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“What the hell are these guys doing now!?”


Lee Minsung, the vice master of the Fiend Guild, smashed the table in anger.



– (Hot News) Beast King Crow!


– Hunter of Unknown Identity Who Gained the King’s Power, Crow!


– Why Did Crow Wear a Mask?



Internet articles were covering the incident in Magok Field.


Knock, knock.


“Vice Master.” Just in time, Secretary Kim came in and delivered a report. “All the Hyena Guild members who entered Magok Field have been found dead. We just recovered the last body.”


Crack! Upon hearing this, Lee Minsung clenched his fist and smashed the armrest of the chair he was holding. 


“I knew it would end up like this.” With a frightening expression, Lee Minsung gnashed his teeth. “Now all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.”


It had only been two days since the werewolf members of the Hyena Guild he had caught had suddenly disappeared, leaving him suspicious.




– We’ll check if there’s a factory in Magok.



It was a good excuse. He had pushed them to find a new Stardust factory no matter what.


But Lee Minsung, who didn’t trust them, had attached some Hunters with concealment skills to follow them. The werewolves had a good sense of smell, so they just observed them from a distance.


And as expected, their lies were exposed quickly.


Besides the werewolves, beast Hunters had flocked to Magok to prove themselves ‘worthy of being king’ and were openly walking around.


“They seem to have gone to Magok not for the factory, but to get some kind of power from the King of Beasts.”


And perhaps they were trying to escape from Lee Minsung after obtaining that mysterious power. 


Anyway, their goal was eventually successful since they became free in the form of ‘death.’


Secretary Kim continued her report, “After securing several of their corpses and examining the signatures, we found out that they were not killed by magic beasts, but by Hunters’ weapons.”


“No. Not the Hunters.”


“What do you mean?”


Lee Minsung chewed on his lips and looked at the internet news with a confident look in his eyes.



– Why Did Crow Wear a Mask?



“They were killed by demons. The crow mask is like a symbol of demons.”


As soon as he saw the words ‘crow mask;” Lee Minsung immediately thought of the demons at the factory.


For some reason, the demons always wore crow masks on their faces. Just like ‘Crow’!


“That Crow guy is definitely a demon. The demons killed the Hyena Guild members and took away the king’s power.”


“Is that so?”


“I’m sure. Only those with the beast transformation skill had the qualification of the king in the first place. But how could the demons obtain that power?”




“Don’t know? Can’t you think straight?” Seeing Secretary Kim’s absent-minded expression, Lee Minsung clicked his tongue in frustration. “I’m the one who’s at fault for hiring a stupid guy like you as my secretary. Don’t you remember how the Hyenas turned into werewolves?”


“They awakened their wolf instincts by drinking the blood of the wolf beast… Ah, the blood!” Mumbling to himself, Secretary Kim suddenly realized something and trembled.


Lee Minsung nodded with a glint in his eye. “That’s right, it’s the blood. If even humans turn into beasts by drinking blood, what’s stopping demons from doing the same? The demons killed the Hyenas and drank their blood to fulfill the requirements for the king’s power.”


“Wow…” Having heard his words, Secretary Kim looked at Lee Minsung with admiration. “As expected, your vision, Vice Master… How can your perspective be so broad? Even when I see the same information, I cannot imagine anything like this.”


“Tsk, it’s not that impressive. It’s just a guess.” Secretary Kim’s sincere flattery loosened Lee Minsung’s expression a bit. “Anyway, now that we fully understand the situation, it’s important to use this information. Since all the Hyenas are dead, we have to take the initiative and directly trade with the demons for Stardust. Do you understand?”


“Yes, sir. Then we need to find the location of the factory first, but the clue is…”


“Magok.” Lee Minsung pointed to an internet article with a sharp and wise gaze. “How could demons without even the beast transformation skill know about the King’s Trial and find Magok? There are no coincidences in this world. It’s logically correct to assume that demons were there from the beginning.”


“Oh, I see! Then it’s not a complete lie that the werewolves went to the Magok Field to find the factory.”




“I see. Then I’ll take responsibility and thoroughly search the Magok Field.”


“Good. And if we want to trade with demons who have the power of the King of Beasts, we need to prepare lots of meat.”


“Ah! As expected, the werewolves also ate a lot of meat. You’re wise, sir!”




Secretary Kim was deeply impressed by Lee Minsung’s wisdom and bowed with gratitude.


… Of course, the truth was completely different.


“Ah, by the way.” Lee Minsung checked on the other task he had assigned to Secretary Kim. “What about that doctor? Have you convinced him yet?”


“I’m sorry. I haven’t been able to persuade him yet. He’s a noble man with a very stubborn personality.”


“What? … What are you doing for your expensive salary? If it can’t be done with money, you should at least use force to bring him here!”


“Oh, I see. I’ll do it today if possible.” Secretary Kim hurriedly left the vice master’s office after answering.


Watching him leave, Lee Minsung shook his head, putting down the phone he had picked up to throw at him. “It’s my fault for having such an incompetent secretary.”


That’s why Hunters were problematic. They ranked themselves not by intelligence but by fighting ability.


But Lee Minsung was an elite businessman who had been in management before becoming a Hunter.


‘I am different from other Hunters. From my birth.’


In frustration, Lee Minsung gnashed his teeth as he recalled the Hunter who boasted about his slightly more mana.




[You have entered the Shadow Dungeon.]


Around that time, Sooho returned to the Shadow Dungeon with 10 boxes of chicken in hand for his daily quest. The dungeon was quiet as the goblins for the daily quest had not yet regenerated. Perhaps it was because it had not been a full day since they last cleared it.


“Wow! What’s this delicious smell?”


“Woof, woof?”


Esil and Gray quickly approached Sooho after smelling the chicken.


Sooho handed over all the chickens to Esil.


“Eat up.”


“I’ll eat it well!”




“Gray, you don’t get any even if you stare at me like that.”


“…” Gray hung his head dejectedly. As expected, he didn’t get a share this time, either.


At that moment, a message from Rakan arrived in front of Sooho.


[The King of Beasts, the Beast Monarch, complains that you are being mean for feeding Gray disgusting things.]



Sooho, feeling unjust, argued back, “Who said they’re disgusting? Rakan’s Fang had said that Gray needs to eat the prey he himself hunts to grow stronger. I can’t just feed him in his mouth like a mother bird and expect him to become stronger.”


Moreover, there were piles of goblin corpses that they had recently caught. Even if he shared it with Esil, the enormous amount of food was enough for Gray not to worry about hunger for a while.



[The King of Beasts, the Beast Monarch, protests that you may be right, but he feels sorry for Gray, who has never eaten a chicken in his life.]





Upon hearing those words, Sooho suddenly felt like a really bad person. In the end, he lost the argument.


“Esil, give Gray a chicken.”




Esil looked like she had lost her country upon hearing that. Ultimately, it was pitiful to see her handing the lightest chicken box to Gray with trembling hands.


Of course, there were still nine left for Esil.


But Gray lowered his body with a fierce look when he received the chicken box and revealed his fangs.




[No, don’t hunt. You’re not supposed to fight over chicken.]


Beru said as he looked at him pitifully.


And there was a message from someone far away, enjoying watching this scene.


[The King of Beasts, the Beast Monarch, nods satisfactorily, saying he is indeed a valiant heir.]


“Well, he’s leveled up a lot.”


Sooho smiled contentedly. He sat together with Esil and Gray, sharing chicken happily. 


And he decided to check his upgraded stats this time.


“Status window.”


Then, a long status window appeared in front of him.



[Status Window]


Name: Sung Sooho


Level: 25


Job: None


Title: Wolf Slayer


HP: 5,860/5,860


MP: 586/586





Strength: 53 Stamina: 34


Dexterity: 34 Intelligence: 34


Sense: 34 (+5)


(Available Ability Points: 0)





Passive Skills: Resilience Lv.2, Dual Sword Mastery Lv.2


Active Skills: Ruler’s Authority Lv.1, Shadow Extraction Lv.1, Storm Slash Lv.1, Smash Lv.1





Rakan’s Fang


Vulcan’s Horn


Ashen Ring



“Wow…” Sooho had a satisfied expression on his face. He had leveled up a lot, and his stats had improved significantly. “It was worth the effort.”


Then, he checked the new skill he had obtained.



[Skill: Smash Lv.1]


Active skill


Mana cost: 300.


Coats the body with ‘Ruler’s Authority’ to amplify attack power.


He acquired this skill by dealing the final blow to the Tomb Spider Arachne.


“Requires 300 mana. No wonder it was so powerful.”


He couldn’t use the skill consecutively with his current mana level.


‘Ruler’s Authority.’


As an experiment, Sooho decided to use the skill. The process was as follows: First, he raised the Ruler’s Authority in the air. Then he overlapped the invisible hand with his own hand.




Then, black energy covered his hand.




Sooho admired his hand, which looked like it was wearing a transparent and large black gauntlet.


‘It’s principle is merging Ruler’s Authority’s hand with mine.’


Suddenly, the proverb ‘Two heads are better than one’ came to mind. This skill could create more than twice, three times, or even four times the attack power when using both hands to attack.


Sooho glanced at his mana level.



[MP: 586]


When he thought about how his magic power was 10 at level 1, it was an enormous amount of mana.


‘If I level up once more, it will probably exceed 600. Then I can use this skill twice in a row.’


Just imagining it was exhilarating. Sooho grinned in excitement and clenched his fists. He was sure about it this time.


‘To level up, I have to enter a real dungeon.’


He had already surpassed the goblins in the Shadow Dungeon for a long time. He had to find places with stronger magical beasts, like in the Magok Field to become even stronger.


To do that…


‘I’ll have to raise my Hunter rank.’


Currently, he was only an E-rank Hunter, so he could only participate in dungeon attacks as a miner or collector at best. Since there weren’t a lot of field-type dungeons in Korea, raising his rank would give him more opportunities to enter higher-level dungeons.


Sooho suddenly recalled what the Association Hunter he met last time had said. Since there might have been an error in the initial measurement, he suggested visiting the association for a reevaluation.


‘Should I go?’


Sooho decided to visit the association.

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