, the three dukes, and the marquis of Ajas, which have power inherited through bloodlines and expressed through patterns.


During the 300-year history of the Estroa Empire, the power of Ajas was so great that it could not be destroyed by any enemy, whether it was barbaric or a monster.


The power of the Ajas family is the ‘Power of Steel’. The ability to develop superpowers that make the skin harder than steel and break down castle walls with fists.


When the Marquis Ajas manifests his power, one or two knights are no match. No, it would be the same even if the entire Knights attacked him. Because the body of the Marquis, who possesses the power of steel, is immune to weapons made of metal.


What if the Marquis Ajas reached the level of a sword master?


If you put your mind to it, a human weapon is born that can destroy a territory in one day. That human weapon is right in front of Oliver’s eyes… and that child manifests a more powerful power than him.


“But how does that child bear the emblem of Ajas? I heard that the Marquis Ajas is precious.”


“I think he might be from a bloodline that split up a long time ago.”


“Is that so?”


In a family where patterns and powers are connected through bloodline, have they been so lax in managing their own blood?


Even if Oliver wanted to believe it, the answer was so insincere that he almost laughed out loud.


‘It seems that there is something wrong. Don’t tell me he is an illegitimate child…’


No, if he really was an illegitimate child, Marquis Ajas would have taken the child’s mother as his wife. Even if he hadn’t done that, the woman who gave birth wouldn’t have stayed still.


‘Or maybe the previous Marquis…?’


‘Unlike just before, when I shook my head at the nonsense, this was a bit credible. The previous marquis’ women were so famous.’


The son, tired of that, ran away from home at a young age and returned to his hometown after hearing the news that his parents had died.


‘I don’t know how far the truth is, but I thought I lived a very complicated life for a great lord who also had a lot of things in front of me.’


After taking a sip of tea and clearing his mind, Oliver put down the teacup and smiled.


“That’s why you showed interest in our Nell.”


“yes. She was a very lovely person.”




‘If I had had the tea water in my mouth, I would have spit it out.’


Oliver, who managed to control his cough by clearing his throat, looked at Marquis of Ajas with slightly teary eyes. Then he was looking at the opposite wall.




Robert struggled to control his expression and hit the back of the sofa where Leonhard was sitting.


“What? Ah…. that meant that it was good to see a Young lady grow up and be very loved by her family.”


“Ah, that’s what you meant. I’m glad you saw it.”


Oliver, who was in a good mood at those words, ascended to the sky.


“I’m not saying this because I’m an older brother, she was a very lovely child from the first time I saw her. My siblings and I couldn’t help but love her. When she noticed that she was an adopted child, I thought her heart sank but… Oddly enough, she said ‘Why don’t you tell me first? Families are not connected by blood but by affection’.”


“Family is not connected by blood…It is connected by affections.”


“When I first heard that, I was in tears. If possible, I will make it into a book so that descendants of the Howard family can read it…”




“Sorry for being late!”


The door opened violently enough to make a noise, and Raenel appeared.


She decorated herself pretty at best, and the fact that Leonhard was waiting for her seemed to bother her, so she came running and gasped for breath with reddened cheeks.


Oliver, not wanting to show his lovely sister’s disheveled appearance to an outsider, frowned slightly and looked at John behind her.


“John, why did you let Nell come in such a hurry?”


“that is…”


“Leon, are you here to see me, right? Since you’re here, let me introduce you to the mansion.”


“Nel, what the hell are you doing?”


“What am I doing? I am asking a nice gentleman out on a date.”


Oliver put his hand on his forehead at His sister’s bold statement. In the meantime, Leonhard stood up from his seat without hesitation, holding Raenel’s hand as he reached out to him


“I will gladly accept the application. Before that, I have a gift prepared for the young lady, would you please accept it?”


“A gift?”




At Leonhard’s call, Robert handed him a large bouquet of roses as if he had been waiting. 100 pieces is something. It was a huge bouquet of 200 flowers, so big that you couldn’t see beyond them.


Leonhard was about to hand the bouquet to Raenel, but hesitantly looked at her and the bouquet.


“I thought the bouquet recommended by the flower shop was too small, so I prepared a bigger one, but it must have been too much.”


“Uh…right. I don’t think I can lift it because it’s heavy…”


“I’ll have the attendant bring this to the young lady’s room.”


John, who heard that, approached first and tried to receive the bouquet. Before handing over the bouquet, Leonhard picked out one and handed it to Raenel.


“I prepared a red rose because it seems to suit the young lady very well, would you please accept it?”


“yes…I will.”


As if Raenel had known this would happen, she wore a red rose corsage on her collarbone. When she put the roses Leonhard gave her into her ears, it was like a set. Raenel spun around in place, smiled happily, and put her hand on Leonhard’s arm.


“Thank you for the gift, Leon. In return, I’ll give Leon a flower as a gift. The flower garden in the backyard is full of flowers that I grew myself!”


“Is that so?”


“I’m not giving it to anyone, but I’ll give it to Leon in particular.”


“I look forward to that.”


On the surface, it looked like Leonhard was escorting Raenel, but in reality, Raenel was leading Leonhard. The atmosphere of the two people going out of the room was a friendly atmosphere itself.


Seeing his younger sister, who doesn’t like hanging out with strangers, chattering away well in front of an outsider, Oliver gave a stunned expression.


“No, since when did they get along like that…”


‘You’re not trying to propose to Nell, right?’


Oliver’s shoulders trembled at the sudden thought.


‘Hopefully, it’s my misunderstanding.’


Oliver shook his head. He doesn’t think it’s the truth.


* * *


‘If you get to know this man, isn’t he a player?’


Yes, He is a very lovable person. Where is the man who would say that to a woman he has no relationship with? Even given such a big bouquet of roses!


‘Or maybe… Did you fall for me?’


‘Ah, no way.’


After shaking my head like a habit, I grabbed the rose by the back of my ear and accidentally brought it to the tip of my nose.


Did He take it this morning? A strong scent still rose among the fresh red petals.


“I think this could be made into perfume…”


“Are you talking about perfume?”




I shook my head as I recalled the large, no, gigantic bouquet he had given me.


“It would be nice to make perfume with the flowers you gave me today. Do you like the scent of roses?”


“Well…Roses aren’t common where I live, so I don’t think I’ve ever smelled a rose.”


“Then smell it now.”


Stopping in front of the rose arch at the entrance of the garden, I placed the rose in my hand on the tip of Leonhardt’s nose. He Looked down at me with slightly surprised eyes from beyond the rose, he slowly lowered his head, closing his eyelids down.


‘wow… Seeing him up close, he’s more handsome.’


The golden eyelashes spread out like a fan quietly and then return to their original position.


I gazed at him as if I was bewitched, my eyes met his blue eyes with a rose between them, and I cleared my throat in amazement.


‘Oh, so close. Someone must have thought we were kissing.’


“What do you think? It smells like roses, right?”


“Yes, but…”


Leonhardt took the rose from my hand and put it back on my ear. It seems that this place is where this flower should be.


“I did not ask for anything in return. So dispose of the roses as the Lady wishes.”


“You didn’t expect something in return, did you? Then why did you give it to me?”


“That’s it… Isn’t it natural to bring a gift as an invited guest?”


“But I wasn’t the one who invited Leon.”


“Of course, I prepared a separate gift for the Count.”


“Then did you prepare a separate gift for my sister?”


“Did my gift upset the lady?”


Leonhard looked me in the eye and asked. I shook my head slowly so that the rose would not fall.


“It is rather the opposite. I was thinking that if such a nice gentleman gave me a wonderful gift, I would fall in love with him if he kept doing this.”




“So don’t be too nice. Because if I fell in love at first sight, I might be clinging to marriage.”


After I finished speaking in a timid voice, I stepped into the rose garden first. I glanced sideways and saw Leonhard, who was frozen with a puzzled face, but I didn’t bother to pretend to know.


“Come here. If you don’t do it right, you might step on the flower, so be careful.”


“Yes, I will be careful.”


I said so, but in fact, in this small flower garden, the boundary between the road and the flowers was clear, so there was no need to step on the flowers unless on purpose.


Leon must have noticed that while walking alongside me, but His body was still stiff as if it were nervous.


Why? Could it be that this road is too narrow for him?


* * *

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