Author: Lubai

Greed filled the eyes of the demons at those words.




“House Radiru!?”


The corners of the demons’ mouths stretched wide, and their eyes gleamed with madness.


“Could it be that there are still demons living in Radiru!?”


“Kahaha! This time we’ll wipe them out for good!”


The blood of demon nobles was rare and valuable, especially in a world where all noble clans had been wiped out and only mixed breeds remained.


“Don’t give her an opening!”


The demons attacked Esil, the demon of House Radiru. Their bodies grew explosively, and their wicked magic extended from their elongated claws, aiming at Esil’s life.


“Inferior demons dare to challenge me!” Esil easily dodged all their attacks and fiercely swung her spear. But the lower demons continued to attack her relentlessly.


“Hahaha! The world has changed too much for us to share the same status!”


“The day we hunt demon nobles has come!”


“Ugh!” Cornered, Esil gnashed her teeth in anger. Due to being chased by countless demons in the Demon World for a long time, her stamina had been depleted for a long time. In addition, she was forcibly summoned to Earth in her original state, which further limited her strength.


The way to get rid of that restriction was ‘possession’, as these low-level demons did. They possessed humans, stole their bodies, and developed Stardust to amplify their powers.


The battle between weakened demon noble and amplified low-level demons had an obvious outcome.


“Hahaha! It’s pure blood! Pure blood!”


“We can make Stardust with pure blood!”


[Little King.]


Beru suddenly whispered into Sooho’s ear. Sooho slipped behind during the battle.


“Yes. It’s time.” Sooho nodded and exchanged glances with the Hunters on the cart. The Hunters also nodded and secretly rose.


‘Unexpected things happened, but it’s actually working out well.’


Their initial plan was this.


1) Infiltration: Sooho sneaks into the factory disguised as the youngest demon, wearing a crow mask and a black robe.


2) Disturbance: Sooho causes a “disturbance” inside, diverting the demons’ attention to himself.


3) Escape: Meanwhile, Hunters disguised in bloodied clothing rescue the captured people from the factory and escape.



However, this incident occurred before Sooho could cause the disturbance as planned.


‘We move as planned.’


All the Hunters on the cart, including Assistant Professor Im, possessed ‘speed’-related skills.




Sooho and the Hunters disappeared from the spot simultaneously. Then, they instantly arrived at the people tied up in a corner, shushing them.






After quickly exchanging glances with them, the people understood their intentions and nodded in fear.


Crack. Sooho ripped off the chains that bound them with his strength.


‘All right!’


Assistant Im’s heart raced, wanting to run away right away.


‘Now all we have to do is carry and run!’


The moment he carried one civilian on his back…




One of the lower demons fighting with Esil of House Radiru noticed the scene.


“What are you doing there instead of fighting, youngest one?” A light of doubt flashed in the demon’s eyes through the crow’s mask.


Instead of answering, Sooho shouted, “Run!”




Just then, the Hunters, with all the civilians on their shoulders, dashed out at full speed. Their target was the entrance!


“Where are you going!?”


At that moment, several demons who were fighting with Esil quickly blocked their path.


Crack! Evil magic rushed towards the Hunters.


Then, Sooho shouted from behind, “Don’t stop and keep running!”


At those words, the Hunters accelerated with a determined look. The closer the demons’ attacks, the faster they ran.


‘We have faith in you!’


They kept running, believing in Sooho. 


And Sooho did not betray their trust.




In an instant.






Thud! Thud! Thud!


Thud! Thud! Thud!


The arms of the Shadow Goblins that Sooho had planted near the entrance rose from the ground and began to grab and trip the demons’ legs.




The demons were shocked, but they had no time to be surprised.






Shadow Goblins were vicious. They mercilessly cut the demons’ ankles with the butchering knives they were holding.




“The bodies of the humans possessed by the demons are truly weak. Even a small wound on their Achilles tendon renders them powerless.


When the demons screamed and crouched down in pain, the Hunters seized the opportunity and quickly passed by them, finally succeeding in escaping outside the factory.


As he was the last to step out of the iron gate, Assistant Professor Im turned his head and looked back at Sooho, who stayed behind.


‘Are you really going to be okay?’


Sooho, who understood his unspoken words just by looking at him, smiled and nodded.


Then, with a clang, the iron gate closed.


It took them only 3 seconds to escape.


It took the demons 2 seconds to recover and kill the Shadow Goblins that were summoned a while ago.


In total, it took them 5 seconds.


Everything went smoothly according to the plan.


‘All that’s left is…’


My turn, Sooho thought as he quickly counted the number of demons.


Nine demons were left except for the purple-haired demon summoned a little while ago. The problem was that each of these demons was on par with the ‘youngest one’ he had barely defeated earlier.




‘Let’s do this.’


Sooho’s gaze fell on his shadow and… “Arise.” He called out the shadow soldier he had extracted in advance before infiltrating this place, “Broki.”




At that moment, a massive shadow soared up before Sooho.





[Broki Lv.1]

Knight Rank



It was a gigantic hyena magic beast whose whole body was enveloped in black steam and boils. This creature was Sooho’s initial plan for ‘disturbance’. Although the order had been reversed, hunting down the demons was an even better situation.




Broki’s fierce roar shook the factory with deadly intent.


“Wh-what’s this!?”


The demons, who were launching a fierce attack to hunt Esil, were greatly surprised.


“Why is Broki here!?”


“Wait, something’s different…?”


The demons already knew Broki, who led the Hyena Guild from behind, because the Hyena Guild was a representative trading partner that had been delivering human materials, a key ingredient for demon powder, to them all along.


The situation had improved significantly as a result, but there was still a problem.


Based on Sooho’s experience fighting both Broki and the demons, it was clear that Broki was stronger than the demons in front of him one-on-one. However, the demons numbered nine.


They had no chance of winning as things stood.


But… How about this?






At Sooho’s shout, devilish energy spread out in all directions from Beru’s small body.


[Beru uses ‘Skill: Cruel Command’.]


[‘Skill: Cruel Command’ increases Broki’s stats by 50%.]


[As a side effect of ‘Skill: Cruel Command’, Broki is cursed with madness.]





Broki attacked the demons without hesitation.




“What the heck!?”


Broki’s giant front paw ruthlessly threw off the demons, swinging like a baseball bat. And then Sooho’s dual swords whirled toward the guys slammed into the concrete wall.


‘Storm Slash!’



[Use ‘Skill: Storm Slash’.]





Sooho’s body swirled like a hurricane, sweeping the guys away.



[You have defeated Lesser Demon.]


[You have defeated Lesser…]


“Huff, huff…” Thanks to the interruption, Esil could catch her breath after a fierce battle. However, instead of feeling relieved, she was taken aback by the sight of Broki, who was still raging on with even more fierceness. 


“That magic beast… Could it be…?”




Thump, thump, thump…!


A black beast that plowed through the demons with the bulk of a tank. Esil knew of only one Summoner who could summon a creature that looked like that in this world.


The one who had destroyed the Demon World alone a long time ago. The one who had annihilated all the demons who stood in his way and eventually even brought down the Demon King, Baran.


The name that was both fearsome and great.


“… Is Sung Jinwoo here!?” 


Esil’s face, which had been filled with a sense of desperation, suddenly brightened. She frantically looked around for Sung Jinwoo’s figure. “Where!? Where are you, Sir Jin…?” 


And eventually, she found someone. 




But it wasn’t Sung Jinwoo. It was a face that looked very similar to Sung Jinwoo from his childhood.


“Huh?” Esil cocked her head.


At that moment.


[Long time no see.]


Beru appeared before Esil with a swish.


“Who… Could it be…Beru!?” Esil was surprised by Beru’s changed appearance, which she hadn’t seen in a long time. “Why are you so small?”


The Beru she remembered was a demon more terrible than the devil who slaughtered enemies at the forefront next to Sung Jinwoo. But for some reason, Beru’s current form had changed into a cute figure the size of a fist.


On the other hand, Beru was equally curious.


[You seem to have weakened considerably. What happened?]


“Hehe. I’ve had a bit of a hard time,” Esil giggled and whimpered, even as blood flowed from her wounds.


Beru snickered at the pathetic sight.


[Your carefree personality despite dying hasn’t changed.]


“Well, I haven’t died yet, have I? Ohoho.”


[What the heck happened to the Demon World in the meantime…]




Before Beru finished speaking, Esil collapsed on the spot. All of the tension in her body had been released the moment she saw Beru.


Esil whimpered while lying flat on the ground and called out to Beru, “Beru, I feel like I’m really going to die. Can you please heal me?”






[It’s a waste of mana.]


Esil realized that Beru had also become weaker from his outright refusal.


“I see. You’ve become weaker too?”


[Kieek! I have not!]


Beru became angry and yelled, even as Sooho’s battle continued.



[You have defeated Lesser Demon.]


[You have defeated Lesser Demon.]


[Vulcan’s Horn devours the demon’s soul.]


[Vulcan’s Horn devours the demon’s soul.]


… …


The situation was already completely tilted toward Sooho.


Cruel Command, which increased Broki’s stats by a whopping 50%, had a much higher amplification rate than Stardust. In addition, the more the demons were killed, the stronger Sooho became.



[Devoured demon soul: 3]


[Devoured Demon Soul: 4]


… …



[Effect ‘Destructive Urge’: Increases physical damage by [33%].]


[Effect ‘Destructive Urge’: Increases physical damage by [34%].]


… …



[Level up!]


[Level up!]







When Sooho’s sword decapitated the last demon, Sooho’s level also reached exactly 20.







[You have reached level 20, you can now use ‘Shop: Purchase’ option.]





Sooho, who received the message, blinked.


“There’s a shop system too?”

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