Solo Leveling: Ragnarok Chapter 0 - Prologue

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Author: Lubai

A godless world is nothing but tasty prey!




Outsiders, entities from outside

Outer Gods

Supreme beings who have been creating countless universes since time immemorial.






The scattered Itarim across various dimensions realized their masters had disappeared in a distant dimension, and their eyes gleamed.


They didn’t care about the deaths of their kin. The only thing that mattered to them was the immense mana remaining in that world!



In a world where power loses its master, the first one to pick it up becomes the ruler!



… And so began the prologue of the ‘Outsiders War’.”






The emissaries of Itarim poured out in unison from cracks in the dimensions that connect multiple universes, tearing through the tough dimensional barriers.


Standing against them was a man.


The greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light, the Shadow Monarch Sung Jinwoo, opened his mouth with a black aura swirling around his entire body.








At his words, millions of armies composed of angels of light and shadow warriors raised their weapons in unison.


And so, the war began.


No matter how many invaders from the outer universes were killed, they kept pouring in without end, and the intense battle continued without a moment’s respite for a long time.


[… There is no end in sight.]


[To be honest, it’s a miracle that we’ve held on for this long. From the beginning, this war was unfavorable for us.]


[I agree. If it weren’t for the Shadow Monarch, our defense line would have been breached in no time.]


The Rulers, the six-winged angels, showed reverence to Sung Jinwoo. They were the Fragments of Brilliant Light that were born as the messengers of God. At some point, they realized the cruelty of God and became Godslayers by their own will.


Long, long ago, the ‘God’ who created this world divided the primordial light and darkness into eight each and created the ‘Fragments of Brilliant Light’ and the ‘Monarchs’. From the moment of their creation, they continued an endless cycle of killing and being killed according to their predetermined fate.


In the repeated war of countless ages, many of the Fragments of Brilliant Light and the Monarchs, as the war commanders, perished. The vacant positions were eventually filled by someone else. When the spiritual body of a Monarch is destroyed, the ‘primitive darkness’ that was within it, and when a Fragment of Brilliant Light dies, the ‘primitive light’ that was within it.


They went to find new suitable candidates and created new Monarchs and Fragments of Brilliant Light to balance the war.


But only after a long time had passed did they realize the true purpose behind it all: it was for the amusement of the cruel tyrant who had wanted the war to continue indefinitely.


But now that God is dead and all the Monarchs have perished, everyone thought peace had finally come after the long and distant war…


Only to be invaded by foreign forces who have noticed the absence of God.


[The apostles of Itarim are still being born even now.]


[While our forces remain stagnant.]


From ancient times, the heavenly soldiers led by Rulers were born from the fruit of the World Tree, but since God died, the World Tree has stopped bearing fruit gradually.


The replenishment of forces was impossible.


But there was one exception.


The King of the Dead, the Shadow Monarch. He and his legion were the only ones who remained eternally immortal.


The power of creation may have vanished, but death remains eternal.


As the Rulers had said, if it weren’t for the Shadow Army of Sung Jinwoo, who kept resurrecting even after death, this war would have been decided instantly as the absolute end of the destruction of this world.


[My liege, we have a big problem.]


Igris, the army commander, appeared urgently in front of Sung Jinwoo.


[The rear defense line has been breached!]


“Where is the location?”


[It seems they targeted the area with the weakest magic power…]


“Could it be Earth?”


[I apologize. Due to the concentration of forces in the front, the rear defense was inadequate.]


Sung Jinwoo sighed heavily.


Earth, which had barely regained peace, was again exposed to danger.


[… Another gate will open on Earth.]


The Rulers muttered while keeping an eye on Sung Jinwoo’s reaction.


The Denizens of Chaos had once invaded Earth. The Rulers, the culprits of that incident, quickly tried to explain.


[But the situation is different from our time.]


[That’s right. Our purpose was to grow Earth, and the Monarchs…]


[It was to protect them.]


[But the purpose of this Itarim is pure aggression!]


[They are trying to break us down from the weakest point in the rear to disrupt us!]


[My liege! We must send troops to Earth quickly!]


Igris strongly argued, but the Rulers vehemently opposed it.


[No! If we divide our forces, the delicate balance of power that has been maintained so far will be disrupted!]


[That’s precisely what Itarim wants!]


[If the front is breached while we’re guarding the rear, we will eventually be defeated!]


Sung Jinwoo, who was listening to their fierce argument, finally made a decision.




[Kieeek! My king!]


The king of ants, excitedly tearing apart the enemies, responded to his call.


[Marshal Beru, awaiting orders!]


“Go to Earth.”


[Kiek! Are you serious!?]


Sung Jinwoo nodded heavily.


“Yes. It seems like it’s time to lift Sooho’s seal.”




With eager anticipation in his enlarged eyes, Beru prepared himself to depart quickly.


“Return as soon as possible.”


[At your command!]


In response to the order, Beru transformed into a streak of light and flew toward Earth.


With his back turned to Beru’s departure, Sung Jinwoo’s gaze shifted back toward the oncoming enemies steadily approaching. His lips tightened into a resolute line, and his eyes burned fiercely with determination.


“Come at me, messengers of the enemy.”


The war continued.

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  1. Thank you so much for picking this up. The last TL was unbearable