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“Yes. You’re supposed to be the hostess of the great Ajas Castle, but you’re not from the North, so you don’t know much about this place.”


Layla presented herself with sincerity, like a candidate in an election. 


“I can help you. I have some influence in Northern social circles. But still, I can’t reach the level of older ladies. ”


“Well, I was going to hire a maid when I arrived at the castle anyway….” 


Layla was right. When I arrived at Ajas Castle, I had to take over the household as a hostess.


In a normal household, I would be responsible for writing a household book and taking care of the house based on the income my husband earns, but Leonhard is not a commoner, and what I had to look at was a castle, not a house.


Besides, there are so many vassals in Ajas, right? You should hold a banquet on anniversaries such as New Year’s Day, Icebreaking Day, Hunting Festival, Fireworks Festival, and so on, you have to take care of their tributes and even write back to the letters you received.


To avoid offending them in the process, you should consider their friendships, tastes, occupations, businesses, etc.


Any information about important vassals had already been obtained from Leonhard, but more trivial or intimate information would have to be sought from the butler, who had been in charge of the hostess’ affairs.


‘Marquess Cloud… she had quite a strong influence even among Leonhard’s vassals.’ 


The Anild Gate is the only entrance into the Ajas Territory. It was not a place that could be left to chance.


So the Marquis Ajas allowed Marquess Cloud to train her soldiers, and as a result, the knights of the Silver Leopard of the Marquis Cloud grew in size until it was on par with the knights and wizards of Ajas.


Therefore, in case of any trouble in the castle of Ajas, it was Marquess Cloud who was entrusted with the military power of the Marquis Ajas.


Of course, such a thing has never happened yet, but no one could ignore the name of the Marquess Cloud simply because she possessed such authority. At least in the north.


The fact that the Marquess’ beloved daughter becomes my maid would be seen as meaning that the Marquess of Cloud is behind me.


For someone who is not from the North, this would be a huge help. 


And Layla’s light purple eyes sparkle with expectation and excitement. It made me wonder if there was anyone else, other than my family, who would show such honest affection for me.


“I can do it. Will you let me?” 




“What? Why not!”


“You know that if you want to be my maid, you have to stay at Ajas Castle, right?” 


“Sure, I know!”


“Did Marquess Cloud allow that?” 


“Oh, about that…”


Without saying anything like, “I can receive it from now on,” Layla avoided my gaze and pretended to look the other way. I could tell just by looking at it.


‘So, you asked, and you got rejected.’ 


Honestly, even if it were me, I would have said no. It hasn’t been long since she was kidnapped by monsters.


Layla needs to get some more rest. 


They said the trauma had already been treated and sage also cast a spell to stabilize her mind. But would the fear of the moment she was kidnapped be erased so easily?


“But Marquess, Cloud will never forget the silver circle once it’s been carved. I am the one who was saved by the grace of the Marquess Ajas. I have to pay it back.”


“You don’t have to repay the favor right away, right? I’ll be staying at Ajas Castle for the rest of my life, so I think you can repay the favor when you are ready.”




Hmm, somehow I can see myself getting angry at my brother in this child. So I had no choice but to speak more gently to Layla.


“If Marquess Cloud gives permission, I will also give permission.”




When I nodded, saying, “Yes,” Layla shouted “Hurray” with a happy face. Anyone who sees her would think she received a gift she desperately wanted.


I was reflexively stroking Layla’s hair, but I quickly withdrew my hand when Layla looked at me with her eyes wide open. And I made a stern voice as if nothing had happened.


“Until then, get some rest. You knew that if you ran away from home without your family knowing, I’ll never accept it. Understand?”




What is this reaction? Were you really planning on running away from home?


Whether she saw my trembling eyes or not, Layla unfolded her skirt and bent over me as if she had no choice.


“I can’t cause trouble when I have to repay the favor. So I’ll do as you ask and I will go to your castle with confidence after receiving permission from my mother. but if anyone asks if you don’t have a maid yet, you’ll introduce me as your first maid.”


“Okay, I got it.”


I told her that I would do that and I told her to stay out of trouble and get a good rest under the care of her family. But Layla just smiled without saying anything.


that smile makes me feel anxious…


“By the way, Marquess. There is something I would like to give you.” 


As if she had almost forgotten, Layla handed me her envelope. 


“What is this?”


“Please tell His Highness the Marquis. I wrote down everything I saw and heard there.”


What you saw and heard? In that place?


Oh my god, my mouth fell open.


“Are you okay? Wasn’t it hard to remember?”


“Yeah, it was hard, so I worked harder. To prevent another victim like me from occurring.”


After saying that, Layla’s gaze lowered slightly. To Ruby in my arms.


Ruby, who had been playing with the ribbon on my chest with her paw, raised his head as if he felt Layla’s gaze.


However, as if he had never been so calm, Ruby made a threatening sound and turned his head as soon as she made eye contact with Layla.


I felt embarrassed for no reason by that blatant wariness and coldness, so I smiled awkwardly.


“Sorry. Because he’s very shy.” 


“But he follows the Marquess a lot.” 


“Yes. I guess he liked me.”


Ruby cleared his throat as if to say yes. He would be so cute if he didn’t have as many accidents.


I was scratching Ruby’s chin as if I was tickling him and Layla asked again in a strange voice.


“Is that monster the only one who follows you or do the other monsters follow you too?”


“huh? Probably not. Ruby is a monster that has already become accustomed to humans.….”


Besides, I’ve never seen any monsters other than Ruby. I don’t think I even want to see them in the first place.


Layla, who was staring at Ruby with her complicated eyes, carefully narrowed the distance between me and her.


“Marquess, I think you’d better be careful.” 


“huh? Why?”


Layla, who was about to say something, looked at her surroundings. Even though she knew that the people next to me were all my knights, she spoke quietly.


“I don’t know the people who kidnapped me, but it seemed like they were looking for someone. A woman of similar age to me.”


“people? Weren’t you kidnapped by a monster?”


“No. There were people who controlled the monsters. And…”


Layla whispered very quietly, as if she hoped Ruby, who was in my arms, wouldn’t hear.


“It was like the monsters were looking for people who weren’t attacking them.”


* * * 


Diing, diing, ding…


The low ‘re’ sound of the lyre strings plucked from the careless fingertips echoed eerily through the dry air inside the carriage.


Anyone, no matter how unfamiliar with music, could tell that it was not a performance.


The sheet music on her lap hadn’t moved past a single page in half an hour, and Raenel’s eyes were unfocused.


‘She doesn’t have any energy today too.…’ 


‘How many days has she been like this?’


‘I think she’s been like that since she left Cloud Castle.’


‘I’m sure she’s not still suffering from alcoholism.’ 


‘What is she thinking?’


The escorts, who were secretly exchanging hand signals without Raenel’s knowledge, let out a collective sigh.


No, actually, there was no need to secretly do it. Even though they were making hand gestures, Raenel didn’t seem to know that. As if she was lost in deep thought.


It’s already been a week since she was lost in deep thought so often.


If she has any concerns, it would be better if she could at least confide in them. 


The escorts took turns asking her openly and subtly if something was bothering her, but she simply shook her head.


“It’s really nothing. I just miss my family….”


When they heard that answer, they thought she was just making excuses, but over the past few days, the escorts have been thinking that maybe that was her truth. 


‘By the way…. Isn’t it, Marry Blue?’ 


‘That comes before marriage. There’s something more serious than that.’ 


‘Something serious? What?’ 




Sage almost screamed at the signal, which ended with a hand gesture of clasping both hands as if praying.




‘Isn’t that something that can only be cured by going back home? We haven’t even reached Ajas Castle yet, and she already wants to go back home, that’s ridiculous!’


‘The first schedule was to go through Howard Territory, the hometown of the Marquess. In fact, she may have already been very disappointed when it was canceled. But she didn’t show it.’


‘So……That’s what she feels inside her.’


‘Maybe this sound of the lyre is a sublimation of that sadness.’ 


TL: sublimation is the act of expressing strong emotions or using energy by doing an activity or creating something.


At Ethan’s hand signal, Leona and Sage simultaneously listen to the sound of the lyre.


Ding, Ding, Ding…


When they heard it, they thought it was just plucking the strings without much thought, but it also seemed to be filled with emotions of longing and sorrow.


With that thought in mind, the escorts thought as their eyes met. 


‘I think it’s true that she was homesick.’ 


‘Then what should we do? What should we do? Are you going to let this go and make her divorce our Captain?’ 


Sage moves his hands solemnly.


‘It would be better to tell the Captain first.’ 


* * * 




A loud whistling sound came from his mouth.


The gray hawk that was circling wildly above Leonhard’s head heard the sound and descended. A gray hawk landed on his arm.


As the large hawk flapped its wings, several gray feathers fell like fallen leaves.


Leonhard bent his index finger, caressed the hawk’s chin and checked the note inside the untie tied to the hawk’s foot.


“The crowning ceremony of the princess was held….”


There is no longer a second princess in this empire. There’s only a crown princess.


* * *

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