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[You have learned ‘Skill: Prairie Wind’.]





As if he had wings, Sooho dashed through the Hunters. The wind blew violently along his trail, giving him momentum.



[Movement speed temporarily increases by 30%.]


[Attack speed temporarily increases by 30%.]







Blood splattered in the blowing wind, and screams erupted from all around.



[The King of Beasts, the Beast Monarch, laughs, revealing his teeth.]



50 against 1 in battle? Numerical disadvantage? What does that matter?


Darkness is on our side.






Beru immediately leaped into action at Sooho’s call. With his short but strong claws, he slashed through the fireballs floating in the air like balloons.


Boom! Boom! As the fireballs exploded, the vision went dark again.


“Darn it! Turn on the lights again!”


The Hunters gritted their teeth and recreated the fireballs, but Beru’s claws continuously extinguished the flames every time.


Swoosh! Boom!


Swoosh! Boom!


The scene flickered without rest, and screams erupted from different places every time.


“Ah! My leg…!”


“It’s over here!”




Every time the fire flickered, Sooho’s location changed rapidly. New casualties inevitably emerged. And as for the Healers, who rushed over to help their comrades…








The black spiderweb that fell overhead quickly snatched their bodies.


“Be careful of the spider…!”


And Arachnae’s huge pincer was mercilessly thrust toward the Hunter who was there.






Blood spewed from the mouth. It was a terrible death, like a scene from a horror movie.




In the air, Beru’s antennae were constantly tallying up the enemies they had defeated.


Numerical disadvantage? What does it matter?


In the end, everyone dies.






No matter how strong you are, you die if your heart is pierced.






You die if your throat is cut.


Also, if someone’s defense skill is solid, just kill the others first. If someone counterattacks using a skill, just stab them in the back.


“R-run away!”


“We have to get out of here…!”




This place was already Sooho’s hunting ground. A suffocating fear that made it seem like one’s mind was going crazy was consuming the minds of the Fiend Guild members.


[The King of Beasts, the Beast Monarch, is proud of the shaman’s majesty.]


[The King of Beasts, the Beast Monarch, advises you to pay attention to mana management, as mana is continuously consumed in the ‘divine’ state.]





All the Association Hunters could do was watch this gruesome scene from inside the prison, unable to do anything.


“Close your eyes.”


All they could do was cover the eyes and ears of the kindergartener they were holding.


‘What the hell…’


To the Association Hunters, Sooho’s unstoppable slaughter felt too bizarre. Even though they were enemies that deserved to be killed, there was no mercy in Sooho’s hands.


Hunters were familiar with blood. They were accustomed to taking lives as a primary job requirement. 


They were called ‘Hunters’, but what made them different from butchers?


However…they were still humans.


“He has no hesitation in killing people.”


“That guy is truly…”


“No. It’s because of the beast transformation skill.” Listening to the murmurs of his subordinates, Team Leader Han Jaehyuk spoke with conviction.


“Yes? Because of the beast transformation skill?”


“Yes. Beast transformation skill greatly enhances physical abilities, but at the same time, it maximizes the animalistic instincts, making it very difficult to maintain rationality as usual. That’s why incidents caused by beast Hunters often occur.”




Finally understanding, the Association Hunters nodded.


[No, you fools.]


Beru, who had been eavesdropping on their conversation from afar, chuckled.


[My little king has been accustomed to death from the beginning. Even as a newborn baby.]


Death is a primal fear that all living creatures possess.


But to Sooho, who could freely travel between the world of the living and the dead since birth, death was merely a natural phenomenon that always accompanied him. Even the babysitters who raised the newborn Sooho were soldiers of death.


Above all, Sooho had experienced his own death countless times.


His father, Sung Jinwoo, had repeatedly tested Sooho so he could use his power as needed. Through repeatedly experiencing death in his dreams, Sooho no longer feared death but had reached a level where he could handle it as a means of experience.


[Like my liege.]


Beru muttered with a satisfied smile on his lips.




‘What the hell is this!?’


Kwak Dooyoung, a B-rank Hunter who arrived at the lab late, could not keep his mouth shut at the horrors taking place inside the building.


‘Does this make any sense?’


The intruder was just one person. His mana was at most C-rank or B-rank at best.


It wasn’t like his skills were anything special, either.


An acceleration skill that made his movements faster? So what? The damage dealers could just concentrate fire while the Tanks took the hits up front.


A summoned giant spider? It was somewhat unusual, but at most it was just a C-rank monster. It was a level where a stable raid was possible with the attack unit of the Fiend Guild.


But why? Why on earth?


“How can so many people be struggling against just one guy like him!?”


Kwak Dooyoung eventually joined the battle.


“Giant’s Armor!”


Kwaaang! Magic armor wrapped around his body as he jumped high.


Kwoong! Kwak Dooyoung’s size and weight instantly doubled.


The entire container building shook with the impact of his massive body armed with Giant’s Armor.


“H-Hunter Kwak Dooyoung!?”


The Hunters who were fighting Sooho looked back at him with admiration.


Kwak Dooyoung, one of the main Tanks of the Fiend Guild.


Thanks to his size manipulation skill, he, who was only a B-rank, was able to secure a position in the first unit of a major guild representing Korea.


He was a three-meter-tall armored monster with overwhelming combat power coming from his massive size. And combined with his other skill, no one had any doubts about the fact that Kwak Dooyoung was the main Tank of the Fiend Guild.


“Move away, you worms! Charge!”


Skill Charge. 


The skill of covering one’s whole body with aura and breaking through the front like a cannonball.






“Hunter Kwak Dooyoung, wait a moment…!”


Bang! Thud! Clang!




“Get away…!”


Kwak Dooyoung’s huge body rushed forward like a rhinoceros. He ignored all the subordinates who were stumbling in his way and bouncing off in all directions. He didn’t care about any sacrifice.


‘My goal is…!’


Sooho easily evaded his reckless charge.


But his target wasn’t Sooho in the first place.


It was the prison right behind Sooho!




“Hehe, gotcha!”




Finally, his huge hands grabbed onto the iron bars of the prison. With a meaningful grin, Kwak Dooyoung shouted as if to command Sooho, “You bastard! Stop right there before these hostages are crushed along with the prison!”


Crack! With that, the iron bars of the prison began to crumble like chopsticks under his incredible strength.


“Everyone, gather around me!” shouted Han Jaehyuk, who was inside the prison with the hostages, as he desperately fought against the approaching enemy.


Kwak Dooyoung sneered at him, finding his efforts pathetic. “Hah, you think you can withstand my power? A mere C-rank Tank!”


“Hah, you think you can withstand my power? A mere C-class Tank!






Their strength collided, and Han Jaehyuk’s knees began to buckle under the overwhelming force of Kwak Dooyoung, who was a B-rank Tank.


However, Sooho…just looked bewildered, wondering what the two were doing.


As expected of Tanks. The higher their defense, the more overconfident they were. Not to mention, Kwak Dooyoung’s height and size had doubled; his arrogance was indescribable.


Whoosh! At that time, the Prairie Wind suddenly blew toward Kwak Dooyoung.


And someone suddenly grabbed his hair and threw his head back.


“… Agh!”


Out of nowhere!? Kwak Dooyoung was startled.


And Sooho, who was riding on his shoulder, smiled. “Do you think you’re the only one who can increase your size? I can do the same with one fist.”


Goooo! While his left hand grabbed Hunter Kwak’s hair, black energy swirled around Sooho’s clenched right hand.



[Use ‘Skill: Smash’.]



“Take a look,” Sooho said, swinging his giant fist vertically onto Kwak Dooyoung’s head.






With a tremendous sound, the giant vomited blood from his mouth and fell forward.


But complacency was not allowed. Sooho had no intention of misjudging that this one shot would pierce the defense of a B-rank Tank.


Chwak, chwak! Immediately, two pairs of swords appeared in Sooho’s hands. Then he mercilessly swung his swords at the defenseless back of Kwak Dooyoung, who was lying flat on the floor.



[Use ‘Skill: Storm Slash’.]



Slash! Slash!




That was the decisive blow.


The light disappeared from Kwak Dooyoung’s eyes, and his massive body began to shrink.




Clang, clang, clang! Finally, all the weapons held by the remaining villains in the building fell from their hands. The members of the Fiend Guild raised their hands with pale faces, even their will to resist disappeared.


“H-hold on… We surrender…”


[Kiekheke. Don’t you think it’s too late?]


Beru knew better than anyone the danger that followed when showing mercy to these kinds of people.


Chwak, chwak, chwak! Beru’s claws cut through their Achilles’ tendons.






“Why did you do that? We surrendered!”


[The only true surrender is death.]


Beru mocked them as they writhed on the ground.


[Or, I’ll make sure you never get involved again.]


Beru smiled wickedly and approached them, casting a weak healing spell on their injuries. It was a miserly healing spell that conserved mana.


Paat! Beru kindly (??) sewed their ruptured Achilles’ tendons together meticulously.


[Now your legs will never heal, even if you find another Healer. Well, you could always cut off your entire foot and regenerate it.]




The Fiend Guild members trembled as they watched the fist-sized demon that mocked them until the end.


At that moment…


Ding! Ding! Ding!


Numerous messages arrived in front of Sooho.


[You have completed ‘Quest: Rescue’.]


[Number of people rescued: 10]



[Level up!]


[The level of ‘Skill: Dual Sword Mastery’ has increased!]


[The level of ‘Skill: Storm Slash’ has increased!]



[The quest completion reward has arrived.]


[Do you want to check the reward?] (Y/N)



But then, something caught Sooho’s attention as he looked down.


A coin-sized light was glittering from the body of the deceased Kwak Dooyoung.


Sooho’s eyes widened.


‘No way…?’


It was the light that leaked from the magic beasts holding mana stones.


But now, it was coming from the dead Kwak Dooyoung.


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