Author: Lubai

[‘Title: Wolf Slayer’ buff effect has been activated.]



Boom! Sooho’s foot hit the ground.




Sooho’s divine form stretched out in a straight line, and Broki’s face was filled with amazement before it.


[What is this…!?]


Something unbelievable happened. Sooho’s power, speed, and the momentum bursting from his whole body had changed instantly.


All stats +1 obtained through level-up.


Additional stats +5 obtained through quest rewards.


Plus, the title that amplifies all stats by a whopping +40% when facing a beast-type monster.


All that synergy was focused on Sooho’s sword.



Dual swords. Storm Slash.



[Use ‘Skill: Storm Slash’.]




Sooho literally became a storm.


The two swords crossed, and a fierce gust of wind swept through.



[You have learned ‘Skill: Dual Sword Mastery Lv.1’.]


It was truly ruthless violence. A unilateral slaughter by a cruel butcher.




[Kraaah! You bastard-!]


Broki attempted to counterattack, but it was just a desperate struggle.


Thud, bang, bang, bang!


The huts built by the Hyena Guild collapsed and shattered under Broki’s thrashing.


[How dare you…!]


And before Broki could even finish speaking, a straight line of red light shot up from its fierce, gaping mouth. It was Rakan’s Fang, drawn up by Ruler’s Authority.


Sooho’s hand grabbed the sword, and just like that. Flash! He brought it down.


[You have defeated Cruel Commander Broki.]



Thud, thuuuud!


Finally, the giant magic beast collapsed.



[Level up!]


[Level up!]




Sooho sat on the ground.


[Kieeeek! We did it! We killed it! My little king must be pleased with this mighty feat~!]


And as if he had been waiting for this moment, Beru flew toward Sooho.


– … Wow. Did this really happen? A human defeated Broki?


Beru responded to Rakan’s Fang.


[Didn’t you know? This world is ultimately the survival of the fittest. The strong are eaten by the stronger. And my little king will become stronger in the future. Oh, and Little King, can I eat this one?]


Beru licked his lips and pointed at Broki’s corpse.


At that, Sooho looked at Broki’s body.


[Target is eligible for Shadow Extraction.]


Black smoke was rising above it.


Sooho remembered something.


‘Can this one be extracted too?’


Then it would be a shame to give it to Beru now.


“Just one bite. Eat the rest after I do Shadow Extraction.”






As soon as permission was granted, Beru flew excitedly toward it.


The dead Broki was a good source of mana.


[Kiekhehe. Just one bite.]


Beru’s mouth opened wickedly. If he only ate one part, which would make the best meal?


It must be here.


The brain.


[Survival of the fittest. It’s a saying I really like.]


Beru muttered and dug into Broki’s head.




Sooho released all the people who had been tied up.


“I reported to the Hunter Association, so the rescue team will be here soon. There are still magic beasts wandering around the mountain, so don’t go anywhere else and gather here for a moment.”


“Thank you! Thank you!”


The group, who had become thin and tearful from being trapped for so long, burst into tears and wailed.


[Little King, they are all debtors to the Hyena Guild. They were caught after writing a physical waiver because they couldn’t pay their debt.]


“Beru, how do you know that?”


[With my ‘Gluttony’ skill. I ate Broki’s brain and stole some of his memories.]


“You can do anything, can’t you?”


[Ahem. I am a valuable species in many ways.]


Beru looked proud with both hands on his waist.


[Ah, by the way. I examined Broki’s ability, and it seems he doesn’t have the power to make werewolves by feeding them blood.]


“What? Then how did these guys become like this…”


Sooho’s gaze turned to the werewolves lying dead on the ground.


– I thought it was strange from the beginning.


Rakan’s Fang spoke.


– The hyenas is just one of many clans that follow the canine clan. The ability to turn people into minions by drinking blood is a skill unique to the canine clan.


“If that’s the case…”


– I think there might be a real canine clan member in there besides Broki.


Upon hearing this, Sooho and Beru looked toward the gate where Broki had appeared.


“So there’s a real boss mob in there.” Sooho fixed his sword with a determined gaze.


Then, from the side, Beru shrugged and said.


[It’s probably not a boss mob.]


“What do you mean?” Sooho looked at him incredulously.


[If Broki’s memory is correct, I don’t think there will be any more battles.]


Beru looked a little bitter.


[You’ll see when you go in.]




Sooho entered the gate and found a small, fragile creature inside.


“This is…” His expression stiffened.


There was a blood-stained wolf pup lying weakly there. Matted gray fur, loosely wrapped bandages. It was a tiny wolf, barely the size of a hand.


And in front of it…syringes used to draw blood were rolling around haphazardly.


– Broki, how dare this madman!


Seeing this, Rakan’s Fang trembled with fury.


– Did he tie up the descendant of our clan and forcibly draw his blood?


Flinch. The little wolf, tied to a leash, raised its head weakly.


Had it heard the sword’s anger?


Its unfocused pupils stared blankly at the air where Sooho was standing. Then it sniffed with its small nose, smelling the unfamiliar human and the scent of blood on his clothes.


“Awoo…” it whined weakly. After that, the little wolf lowered its head again. There was not even a speck of will to live or hope in the small body that had lost its strength.


– Broki, you crazy mongrel…!


Extremely angry, Rakan’s Fang cursed Broki, who was already dead.


Beru spoke calmly while reading Broki’s memories.


[After the defeat in the war against the Shadow Army, Broki was one of the first to leave the battlefield. He was more of a deserter than a defeated soldier.]


Broki’s next actions were truly despicable.


[He hid in the sanctuary of the canine clan, which was considered the safest place, and discovered a young wolf of the clan there.]


It was a young wolf left alone while all the adults went to war. The creature in his memory wagged its tail happily when Broki entered.




[Seeing that, Broki came up with an idea.]


‘Yes, this is it! With the blood of this canine clan, I can create as many guardians as I want! I’ll make them protect me! It will be my own army! A clan that serves only me! Isn’t it great? Khuhuhu.’



With an evil grin, Broki looked at the young wolf wagging its tail toward him.


[… Afterward, the sanctuary was torn into several pieces and drifted into the dimensional rift. One day, a hole connected to Earth appeared before Broki.]


And he discovered a group of humans.


[At that moment, without hesitation, Broki extracted the blood of the young wolf and fed it to them.]


Next was the story they knew well about how the guardians created from that blood became Broki’s army under the name of the Hyena Guild.


They hunted down humans and offered them as food to Broki for a whole year.


However, there was one problem. And this was why Rakan’s Fang was furious.


– The power of the guardians is not eternal. At most, it lasts for ten days. After that period, the blood’s power engraved on the guardians’ bodies disappears, and they return to their original state. In other words…!


“Broki took the blood from this guy and fed it to guild members once every ten days, for a whole year.”


– Aaaagh! Broki! Broki!


Sooho lifted the limp young wolf with one hand. He was a little surprised at how light it was.


[Kiek? Are you going to take him away?]


Beru’s eyes widened.


Although this young wolf was not a direct descendant of the Beast Monarch, they belonged to the same bloodline.


[If we spare it, it could grow up to become the second Beast Monarch and threaten Earth again in the future.]


“But didn’t we win the last time anyway?”


[Well…that’s true, but…hmm.]


At Sooho’s words, Beru looked intently at the wolf cub in Sooho’s hand. He nodded as he watched the wolf struggle to even breathe properly after having so much blood drained from it.


[Right. We don’t need to fight amongst ourselves when the outsiders are invading.]


Those who survived the war had done nothing wrong, even if they had been on the losing side. In fact, their survival with such small and frail bodies was impressive in itself.


But Sooho wasn’t just taking the wolf with him for some romantic reason.


‘I have a feeling it might be helpful in some way later on. Besides…’


“If it dies here, its last memory will be very unhappy. Being captured by someone it trusted and having its blood drained for a year.” Sooho held the wolf in his arms and said, “Let’s at least feed it for now and think about the consequences later.”




Sooho returned home with the baby wolf in his arms.


Regarding the Hyena Guild and the Gwanak Mountain Field, he decided to let it go for now since he had already reported it to the Association. Besides, civilian survivors could provide much more concrete evidence than Sooho.


Instead, he was more concerned about the wolf’s condition, which seemed like it could die at any moment.


“Beru, if you’re a healer, can’t you treat this kind of thing?”


[Healing magic can only treat wounds, unfortunately. I can’t do anything about the lack of blood or hunger.]


“So even healing skills have limits. Then for now…” Sooho turned on the electric heater and placed it before the baby wolf.




“Why? Is it good because it’s warm?”


The wolf cub looked quite perplexed. It was shivering and trembling, but its eyes were fixed on the red light of the electric heater as if mesmerized.


“Well, I guess this might be the first time you’ve seen fire since you were born.”


Sooho left the guy alone and immediately started boiling seaweed soup. He then cooled it to a suitable temperature and poured it into a small dish.


“You’re really lucky today. This is the recipe that my mom used to make for me every birthday,” Sooho said, handing the seaweed soup to the guy’s short snout. “Eat up. They say seaweed soup is good for when you’re low on blood.”


… Sniff, sniff.


The wolf pup’s tail twitched when it smelled the seaweed soup.


“It’s okay. Eat it.” When Sooho forcibly smeared seaweed soup on its snout, its tongue flicked instinctively.






“Oh, I didn’t know wolves can make surprised expressions like humans.”


Chomp, chomp, chomp. The wolf cub started to lap up the seaweed soup in the dish, weakly wagging its shabby tail.


Rakan’s Fang, which had been silently watching the scene in Beru’s hand, muttered solemnly.


– … Thank you for everything.


It was feeling complicated in many ways.


From the start, they ended up in this situation because they lost the war against them.


But even though they were defeated in the war, the surviving children had done nothing wrong.


They had to stand up and live in the present, and maybe…this young wolf could be the only survivor of the canine clan, who would eventually grow up and continue the lineage of the Beast Monarch, as Beru had warned his little king about.


It was ironic that the successor of the Shadow Monarch would offer a helping hand to such a child.


“Is it tasty?” Sooho sat before the little wolf, who was lapping the warm soup and curling up. As Rakan’s Fang watched Sooho’s behavior, it could not help but accept the fact that the war was over.


– … Okay. You won. We will entrust all our new recruits to you.


The moment it sighed softly. The will of the great King of Beasts, the Beast Monarch Rakan, dwelled in Sooho.




[You have obtained ‘Pet: Canine Wolf Lv.1’.]

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