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Sooho reached out toward the area near Kwak Dooyoung’s heart, where the light emanated.





[You have discovered ‘Rune Stone: Giant’s Armor’. Would you like to acquire it?]



‘A Rune Stone?’


It seemed like the skill that Kwak Do-young used had turned into a Rune Stone. This was another first for Sooho.


Although he had killed several villains today, this kind of thing only happened with Kwak Dooyoung.





[Rune Stone: Giant’s Armor]


When you break the rune stone, the skill will be absorbed.



‘Giant’s Armor, huh?’


It was the skill that had just enlarged Kwak Dooyoung’s body.


Considering the value of the Rune Stones, selling this Rune Stone would earn at least billions.


‘But it would be a waste to sell it.’


He could make money later. Right now, becoming stronger is more important than money.


Moreover, he had only been an E-rank Hunter until now, so his earnings were not that great. But, just today, he had been reissued a C-rank Hunter’s license. Considering the difference in the value between E-rank and C-rank, selling the Rune Stone for money would be foolish.


“Excuse me… Mr. Crow?”


Suddenly, there was a voice calling out to Sooho from behind. The Hunter Association members who had escaped the prison were approaching, looking nervous.


“A-are you okay?”


Their expressions were mixed with fear as they looked at Sooho.


It was no wonder, as Sooho had single-handedly defeated more than 50 members of the Fiend Guild and even killed B-rank Tank Kwak Dooyoung with his pure strength. Witnessing that ferocious battle right before them, they couldn’t help but worry. Although Sooho helped them, there was no reason to be sure they were on the same side.


“Don’t worry, I have no intention of hostility. Just arrest those people, okay?”






The Association Hunters turned their heads in embarrassment.


Sooho first put the Rune Stone in his pocket and released the divine state. In that state, his mana decreased by one per second. That’s why he had taken out mana potions during the fight.



[‘Divinity’ is canceled.]





The divine wind that was swirling around Sooho’s body calmed down, and his hair, which had been turned silver, turned black again.


And, poof!





[The spirit of ’Pet: Gray’ leaves the shaman’s body.]



From Sooho’s body, a small puppy—no, a wolf cub, jumped out. Seeing this, the Association Hunters trembled in fear.


Spitting out a wolf from his body all of a sudden!


“As expected…”


“Beast King…”


“The King of Beasts…”




Gray, who had landed on the ground, had a perplexed expression. People were looking up at him (?).


Not knowing what had come to his mind all of a sudden, Gray raised his nose and started howling haughtily and courageously, “Awooo!”



[The King of Beasts, the Beast Monarch, looks proudly at the dignified appearance of his successor.]





– Heh. He’s pretty confident now.”




Seeing Rakan’s Fang looking at Gray with satisfaction made Sooho chuckle.




The reinforcements called by the Association Hunters finally arrived after everything was over.


“Come out quickly, you guys!”


The members of the Fiend Guild, who had thrown away their weapons and surrendered, all limped out, dragged by their captors.


“Why are they all limping like that?”


In the meantime, Team Leader Han Jaehyuk quickly rescued the hostages who had been held in prison and rushed them to the hospital. He didn’t want to risk them staying in the field and possibly turning into Mistburn at any moment.


Then, along with his subordinates, he meticulously confiscated all the evidence from the Stardust research lab. “Don’t miss anything, take everything! With these, I’ll get promoted today!” Han Jaehyuk was full of confidence as he thought of the sinister Lee Minsung.


Meanwhile, Sooho was also busy.


The weapons of the Fied Guild members fell right on the floor. It would be pretty profitable if he collected all the loot and sold them at the shop.


‘I need to earn money for potions.’


Surprisingly, Gray played a significant role here.




Realizing Sooho’s intention, Gray ran toward the weapons, waddling his short legs. Then, he opened his tiny mouth and bit the weapons with a clinking sound.




At that moment, a message appeared in front of Sooho.


[You have discovered ‘Item: Flame Longsword’. Would you like to acquire it?]






Sooho’s eyes widened.


Was it thanks to the pet system? It seemed like he could acquire items touched by Grey from a distance.





[You have obtained ‘Item: Flame Longsword’.]



Then, the item entered his inventory without delay.


Sooho smiled with satisfaction.


‘It will make things easier from now on, right?’


He had finally found the role of the little puppy: item shuttle. Sooho petted Gray’s head and said, “Good job, Gray. Go and keep sniffing around.”




Hearing sincere praise from Sooho for the first time in his life, Gray was taken aback and didn’t know what to do.


For some reason, his tail kept wagging. And then, unexpectedly…






“Growl…!” Gray, who had been vigorously wagging his tail, suddenly bit Sooho’s hand as he petted him. 


Sooho was speechless and didn’t know what to say as he saw Gray hanging from his hand while wagging his tail wildly. “Let go, man…”



[The King of Beasts, the Beast Monarch, nods to the bravery of his successor.]



– Haha. Even though he’s young, he’s tough as nails.


Stop it, you guys.


“… Anyway, go and bring back what you find.”


Sooho forcefully detached Gray from his hand and sent him forward. Gray then enthusiastically searched the area and found several items.


Ding! Ding! Ding!



[You have discovered ‘Item: Sharp Eye Bowgun’. Would you like to acquire it?]


[You have discovered ‘Item: Black Battle Ax’. Would you like to acquire it?]


[You have discovered ‘Item: Carbon Gauntlet’. Would you like to acquire it?]


… …


“Yes, yes, yes…”


Standing still, Sooho sold the items sucked in from a distance to the shop window with a clicking sound.







[You have acquired 750 gold.]


[You have acquired 1300 gold.]


[You have acquired 900 gold.]


… …



Wow, it’s quite abundant, isn’t it?


‘Okay, with this, potion prices won’t be a problem for a while.’


The days of struggling with gold and licking potions were now gone.


Sooho was browsing the shop window to see if he should buy some new items to celebrate his increased gold, but then he remembered something he had forgotten.


‘I almost forgot about this.’



[The following rewards are prepared.]


Reward: Ability Points +5



Without hesitation, Sooho invested all of his ability points into Strength.


As expected, Strength was the best.


As he experienced this time as well, overwhelming power and speed were the things that would greatly affect leveling up speed by making enemies submit.


As for other stats, couldn’t they just be raised using items?


At that moment, just as the busy (?) Sooho was working, Han Jaehyuk, the team leader, approached him. 


“Excuse me, Mr. Crow, could I speak with you for a moment?”


“…” The extremely polite attitude and cringy title clashed.


Sooho stared awkwardly at him and replied, “Yes, of course.”




Meanwhile, in the Shadow Dungeon where Gray disappeared.


“… Huh?”


Left alone there, Esil’s expression suddenly hardened.


‘No way?’


Esil narrowed her eyes and glared at somewhere as she caught a sudden strange sensation.


Taat! Esil immediately kicked the ground and moved to that place.


This black-and-white world was extremely quiet and static. After cleaning up the goblins hiding here and there, the eerie silence became even more profound.


However, there were changes happening in this silent world.


Thunk. Esil suddenly stopped in her tracks and looked ahead.




A dimension rift was oozing with ominous energy.


“Gate…!” Realizing the anomaly’s cause, Esil urgently raised her head and shouted toward Sooho in the outside world. “Sung Sooho! Come back quickly! Now is not the time to be out there!”


Then, mysteriously, her voice reached Sooho’s ears through his shadow.


– Sung Sooho! A hole has been opened in your world!




Hearing the voice, the body of Sooho, who was talking with Team Leader Han Jaehyuk, trembled.


“Mr. Crow, is everything okay?” Han Jaehyuk looked at him puzzledly.


Sooho stared at him with a stern expression. “I suddenly have an emergency. Let’s talk later.”


“What? Suddenly? What emergency could it be…?”


There was no time to explain. Sooho immediately turned around and dashed out of the lab.


“Wait, wait! At least give me your contact information…!” Han Jaehyuk panicked and called for Sooho from behind, but he had no reason to detain him. Sooho wasn’t a criminal or a villain but a hero who had helped them. “We can offer a reward…” his voice muttered toward the disappearing Sooho.


But at the last words.




[A reward? That’s something I can’t ignore.]




Beru suddenly shoved his face forward and grabbed Han Jaehyuk’s collar.


[What are you doing? Give me the reward right now.]




[You have entered the Shadow Dungeon.]



Shoosh! Suddenly, Sooho’s appeared in front of Esil.


Esil immediately showed Sooho what she had discovered.


“What is this…” Sooho frowned as he looked at the gate that had appeared in front of him.


Kwarrarrarrar! Red sand was pouring out endlessly from the tear in the dimension that had been ripped open in the air. Its power felt like it wanted to swallow the world whole!





[An emergency quest has arrived.]



A quest appeared just in time.



[Emergency Quest: Dimensional Rift]


A dimensional rift has been detected.


Travel through the connected gate and eliminate the cause of the dimensional rift.



“Well, do I have to go in there?” Sooho made a helpless expression as he looked at the sand waterfall pouring through the gate.


“What? You want to go there?” Esil was startled and looked at him. “Do you think it’ll be like swimming in that sand? The moment you go in, it could be your grave!”


Sooho was lost in thought for a moment, but he soon nodded.


‘If a quest has been issued, there must be a way to solve it, right?’


If he had to proceed with the quest, avoiding it wasn’t an option.






At Sooho’s call, a giant shadow, Tomb Spider Arachne, appeared by his side.


“Can you dig some ground?”




At Sooho’s question, Arachne raised its huge pincers and growled loudly.


Seeing that trustworthy appearance, Sooho smiled.


‘Maybe it’s worth a try?’


After making up his mind, Sooho turned his head towards Esil.


Shrug! Seeing Sooho’s bright smile directed at her, Esil instinctively stepped back. “No, I’ll wait here…”


“Don’t you watch to eat meat?”




“Do you not want to?”


“… Guh.” Esil, the only demon noble in the Demon World and the eldest daughter of the great Radiru family, had learned what power abuse was today.


“Ugh! All right, I’ll go!” Finally resigned, Esil tightly closed her eyes.


Sooho chuckled and turned his head again toward the gate where a waterfall of sand cascades down. “Well then, let’s go in.”


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