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The relic was genuinely perplexed by the uninvited guest who had come to the noble King’s Trial and behaved insolently.


The Wraith Tree was a magic beast that grew by absorbing the spirits that died on this land. There were a total of three trees guarding the sanctuary.


But now, only one remained. And that uninvited guest was brutally destroying the one remaining tree.



Clang, clang, clang!



– Stop! Please stop! Ahh, the power of the sanctuary…! The King’s Trial…!


Ignoring the plea of the relic, Sooho continued to attack the third Wraith Tree wildly.




And the Shadow Jackals, which had multiplied to six, were guarding him with proud and upright posture like guard dogs.


Clang, clang, clang!


‘If I destroy this one, I’ll level up again!’


Unfortunately, he did not level up when he destroyed the second Wraith Tree. 


The required experience points had increased as his level increased. However, based on his experience, he was confident he would level up this time.


Clang, clang, clang, clang! Sooho swung his sword faster and faster.


But unlike the enraged Sooho, the voice of ‘another Rakan’s Fang’ continued to plead in his mind.


– You can’t do this. That’s the last Wraith Tree! I worked hard to grow them!


“I can’t hear you. I can’t hear you.”


– You can hear me! Hey…!


Clang, clang, clang!


– You unworthy subject should not disturb the King’s Trial!


Silence ensued.


Upon hearing those words, Sooho suddenly stopped his sword.  “Worth?” he said, raising his head and smiling faintly. Then he looked toward the relic that was somewhere in the vicinity. “Why bother when you weren’t even going to choose a real king?”


– …


More silence replied to him. 


Sooho had already been convinced for some time. As he already possessed one of Rakan’s Fang, he was certain.


“You plan to take the body of the last surviving human, don’t you?”


When a low-ranked human possessed Rakan’s Fang, it would take over the host’s body. However, this time, the standard was ‘royal status’.


But no matter how high humans fly or crawl, there was no way the Fang would be satisfied enough to make them a Beast Monarch.


Crack! Just in time, Sooho’s sword destroyed the last Wraith Tree.



[You have destroyed Wraith Tree.]


[All the ghosts disappear.]


[Level up!]


With that, all the ghosts in the Magok Field vanished.


As the ghosts that had been screaming endlessly disappeared, a heavy silence fell over the forest.


Finally, at the end of that suffocating silence, the relic spoke.


– … You knew me well. What is your identity?


The question was directed toward Sooho. However, that voice’s solid sense of intimidation made all the Hunters in Magok Field tense.





The forest was roaring, and the ground shook like it would collapse.


“What is this!?”


“What is going on right now!?”


As an ominous earthquake began to occur under their feet, the Hunters in the forest rapidly turned pale.


On the other hand, Sooho chuckled and asked the Rakan’s Fang in his hand, “Is the relic here stronger than you?”


– No way. It must have found a good host.


Rakan’s Fang sarcastic voice was heard.


– But I found a better one. I found someone who truly deserves to be a king.


Gray, now in the Shadow Dungeon, was the last descendant of the canine clan. Although he had become Sooho’s pet, it was not a big problem. Instead, it was convinced that Gray would grow into a stronger Monarch by being by Sooho’s side.


– Do you know why the relic exists?


“What is it?”


– To prove the worth of the king by competing with each other’s chosen successor.




Rakan’s Fang moved its tip and pointed again toward the relic.


– Go there. Go and prove that we are more worthy.


Instead of answering, Sooho turned his gaze to the Shadow Jackals. “Jackals!”




“Bring me there!”




A strange, wriggling tree-like creature had grown as if alive in the place where a botanical garden originally stood.


Sooho narrowed his eyes and closely examined the creature, soon realizing its true identity. “This…isn’t a tree, is it?”


It wasn’t a tree. It was a mass of thousands of kinds of plants intertwined and clustered together, resembling a tree, surrounding the botanical garden.


– It’s a nest for the king.


Rakan’s Fang sounded somewhat excited.


– The other me has grown the sanctuary this much. I must admit I’m pretty impressed.


And then…


Shuaaak! Suddenly, the tightly closed door of the botanical garden, which was covered in countless vines, opened wide in front of Sooho.


“Let’s go.”


[Little King, it may be a trap.]


The corner of Sooho’s mouth went up at Beru’s concern.


“If it’s a trap, we’ll break through it.”




With two swords dangling in his hands, he stepped into the entrance.



[Entering the dungeon.]



The botanical garden, corroded by the dungeon, swallowed Sooho. Then the vines wrapped around again and sealed the door.




Inside the botanical garden was quiet and dark. It was pitch black with not a single point of light.


Sooho maximized his senses and adapted to the darkness, and to secure his vision, he put on the ‘Crow Mask’ item from his inventory. Then he saw…




“Hey, look at this?” Sooho looked around with a wry smile. All around him were wrapped in pure white spiderwebs. “Is this a trap?”


Sassak, sassak.


Large and small spider insects crawling on the spider webs were staring at the intruders.



[Tomb Spider]


[Tomb Spider]


… …





What a fitting name.


Some guests had come here before Sooho when he was dealing with the Wraith Trees. They were the beast Hunters who had stepped into this place after sniffing the ‘scent’.


“Mph! Mmph!”


They were all hanging from the ceiling, tightly wrapped in spider webs.


As Sooho entered, those who were not gagged screamed desperately.


“Please, save us…!”


“S-save us…!”


– They are sacrifices for the king.


Hearing Rakan’s Fang, Sooho looked into the deep darkness in the distance.


A huge spider was crouching there, its body the size of a house. It had dozens of eyes, a gruesome mouth, and a pair of giant pincers.



[Tomb Spider Arachne]


It was a spider that exuded a huge sense of intimidation.


– I can feel the energy of the relic in its body.


Sooho’s eyes narrowed at Rakan’s Fang’s words.


“Then I’ll have to cut open its belly and take it out.”


Pop! Sooho immediately sprang out towards the creature without waiting any longer.


Kiek! Kyeok! Then, Tomb Spiders poured out from the walls and ceiling towards Sooho.


“Take care of the small fries!”




At Sooho’s command, the Shadow Jackals jumped up and struck the Tomb Spiders. They tore them apart with their strong claws. They bit and killed them with their sturdy teeth.



[You have defeated Tomb Spider.]


[You have defeated Tomb Spider.]


[You have defeated Tomb Spider.]


… …



Numerous messages popped up simultaneously.


Sooho ignored all of them and ran forward, only looking ahead.


There was only one goal!




Arachne spewed white spider webs toward Sooho.


‘I’ll tear that apart!’


Two swords were swung down.



[Use ‘Skill: Storm Slash’.]



Clang! The swinging swords mercilessly tore apart the spiderwebs, revealing the giant spider on the other side.




Its massive pincers came down on top of Sooho’s head. Clang-!


If he hadn’t turned his body instinctively, the pincers would have crushed his body.


The pincers that shattered the stone floor rose up again. Sooho’s eyes sharpened.


‘It’s coming again!’


Swish- Clang! He twisted his body again and avoided the attack.


Clang! He avoided it again.


“Kkieeeek!” Enraged, Arachne began to swing its pincers wildly.


Clang, clang, clang, clang!


The attacks were so relentless that it felt like he was fighting against a bulldozer.


But he could see it.


No, he could feel it.


Thanks to using items and increasing his Sense stat, Sooho’s crisis detection ability shone through. He gradually closed the distance while avoiding the torrential attacks from Arachne.


Then he attacked.


Bang! He struck the creature’s pole-like leg with Rakan’s Fang.




Staggering from the impact, it turned in the opposite direction, and Sooho slashed its other side with Vulcan’s Horn. Clang!


From that moment on, Sooho’s dual swords unleashed a flurry of attacks as if he had gone mad.


Clang, clang, clang, clang, clang!



[The level of ‘Skill: Dual Sword Mastery’ has increased!]



The creature screamed as it was relentlessly attacked.




– That’s not enough! No matter how hard you try, you will eventually become my prey!


At the same time, a voice could be heard from within the creature’s body.


This was not enough?


He was aware of it.


‘The surface is quite hard.’


But it didn’t matter. If the defense was strong, then keep attacking until it shattered.


‘I’m your prey?’


How ridiculous.


Sooho smiled.


‘You’re my prey.’


The thought of killing this creature and making it a shadow soldier excited him.



[Use ‘Skill: Storm Slash’.]




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